Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 787. Mouth-to-mouth



Megu entrusts herself to Tsukiko.

Is that okay?

「 Yes, please leave it to me 」

Tsukiko smiled.

「 Megumi-san won’t be at ease unless it’s with me 」

Megu’s anxieties…

「 Megumi-san seeks an elder sister that will make her submit 」

Nei and Misuzu weren’t able to do that.

Megu doesn’t like to be Nei and Misuzu’s underlings.

Therefore, she’s trying to fight off the two even though she’s not confident.

And thus, she gets alienated within the family.

Nei and Misuzu were too beautiful and smart compared to her.

Thus, her insecurities against the two make Megu obstinate.

「 But, I have my Miko power 」

Tsukiko said.

「 Since I have a ‘unique power,’ Megumi-san can’t help but yield, which makes her accept it 」

No, you made a situation where she can’t do anything but that.

Tsukiko connects our thoughts, but she hasn’t used her power to compel Megu to her will.

All she did was to make sure that Megu thinks that she can’t win against Tsukiko no matter what.

Besides, if she joins the Takakura faction, she won’t need to yield to Misuzu or Nei.

Megu’s insecurities won’t grow bigger.

「 I see. Then, take care of her, Tsukiko 」

「 Yes, Kou-sama 」

Still, to think that Tsukiko has this much charisma to lead people.

She was like her little’s servant when she came to the mansion, and yet…

People change.

「 I find it strange as well. But, I think that this is what’s natural to me now 」

Tsukiko replied as she reads my mind.

Misuzu also had that kind of charisma.

Misuzu’s got Michi, a loyal retainer of hers.

She’ll be the one leading Kouzuki house someday.

Also, Ruriko…

She’s just a 15-year-old girl, she’s enjoying doing housework with Mana under Katsuko-nee’s instructions, but…

Someday, Ruriko will start her own faction too.

She told me that she wants to bring friends that I could ravish, and she’ll make a group with them.

Ruriko will do that.

「 Kouzuki-sama understands. Therefore, he’s keeping Yoshiko-sama and Ruriko-sama apart 」


「 Now’s not the time for Misuzu-sama and Ruriko-sama to oppose each other 」

I see.

If Yoshiko-san were to stay in this mansion…

Ruriko and Yoshiko-san would create a strong faction.

It might end up with them opposing Misuzu and Michi’s faction.

「 What’s important is the timing and balance. Someday, they’ll create groups and cultivate each other, but, now’s not the time for that. I believe that Kouzuki-sama thinks that Ruriko-sama and Yoshiko-sama needs to separate, to mingle themselves with others」

Ruriko’s been living together with Yoshiko-san since her birth.

She needs to experience making bonds with other people little by little in this mansion, where Yoshiko-san isn’t present.

Ruriko seems to enjoy it.

「 Therefore, my time with Megumi-san will only be temporary. I will return to Kyoto soon anyway 」

Tsukiko will stay in Tokyo until she gets pregnant and gives birth.

Perhaps, she’ll return to the Takakura shrine in Kyoto in a year.

Even so, she’ll create a Takakura faction to oppose Misuzu’s Kouzuki faction and lead Megu as the elder sister.

「 Thanks. I think that Megu will change in a year 」

There’s a lot of change in just four months.

Megu, everyone, Me.

Megu’s 16 right now. In her first-year high school.

Megu in her 17, second-year high school would be completely different.

It’s not a simple going up a grade.

Megu’s growing older, then that means,

Everyone in the family grows older, as well.

Agnes and Luna will enter middle school soon.

Agnes will change once she gets used to school.

Luna and Yomi should get used to life in Tokyo.

Ruriko and Michi will enter high school.

Misuzu and Nei will enter the third year.

Misuzu will change after taking the entrance exam.


Nagisa and Yukino will give birth to my child.

「 Yeah. Change. Change and Change. We all will 」

We do change, for good or worse.

When someone changes, the people related will change.

The relationship within the family changes, just like people.

It’s not allowed to stay the same all the time.

Therefore, we need to continue being in the best situation each day.

Sensing the changes in themselves and the people around, they’ll try to settle down in a good way and will continue to try it out.

As long as one’s alive…

If one thinks that they want to live happily with the family, then…

「 Hey. How long are you two going to talk in secret? 」

Yukino told us.


Tsukiko and I are connected…

Tsukiko’s body exhausted from sex is on top of me, limping.

We had pillow talk.

「 Sorry. Having sex with Kou-sama is just too splendid 」

Tsukiko told Yukino with a smile.

「 Looks like it, everyone’s absent-minded from the afterglow 」

Yukino said. I looked around.

She’s right, Yomi, Luna, Agnes, Mana, and Megu are all limping.

「 Yeah, it was terrific 」

Yomi said.

「 It felt like what Michi-oneechan does 」

Mana smiled.

Michi’s Shingetsu climax explosion, and the Takakura sister’s shared sensation.

「 How did it go with you, Onii-chan? 」


「 Yeah. It’s like my dick multiplied, and it felt like I’m shoving it on each of you girls, it’s much better than having normal sex 」

I replied, honestly.

「 But you see, it felt like I ejaculated inside everyone, but the amount felt like only for one share. Therefore, it doesn’t give me that sense of exhaustion 」

If I were to ejaculate six portions for six people, I think that I’d be drained of my energy and I’d be dead by now.

The pleasure of ejaculation was six times, but the amount was only for one.

It’s an interesting experience.

「 Let’s do it again. However, I think that this would be impossible if us sisters aren’t together 」

Tsukiko’s right.

I think that this shared sense would only work unless Tsukiko, Yomi, and Luna are together…

「 We had six now but should we go for 7 next time? 」

Yomi giggled.

「 Geez, I can’t join in at all! 」

Yukino who’s pregnant speaks in discontent.

This skill makes the involve cum hard, and it would be hard for the fetus.

「 Well, I’ll be sure to join in next year once this child is born. It gets on my head that I couldn’t join in 」

「 Yes. We’ll be sure to create the chance. Although, the hard part would be the schedule 」

Tsukiko replied.

「 I intend to get pregnant right away as well. Once that happens, this skill has to be sealed up until childbirth 」

The Takakura sisters need to be together for this, and yet…

Once Tsukiko gets pregnant, the child in her stomach would forbid intense sexual intercourse.

「 Then that means, we’ll use Michi-oneechan’s Shingetsu when having sex during that 」

Mana said.

「 That’s okay, it’s good that we have plenty of methods to enjoy it with everyone 」

I said, and laughed.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Then, I’m pulling out 」

Tsukiko pulls out my penis from inside her.

My glans parts from her insides.

It’s withered now.

White liquid leaks out from Tsukiko’s slit.

「 Tsukiko 」

I call out her name.

「 Yes, Kou-sama. Kiss? Or my breasts? 」

She asks with a gentle smile.

「 You should know, right? 」

You can read my mind, after all…

「 Ufufu, it’s both 」

Tsukiko kisses me on the lips.

Then, presses her nipples on my lips.

「 What a spoiled boy 」


I lick and suck on Tsukiko’s breasts.

「 Haaaa~ I feel the blazing fire inside of me again. I feel my skin burning. However, it feels pleasant 」

Tsukiko’s skin is flushed.

The texture is different. It’s damp and warm.

「 Agnes too 」

Agnes comes to my side.

「 Papa!!! 」

She licks on my face.

「 Aaahn! Yomi wants to join! 」

「 What should I do? 」

Yomi and Luna are still on fire.

「 Hey, hey, hey! Going for another round is unfair! 」

Yukino gets angry.

「 Putting that aside, take this off! 」

Megu who has her one wrist and both ankles tied up screams.

「 I haven’t touched Yoshi-kun yet at all! 」


Wait, you mean that I’ll still entertain everyone after this?

If we were to do the “shared senses” with Tsukiko and the girls again,

Yukino won’t be able to join that.

Should I start with Yukino and have sex with the girls in order again?


I might die from that.

『 Okay. That’s enough 』

Minaho-neesan’s voice echoes in the room from the ceiling speakers.

『 You need to free Yoshinobu by now. He’s at his limit 』

Oh, ooh.

『 Yukino-san, you already came from having sex with him earlier, haven’t you? You girls already had a lot with Yoshinobu today 』

Takakura sisters, Mana, Agnes.

They received my cum inside them earlier today.

「 Minaho-san, I haven’t done it yet! 」

Megu shouts to the ceiling.

『 Yes, then just have it tomorrow 』

Minaho-neesan speaks strictly.

『 That includes everyone. You’re with Yoshinobu tomorrow anyway. Don’t be greedy. Let Yoshinobu rest for tonight 」

We’ve dealt with Megu’s case for the time being.

「 It can’t be helped! Papa! Let’s go to sleep together naked then! 」

Agnes said.

「 Eeh? Yomi wants to sleep together too 」

「 M-Me too! 」

Yomi and Megu said.

「 No. Let Kou-sama sleep alone for tonight 」

Tsukiko told everyone.

「 Kou-sama cannot feel rested if we’re together with him 」

「 Yeah. He might hold back again 」

Mana smiled.

「 Besides, look, Megu-oneechan and Yukino-oneechan just joined in Tsukiko-san’s faction, I think you should talk it out tonight 」

「 Yes. It’s my decision as the leader of this faction to let Kou-sama free for tonight. If you find it unacceptable, would you please leave the group? 」

Tsukiko threatens Megu.

『 Either way, I’d like to talk to Yoshinobu, come over here. Margo and I are in the dining room 』

Minaho-neesan’s voice said.

Then, the door opens.

「 Okay, that’s the end of fun time in this room! The room next door is prepared for sleeping, all the girls start moving! Okay? 」

Katsuko-nee, the housewife of this mansion enters.

Katsuko-nee pushes in a wagon with a bathrobe and towels.

「 Okay, Mana-chan take off Megumi-chan’s restrains! Yukino-san, look after Agnes-chan. Tsukiko-san Yomiko-san and Luna-chan start moving 」

Now that it has come to this, they’ll all follow Katsuko-nee.

「 We’ll take care of the clothes lying around, for now, wipe off your sweat. Put on this bathrobe for the time being. Anyone who wants to go to the bath again, go to the bathroom. And this is for you 」

She hands me a bathrobe.

「 I’ll pass on the bath. I’ll just take a shower tomorrow before going to school 」

Yukino said.

「 I want to wash off my sweat. Megumi-san, can I ask you to wash off my back? 」

Tsukiko asks.

「 Then, I’m going too 」

Mana looks like she’s going to take a bath too.

「 What about Yomi and Luna? 」

「 I’ll stay with Agnes. I’ll go to our room with Yukino-san 」

「 That’s right, desuno! 」

Yeah, they’ll split into two groups and move.

I need to go to the cafeteria to meet with Minaho-neesan.


「 Nii-san. Are you thirsty? 」

I can’t hide my thoughts from the Takakura sisters.

「 Oh, I thought of that, and so I have cold tea prepared 」

Katsuko-nee takes out a pitcher and cups from the wagon.

She pours in barley tea to the glass.

「 Thanks, Katsuko-nee 」

However, Katsuko-nee puts the tea in her mouth…

Then, she calls me over.

「 Wait, Katsuko-oneechan, you… 」

Mana’s guess is right.


I come forward to Katsuko-nee, then…

Katsuko-nee made me drink the tea from her mouth.

「 Puhaaa~ I mean, I’m frustrated that only you girls were having fun! 」

Katsuko-nee was watching us have sex in this room all this time.

「 Uugh, Agnes wants to do that too! 」

「 Then do it 」

「 Okay, desuno! 」

Katsuko-nee urged her…

Agnes also holds the tea in her mouth.

「 Nnnnn~ 」

She must be saying, “Papa, tea! Desuno!”

「 Thanks, Agnes 」

I also drink from Agnes’ small mouth.

「 Is it delicious? Desuno? 」

「 Yeah, it was, Agnes 」

「 Wow~! Okay, it’s Luna’s turn next! 」

It’s this pattern again…

Wait, is everyone going to make me drink tea mouth-to-mouth?

「 Is it okay? Nii-san 」

Geez, it can’t be helped.

「 Come here! 」

Luna’s mouth is small. But, the feeling of her lips is pleasant.

Yomi didn’t just pour the tea but also inserted her tongue.

「 I’ll pass. That’s embarrassing 」

Yukino doesn’t want to do it.

「 I’ll do that when we’re alone next time 」

「 Mana will pass for now 」

Mana smiled.

「 Maybe next time 」

Tsukiko then looked at Megu.

「 What about you, Megumi-san? 」


「 I-I 」

She’s fidgeting, tensed.

「 Then, I’ll order you instead. Megumi-san, give Kou-sama some tea through your mouth 」


「 Would you not listen to my order, Megumi-san? No, it should be Megumi 」

Megu trembled.

「 Y-Yes! 」

She pours tea on her mouth in a hurry, but…

「 Before that, shouldn’t you apologize to Kou-sama? 」

Tsukiko said.

Megu’s surprised and looked at me.

「 Uhm, Yoshi-kun, sorry. I’ve caused a lot of trouble to you 」

She bows her head to me.

「 You don’t have to mind it anymore, Megu 」

「 B-But 」

Megu’s voice turns muddy.


「 It’s not “but,” is it? Kou-sama’s already sweeping everything clean, shouldn’t you be grateful instead, Megumi? 」

Tsukiko said.

「 S-Sorry 」

「 Don’t apologize to me. Do it to Kou-sama 」

「 T-Thank you, Yoshi-kun 」

「 Is that all? 」

「 Huh? 」

「 If everything’s done now, talk about the future 」

「 I-I’ll do my best, please treat me well from now on 」

Megu bows her head.

「 That’s good. Well done, Megumi. Now, give Kou-sama some tea 」

Tsukiko’s way of teaching Megu is going well.

Tsukiko’s teaching her like this, and so I think that Megu won’t be rampaging anytime soon.

「 Here 」

Megu holds the tea in her mouth.

「 Thanks, Megu 」

I took Megu’s lips after a long time in a while.

Megu’s lips pour the tea on my mouth.

Gokun, gokun, gokun.,

My throat makes sounds as I drink.

「 Haa, thanks, that was delicious. Megu 」

「 Y-You’re welcome 」

Megu replied bashfully.

◇ ◇ ◇


Still, my throat was parched earlier, but now,

My bladder’s filled up.

I drank too much tea.

On the way to the dining room, I rushed to the toiler.

「 Oh man, I made it in time 」


Peeing feels nice.

The semen that remained in my urethra’s washed off too…

By the way.

I’m glad that the Takakura sisters didn’t get some perverted preferences.

If Michi or Misuzu were there.

They might ask to be showered with pee…

Michi might even say that she wants to drink it.

I’m glad. I’m glad.

Speaking of which, her sister, Haruka, and Margo-san’s training with her.

Margo-san is with Minaho-neesan in the dining room now, that means…

The two have returned too.


I hurry up and wash my hands and return to the dining room.

「 Thanks. Sorry 」

The people in the dining room are…

Minaho-neesan and Margo-san only.

「 Oh, Haruka-san’s still doing some muscle training, Michi-chan’s with her 」

Margo-san said.

This mansion is a complex maze, there are rooms where it’s a problem if you can get in quickly.

Michi’s looking after Haruka.

Although, most of the rooms have remote-controlled automatic locks anyway.

「 Nagisa-san’s taking a rest with Mao-chan 」

Nagisa’s pregnant, and she also has to tend the shop by morning.

Flower shops open early, so she started sleeping earlier.

「 Want some tea? 」

Minaho-neesan asks, but,

「 Not now. Also, what do we need to talk about? 」

I sit down, then Minaho-neesan sighed.

「 I reflected a bit 」

「 Huh? 」

「 If we have this much women around, it’s natural that factions begin to form 」

Kouzuki faction, Takakura Faction. Kuromori’s original members. Then.

「 Indeed. Women prefer to stay in a group 」

Margo-san smiled wryly.

「 Furthermore, creating a faction isn’t a bad thing. With this many people, it would feel uncomfortable if we’re just one group. I think that creating factions is for the better as they can accept those that were isolated 」

Even if one girl breaks up with one faction, they won’t be alone as another one will accept her.

「 Factions doesn’t mean that the groups are on bad terms and that the atmosphere is hostile. If one could claim their position, then it’s emotionally easier for them 」

「 Tsukiko-san created the Takakura faction, and so, Megumi and Yukino-san joined in 」

「 If nothing happened, the two of them would need votes from the family for their place 」

I mean, whether it’s Yukino or Megu.

They both were trying to force themselves to be leaders.

But, the two of them don’t have the qualities of a leader./

「 To become the leader of a group, you need both the charisma and talent 」

I believe so.

Misuzu and Ruriko as examples, then Tsukiko also had the ability.

That also includes Jii-chan and Minaho-neesan.

I don’t have those.

I don’t have the power to lead.

「 But, it shocked me. 」


「 Seeing how Tsukiko-san dealt with Megumi as the leader of the faction 」


She apologized before making me drink tea.

「 That was something I needed to do with Megumi. 」

You mean?

「 I now understand that Megumi needs a strict and strong attitude elder sister. I’ve seen it happen 」

「 Indeed. That kind of persistent speaking before making her drink tea was Minaho’s speech pattern 」

Margo-san said.

「 Minaho’s like that with Yukino-san 」

Now that you mention it.

「 Megumi wants me to lead the way for her like that. But, I went and pampered her too much that she got spoiled 」

Minaho-neesan speaks in frustration.

「 But, Tsukiko-san can read Megumi-chan’s mind, and she uses the method that Megumi-chan wants her. And so, Tsukiko-san leads Megumi-chan with Minaho’s approach in mind 」

Margo-san consoles Minaho-neesan.

「 She can read minds, after all, she won’t overdo it. She’ll deal with Megumi-chan with the right amount and lead her. Tsukiko-san knows we can leave it to her. It’s going to be okay 」

「 But, I… 」

Margo-san places her hand on top of Minaho-neesan’s.

「 Minaho, being a good elder sister isn’t easy. You can’t be only kind or only strict. Tsukiko-san said it earlier, it’s about the balance and timing. That’s important 」

Then, Margo-san sighed.

「 I need to reflect about my role as Nei’s big sister too 」

What about Nei?