Half elves fall in love chapter 108

Chapter 108: The value of moving forward and the meaning of advancing [Irina Apple Jeanne]



After seeing me rushing and finishing my blacksmithing work, Dianne asked everyone to prepare for the trip.

In the evening, everyone gathers in the cafeteria of the inn to check the setup.

“I’ll have Maia carry us this time”
“Ho? I can fly too?”
“I know that Layla has been cured, but as a special ambassador for the northern forest, blue dragon Maia would be legitimate. You know, it’s not like we need to show Renfangas our full strength in a big way. The point is how to pass the relation to the Gauntlets”
“I see”

Now, for the first time, the three Gauntlet Knights will see that Maia is a dragon. Irina should have suggested that we are with dragons, but this is the first time that it is clear from here who is actually a dragon and what kind of relation we have. By carrying the three gauntlets with dragon wings like no other, there is an aspect of demonstrating the judgment of the elves about the demon territory exploration. Laila can fly, but Laila is a dragon in a more free position. It’s also a good idea to hide your hands without exposing them to the darkness. As a sign, Maia, who has a deep relation with the elves, was more appropriate.

“And now personal selection, of course Jeanne can’t be taken with us, so I’ll leave her here”

Jeanne who seems to be a little lonely obeys obediently. Well, this time it’s just a courtesy call to visit Renfangas´s higher ups, so we don’t need to stay for months. We should be able to come back in 1 to 2 weeks at the earliest, so it’s a shame that we can’t go sightseeing.

“And Irina should take a rest this time. I mean, it’s safer for you not to show your face until you know what you’re doing”
“I have a clear understanding of my position. I will take a leisurely bath with Jeanne”
“HeHe, fellow friend♪”

Irina is especially easy to target due to her low appearance and heavy position, as well as her low fighting ability. Regardless of whether we take her to Celesta, Renfangas has a poor footing. If Dianne and the dragons were to take a serious escort, they’d be able to defend her, but there’s no particular reason to take Irina with us. If we’re going to take her, it’s probably after we’ve put our eyes on a place where we can use as a base.

“The others are……the 10-man captains will go naturally. Especially, the two 10-man captains Anzeros and Aurora will be accompanied by the king, so please confirm the ceremony”
“Roger that”
“No problem”

Two people salute. Anzeros and Aurora will not fail with regard to this kind of thing.

“Smithson, Keiron and all of the semi-regular soldiers should keep their equipment ready”
“Roger that”
“……What can I do with a crossbow even if something happens suddenly?”

Keiron grumbles and Dianne sighs “Well”. Because we are originally a rear-guard unit, no matter how much equipment is used, it is not easy for sudden situations.

“Somehow, it’s a good idea to put Boyd and Laila on the vanguard. What’s important is that it’s impossible to talk about the lack of preparation in the event of an emergency”
“I’m a vanguard”
“Hoho. Well, if you don’t have enough, I’ll talk about it”

It’s okay if you’re too worried about a sudden incident that you don’t know how to happen.

“After that, my sister and Selenium will try to back up everyone……”

And Dianne’s gaze stops at the last remaining Apple.

“Ye, Yes”

Dianne stared at Apple and thought about it for a while. She opened her mouth carefully.

“……What do you do?”


Late-night hot spring with the lights out. As expected, when the bonfire disappears, the hot springs with some moss-infested areas are dangerous and no one can enter. The only reason to enter the hot springs during this time is Laila and Jeanne, who are accustomed to it at night and that there is no one else. I don’t know if it’s okay or not, but sometimes I get invited by the girls. Entering when the lights are off is an extraterritorial right. They cant find fault with me or get angry by seldom.

“Honestly, I’m lost. I don’t use magic very much, so I’m not more suited to rough things than Irina-sama, but I don’t really use it for anything other than to help like Selenium or Hilda-sensei……so why I´m not suited to come too?”

While the sound of hot water resounds, the confession of Apple is heard.

“Why don’t you refrain to go to war separately?”

The voice of Jeanne is heard right next to Apple. And then.

“No, Not good……th, they are talking about an important story over there……so can we leave having sex in my spare time!”

The reason why I say that is because I’m fucking Irina from the back. I went into the hot spring together with them and saw Irina’s small back right in front of me, so I tried to reach out casually while talking and when I noticed it, I was having sex with her. She may be a devilish woman in a sense.

“Only once, only once?”

……Irina’s is not easy to separate from, because it feels good even if you don’t want to feel good even if I´m willing. But once I put it in, I cant get it out.

“Nuuuu……yo, you really only want one shot?”
“I don’t think it’s too easy to have sex”
“A, Ahaha…​​…Irina-sama, Fight”

It’s certainly not a sexy love affair, but since it feels so good, I continue to have sex.

“So……Andy-san, what do you think……?”
“Hmm……honestly, if you’re in a safe place, that’s the best thing I can hope for”

Not just Apple, but everyone else, I don’t want to take them to places that are too noisy or unfamiliar if I don’t need them. Even Laila and Maia.

“……Then, I wonder if it’s better to wait with Jeanne-chan……”
“Well, can you endure being left alone?”

Jeanne quickly washed her face and muttered like a cat.

“……I was pretty lonely, you know? Even if I said I was going to have Andy’s child, I still wanted to be there if I could. ……I have Laila-oneechan as a relative and I love Andy, but I don’t think there’s anything else I like……and the half elves who love the same person as I can’t be beaten so easily. ……Can you be patient with Andy flirting with other women while you’re left alone?”
“…………That is……”

Apple looks at me with a little anxious eyes. ……In the lower half of my body, I’m having sex with Irina. This is a situation that I can’t stay with now.

“……But I don’t want to be a burden……”

Striking the water surface, I think Jeanne saw Apple and suddenly pulls her ear.

“I, Itatatatatata!?”
“Hey, Apple, if you’re really a burden, then 100-man commander Dianne would have said you’re going to stay!?”
“Irina and I are clearly a burden, so we were told that it’s better for us to stay here, but Apple is said to remain if she wants to stay, but if you want to come, it’s said to be fine. I´m so envious that you can decide yourself!”
“A, Auu……”

Apple that finally has her ear released is a little teary. But Jeanne is correct. Dianne didn’t give Apple the option to not come to Apple just because she was useful or not. She can’t let go of Hilda-san and Selenium, who are useful for the exploration, but above all, Apple doesn’t have enough direction to go with us, so it makes us think about what’s going on.

“Apple. I”

My penis is moderately growing in Irina and I pull it out and sticks it in front of Apple and Jeanne. I talk to Apple while stroking Jeanne who puts her lips on my cock without saying anything.

“When I was training in the Trot Army, I was told by a swordsman. When people are there, having a will means that no matter how powerless they are, they can be a threat to the enemy”
“If you don’t have weapons, throw stones, if you don’t have stones, throw sand. Don’t give up before you did anything. Think about what you’ve done and what you can still do to live and win and return to your family. You can cry or wet your pants, but if you can do that, you’re a great Trot soldier”
“……E, Emm”
“I mean……well, I don’t know if it’s useful or not, but you don’t have to give up from the beginning or thinking about yourself being incompetent or a burden”

While Jeanne carefully licks my cock that is dirty with Irina’s love juice, I put my hand on Apple’s cheek and smile.

“It’s not about how you’re being watched, it’s about what you want to do. Apple. I……well that, what is it”
“Andy, san”
“……I think it would be nice to always be within reach if you were willing to do it”

This is a contradiction with the previous words, but this is also true. I want everyone to be safe, but instinctively I also wants to be together with them.

“Nn……nchuu……chu, npuu. Hehee. Apple, I’m up to the point of Andy’s restive horse, I´m going to coax it♪”
“……I mean, it’s a shame that I’m the only one who has Andy´s child. In order, I and Laila-oneechan, apart from that 100-man commander Dianne and Selenium, are ahead of Apple in becoming pregnant♪”
Apple stands up. Exposing her plump boobs, tight waist and fluffy buttocks line in front of me lightly by making a half-turn, then she touches the edge of the bathtub and sticks out her buttocks and smiles.

“……Well then, I……I will follow Andy-san. I may not be useful for anything, but I will serve as Andy-san’s female slave everyday……♪”
“That’s right. Well then, I’ll let you serve a lot and ejaculate to the point where I don’t have time to think it’s useless”

I gently grab the rounded buttocks of Apple, smile and unfold the buttocks to expose her pussy. As Apple spreads her pussy by herself, I push my penis that is dirty with Irina’s love juice and Jeanne’s saliva inside.


Once upon a time, in this hot spring, I just cummed into her mouth, now again I hit Apple´s sexual desire. This time, with real sex, I share the sexual desire rage with Apple. While getting a special impression, I grabbed both of Apple´s breasts while crossing my arms in front of her and shook my waist violently.

“Auu……a, haaa……uhh……after all, I still love being embraced by Andy-san……this, I’m so happy……I’m so happy to be messed up by Andy-san’s dick♪♪”
“Me too……it’s great to mess around with Apple……doing this every day look like this was a dream……!!!”
“Haaa……♪ Yes, I’ll be honest! I……I’ve always been with Andy-san and I’ve always realized I´m Andy-san’s belonging……I want you to be reminded that I’m your female slave at any time!!”
“Andy-san, Andy-san!!!”

Apple´s vagina is violently overrun all the time and enthusiasm is given to the pleasure. The limit came in no time, with the help of Irina and Jeanne.

“N, a, aaaaaa♪”

Ejaculation. I ejaculate as much as I can inside Apple. The amount of magic isn’t so great, but the contact with Apple calls for more pleasure and accomplishment than usual.


Licking Apple´s ears who is shaking happily and kissing the collar, I shook my hips finely and spit out into Apple´s meat jar until the last drop.


“……I don’t understand that I was abandoned halfway through the act”

Irina was angry.

“Cause you always let me put it out outside”
“That’s right, but……muuu”
“Okay, let’s cum in another hole. Next, I will cum inside Jeanne”
“I can’t understand that……”
“You let me pull it out before I put it out, so I don’t care about what’s after that”

Irina was worried, but she floated her hips as if sticking out on top of the water. ……A troublesome fellow.

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