FPD Chapter 292

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Iris Sneaking In (2)


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Iris’s eyes opened wide. My reminder to keep her voice down made her remember the place where we were.

In this situation, if someone passed outside the tent and heard something suspicious, her life would be ended!

Unfortunately, there was nothing she could do. Before Iris could say something, she felt something invading her.

“Ugh…” Iris grunted in pain. Although I had not broken her hymen yet, she already felt a slight stinging pain.

Instinctively, Iris tensed up her body. Her legs tightened around my waist, stopping my advance.

“Shhh… Calm down.” I smiled and kissed her lips gently, slowly helping her to get used to the pain.

The tightness of Iris’s vagina was out of this world. It felt as though it wanted to squeeze my little friend dry.

I could feel a thin layer of flesh stopping my penis. This layer was so thin that just a light push was enough to break through it.

And once I break this layer, Iris will be completely mine.

I continued my gentle movements, kissing Iris’s earlobe and caressing her belly with my hands. Slowly, I stroke her erogenous zones until I felt Iris relaxing.

And when she was completely relaxed, I invaded her completely in one go!

“It hurts!” Iris left out a soft cry and hugged me tightly. Drops of tears escaped her eyes, and her petite body trembled in pain.

Blood mixed with love juices slid out of her cave. This blood symbolized Iris’s purity.

“Now you are mine,” I said while kissing her lips.

Iris nodded still with her eyes closed and too embarrassed to look at me.

I smirked. Then, I started to move.

“C-Claus, slow please.” Iris pleaded. I just smiled and sent a bit of my mana into her body to help her to bear with the pain.

When I felt Iris was finally getting used to the pain, my movements turned faster.

“W-Wait… I-It feels weird… C-Claus…”

“Iris!” I grunted and slammed her hard. Iris’s body tensed up and her nails pierced my back.

At this point, I was unable to continue holding back. Without hesitation, my waist moved up and down quickly.

“Hmm…~ Aghnn…~ W-Wait… S-Softer…~”

“I’m sorry, but you are too cute.”

“Nhgh… W-Wait…~”

Iris panicked. The foreign pleasure was too much for her to endure. Soon, she was letting out soft and loud moans.

“S-So good…” Iris muttered and hugged my back. I held her firmly while using my rod to piece her.

Iris was completely immobilized, unable to resist my fierce attacks. Each time I thrust, a loud smack would sound.

The feeling of her walls pressing on my penis was great. Each time I moved my penis, it was as though her vagina was sucking my weapon, and her loved juices would lubricate my penis to help it to move more smoothly.

But while my holy weapon messed her insides, my mouth was not still. I savored Iris’ neck and breast, using my tongue to lick her skin and my teeth to bite her nipples.

“Ugh…!” Iris shivered and tensed up her body. Then, her lower body was flooded by love juices.

“So-Something came…!” Iris screamed loudly. It was her first orgasm!

Smiling, I stopped briefly to let her enjoy her first orgasm. I enjoyed watching Iris shiver and quiver on pleasure.

When her first orgasm finished, I breathed on her ear and chuckled.

“You were very loud.”

These words were like a bolt of the blue for Iris. The next instant, she felt my body moving again!

Iris panicked. Hurriedly, she covered her mouth with her hands.

At that moment, I turned her body around and kissed her nape.

Iris trembled again and let out a muffled moan. Meanwhile, I pierced her from behind in this new position, smacking her ass with my waist.

This time, I was much faster than before. Iris was unable to cope with my movements and let out a loud moan. Fortunately, I had put a soundproof barrier around the tent beforehand, otherwise, that moan would have been heard by the entire camp.

And it was after Iris was using her hands to cover her mouth.

In this new position, my penis reached even deeper than before. With each thrust, I could reach the deepest part of Iris’s insides, poking her womb and making her shudder of pleasure.

My attacks were so fierce and restless that Iris soon started to lose the reason. Her brown eyes became out of focus, and her body shivered constantly.

With each shiver, her vagina tightened around my penis. She was clenching so hard that any man other than me would have lost the battle.

I, however, simply enjoyed it more and more. I pinned Iris’s body to the mattress, going in and out of her without stop.

“Annh…~ Ughh…~ C-Claus…~”

Groans and moans of delight let out Iris’s lips. Her expression turned completely lewd, and her body started to search for more pleasure.

Before long, I felt her vagina tightening hard around me. Iris’s body tensed up once more, and her body curled up.

“N-Noooo!” With a short scream, Iris’s body spasmed repeatedly, coming to her second orgasm.

At this point, Iris had completely forgotten that we were supposed to be in the middle of the camp and we could not be loud.

After her scream, Iris collapsed on the mattress while panting heavily.

After a few seconds like that, Iris gripped the mattress and closed her eyes.

Unfortunately for her, I was not prepared to stop yet.

Thus, before she could fall asleep, I changed our position again.

This time, I put her face up with her legs on my shoulders. Then, I slammed hard again.


With an incoherent moan, Iris opened her eyes. She then looked at me and put on a pleading expression, as though begging me to let her rest.

I smiled and thrust again, and again, and again.

“Ah…~” Iris gasped, grabbing the mattress with her two hands and moaning softly.

After a while, I started to rock my body side-to-side and up-and-down, stimulating more part of her vagina. Each time I did it, Iris moaned a bit louder, finally, turning her moans into cries.

“P-Please… Ughh…~ Aahnnn…~”

Iris’s body shivered under me. Her waist twisted softly, as though trying to struggle against the pleasure, and her chest heaved repeatedly.

I hugged her legs and pressed my body against hers. Iris opened her mouth wide in a loud gasp and curled her toes.

My movements started to speed up more and more. I was soon reaching my limit, and the hotness of cummin was starting to build-up in my groin.

Aware that I was about to cum, I decided to slam harder and harder, hammering Iris to the ground with each thrust and making her body tremble.

Finally, when I felt her body tensing up again, I let loose.

“I’m coming!”

Iris was so lost in the pleasure of sex that she was unable to worry about getting pregnant or not. Instead, her arms wrapped around my chest, and her mouth pressed against mine with a deep kiss.

One second later, I shot my load inside her.

“Mmm…~” Iris let out one last soft moan of pleasure. Feeling the hot stuff inside her, her face put on a cute smile.

Then, still in the afterglow of sex, she closed her eyes.

I let out a deep breath and pulled out my penis. Instantly, a mix of semen and love juices escaped from Iris’s vagina.

I could hear Iris’s even breathing. She had fallen asleep, completely unworried about everything else.

This girl, doesn’t she worry about what will happen if someone sees her leaving my tent tomorrow?

Sigh… Well, I think I will be a nice boyfriend.


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