FPD Chapter 402

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The Empress’s SOS Letter (2)



I could not help but chuckle when I read the contents of the letter.

I then looked at the other letters and as expected, their contents were the same.

“What is with these letters?” I asked Marana.

“They had been reaching our headquarters since this morning,” Marana said with an exasperated sigh. “I asked around and apparently all the people that brought the letters are normal people. According to them, they found the letters lying on the ground together with a bag filled with gold coins and a message asking the people that found the letter to bring it to us and take the gold coins as the reward. We have received almost thirty letters already.”

I raised an eyebrow in surprise. This method is truly ingenious.

As expected of the empress. To think she thought of this method.

Yes, I’m sure it was the empress who sent this letter.

In fact, I had been expecting her plea for help for a while now.

But I never expected it would come like this.

If I’m not wrong, what she did was to use magic to teleport several of the same letters to random parts of the city, waiting for someone to find them and hopefully bring them to me.

Of course, she was not so naïve as to leave it to luck. She should have teleported around one hundred or two hundred letters. This way, even if some people don’t take the note seriously, someone was bound to bring the letter to me.

This method seems a bit troublesome, but taking into account that the current empress thinks she can’t trust anyone and is sure someone is watching her each movement, this was a pretty good solution.

She was even careful to not mention her name in the letter, just in case it falls in the hands of her ‘supposed’ enemies and they learn of her plans.

Smart. Unfortunately, she does not know that her enemy is in fact me.

Thus, I can only see it like a fun and futile struggle.

Marana saw my evil smirk and sighed.

“It’s her. Right? Boss, what are you planning?”

“Do you truly want to know?”

“… Better not. Just seeing the evil smile in your face sends shivers to my spine.”

I chuckled amused and shook my head.

“Right. Prepare everything for tonight and make sure to not startle the fish. You know this is important.”

“I know what to do, boss. Anything else?”

“Yes. I will need a few men to escort a caravan of the Reincarnation Auction Hall a few days later. Sent the people of Eternity’s Fangs. Mm… Lina has progressed a lot lately, right? She can lead the men then. It will be a good experience for her.”

“Understood. How many men do you need?”

“Fifty are more than enough… As for the rest of Eternity’s Fangs… Tell them to get ready. The capital will fall into chaos soon, and when it happens, we will do another move.”

Marana narrowed her eyes. But she said nothing and just nodded.

“I’ll go to prepare everything then.”

She then left the office immediately, leaving only Raven, Ysnay, and me in it.

When Marana left, Raven pulled my arm and looked at me with a nervous expression.

“Big brother, I need to talk to you about something.”


… Something is strange with Raven.

I was startled. It ‘s the first time I see Raven this nervous.

“Did something happen?” I asked curiously.

Raven did not reply immediately. Instead, she hesitated for several seconds before biting her lips and looking at me with a guilty expression.

“… Sorry… I broke it…”


“… The thing you put in my soul.”

The thing I put in her soul?

My eyes opened wide. Without hesitation, I used my soul to examine Raven.

Instantly, I noticed what Raven meant.

“This is… Is it possible?” I was more than a bit astonished.

Ysnay looked at us confused. Curious about the situation, she decided to watch for herself.

And when she did, her expression changed.

“This girl… How did she do it?”

I did not know either. Even if I’m an Immortal, I’m not sure how something like this happened.

In Raven’s soul, the rune representing the contract she formed with me had changed.

At some point, it had divided itself into three parts, and several tendril-like things grew from them, spreading out of Raven’s soul and reaching into the distance.

And when I followed these tendrils, I realized they were connected to two people.

One was connected to Marana, and the other was connected to Akilah.

I was stupefied. This was not something that was supposed to happen.

But soon, my mind was filled with excitement.

Although it’s imperfect, it’s obviously a kind of connection.

Somehow, Raven had managed to use the contract to create a connection between her and her two sisters.

Moreover, I can feel that the contract between me and her has not changed. It still keeps the same functions as before.

Of course, that is not enough for me to be surprised. I can do something similar, and even better, if I want.

The thing is, I could feel Marana and Akilah’s soul through this contract now.

In other words, Raven was not the only one connected to her sisters through the tendrils.

I was connected as well.

With this… Perhaps, I can take another step forward in my dream.



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