Half elves fall in love chapter 197

Chapter 197: Let’s start the sacred festival, Part 1



Even in Polka, the snow gradually increases.

“It’s about time for the winter spirit festival”

At the dining room of the inn. After returning from the morning bath, Lantz says that, wiping the snow off his shoulders. When Boyd heard that, he looked a little sad.

“I want to be near Sylvia during the spirit festival”
“For that reason, you´re training hard. The date is still in the early stages of preparation for the festival, so we´re still in time”

Anzeros seems to continue training for Boyd even in such snow. She put on her athletic clothes, hit Boyd on the shoulder, stood up now and went. Irina, who was listening to it, looked strange.

“Spirit Festival……?”

…….Ah, come to think of it.

“Isn’t there such a festival at Trot or Elf territory? In summer and winter, Celesta has a festival to thank the spirits”

Trot has a kingdom church whose main deity is the guardian deity of earth. And although the elf territory is animist like Celesta, the ritual system has nothing to do with Celesta because it is an isolated cultural area. It seems to be so. Those festivals that we long-lived groups take for granted are irrelevant to them.

“That means that Trot doesn’t have a spirit festival!?”

As Lantz just noticed, he raised a wild voice.

“Of course, there is a New Year festival, but there is no spirit festival in summer and winter”

The rest is the autumn harvest festival and the spring festival. That’s what polka festivals are all about.

“What? No matter where you go for a reason, it’s not lively……”
“Did you think there was?”
“I don’t have much experience abroad. It’s the first time this year that we have been here for so long”
“Me too……”

It seems that Masturbation Brothers seriously believed that there was a spirit festival.

“Then, I want to go back to Basson during the spirit festival”
“Even if you don’t have a partner?”

There are various events at the spirit festival, but due to its nature, it is desirable to welcome it with your lover. This is because it is supposed to be a time of 「Thank you from the spirits」 from the middle of the night to the morning, after making a fuss until the middle of the night and letting the spirits lie down. It is said that the spirits give blessings to loved ones and their families during that time and after all, it’s a fun time.

“No, don’t you know 10-man captain Smithson? In Basson, if you set up a park after midnight, it’s a really fun sight”
“It’s a little hard for me to enjoy watching other people’s actions”
“It’s a great place to relax”

It’s okay to have a man who plays the other role in an erotic picture scroll, but I don’t want to see other people’s sex. If you think about it, it may be a strange value standard.

“Well……Andy can’t afford to look at the work of others, right?”

Dianne made a quick remark on the issue.


Masturbation Brothers hit the desk at the same time. Scary.

“That’s right, 10-man captain Smithson is in the popular period for some reason”
“No, why do you suddenly become so hostile!?”

They’re funny subordinates, but sometimes they’re scary.


“Hmm. Spirit festival……”

Even after the Masturbation Brothers retired to their rooms, Irina still thinks.

“What’s wrong, Irina”

When Dianne called out, Irina replied, staring at the sky.

“No, when I think about it, I thought it would be okay to have such a festival”
“Are you importing Celesta’s culture? Well, it wouldn’t be difficult with your power.”
“No, the spirit temple has the right to decide the ceremony about the spirits. It’s a separate organization from the clan council, so it’s troublesome to despise it too much”
“Ah……is there such a thing?”

I was a little convinced that she was thinking about it. As a similar example, Trot Kingdom Church takes the position that it is formally cooperative with Trot´s royal family and is not under control. In the past, Trot´s royal family was also the highest priest, but as the head of an organization of a completely different character, we must respect both the aristocrats who are politicians and the priests who are thinkers equally. It seems that it was difficult and in the end it was split. Well, in reality, the king seems to be bigger. Politics is a hassle. When it comes to how to clear such a power balance, I was thinking about something clever at an early point, but it seems that the story is not so.

“……Not in the name of dedicating to the spirits”
“I thought it would be okay to have a festival dedicated to the dragons of Misty Palace and the holy beasts”

Dianne looked impressed.

“If there is a pretext for a festival, don’t increase your adrisy for them. It is especially effective to give a clear name to the cooperation with the holy beast”
“Umm. Then, I wonder what it was like to realize it early. It may be difficult to go to Celesta’s Spirit Festival from now on. For the time being, through talking to Diel and the Holy Beast, I think that Christie and Gorkus would stand on my side. Well, the purple clan´s old woman is going to say no……”

Irina twists her head with a difficult face. Well, it might be simulating various theoretical armaments.


I call Laila with a not-so-loud voice. She has already retracted into my room and decided to sleep twice, but Laila’s ears should be able to hear it. ……Soon, the sound of a door opening from upstairs can be heard.

“……My turn”
“Yes. To get to Breakcore, you or Maia have to take me there”
“I see. ……However, there is a festival dedicated to me, too”

It seems that she was listening to everything. Stunning hell ears.

“……I think I’ll think about it a little more carefully”

Irina stands up with a challenging smile.

“Well, none other than the hero of the forest is the backing. It will be done somehow”
“Well, maybe I?”

I was just impressed when I heard it, but I don’t think I can move things as much as a backing. ……But Dianne hit my shoulders.

“Elves don’t like being directed by dark elves. Aside from fighting, there could be unnecessary fights if I get in the way of running the forest.”

Laila also shook her head.

“Ho, I agree. From the original, this is not the mouth of worshiping the holy beasts and blue lizards. It’s just that even if you add it up, you’ll just be taken in”

Aurora and Anzeros……ha, aren’t here. In other words, only me, the hero of the forest (provisional).

“I don’t think it makes sense for a dark elf and a black dragon to say it and a human says”
“Not really. Well, leave it to Irina”

Dianne seems confident that Irina can do it well. Well……aside from Irina’s strange lightness, I have no doubt about her skill as a negotiator.


In any case, it doesn’t start without talking to the person in question. So, Irina, I and Laila go through the Silver Clan manor and then the Red Clan manor to the Holy Beast Labyrinth.

“Even if there is so much land, not even a thousand people live here……it’s always a waste of spring”

Overlooking the vast Red clan’s territory, I smirk. In the ancient barrier, the land that is many times larger than Trot is groaning due to the distortion of space. It is a paradise with fertile soil and few monsters. It is said that only 10,000 live there. If we could rent a corner of this land, everyone in Polka would have a much easier life. If you can rent it not only as a place to live, but also as farmland, the food situation during the winter will be……. Irina laughs and reminds me of thinking that.

“It’s a vast space, but it’s not infinite. And it’s actually a mysterious space that might be destroyed by some mistake. I think it would be nice to open it up to other races, but the 「Residents」 who can’t do that. I want you to understand their feelings”

A little reflection. There’s no end to it if you scrape your desires in the future, for sure.

“Besides, it’s Polka´s residents who you want to give this land to……even if we allow them to live in this land in the spring, they won’t move half of the city here”
“……That’s right, elf discrimination……”

Is it fear rather than discrimination? Historically, Trot has been hostile to elves for many years and has made many sacrifices against a small number of them. Even if you can interact with friendly people to some extent, only those who can be called bold can sleep with peace of mind.

“Maybe that’s the case. ……Even if it’s inconvenient or cramped, people love their hometown. You’ve been traveling for a long time and you won’t feel it, but I’m sure they’ll still choose the place they’re used to living in. I feel that the city is loved by the residents so much”

A feeling that I don’t understand……? Polka is an irreplaceable city for me as well. I want to say I know more than Irina says. However, when I look at another land and think, 「Everyone should move here」 I think that feeling is completely gone.

“Maybe. My nonsense”

Reflection. Today is a day with a lot of reflection.

The camp in front of the Holy Beast Labyrinth is a little different from when I came before. A fence with logs surrounded the new land and the expansion of the village had begun.

“Irina, Smithson and Laila-dono. You´ve come a lot”

As usual, Diel spearheaded the construction. As soon as I got off, he ran up with a few elves.

“That construction……will the village be expanded?”
“Yes. Recently, more and more young people are learning to explore the labyrinth. We haven’t had enough beds and we’ve even come to the point where we need to lie outside the village while ensuring safety with illusions. I thought it would be a good idea to use it as a driftstone”

Those who study abroad under the guidance of Gorkus, those who migrate to Polka under the guidance of Irina and Christie. And those who want to train here and travel the wide world. There are various things. Elves are said to be weak as a race, but I wonder if they are still fine.

“Hmm. I hope it’s a success”

Irina smiles and starts walking, inviting Diel with her fingers.

“Are you going to the holy beast?”
“Umm. It’s good to follow. It’s a good idea for the holy beast and this labyrinth village”

Breakcore would have been looking at me on the hut ever since Laila landed.


Breakcore, waving her hands, looks younger than Irina, wondering what happened. She ran over the raised meadows just above the labyrinth and jumped at me. The horn was about to stick and I caught the shrimp while warping. It’s light and helpful.

“It’s been a while……not so much, Breakcore”
“It’s been a long time. I’ve been waiting for a long time”
“Well, I’m stuck, so don’t press your face against my chest”
“Ah……I’m sorry”

Breakcore suddenly smashes the horn of the forehead with her hands without hesitation, with a face that he just noticed. Well, that kind of thing is painful, so I’d like you to forgive me.

“This doesn’t hurt”
“It hurts to watch!”
“I don’t care, anymore”

……The degree of sweetness is accelerating compared to when I came before. I mean, maybe after I found her, she got smaller to be spoiled like this……? If you look closely, the clothes are a little loose.

“Ah……that’s right. Holy beast. I came to talk to you……”

Irina calls out to Breakcore, who is abruptly clinging to me. Breakcore becomes sulky.

“Can’t we do it later? I want to be more happy to see Andy again. Please wait for about two hours.”
“What are you doing for two hours?”
“Do you want to join?”
“……What should I do with this hack?”

Irina makes a strange laugh. Both of them look like little girls, but they are surrealistic scenes of a hundred of years old vs. several thousand years old.

“Hey Irina. You didn’t come to play with Breakcore like that”
“I, I know! I know!”

It seems that she didn’t forget when I tried to remind her of her purpose.

“……That, Irina. You brought me, isn’t it because you want me to arbitrate a strange quarrel?”

Diel smiles and laughs.

“……I’ve been forgotten, too”

Laila sighed.

Inside Breakcore´s house, we all surrounded the table. I put the dissatisfied Breakcore on my lap and managed to hear Irina’s announcement.

“So, by setting up a new Holy Beast Festival, I would like to actively encourage all the elves in the forest to appreciate and interact with Breakcore”
“I don’t think it’s bad. The flow of goods and people is likely to improve”

Diel nods. Breakcore was listening with a reluctant feeling, but when she finished listening.

“There are conditions”
“……I want the priest to set up Andy”

She said something outrageous.

“That’s not it. Even if it’s an elf festival. At least at the first guest……”

It doesn’t matter if Irina is squeaking in her mouth.


She has negotiated directly with me. Turning over on my lap and looking upside down. ……Isn’t it regressing not only in appearance but also in spirit, Holy Beast? While thinking.

“I will do it”
“S, Smithson-dono!?”

I accepted it because it was cute. No, it sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

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