Half elves fall in love chapter 164

Chapter 164: Hero’s Sword 2



As the talking sword says, I dragged Neia and started moving in the snow. However, it snows as far as the eye can see. I can’t find a place with a roof.

“Where is this……?”
“In terms of circumstances, Orn’s last breaking light would have triggered the transition device again”
“……You mean that this is in the middle of the demon territory?”
“I can’t deny the possibility. I’m not sure where we will be after a while”
“Do you understand?”
“It’s easy. Look at the stars at night. It’s something a sailor, or an uneducated person, can do to identify a place based on time and star position”
“……Do you know the time?”
“Easy. Even though things may appear this way, I´m a fruit of ancient technology”

It’s a convenient sword.

“Nevertheless……damn, heavy……”

It’s not something to say to a girl, but Neia was pretty heavy. My legs are sinking in the snow and it’s hard to move, so it’s even easier to experience it.

“A human body feels heavy without power. And, although it’s pretty broken, her armor is pretty heavy”
“……Can’t you help me somehow? For example, like doing something magical to increase my strength or blowing away the snow”
“What do you want from a sword? I’m a weapon after all. If you have enough sword skill, I could blow away the snow”

……I remember the slashing that Sir Bonaparte shot in the open fields north of the royal capital. If I could do that, I wouldn’t have to worry about my feet. This guy looks like a hero’s sword and I can’t use a sword, but if I just shake it…….

“……Can I try it?”
“I think I can shoot as much as a sonic shoot”
“Then stop. You can’t suppress the recoil of destruction as you´re no better than a good-for-nothing”

It was useless after all. Tsk.

After walking around, I found a side hole in a rock wall of a little height, so I carried Neia there.

“I wish I had firewood”
“A bonfire in a cave is dangerous. It can be life-threatening”
“So I can’t make a bonfire. What do I burn?”

There is flint, but I don’t have anything in my hand because I’ve just thrown my cloak as a blind. I mean, it’s pretty cold because of that. It really doesn’t make sense if I burn Neia’s cloak. Even if it gets warm for a moment, it is not possible to keep us warm.

“I’m in trouble……I’m pretty cold too”
“Still in contact with me. As long as you wake her up, Neia can use magic. You can improve the situation”
“Okay……I mean, can I remove this armor?”
“Why do you ask me for permission”
“Aren’t you her guardian?”
“I’m not a guardian”

The strange thing is that it’s a proper guy, even though it’s noisy.

That’s why I decided to take it off from Neia. The armor is heavy and because it’s made of metal, it’s uselessly cold and just stinks. ……W, Well, I’m not afraid, but that’s not the case right now.

“It’s almost useless now……”

The intricately structured armor was struck by the devil’s destructive light (I don’t know, but it should be thought of as a indiscriminate radiation of a light ball attack), and most of the front surface was cracked and collapsed. Although the armor was barely connected by rings and stitches, it’s clearly more than a large amount of scrap iron.

“This is also great……although the armor is falling apart, Neia is almost safe”
“There is a special process that nullifies the severe damage caused by being destroyed. Well, it’s not something we could fix
“If it’s broken and the person is safe, I can still take it to an armorer”

Only the back armor is safe, but it doesn’t matter. Anyway, the armor which became scrap iron decoration clothes is taken off. Under the armor, only the upper part of the left chest was torn. This is the part that was destroyed by the first attack.

“……Can I take it off?”
“Don’t ask me for permission”
“Don’t get angry with me……”

It would be too scary if you were frightened by the hero’s sword.

“Even if I get angry, I can’t do anything about it. All I can do is talk and at best release power and seal”
“……Is that so?”
“You have some excessive expectations for this sword. After all, I´m a weapon and it doesn’t make sense unless someone holds me”
“……Then I’ll take it off”

For the time being, I put my hands together in the sense of apology, then remove Neia´s clothes and check the wound.

The wound on her chest was like a stab or a scratch.

“……It’s certainly not deep, but it’s a terrible wound. Surely a scar will remain”

I gently apply a hand towel to the wound and press it down. Then, holding the shirtless Neia from the back, I cover her with something that can be covered, such as under armor and cloak and convey the warmth. ……Neia doesn’t wake up. She doesn’t even react, when I touch her wound. She was just breathing.

“……You’re so small, Neia”
“You can understand when you hold her”

A tough warrior who fought against a devil. A girl who is trying to move Renfangas and move the history of the continent. Although she isn’t usually strong, Neia still has a strong presence in key areas. Her body is small, soft and cold when I hold it again.

“There are only five guardians like this……what kind of place is Kalwin, sword?”
“Kalwin is a special place, but Neia is also special. All other heroes are men”
“……Is that so?”

It was a little unexpected. I was wondering if there were other women, either because of extreme meritocracy or biased selection criteria. ……Well, even though there are many female soldiers at Celesta and Renfangas, the main force is still men. Even if it is called a nonstandard world, is it appropriate if strength is the standard?

“That hero, however……are there other swords like you?”
“… No. The hero’s sword is only possessed by the Flash Knight. Some treasures have been transmitted to each of the other heroes, but I haven’t seen anything like me”
“Hee……I don’t really understand that composition”

Neia seems to have said that when she introduced herself, she was a second horse. It may be a round table, but at least it’s not the top. Even so, she can carry a talking sword that I have never heard of anywhere else. Is it something special? Or are the other treasures even more amazing?

“……What’s with that face you might want to ask something, qualified person”
“That, but why you call me qualified person?”

There are a lot of things I want to ask, but for the time being, I will ask a question to the Flash Sword. There was also the purpose of embracing the soft skin of Neia who fainted and to mix my unscrupulousness which rejoiced in a little happy and shameful state. Well it doesn’t have to give a clear answer. 「I don’t understand anyway」 because the bottom line is that it can’t be helped without being notified of the circumstances of each thing, so I understand it to some extent. However, the sword answered plainly.

“You’re a qualified hero”
“You used your wisdom and courage to confront the devil. To save Neia. I admitted that heart was courage and you qualified to speak with the hero’s sword. Any doubts?”
“……No, I can’t do anything with a sword. I have no intention of taking you away from Neia.”
“I know dimly”
“But youth. I’ll never speak or show my power to unqualified people. I don’t do that. That’s my promise to the first Flash Knight, Glance Leyland”
“……What the hell is that?”

You promised a troublesome thing and I saw a shady sword. The sword pulsed the light. It looks like an expression to repair it somehow.

“A sword with great power has a will. Have you ever imagined the situation?”

In the first place, a sword has no will and it is impossible to speak. If you care about that, you can’t make a sword one by one.

“……Then imagine. ……If you have a sword, choose something that handles power and release power at will. If that’s a well-known fact”
“It’s not your skill, it’s not your nature, it’s not your destiny, it’s your free will. If you threaten that intention in some way, you can think that you can easily get power”

……There was no idea.

“For example, there are cases where the original owner is taken hostage. There is also a threat that it will break if you don’t release your power. Even if it is not me who breaks so easily, if it is a relic of a far era, it will release power. Even then, there is a risk of breaking”
“Afraid of that……?”
“My role is to protect the world, protect people, and defend those who fight for it. ……Therefore, there is a commandment between me and a hero. I must never show the existence of my will except those who are recognized as heroes. They don’t think of me as a sword that speaks and dont show of my power”
“……It’s tough, even for a sword”
“Not so much”
“But isn’t it possible to use you in a war between humans?”
“Maybe my power is needed to slaughter people”
“Maybe that’s right”

The Flash Sword gives off a light that looks exactly like a Dragon Slayer. Dragon Slayer is an overkill in battles between humans. Certainly it is not necessary and it is said that you should not use it.

“……Well, isn’t it really about fighting with dragons?”
“Why do you think it’s a dragon?”
“No, ……I’ll tell you straight away, but you’re a dragon slayer, right?
“……No, it’s different in a double sense”

The voice that echoes from the sword becomes low. ……Did it get angry?

“……It´s not a Dragon Slayer”

Suddenly I heard a voice from under my jaw. As I looked, Neia slowly opened her eyes.

“……That, ……th, thank you very much. It’s warm”

When I heard Neia awkwardly, I remembered hugging Neia’s bare upper body. Or rather, I was holding her boobs.

“I’m sorry”
“You don’t have to leave. Neia, treat yourself. The youth should keep you warm until a moving med stands. It’s pretty cold”
“You don’t have to do that”
“I understand. Neia”

In the cloak and under the armor, I narrow my arm. Breasts should be gently touched. But I touch it.

“……It’s an emergency”

Neia says in a bitter and shy voice. Immediately afterwards, she casts a number of magic spells in succession and heals herself.

“Becoming familiar with this skill……it will take about an hour for the chest wound to be healed”
“Are you good at healing spells?”

The Medical Treatment Light Skill used by Selenium, etc., converts vitality and closes wounds.

“… It’s not exactly cured. It just solidifies the condition of the wound so that the wound doesn’t spread even if it doesnt bleed and moves and it deceives the pain with a sensory illusion”
“……That’s bad!”
“If I don’t do it this way, I won’t be able to act. ……I always do this when I get hurt in a fight”

She will be full of old wounds.

“So, it isn’t a……Dragon Slayer?”

Encourage the continuation of earlier.

“The Flash Sword is the Flash Sword. I’ve heard that those called Dragon Slayer were mass-produced in a distant period as the lower rank of the Flash Sword”
“Lower rank!?”
“Some of them were the same as me, but they lost their judgment and became just a weapon. Originally, the type of me who had a will was the right way”

I feel like listening to the truth of a great history.

“And the name Dragon Slayer itself was only named by the people of later generations with their own interpretations. A weapon worthy of fighting dragons. But even though dragons are mighty, they are not creatures that need my power. It is not the right deed to slaughter a righteous creature, too”
“… Uh, that means?”
“It’s not a dragon. Originally……should I say it’s an Immortal Breaker, in other words?”
“『Undead Crushing Immortal Breaker』?”
“Undead Immortals, you mean”
“Holy beasts, devils who are out of the ordinary……I was created to kill those who had different chains of life”

A light struck the sword. Waiting for the release of that power. ……By the way. Laila said the wounds she received from the Dragon Slayer were hard to heal. That was because it was the power to kill those with excessive resilience. That means.

“Wa, Wait. I won’t let you kill Breakcore”

I flare up as I panic. Neia grinned and the sword moved the light a little. Is it some kind of expression?

“……I know it’s not going to kill her and I know it’s useless. If Breakcore-san disappears, another holy beast will be born, wouldn’t it?”
“When I was made, there were still situations and forces that had to counter the Holy Beasts. I don’t think we should kill the immortal beings anymore. Rest assured”
“……Hu, it’s complicated”

……It’s a delicate point whether you want to feel safe.

“You´re basically trying to liberate this power only when you fight against devils or many monsters”
“……Yes. I have no intention of relying on the Flash Sword unless I am fighting a devil”
“Believe it or not, youth, Orn, was more than 10 metres from his last fight with Neia. By slamming my power, it stopped playing and became that size”

The devil was at most 2 meters in the previous battle. Even then, he was tough, but was it a figure cornered by that?

“But I suffered an embarrassing defeat. ……I’ll make sure that the next time, I will kill that guy”

Neia murmured and the sword agrees. Neia´s expression can’t be seen well from behind. However, an obscure obsession came out of it. I’m worried about that. ……And there was no element to stop interest now.

“He said he ate a hero……”

Neia trembles.

“After all, Neia’s friend……or master?”

Neia, push my hand away. She slowly gets up, leaves her cloak on her shoulders and wears her tattered under armor and walks on her knees. Picking up her hat, which was lying beside the sword, she silently put it on her head.

“……Yes. My Master. The previous Flash Knight, Faria……the original owner of this hat”

She muttered so as to squeeze it out.

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