Half elves fall in love chapter 98

Chapter 98: Fall in love with an elf and protecting armor



I’ve been sneaking around every time I came to Polka lately.

“Jackie-san, how about this?”
“Hmm. There is no loosening of the tack, right and left balance……good. The rest is to dress the person in question and adjust it.”

It was a piece of armor dressed in a wooden form. It was completely self-made up to one plate, but of course, it was not elaborate. I was doing it at the beginning of the week and my own skill was mediocre. Moreover, I followed Jackie-san’s instructions, who did not practice at a proper armor workshop. There was no room to make a design that worked well. Breastplate and waist armor, not much different from the armor worn by Keel and Johnny. I would like to put on a gauntlet and a shin pad, but that was a part of the wearer’s preference, including the choice to not wear it.

“Did you also make a helm?”
“Many Ace Knights can’t wear it, but after listening to their tastes, I guess.”
“I see. That’s it.”

Pan! I hit my hand on Jackie-san’s hand. I made the high-five as I would have been blown away if Jackie, who was an ogre, hit my hand. However, nothing changed the joyful expressions that we finally did it.

“You did it!”
“I really wanted to get the help of my dad. It was a promise we made when I was a kid.”

In collaboration with Jackie instead of my dad, I made my first 「Sword St. Armor」. No, it was not Sword Saint but Ace Knight. Of course, the wearer was……


“Anzeros, please come here for a moment.”

Inside the inn’s cafeteria, after completing the fight training with Dianne, I caught Anzeros, who had tied up her hair with her bath set aside.

“What? Ma, Maybe……e, emm, I’m sweaty now, after I got to the hot spring……”

I took and pulled Anzeros’s hand who misunderstood and had her cheeks dyed red.

“You can enter the hot springs slowly later, so please come with me for a little while.”
“It’s just a little bit. It’s about 10 minutes.”
“……You’re so desolate.”
“No, it’s not what you think.”


Our……No, I brought Anzeros to Jackie-san’s workshop.

“Well, in front of this person.”
“Calm down. There’s not much reason why an Ace Knight would be called to the workshop.”
“A, Ah, uh……ne, new collar?”

“Is that so? ……No, it’s different.”

“I made armor for you.”

It was a small armor for Anzeros based on black to match her old armor. The design was really mediocre. There was nothing nifty about it. Speaking of strength, I used materials that were as light as my wallet allowed.

“Half of it was done by Jackie-san’s hand.”
“No, no, half is half. Andy-bocchan is really skillful.”

Anzeros reaches out to the new armor that seemed to have a fingerprint.

“……Armor tailored to me……”
“I don’t know who made the previous armor, but it was too big. You wore it and became an Ace Knight. I think you can do better with proper armor.”

Anzeros used to wear a black breast armor once in a while to hide her small, swollen chest or to store her long hair. Since it was broken, she came in light clothing like engraved leather clothes, but an armor suited the orthodox swordsman Anzeros more. I tried to do my best so that I could achieve a reliable defense without being too cool as a swordsman so as not to obstruct the movement as much as possible. It was in accordance with Anzeros specialized in high-speed combat.

“Try it on.”
“Well, but I smell like sweat.”
“You’ll sweat so much anyway……I will make final adjustments while you’re taking a bath.”

Anzeros removed the clasps, lifted the armor that came with a sizzle, smiled with a flushed face and wore it on her own as if to check slowly. She was struggling with her hair and tried to put it in the armor. So I approached her gently, put my hand on her neck and put all her hair out of the armor.

“It’s okay. That’s all fine.”

Next, she wore the waist armor. Anzeros took the short sword which was for sale that was around and let Jackie check it with his eyes and then hung it on her waist. It was part of trying on, not getting it. Then bringing a full-length mirror, Anzeros was reflected in it. The orthodox swordsman was complete.

“You can’t be impressed only by the appearance. Try moving a little.”
“Ye, Yes……”

Anzeros pulled out the short sword and swung it lightly. Then she walked lightly and stepped back and forth.

“Wow, an armor that fits your body and is so easy to move in too……”
“……That’s why I always told you I can always customize it.”
“Can I move outside a little?”
“Yes, it’s your armor”

Then Anzeros nodded happily, went out and dashed, jumped, and flashed her sword. Then, shockwaves repeatedly emitted from the air toward an empty plain.


She put her sword in the sheath, landed with laughter and spun around in front of me.

“Thank you, Andy! I ’m so happy!”
“……We, Well, I’m glad you’re happy……but that adjustment?”
“This is enough.”

She was originally violent with a strangely sized armor, so she may not be sure of her dissatisfaction.

“Make a slight backflip.”
“……Shall I try it?”

Anzeros’s athletic ability was about three turns in the air rather than backflip, but I let her do so. Stretching her body, putting her hand on the ground, she landed with a slight flutter.

“……Did you have any trouble with the arm operating range?”
“What I can do with this armor is a new dimension for me.”
“But……the left arm’s shoulder armor is a little stiff.”

I checked hurriedly. Shapes and joints should be perfectly symmetric. ……Maybe Anzeros had a different left-right balance. The dominant arm had more power obviously.

“What about the waist armor?”
“I’ve never worn it before, so I’m not sure what’s wrong. However, I’m a little late for the bounce.”

……In Anzeros‘s case, it might be better to make the waist protection lighter. I made it with great pains, but should I remake it into a scale-type skirt? It would become lighter and would be able to follow the movement of her waist depending on the lining. Actually, I made a prototype of that type, so I could customize it.

“Okay. ……Take a bath and wait. I’ll do it properly in the meantime.”
“E, Emm, it’s okay to stay here!”
“Understood Understood.”

I waved my hand to Anzeros, who cared too much about me.


The armor that Anzeros took off and the prototype scale skirt was put together in a wooden form and fine-tuned. I also tried to paint it lightly. Black scale waist armor and imposing curved chest armor. I couldn’t deny the mismatch for a moment.


Jackie-san laughed with a grin and presented an old flea.

“Ah, I see.”

Should I make a scale-like work on the breastplate?

“Nice idea.”
“Haha. It’s not my idea.”

Jackie showed me the flea pattern. My father’s name was carved on it.

“I was wondering if I could somehow join something from Master Smithson to the joint work. When I was looking for a tool that could be used for finishing this time, I found this.”
“I see……”

I grabbed the flea. I felt like my father was encouraging me as if coming out of it, trying to fulfill my duty.

“……Sorry, Jackie-san. ……Can I stay here tonight?”
“It’s hard to do it overnight.”
“I don’t have much time.”

A notice of reorganization was coming soon. If we officially undertook the investigation at the demon territory, there would be no more time to play around with armor like this.

“……Draw a drawing of the work. Let’s take turns.”
“Jackie-san……is that really okay?”

I think it was ‘my’ job. Thinking about it, Jackie laughed at me.

“As you said, I made half of the armor. I wanted to work with Master too.”

When Jackie saw the flea, a few tears came out with a nostalgic light. I nodded.

As we expected, the work took the whole night to be completed. I thought Jackie-san’s polite finish and my best of paintings had finally created a cool armor. I made fine adjustments to the left shoulder.

“Thank you, Jackie-san.”
“Hahaha. I’m really sleepy. ……Bocchan, you can take it with the wooden form.”

In the dim light at dawn, I thanked Jackie-san politely and carried the armor up to the inn by holding the entire wooden form. I intended to make it lighter, but it was still quite heavy.

“Ku……Anzeros is so great to be able to wear it so lightly……”

Someone’s hand picked up the wooden form when I said that.

“Ho. It’s an unexpected meeting at a time like this.”

It was Laila.

“Don’t worry. I was just immersed in the hot spring.”

…..She could hear people’s voices even from a distance. Perhaps, while I was talking with Jackie-san, she was watching from somewhere……no, she was listening. However, I was thankful for the help because it was a body that fluttered at dawn.

“Shall I take it to the inn?”
“Yes……thank you.”
“Don’t worry about it. ……But it’s an armor that looks as if it’s me.”

Armor with black scales. That’s right as I was told that.

At the inn, Anzeros, Dianne, Selenium, Apple and Aurora woke up and were waiting.

“Why is everyone awake?”

I was a little surprised.

“Ahem. ……Dark elves are good at night. Sometimes we don’t sleep.”

Dianne said something like that.

“When it was spoilered, Selenium sometimes went to peek and reported what Andy was doing.”

As Apple told that everyone was waiting without a lid, Dianne looked uncomfortable. But I was a little happy that everyone was worried about me.

“By the way, Hilda and Maia put Jeanne to sleep, so don’t blame them.”
“I won’t blame them.”

I laughed a little at Laila’s follow-up. It would be natural for no one to be awake.

“Nevertheless, favoring only Anzeros is not good. I also want something.”
“Someday you will hit with a sword made by me, so wait patiently.”

Aurora originally had a style that did not need to wear armor, so I didn’t know what to make for her.

“……I’d like a ring anyway. Perfect for my ring finger.”
“I will think about it.”

I made a proposal and isn’t it bad? And then…

“……Can I try it on?”

Anzeros touched the armor and turned her eyes towards me. I nodded. Anzeros smiled happily and began to put on the armor again. Selenium and Dianne also helped, and an Ace Knight in shining armor appeared immediately.

“Ho. I miss this again.”
“Anzeros looks good.”
“The scales are wild and wonderful!”
“Andy-san can really do this……”
“Muu……I wonder if I should aim for physical strength and fighting style too so that I also can wear armor.”

Everyone was complimenting Anzeros’ appeal. After all, it was a little unpleasant that there was no gauntlet or shin pad, but Anzeros was still happy and laughing.

“Thank you, Andy. I’ll take good care of it.”

Listening to those words, I took a quick breath and said,

“No, with great care, the difficulty increases.”

It was the deciding line of the master of the workshop where I was training.

『Someone who cherishes armor on the battlefield isn’t a good fellow. A courageous man would be muddy and full of wounds, even on the battlefield. Come again after breaking it. I’ll fix it as many times as you want』

The master said so and sent out young swordsmen who were still in armor. On the other hand, there was a guy who said, “I’ll come back to tumble”, but the opposite is true.

『Armors are tools that save lives. Can’t take care of it, can you live longer? If you’re preoccupied with the first-class, then you’re cool. Well, if you’ve got a mess, you can’t help, Well, I’ll ask you for excuses, so take it before you can’t wear it』

In short, the master was just fond of preaching, but the figure that corrected the swordsman’s back with that line was very cool and we were able to remember it while mimicking the line.


When I talked about the story of my master, imitating him, everyone smiled.

“You are a man who imitates people.”
“Am I praised?”
“I’m praising you. I thought they were your words.”

Dianne gave me subtle praise while sipping on her cold tea. Well, I was certainly good at the decision lines of the bearded Sword Saint, or in quoting of other people’s words.

“Okay. I’ll do my best to make it tattered. And you will fix it?”

Anzeros shyly stroked her chest armor. I nodded.

“Now, you should sleep well.”

I remembered being up all night when Laila said that and I yawned a lot.

“Good Night, Andy-san.”
“Actually, I’m also a little sleepy, so let’s sleep together♪”
“Na, Se, Selenium-san!? If that’s the case, I also……”
“You just slept? I’m really sleepy right now.”

I was taken to the bedroom by everyone. From there, as I was really sleepy, I fell asleep instantly.

When I woke up in the afternoon, all three were naked and straddled me without permission.


In the evening, when I went to Jackie’s workshop to say hello again, there was a female elf with a ponytail. It was that Renfangas knight with an impressive black gauntlet.

“Naa……y, you, Andy Smithson!!”

I might have forgotten her name and thought for a while.

“It’s Sharon!!”

It was so.

“Why are you here……?”

Sharon pretended not to see me and said so. I felt a little bad, but if I showed a hostile intention from here, it might be bad for Irina.

“I know the store owner. ……Why are you in this place? This is a blacksmith. If it’s about swords, the red clan can help you more.”
“I know it even if you don’t say it. ……I’m here for armor, not for a sword. The other day, I broke my armor during monster hunting, but the people in the northern forest don’t use armor.”

Well, I hadn’t seen Gorkus or Diel using armor.

“That’s why I am looking for a substitute armor……”
“I don’t think there is any stock of armor at such a remote blacksmith.”

At best, there might be a repair of the armor of the guards and the baron’s collection. There was no way to make a new armor without anyone’s size and if you were not in a hurry, the price would not change that much.

“No, unfortunately, I already found something good.”
“What a regret.”

Sharon laughed meanly. ‘Why is she so hostile to me?’ I hadn’t done anything wrong with her, right? I mean. There was. Armor.

“I used to come all the time, but I didn’t know there was so much armor.”
“You’ll know how much your attention is.”

Sharon shook her ponytail and stretched their chests and pointed at something.

“That’s it. It just has a perfect size.”

I looked at the direction she pointed at.

Bikini armor. Made by me.

“……Eh, that?”

Since I used it as mischief to Dianne, I had Jackie-san take care of it as it might be useful for something.

“I wonder why an armor with this design can be found in Trot. It’s not so unusual in our country.”

……It’s not bad for me, is it? When I was silent, Jackie-san’s wife came out from the back.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know the price because I don’t have a price tag or a book of materials……but for now, about 300 gold coins.”
“No problem.”

Sharon looked at me here and paid the money while being proud as if having won a battle. And then…

“Can I wear it?”
“You want to wear it? Eh, no problem.”

As I thought something, Sharon started wearing the bikini armor in the fitting room. And a few minutes later…

“It may be too irritating for this country’s soldiers, but this kind of armor isn’t so awkward in Renfangas.”

She exposed her bikini armor figure to me. Apparently, Sharon thought that I was silent all the time because I was surprised by the ignorance of the country and she seemed to be proud of winning against me as much as she liked. However, as it was, it could develop into an international problem. Even if she was a master knight class person.

“You know, actually, I was the one who made it.”
“That armor, I was the one who made it by hand. Therefore……”
“I, I see. ……However, the belly cannot be changed to the back. No one wears it anyway, so it won’t matter if I buy it.”

Sharon tried to leave like that only, even though she became a little red as if she was embarrassed by my action.

“Wait a minute. It’s better to go back in normal clothes. Or you will be called a female pervert.”
“This is common in Renfangas. Don’t worry, don’t impose your sense of the countryside.”
“No, No, wait, wait……”

As it warmed up, the engravings that had a see-through effect made her boobs visible.

“Farewell, I’ll see you soon……”

With a smile, Sharon forcibly terminated the conversation. Her breasts were already transparent. She walked to the forest through the town as it is.


“Hey, Smithson-dono. ……What did you do to the talkative woman?”

After a while, Irina asked me with a suspicious face.

“She was so angry with you.”
“……I haven’t done anything”

I was not at fault….

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