FPD Chapter 575

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I Think I Can Use it As Well


Akilah pulled Raven to the training ground of the gang to test her little sister’s new strength. Marana and I, on the other hand, went towards my office.

On the way, I could see Marana glancing at me repeatedly. She was obviously curious about her sister’s change, and judging by the hesitation in her gaze, she wanted to ask if she could become stronger as well.

But perhaps because she was too embarrassed to ask, she did not. I did not tell her either. After all, right now, I can’t make her my dependent.

When we arrived at the office, I immediately asked her about the situation in the capital.

Marana turned serious immediately. She then took out several informs from the desk and showed them to me.

“There is a lot of people arriving at the capital every day. The number of people entering the capital daily has increased greatly. However, the number of people leaving is the same, making the capital’s population increase drastically.”

“That is normal. The birthday of the emperor is approaching after all.”

“Yes.” Marana nodded. “However, I have noticed that most of the people arriving at the capital recently are practitioners, and some of them are very powerful.”

I fell silent.

It looks like these people are already ready to make their move, huh.

Well, we are just as prepared. That day, we are going to make our move as well.

The birthday of the emperor is going to be a very interesting day.

Just then, Marana put on an expression of hesitation.

“… Boss, are you sure about this? Once we start this, there is no going back.”

I looked at Marana fixedly and smiled amusedly.

“Are you afraid?”

“… A bit. What we are going to do is practically treason after all.”

I was startled before looking at Marana strangely.

Thinking about it, this girl still doesn’t know some details about the plan.

“You are mistaken about something, Marana. We are not going to usurp the throne.”

“Huh?” The red-haired vice-leader of the Red Skull Gang was stunned. “I don’t understand. I thought that the plan was to make Princess Dina the next emperor.”

“That is the plan.”


“But we are not going to usurp the throne. We will get it legitimately.”

Marana was confused and put on a pensive expression, wondering about the meaning of my words.

I did not explain it to her. Anyway, she will see it when the days comes.

Right now, all the preparations are done. We just need to wait for the day of the emperor’s birthday.

For now, though…

“Tell the men of the gang to stop all their activities. Before the emperor’s birthday, nobody is allowed to leave his house without a good reason.”

Marana was startled.

“But boss, then other gangs can take our territories…”

“Don’t worry about that. Right now, our focus must be on the emperor’s birthday. Plus, right now there are a lot of powerhouses in the capital. It will be bad if one of our men messes with them and causes trouble.”

“I understand.”

“Right, the empress should come to meet me again tonight. Make the preparations necessary for it.”

Marana looked at me strangely, but she nodded.

Right then, the door of the office was slammed open.

“Hey, I want it as well!”

I raised an eyebrow in surprise.

Looking at Akilah, who entered the office with a fierce expression, and at Raven, who was behind her with an apologetic face, I understood the situation.

“You told her?” I asked Raven.

The cat girl nodded with an embarrassed expression.


“Sigh… Well, don’t worry about it. They were going to learn about it sooner or later anyway.”

Marana looked at the three of us confused. Meanwhile, Akilah walked towards me and poked my waist a pair of times.

“Hey, hey, will you do that thing to me? I want to become strong as well.”

I smiled wryly.

“That is not so simple. Once you accept it, it means having to spend eternity beside me. Are you willing to do that?”

Akilah snorted.

“What are you talking about now? The three of us are already your women. Anyway, I don’t like the fact that only Raven became strong. I’m your woman as well, I have the same right to become strong as her!”

This girl…

Seeing my wry smile and hearing our conversation, Marana tilted her head confused.

“What are you two talking about?”

I sighed and explained to Marana about the technique to make them my dependents.

When Marana heard about my technique, and that I was going to increase their strength after that, her eyes lit up. She then looked at me with an eager expression.

Although she said nothing, her eager expression made it obvious that she also wanted it.

Well, thinking about it, it’s normal. After all, although Marana, Akilah, and Raven are not blood-related, they are as close as real sisters, and before this, their strength was similar.

Even if Raven was a bit stronger, the difference was not too much.

Hence, now that Raven suddenly became much more powerful than them, it is obvious that Marana and Akilah are not comfortable with that.


“I can’t use the technique right now. I must rest at least one week to use it again.”

But then, Raven raised her hand timidly.

“Big brother, umm…

What is it?

“… I think I can use the technique as well.”




Seeing my expression of shock, Raven blushed and lowered her head in embarrassment.

“… Actually, when our memories synchronized again last night, I saw the information about the technique, and for some reason, I think I can use it.”

I was stunned.

What the hell!?

But after thinking about it for a moment, I understood what was happening.

Since the start, Raven was the catalyst that helped me to create this technique, and the uniqueness of her soul means that her talent in soul-related concepts and laws is top class.

Plus, Raven’s soul innately learns the properties of other souls connected to her soul. What I do when I make someone my dependent is the opposite, to give the properties of my soul to another soul.

Of course, the process is completely different, but it’s similar to Raven’s innate gift. Thus, when Raven saw my memories of the technique, she found it easy to learn it.

However, even if she learned the technique, I don’t know if she will be able to execute it smoothly.

That technique is not easy.

I hesitated for a moment and looked at Raven.

And in the end, I decided to try it.

Anyway, I’m here with them. If something goes wrong, I’ll be able to help.

Plus, this can be a good opportunity for Raven to grow.

“Okay, but I must watch the process.”

Raven smiled excitedly and nodded.

“Mm. Thank you, big brother.”



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