Half elves fall in love chapter 223

Chapter 223: Good Morning [Maia Sharon Hilda]



After a while after getting out of the women’s bath as if being escorted by the elves, the weight of my eyes was completely removed. I mean, I can’t get rid of my sleepiness just because the unnatural pain is gone. …… As expected, even Polka’s miraculous spring doesn’t heal sleep deprivation. Is it healthy in the sense that it does not promote insomnia?

“Uh, I sleep a little……”

Well, it’s almost like a vacation since I came here from Renfangas, so no one blames me for going to bed. At best, it seems a bit unreasonable to delay the return report to the girls.

“Then I’ll sleep with you too☆”
“I’ll also come with you”
“Knight Chief! Hilda-dono, too, good grief……Andy Smithson, I can’t miss it today. I feel like traveling forever”
“I, also together……”
“No. I’ll have you come back with me. I’ll have a meeting with my mother in the morning”
“I can sleep with you, Andy-sama?”

Three beautiful women after the bath come together, but I’m still sleepy because I’m seriously sleepy. The other four girls broke up on the way back to the inn and I fell asleep on the bed in the room and slept in a few seconds. With the last energy, only Sharon’s boobs are rubbed. Yeah, it feels good as usual.

I woke up in the early afternoon. This time it’s refreshing. This awakening that makes you feel better without a trace is unique to Polka and it is really comfortable.


Before opening my eyes, I relax as if I was stretching my body lightly and then open my eyes. Sharon in front of me was naked.

“……I’ll check it, but we didn’t unknowingly have sex before going to bed, right”
“Good morning, Smithson-san. ……Yes, we haven’t. So, let’s do it as it is the best thing to do after waking up”
“Ah, it’s sly, Sharon-chan”

Hilda, who is stuck behind her, was also naked when she turned over and looked at us. Both of them should have been wearing long clothes when I went to bed.


Maia, who looks into my face from the lower body side of the bed, is also naked. It looks like this is a situation where I fell asleep after having an orgy, but it seems that all three are just standing by for the purpose of having sex first.

“……You guys. It’s a little fairer to urge, right?”

While saying something modest, I enjoy Sharon and Hilda’s big tits on both sides softly with both hands. Yeah, they both still have a great sense of weight.

“It’s been a week since then. Please understand the heart of a naughty slave who is hungry for love”
“Yeah. You say something good”
“I watched on the roof every night so that strange things wouldn’t happen. Praise me”
“……Get up and be on all fours”

When I ordered with a sigh, the pure white and cute Maia’s ass, the slightly more ruddy Sharon’s ass and the brown and round Hilda’s ass lined up nicely.

“One person at a time”
“Sufficient ♪”
“Plenty of tummy inside☆”

I insert my late morning erection in Maia. I begin to enjoy a super-first-class woman’s body continuously even if anyone is poured over blood on the foot and hip which still has the aftertaste of sleep. ……Ah, Maia’s vagina is small, warm and comfortable.

“N, Nuu……Andy-sama’s dick……♪”
“Do you like it?”
“I love it……a lot, guchuguchu……♪”

Maia who sticks out her small waist as much as possible shakes her ass from side to side to appeal. That’s why I grab her hips tightly and slam my hips gently, slowly, and gradually to get used to it, as I was initially asleep. Pleasure is born every time my glans dives into the tight soft meat. The sweet stimulation increases as I accelerate my hips movement. I gradually became absorbed in the taste.

“Everyone seems to be having lunch……”

I hold her so tightly that my fingers eat into Maia´s thin waist, let my dick rampage roughly in the womb, devour the pleasure of floating back teeth, but somehow look at the hustle and bustle outside the door and mutter.

“Yeah……Laila, sama……Dianne, the spear woman and Tetes are all eating……”

Maia tells me what happens outside the door with her keen sense, while being stabbed by my penis. Sharon and Hilda, who heard it, laughed brilliantly.

“At present, we´re Master’s apéritif?”
“Yeah. Rather, I feel like we’ll be treated first♪”
“Well. However it’s certainly good to have your womb full and then fill your stomach with a meal……”
“Ah, that’s Sharon-chan, I have to use contraceptive magic”
“Contraception? No, I would have stayed if I had a child……”
“This is a special affairs rule. Everyone wants to be pregnant with Andy´s child, but if they can’t do their duty, other people will be in trouble, so be patient. Above all, I’m not convinced”
“It’s hard to nod obediently because the last words are strangely powerful……”
“No questions asked. ────Eii”

Next to me, Hilda holds down Sharon, who is subtly disliked and applying contraceptive magic, while I start ejaculating inside Maia. Roughly slam my dick into the womb and release the semen in a pleasant manner.


Maia bends her back, shakes and trembles to catch it. Maia looks like this even though she is the second most violent child after Laila, so she devours her pleasures on her own. And she seems to be very satisfied with that, so she will be spoiled. After a lot of ejaculation in her small vagina, I pulled it out and Hilda leaned on Sharon on all fours, like a lunch sandwich with white and black bread.


Putting our hands together and coming to the hearty 「Lunch」.

“E, wai, Andy-kun……huaaa♪”
“Eh…..S, Smithson-san, I’m the first in the order……”
“Then Sharon too”

I put it in Hilda-san’s pussy once, pull it out once and pierce Sharon’s vagina. Grabbing Hilda-san’s boobs with one hand and stretching my other hand from the other side, searching for Sharon’s nipples and squeezing her hips. As expected, it is less wet than Hilda and Maia, but it is covered to some extent with some moisture after entering two pussies. And Hilda-san’s attitude of giving up the support of the upper body and going to grab the two boobs should put a lot of weight on Sharon, but she is a Black Arm, she can support herself.

“Haa, ann……♪ Smithson-san, my, stomach……♪”
“Ah, Andy-kun……let’s come back soon……?”
“Please be assured that I will treat both of you”

Its a pleasure to shake a black and white elf with voluptuous breasts. Pleasure to enjoy a dragon girl who drank plenty of my semen in her vagina. Before I knew it, my drowsiness was blown away and I just tasted Sharon and Hilda’s holes with my lower tongue, just as my sexual desire increased.

……Lunch was completely cold by the time we all went out to the cafeteria.


In the afternoon, I will visit Selenium and Apple at the Baron’s mansion.

“I´m home, Selenium, Apple”
“Welcome back, Andy-san♪”
“Jeanne-chan came back yesterday, but you never show up”

A friendly laugh at Apple, who pokes at the painful part.

“I overslept because I was tired”

It’s not a mistake. The reason I was tired was the self-destruction with the crest engraving book and to be exact, I went to bed in the morning.

“Weird things……haven’t happened. To say that Sharon and Maia weren’t important either”

Selenium smiles at my question.

“Yes. Peter-kun and I are all doing well♪”
“It was so smooth that Jeanne looked complicated, saying 『This erotic son really ignores his mother, because of some boobs』”
“Ahaha……well, that’s because the Baroness and Linda-san are sometimes too professional in raising children.”

My son seemed to be practicing a better Polka kid than I was if I wasn’t good at it. Since I was a baby, I also wanted to be surrounded by beautiful girls who let me suck on their breasts as much as I want. No, I was enjoying Apple’s body.

“That’s right. Linda-san, she is going back to the royal capital after the New Year’s festival”
“Hee. That’s a shame”

She has revolutionized like a storm, or rather brought a new twist of business and parenting to the baron’s mansion, but she hasn’t actually stayed for a month. If she was a spa guest, she would go a little slower.

“She said that she is coming again. There’s a good chance that Anzeros-san will settle down here and it’s easy to meet her husband. Better, she was organizing the company and saying, 「I’m going to start a new business here to take on the trade with the elves」”
“……That might be a little scary”

It’s encouraging to have Linda-san here, but I think my mother-in-law is always watching me. Selenium is smiling, despite me being overwhelmed by imaginary horror.

“I like that person. She is a half-elf parent, so she is kind to Apple and me……I really think I wanted to be raised by such a mom”
“……But she isn’t that different from Selenium´s……”
“D, Don’t say Apple, don’t say that!”

……It’s about 45 years, Selenium.

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