Chapter 3

I’m going out today!

For you, it’s normal but to me, it’s not! You have no idea what I felt right now…

Excitement bubbled within me as we prepared to leave! Yeah! This was my first time going out since I had been reincarnated to this world. Well, actually I did go out before but I never have been gone so far from my house. The far I can go was visiting the neighbor.

However today is different!

I finally am going to see the outside world! Yes, I am going to Capo’s market district! From what I gather, this so frontier village actually was a small and developed town! Yeah, misunderstanding on my part! This town split into two districts, residential and market district.

For reason why am I going today was my mother.

The young MILF I mean, my mother, Marianne needed to purchase some ingredients for dinner and other things. I don’t why she decided to going out today as she can order the ingredients but who care? I’m happy she’s taking me with her. Yes, it might seem like such a small thing, but to me this was an opportunity to study the Capo Town. Hence my excitement.

I really wanted to know what the world around me was like, and the people here. Not only was I really curious about that, I did not want to be surprised one day if I went out by myself when I was older. It was even better and good for me to see everything that I could now with my beautiful mom!

Marianne looked so happy too to be with me, smiling at me as I held on to her hand when we were finally out. I enjoyed spending time with her as well, and just watching her sometimes as she did things. Especially when she smiled, and her entire face brightened.

She had these really unique and bright green eyes that made me think of a well-manicured lawn, which was crazy but that’s how green they were. Or maybe they were like precious gems, emeralds. And they were perfectly framed by large lashes that made her eyes seem large. Her hair was a sun kissed blonde and very long, reaching her shapely waist. She usually tied it but I liked it when she left it like that and I could see how long it really was. It was a beautiful contrast against her smooth snow white and perfect skin.

She carried herself with grace, like an upper class woman, while I just wanted to bounce around with glee. I just looked around in amazement, taking in the sights. The Capo town was set up in a countryside city manner, with most of the buildings made of wood. It was both beautiful and more developed, and definitely wider than I remembered!

Everything was made just in a beautiful way and I really liked what I saw. It really felt like a fantasy world, a modern fantasy world.

I took in every little thing that I could about this new world, and something else. The way people looked at my mom. And by people, I meant men! They looked at her in that way, the way men looked at women they wanted or liked.

I glanced at her and tried to see what they were seeing, which wasn’t hard to know what. Marianne was a beautiful woman, I understood that. In a way that was effortless, in her normal and modest clothes that did not even show too much skin. Not that it did much to hide her generous breasts and butt, which clung to her dress and really outlined her curvy shape. And when she walked, oh, you could not help but just look at her!

I did not worry too much about the different men looking at her. After all, she was too beautiful not to look at! I did not blame them and I understand them. But it wasn’t an issue of concern because I knew how much Marianne loved my father. She was dedicated to him and me, our family! And nothing could ever come between them. Especially how they always flirting when they have chance or how loud they are on late night!

Certainly not these men that were looking at her with obvious pervert thoughts! It made me want to stick my tongue out and rub it in their faces that they would never have her! She is mine…Ugh, I mean, my father’s.

I knew she would always ignore anyone who tried to make advances towards her, and these men would just have to fantasize about her in their dreams! NO! They are no allowed to fantasize her!

I looked back at our surroundings, taking in everything I was seeing with renewed interest. Not only were there regular looking people like us, but other races too. From Elves, Dark Elves, people with animal ears, to people with horns on their heads! It was all so fascinating to see, and I was really surprised that there were this many people in the village.

Truly fantasy! Truly ISEKAI! Previous Isekai only had human and demon. No

As I looked around, someone walked past us and I looked up to see a werewolf looking man. He was tall and looks so intimidating which made me feels instantly terrified. He looked so strong and could definitely harm anyone if he wanted to, especially me.

My mind was suddenly back in that world where my classmates and I had been. When one by one we had started disappearing from the group and found out that we were not alone. Where we had been trapped in a monster’s den. My heartbeat increased as I thought of everything that had happened. It really was a curse having my past memories!

I could even remember the wolf looking monsters and what they looked like when they attacked us. I knew what it felt like to feel fear as death stared you right in the face. And I could definitely remember how it felt to have fangs and claws sunk into my body by wolves. It had hurt so much and I must have buried the trauma of my death deep inside my soul. And seeing that wolf man had just brought it all back to the surface.

Fear gripped me and I did not know how to react, and what to say since the werewolf looking man hadn’t done anything to me. My brain could not process that though, that I shouldn’t be afraid because the man was just minding his own business and going his own way. No, my brain just processed my fear at that moment, it did not matter the logical facts.

I hope I can get over of this trauma…

Instinct had me seeking solace with the woman who had protected me from day one, and I quickly clung to my mother’s butt. So soft!

One thing I knew and could count on about my mother was her fierce protectiveness. She would never ever let any harm come to me! Marianne had been a dedicated mother from the day I had come into their lives, always making sure I was warm and well fed. I had never wanted for anything a single day in my life, and I knew all I had to was cry for a big tit to be pushed in my mouth or for me to be changed.

She had always been devoted to me and my needs ever since I had been born. Therefore I knew now that if I needed her, she would quickly come to my aid and protect me from anything. Even wolf looking men! The thought alone filled me with relief, and I curled my fists around the material of her clothing.

Hmmm, this felt good, I thought shamelessly. If only I was older, I thought.

Was I reliving the trauma of being eaten by wolves? I believed so, and regret instantly filled me for leaving the safety of our home in the first place. What would happen to me around these people if I was ever alone? I did not want to think of such outcomes and it filled me with horrific thoughts.

I never should have come here, I thought, pushing my face deeper into my mother’s softness.

Oh, it felt so, so good! So soft and sweet, and she smelled so good too. She always smelled good, I realized, had always smelled good from day one. Or maybe I just liked how she smelled because she was my mom? I did not know, but I still liked it!

“What’s wrong, Luke-chan?” Her soft voice said. “Why you clung to mommy’s but- mommy’s bottom?

I looked up into her face and saw her blushing. She looked as if happy that I was finding comfort in her, but what was that look in her eyes? I could not understand it. Was it because I was holding on to her tightly and she felt uncomfortable or wrong? I thought so, but I could not be sure.

“I…I…” My voice trailed as I tried to respond but stuttered instead.

I had actually forgotten all about the wolf as I clung to her butt! Every thought of fear had actually left my head! Wow. What a nice healing power this butt has!

Marianne looked at me for a moment then laughed. “Are you scared of seeing so many new people? Do you want to go back home now?”

Ha! Mother, you really had no idea how it felt to be eaten by wolves and wouldn’t be laughing if she knew! Just thinking about it made me shudder and I trembled a little bit, making her lean down to me to reassure me with a hug. It felt good and worked to make me feel safe and loved and protected.

“I promise the people here are friendly and won’t hurt you,” she said, giving me a big and beautiful smile.

Seeing her like that calmed me and I nodded, feeling like I was just going to become mother-con any day now! At this rate I was going, it was surely bound to happen I thought.

“So we can go shopping now?” She asked, taking me out of my wild thoughts.

I nodded and she took my hand as we began shopping. I just followed her wherever she was leading me, but kept my eyes on my surroundings. I kept my focus on everything I was seeing, from the modern stuff and furniture around us. Our house had a little bit of modern furniture, but I had never thought it went all out to this extent! In my excitement, I spotted some console games that were exactly similar to Play Station 4. Holy crap!

My eyes widened and all I could see was that game. I really needed that and nothing could convince me otherwise!

I was a child after all, right?! And there was nothing wrong with asking my mom to buy something that I could play with. Nothing wrong at all.

I turned to Marianne to ask her but she was already walking me in that direction and finding out how much it was. My eyes widened again as she bought it for me, and I could only look at her in surprise. How had she known?!! She really was a perfect mother.

“I understand sweetie,” she smiled, giving me a soft kiss on my forehead and a small wink.

I blushed and looked away in embarrassment, she could see right through me! And she was even teasing me too for being so predictable, if only I could get back at her! Then I could teach her a lesson she wouldn’t forget.

“Come on, let’s go,” she said, tugging at my hand as we resumed our shopping.

It took some time to get everything she needed and when we were finally done, we stopped on our way home for drinks. I spotted a brothel close by, and I could not believe my eyes. Was there really such a place in this village?! Just seeing it brought an evil thought to my mind and I secretly smiled as a plan formed in my head.

Nothing could be more perfect for my revenge!

I looked at Marianne as innocently as I could and asked as loudly as I could, “Mom, what is a brothel?”

“Nghhh,” she sputtered, coughing as her drink went down the wrong way.

The people around us had turned to look at us and she blushed furiously, making her cheeks rosy.

“Umm, is a..umm,” she seemed at a loss for words and I could not help but laugh.

She might be loud and naughty when she was with my father at night, but she did not know how to explain such a thing in public.

I smiled to myself and teased her some more, “Why are you blushing, mommy?”

This only deepened her embarrassment and she looked flustered as she blurted out her thoughts.

“A brothel is where a man and a woman make love,” she said, which made me smile even more.

“Oh, is it like you and dad do?” I said innocently.

Marianne blushed and looked down in shock while a few people around us looked at us.

“Why is that child asking such questions?” A woman whispered to the man she was with.

I pretended not to hear then as he companion replied.

“I feel so bad for the mother. At that age, kids are curious about everything!”

“And they always pay attention to everything. At least he did not ask about sex.”

I almost laughed at the hushed conversation behind us and opened my mouth to ask another question. Marianne was quick to grab my arm and lead me away, her face resembling a ripe tomato with the way it was looking! It was so funny, I thought, laughing to myself.

Just seeing her like that satisfied my quest for revenge, and I knew I had succeeded this round. It was so much fun teasing her like that.

And later that night, all I heard was silence from my parents’ room. Unlike the noise they made usually, I knew I had really managed to make them consider moderation!


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