Asuka of the Scarlet Sky Chapter 27

Chapter 27: When the blade reaches (4)


Asuka brandished her scarlet sword along with a loud scream.
The blade pierced the ground vigorously, it hollowed out the ground.,


Cutting up the earth like butter, Asuka swept the blade sideways to Risty.

「Hou. …I see. Wonderful」

However, it didn’t hit. Asuka’s red sword was dodged entirely by the brown skin of Risty by a few millimeters.
Risty happily moves her body while looking at Asuka’s scarlet sword.

「Your sword skill is high quality but not outstanding. Your respiration and footwork, defense and attack are simply superior」

*Gatsun*, Risty inflict a blow to Asuka’s armor. Asuka isn’t worried at it from the beginning. Here, Risty brandished her sword while approaching.

「But, it’s still splendid. I don’t need a solid swordsman here」

The blade slips. Asuka’s agility can’t be expressed, unable to bear it, Asuka took distance. Without chasing her, Risty watches Asuka happily as if she’s licking her.

Asuka moved backwards, Yuuto approached and called her.

「A-Asuka-sama. If you cut her with that sword, Captain Risty would die…」
「I’m trying to kill her!!」

Yuuto’s body shook from Asuka’s shout. Asuka began to squeeze her voice sorrowfully to Yuuto.

「Yuuto, listen well. That’s no longer captain Risty. She looks like her but it’s a different person. Half of her already began to change to a demonic being. There’s still a trace of captain Risty, but it will disappear eventually. we won’t be able to manage if it happens」

Asuka told the fact indifferently, Yuuto stared blankly in surprise.

「Looking her getting playful, surely there’s still a bit of Captain’s consciousness left in her. if it disappears completely, what’s before us would become a monster… unless we kill that person, it would be no good」

Kill. That word sank in Yuuto’s heart.

「Ki,ll?…Captain Risty?」

For some reason, Yuuto’s head recall his memories with Risty. It’s strange. He hadn’t lived the same as her yet. Also, she’s stillーー

「That’s right, we’re going to kill her. …Please, Yuuto, prepare yourself. I wont reach her by myself」

Asuka calls out to Yuuto in a tearful voice. Asuka doesn’t want to kill her. It’s impossible for her. Risty is a hero for Asuka.
Still, Asuka stared at the enemy in front of her.

(Captain Risty turned to a demon. I don’t want to think about it)

Asuka’s back trembled. She imagined it. Perhaps, a damage equal to a great disaster would happen. Including her, how many would be able to stop her.

(I-I can’t let it happen. Such a thing)

Asuka approaches Risty slowly. If it’s right now, there’s still some chance. If the scarlet sword hits, Risty would be killed.
「Yuuto. Let’s fight together. …Let captain Risty die as a hero」

She petitioned. She knows. Asuka understood their relation.
Yuuto is weak.

He has some game breaking ability, but he’s still weak.

Surely, he’s not bad. However, it was overwhelmingly insufficient.
Battle experience. Awareness of Death. Preparedness to kill.

Knowing that, she grasped the sword tightly up until now.

「Please, Yuuto. Captain Risty…」

A distinct voice was heard.
It was too clear that Asuka looked back to Yuuto unconsciously.
Risty stopped walking and stared at Yuuto.

「I’ll never try to kill captain Risty」

Staring at Yuuto. Risty directly, directly, just directly.

『Isn’t that amazing? Where did he learn that?』
The blonde hair, brown skinned.

『What, it’s your first time drinking alcohol? Then, enjoy as much as you like. It’s my treat tonight』
Her firm muscles, flat chest.

『What, do your best from now on. I’m going to teach you various things』
That girl is the girl in front of Yuuto’s eyes.

「I definitely won’t!」

Yuuto released the 『16 Floating war maidens』 while shouting. Unable to understand the situation, Asuka looked at Risty.

「Asuka-sama, buy me some time! I’ll definitely deal with it somehow!!」

Yuuto informed Asuka while jumping behind.
Asuka understood what Yuuto is trying to do immediately.

That means he’s going to create it. A treasure tool to help Risty.

The moment she understood it, vigor returned to Asuka.
Risty doesn’t know the details of Yuuto’s ability, She knit her eyebrows at Yuuto’s mysterious behavior.

However, she’s an experienced Hero.
Perceiving an amazing unknown number, Risty’s eyes was captured by Yuuto.


Cutting that glance, Asuka started slashing Risty.
There’s no need to hit. Just make her as far from Yuuto. Turn Risty’s consciousness to herself as much as possible. Risty’s gaze from Yuuto was separated due to Asuka’s shout.

「…Captain Risty. I’ll never be defeated by you」

Asuka extends her sword to the tip of her nose.
The provocation was obvious, Still, Risty’s mouth curled.

「Interesting. …Asuka, are you going to make me feel it?」

She knows that she’s scheming something but RIsty’s interestingly faced Asuka. This curse showed signs of fighting instinct. Desire for a match. Hopeless starvation. That is Risty’s darkness. It made a mess yet she kept her ego, it naturally persisted.

She already has no reason as a hero to suppress it.

(I won’t be able to stop here, It really got out of hand)

Blood, War, and tragedy. She keeps on seeking those, it became an apparition. Her consciousness is worn out, and she changed to a demon who kept waving her sword.

(I’ll never let her do it. …Yuuto)

Asuka glanced and turned her consciousness behind for an instant. He said. He’ll definitely be able to do something.

「He said that after all. What kind of hero am I if I don’t go all out」

She took a stance. Asuika faced Risty straightforwardly. Measuring the distance, guessing the trajectory of her slash.
Looking at Asuka, Risty smiled like she’s unable to bear it.

「Very well. Good. …Make me feel it」

Risty disappeared in front of Asuka and that moment, both of them began to fight.