Chapter 2

It’s been a year since I reincarnated in this world, and because I’m already at an age where I should be speaking in short phrases, I’ve started calling my parents Mama and Papa. It makes me smile when I see their faces light up in delight as I call out to them. My mother looks more than happy though. She was even howling like a beast when I ran toward her while calling her mama. My father’s look was priceless at that time. I did try speaking other sentences but I still couldn’t. Maybe I’ll probably start speaking in full sentences soon, maybe in another year.

I find it funny when my mother is playing with me and does some doddle, I cry when my father tries to kiss me, is not that I want to hurt his feeling, but I feel awkward every time he is using his face to play with me.

Ah, by the way, I’m really glad we have a television in the house because there are so many interesting shows here! There are cartoons for children! And apparently there also Discovery channel or a History channel but it’s for midnight channel so I can’t watch it. But with this, I’m happy because I don’t have time to get bored.

I thought this world doesn’t have magic… but I was wrong. There’s magic in this world just like your usual cliché Isekai. Yeah, I’m not surprised. The previous world that summoned my whole class also has one.

Speaking of magic, it seems my mother is a magician or something close to it.

Not long ago, my mother showed me what I was most curious about. What I wished would be present like everything else in the fantasy-like world. Magic. I finally saw the magic of this world! It is almost the same as that of the previous world that summoned me! My mother wanted to surprise me and entertain me for a bit.

Well, she got me. Instead of magic, I was stunned and completely captivated by my mother’s beauty when she cast the magic. Perhaps, mistaking I was captivated by magic, that made my mother laugh, and she looked quite proud of herself. She told me I would be able to do that when I get bigger. Looks like people have to learn to feel magic first and that it takes time.

I wonder if I can use one.


Four n half years have passed and my 5th birthday was celebrated recently. But let’s put that aside, for now. I believe that’s for another story! It’s very embarrassing for me! But I can say this… I really felt loved by my new parents!

Since I was five now and I was allowed to go outside. Even though I can now go outside the house, that doesn’t mean I can do anything. So going far from the house without one of my parents or another trusted adult around is absolutely out of question. I won’t be able to go to the village often. So instead let’s stay near my parents a bit more, it definitely won’t hurt, and I can still learn a lot just by watching.

Besides, I am homeschooled by my mother who teaches me how to read and write.

Thanks to this, I finally learned the written language of this world. It was hard and I’m still learning the basics. Why bother learning when I can understand them? Sure, I can understand what people are saying, but would it be too much to ask for people to use the words in the right order?

Ah, by the way, my mother was a really great mother and teacher you can ask for! She’s really patient with me when teaching me; if I get something wrong, she will bite my ears playfully and if I learn well and make no mistakes, I was rewarded with a lot of kisses and hugs. I try to resist as that is too much for me… if this continues, I would start developing Oedipus-Complex and would become mother-con!

Ahem! And who said that reincarnated person can learn faster compared to other babies? But this has contributed greatly to the understanding of my situation? Well, whatever…

Once I got my hands on some of the books in my father’s study room, I found some possible foes, some kind of monsters. I still haven’t gotten a good grasp on this world’s spoken language. Well, with basic knowledge, I was able to read a few books. Mostly picture books with few little words. I have to thank my doting mother for always reading the advanced level book for me.

First of all, a lot of the books have pictures or photographs depicting various types of monsters like previous Isekai. Those monsters were called Demonic Beast. There were also some photographs of people fighting those monsters. Dad was probably going out to fight these things.

With this, I’ve identified one of the threats in this world. They are everywhere and because of this, I finally know my father’s occupation thanks to this book and Mom. I also noticed since I’m a bit older, he has begun to leave the house more often, almost every day. Each time he left, he always carried sword and gun. For a strange reason, he always was trying to be sneaky when leaving the house as if he doesn’t want me to see him. Don’t worry, Dad! I will pretend I didn’t see you! His work was fighting or hunting monsters.

But to think, this world was full of monsters … I hope this is not experiments of extremely bored gods with nothing better to do than to unleash monsters on the human populace and see how human survive. If that was true, then these gods must be really messed up in their heads. Seriously? Creating monsters that can wipe out cities just to see how well humans can fight against them? Then again, I already had the impression that they treated us as nothing more than toys that provided them with entertainment. Well, that’s just my assumption… I hope that’s not true.

And this world is called Rhean and is similar to the previous fantasy world except that this world has advanced technology. This world has a name, while the previous world where I died didn’t even have a name or maybe I just too lazy to learn it. Aside from the name, this world is notably similar to Earth, more than the fantasy world I lived in before. And there are so many races living in this world such as humans, beast-kin, demi-humans, angels and demons.

This world is divided up between seven continents. Waltz, Varlare, Groza, La Frala, Shigen, Nalix, and Belzaar. And I live on the Waltz continent, in the village called Capos which located on the kingdom called Odan.

There are four major kingdoms in this continent: Odan, Ocira, Aelia, and lastly Ebroes.  Both of these Odan and Aelia were at war for a long time a couple of centuries ago, but due to the high casualties, they agreed to a very touchy cease-fire that through some miracle is still holding.

Uwah, that’s pretty frightening. Considering I have seen war and experienced it myself… it was really terrifying and that was one of the reasons why I died in that dungeon… I really don’t to go through that again. And it turns out the village I live in is an outside settlement within Odan’s territory. The Kingdom does send some support to these frontier settlements, but it seems that most of the time we’re on our own. Since life has been peaceful so far, I can assume we’re pretty well off. Hope this peace can last forever.

Well, anyways, that’s what I learned from mother… That’s’ good enough for now, right?

Ah, by the way, the book I currently had in my hand was titled Career Guide. Just like the title said, this book was about guiding kids toward their future. I barely read this… but at least, I can understand it a bit.

But the future, huh…

Yeah, I really need to think about my future. Now that I think about it, long ago before I was summoned, I was thinking about my future after high school. My plans of going to college after graduation had been totally shattered after spending a few months in another world and dying being eaten alive.

I wanted to begin exploring the possibilities for my future. Dad is definitely the man of the house. He is a good father and husband, also a great provider. I guess, becoming what his occupation is, the job looks like it pays well, for good reason. But there might be other good jobs too.

I opened the book and shifted my attention to absorbing its contents. But even before reading, I already had a sinking feeling about my prospects. As I read into common professions and paths of education, I discovered that my fears were well-founded.

In one sentences, this world was too advanced for someone like me. I mentioned that I was very average, right? Well, you know what? This world’s knowledge was too much for an idiot like me. No wonder, I have a hard time learning their written language’s basics.

Still, if I worked hard, I probably could go through a proper education then get a job, and become a working and efficient cog of society. But that didn’t guarantee stability in a world living with monsters. Maybe, I needed a job that’s able to defend my family, while providing them. That left very few options. I could join the military, police force or become like dad.

To be honest, I’m a pacifist. The thought of fighting other people is a distasteful one. Even in my previous life, where I did participate in wars, I just didn’t have the stomach to kill easily or readily. In the previous world, despite participating the war, I never killed anyone! I only killed monsters! If it was possible to avoid fighting, I would. I know some people would call me a coward behind my back, but I didn’t, and still don’t, really care.

But after thinking carefully, if I had to pick a job, it would be to fight the monsters. Hunting monsters is something I’m familiar with, and I know I have a decent head for combat from my experience in the previous world. This was the ideal job in this world for a person like me. And while the focus isn’t on fighting other people, hunters were still trained in how to defend themselves and others.

Of course, I understood that a choice made this early was in no way set in stone, but at least I had a goal to work towards.

Since it’s a combat-based profession… I need to begin training.

Still, five years old is a bit too soon for training so, for now, I decided to study. There’s no such thing as being too prepared, after all. What? Normal Reincarnator usually starts training at four? Nah, man, there is no way my parents would allow that.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I have my own room, I have been sleeping alone since my last birthday. My room is right in front of my parent’s room. Well, I can still sleep with my parents if I want,  but my parents need their private time. Yup, they need their privacy for working on my little sibling that is.

Yeah, for example… currently, they are at it for while…

“YES! YES! YES! YES!” “Harder! HARDER!!!! DEAR!!” “I’M CUMMING!”

I clearly heard my parent’s grunts and moan from here.

Yup, seeing my parent act like that every night without caring about anything, proves that this village is so peaceful… But I wish they could lower their voices, it was too much for me to hear all of this every day!

But fortunately, there was manga in this world! I have brought it from the library. At least, this was good enough to distract me from baka couple in heats. Thank the god for importing Japanese popular culture into this world! But to my disappointment, there was nothing in here but serializations of manga adaptations about isekai adventures.

HAH! Reading isekai stories in an isekai. Very funny.


Mom loud moan made me unable to concentrating or reading….


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I have at least ten more chapters (Half of them were Incomplete and need to be edited) for this fiction. But I won’t upload the chapters until I finish BG chapters.

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