Half elves fall in love chapter 201

Chapter 201: Male Andy’s sense of responsibility



It’s been a few days since Linda-san came. We were beginning to understand how amazing the woman named Linda Neumann was.

“What? There is no account book even though you are in business?”
“Y, Yes, most of the time Irina and I remember it……”
“It’s okay to remember! That kind of material is for a third party, if you’re serious about earning money, make it right now! And this one-horned horse horn! It’s not a joke, how many grams have you sold, you have to sell one to enhance your brand! Even if the person in question looks poor, he is so rich that the back groans, don’t hesitate! It’s too cheap and you can take it three and a half times”
“S, So……can you say that with confidence?”
“I’m an active Trot merchant, remember, a merchant is a job to look at, they are turned away from the other party and don’t break the bullishness until one month. If you’re confident in quality. On the contrary……in retail, a small loss is credit costs, but you can’t just have a bitter face”
“Ha, Haa”

At Baron’s mansion, the cherry blossoms representative, that is, Christie, who is the real king in the elf society, was scolded by Linda.

“Baron, what is it?”
“Umm. Apparently, the elf territory people have found out from the merchants in the town that they are doing a crazy business. It’s been like that since the morning”
“Baron, did you know that it mismatched?”
“I’m not a merchant. I can’t give guidance even if I’m a little clumsy”

Apparently it was a well-known fact.

“Rather, sell it to me for three and a half times. I’ll handle everything in the royal capital and Celesta”
“Eh, but that kind of trouble……”
“I’m sure I’ll make a big difference, even if it’s deducted. All the merchants who have bought from you should be the masters. I can’t even think of it”

Linda, who puts her hand on her waist, is no longer in the mood to hit the back hand so that it hurts. Or rather.

“……I’ve seen various women recuperate in this town, but I’ve never seen a woman so rejuvenated after recuperation at the miraculous spring”
“Actually, I think they are eating a curse, it’s like eating an extra age”

I was rejuvenating so much that I and the Baron had such a conversation with a straight face. He should be a lot older, but he looks as young as the Baroness.

“It’s not because the vitality is an order of magnitude. As expected, there’s just that I used to be an adventurer”

With a tired face, Irina eats an apple pie made by Selenium and Apple.

“Do you understand that with magic?”
“Do I need to use magic? Ambition is ambition. It’s no good to cut the front with Lord Bonaparte and Dianne”

Well……it was just a stop with King Ulysses, who was once touted as the main pillar of Trot. From the point of view of their generation, it may be natural that we, the working generation, seem to be in good health. Then, Linda turned around and approached Irina.

“Ahhhhh, Irina-chan, don’t sprinkle this pie crust! You have to put on a serviette properly! Look, Baron, get ready!”
“Oh, oh, sorry”

Irina is treated as a child with 「Irina-chan」. At first she was dissatisfied, but recently Irina has given up on her objection.

“Oops, it’s about time Peter started crying. Excuse me for a moment”
“Peter is seen by Jeanne and Apple……”
“They said this, but I think they weren’t the ones who used to be babysitters. The tricks are dangerous, by all means. I still have to teach them properly”

Linda leaves the study determinedly. As a grandma, as a merchant and as a woman who regains her beauty in hot springs. She continues to fully open up her potential and the person who can compete with her at the baron’s mansion…….

“That’s why you can’t use expensive paper diapers for ordinary people! Because my children were also cloth diapers!”
“It’s not that expensive in the royal capital! I’ll send it to you next time!”
“It’s no good if Andy’s financial habit is such a thing! My mother told me that I’m not going to do it!”
“That’s why paper production technology is now bottoming out and it’s getting cheaper, if you don’t have to worry about it, you can reach it right away!”

……Is it about the Baroness? I mean.

“I’m worried that Peter will mistake the Baron for his dad, but it’s only a matter of time before his mother is mistaken for the Baroness……”

When I mutter, the Baron nods vaguely.

“Well, she’s enjoying it because it’s much more straightforward and easier to handle than our kids……”
“……It’s really a luxury to have a noble wife as a nanny for my son”
“Don’t worry about that. I’m enjoying myself to the extent that she rarely gets angry when I say her age recently”
“……I’m really sorry”

It’s the same with my female slaves, but I’m really lucky. However, I can’t help but be spoiled. I have to do my best and become independent. ……Let’s set up a serious calm after the exploration mission.


“I think”

Tavern at night. When I put down the mug, Johnny and Keel put it on for three seconds and then laughed.

“Seriously you”
“I wonder how many girlfriends of different races will be brought damn it. Damn it!”

The hand that hits my shoulder hurts so much Keel.

“I’m trying to feed about 10 people suddenly by simple calculation. Even though the blacksmith’s training hasn’t finished yet”
“Yeah impossible”
“Don’t say it’s impossible!”
“You can’t do it, you idiot!”

Why does Keel criticize sharply? ……However, even a normal blacksmith raises three children barely…….

“Well, for the time being, if I can make a remarkable achievement in this special task, I think that I can be a 100-man commander, so the pension is also a plus……”
“A remarkable activity. What have you been doing so far?”
“…………I’ve beaten Master Knight in the south”
“Yeah, I heard that Anzeros-san did it”
“Helping the Holy Beast in the northern forest is also treated as a hero”
“Yeah, I heard. Count Bonaparte, that Dark Elf captain, and Laila-san did it?”
“I heard that the Baron, Anzeros-san and Aurora-san were also active”
“M, Me too!?”

I was feeling more and more depressed. That’s true. If that area is evaluated, I’ll be reorganized and talk about promotion.

“… What should I do? How should I feed?”
“Too much now”
“You´re already dead, you playboy”

Keel if you’re a little serious. ……Masturbation Brothers interrupted there with a mug and snacks.

“After all, the food is delicious and the alcohol goes on. Do you also eat Johnny-san?
“Oh, smart, your subordinates”
“Do you also eat Keel?”
“Wait Lantz, I’m older too!? Why do you call Johnny honorific?”
“No, look, Keel is more like a small fish”
“Do you want to pick a fight Goto!? I’m sorry, let’s stop fighting. I don’t feel like I can beat an ogre”

Everyone laughs at Keel that exposes a small fish character.

“Well, in reality, it’s impossible for 10-man captain Smithson to feed the female slaves on his own”
“Yeah. I drink a lot like Laila and Jeanne. If I put on Sharon and Aurora, they’re likely to come to kill someone at best”
“Laila and Maia seem to be okay even if they are naked”
“But it’s the worst to be surrounded by women while enduring poverty”

The four people agree. 『You overstated』.

“……I have no choice but to earn money together……it’s not cool”
“I’m surprised in many ways by 10-man captain Smithson who was still particular about it”
“Most of them, their parent’s homes are very rich or powerful. The same is true for 10-man captain Anzeros. Isn’t it a prescribed route to get a inheritance and be calm?”

Goto and Lantz’s opinion is, well, normal.

“In order to drink there, it is important to be welcomed by their parents’ house”

No one is so welcoming as to give heritage……well, no one. To a man who let them put on a collar and insisted that their daughters are his female slaves.

“But in reality, it’s just a normal flirtation and it’s not slavery as much as the general image”
“That’s right, but now, since Selenium and Apple have said that everyone is a female slave, it’s unfair if they aren’t female slaves”

Erotic picture scrolls such as Hilda-san and married woman slaves are also in a deep blue state, so it is very difficult to make excuses.

“Hey Andy. I’ve always wanted to say it. The world is wrong. Johnny got married and you’re such a playboy, while I haven’t met a girl”
“Ask Johnny about it. You were just chubby before last year”
“I wasn’t chubby! I’m not fat!”

Keel rampages while being stopped by Goto who grabs him at his neck. You’re already skinny, so that’s fine.

“Well, even if I’m relieved, I don’t think Hilda-san or 100-man commander will stop working and it seems that other people have saved quite a bit”
“I think it seems that a lot of tributes will be gathered just by standing up like Laila and Maia. Isn’t it something that can work?”
“I want to take responsibility as a man!”
“Give up. If you want to take responsibility, reduce it to the number you can have”
“I should be popular with girls for about half of you, let’s reduce it!”

Compared to the gorgeousness of the topic, the table of five men is annoying. But this kind of thing is also comfortable.


Then, I got tipsy and got back to the inn and managed to enter my room with staggered legs. No, I´m tipsy. Let’s believe it.

“I, I’m……thinking about things……the future……life……”

Without telling anyone. I fell into bed and made excuses.

“I’m thinking……but now……”
“But what?”
“……Calculation just doesn’t meet……”
“……I don’t think it will fit from the beginning”
“……I don’t know……everyone is cute……they’ll forgive you even though I’m such a mess……say they like me……I shall spoil them……”
“If……I don’t make them happy, the book ends won’t fit …”
“……You have a strong sense of responsibility”
“It’s different……but, I……”
“I’m just greedy……You can keep what you like at hand for a long time, qualifications……I just want it……”

I know it’s disproportionate. But I want to keep everyone smiling. I want people I like to be like that. ……Don’t lean on someone. It must be unfair. Someone is no longer smiling. So I think I want to do something about it. I wonder if it is absolutely impossible. I feel like I can do something about it.

“……Qualification……is it?”

By the way. Who am I talking to?

“……Then, I guess I have no qualifications. No qualifications where you are, no qualifications for what you want”

I hear sad words. I reach out and somehow hug whats in front of me.

“Aruyo. ……Don’t say strange things. You can’t do it”

There was no reason at all. Just a reflexive reply. Whisper it to someone small in my arms.


What I’m trying to say, floating gives up picking up from the surface of the water of dissipating thoughts.

“That’s fine……”

Conclude the words appropriately. As it is, I fall to the depths of sleep as it is.


When I wake up.

“… Suu”

For some reason, I was sleeping tightly hugging Neia. I’m confused for a moment. What. Why is this happening? What did I do yesterday? After thinking about it, I’m relieved that Neia is normally dressed and sleeping. Think calmly. One of the pillars of the bed is Neia’s old brim hat. A flash sword in the corner of the room. A short cloak for a coat rack. There are no crossbows, various packages, or clothing that should be in my room.

“……Did I accidentally enter Neia’s room?”

I wish Neia had kicked me out of drunkenness. Neia grabs my clothes tightly as she tries to get up. It looks like she is still asleep. Fine soft hair and well-organized features. A little pressed, voluminous boobs for the small body pulls consciousness. ……No no no. What am I lusting for? It’s Neia. Neither a lover nor a female slave. To put it strongly…….

“No, I should have promised to take a bath together and massage her boobs”

I’m not sure if I promised to massage her boobs. Consciously leave it unclear. Well, anyway, there’s no reason to do anything so naughty and it’s Neia, the strongest warrior I’ve seen. Don’t feel too wicked. She is a mild-mannered child, but it’s hard if she is in good shape. Softly, softly. Let go. Even though I was drunk, I will sincerely apologize for sneaking into her bed without permission. ……Neia pulls my clothes tightly.


She muttered in a small voice.


Words that are too young and innocent. I found a tear mark on my clothes she was pressing on her face and I got a little stuck. ……I wonder if it’s Faria. It might be so.

Mother or home. These days it makes me think about various things. There is also such a girl. I may have been a little too floating. First of all, I have to do something about this girl.

With that in mind, the door opens.

“Neia-chan☆ Today’s treatment in good health……”

Hilda, who entered the room, saw me falling upside down from the bed and Neia, who fell asleep while pulling on my clothes.

“O, Ooh, Andy-kun is already Neia-chan……”
“I didn’t do anything!”
“……Go, Good morning……?”

Hilda with an awkward laugh, I landed on my chest and nose and left my hips down on the bed and Neia, who finally took her hands off the hem of my clothes, and awoke. A light pulsated slowly in the corner of the field of vision, as if the Flash Sword was stunned.

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