What’s With The Passwords?

Some chapters may have a password attached to them looking something like this:

These chapters are locked by the author/translator behind a password. They are not officially released for free public use. For most authors, the passwords for these chapters are given to those that support the authors with donations (mostly through Patreon Or Ko-Fi). If you’d like access to the password to read content before public release, you will need to locate the author’s Patreon account and donate. Most donations only need be $1-$5 per month to access all content.

Regrettably, each original author and translator on MSB is independent of each other. Pun, YesorNo, Ruki, Fate-D-Ace, Nymph, and Whatsawhizzer each have their own Patreon. You’ll have to decide on your own which content creators you wish to support based on the content they provide, which may be attached to their own blogs and accounts on other writing sites.

Most content on this site is provided free of charge. Most locked chapters will be unlocked after the end of an early-access period. Donations are not necessary, but may affect speed of release on content, quantity of content, and access to said early-access content. MSB is not responsible for donation promises made by individual authors. Please contact them directly with any problems. Pun is the owner of this website, and the best contact should significant issues (Deceit, Harassment, Plagiarism, etc…) arise with another content creator.

What happens when I use a password and it doesn’t work? 

If you can’t access unlocked content after getting the password, do the following.

1) Confirm that you have the correct password. Capitalization matters. The post initially announcing the password should be the most up to date and accurate. Passwords may change after an email is released.

2) Copy/paste the password directly. Be mindful of spacing before and after. When in doubt, paste as plain text by right clicking and selecting that option.

3) Hit F5 to reload the page and try again.

4) Use your privacy settings and delete history. Specifically, clear your cookie cache.

5) Try a different browser.

6) Try a different PC.

7) Try different internet.

8) In the event none of these options work, try to contact the author, but it’s very unlikely he can do anything for you. Likely, you have the wrong password, or capslock on, or some other computer issue you’re not aware of.