Half elves fall in love chapter 123

Chapter 123: Weapons, Tactics, Men and Women [Anzeros Luna]



I succeeded in developing a weapon that uses the breath sealing stone, so I let three people: Keiron, Lantz and Goto try it out.

“Uo, great, such a great flame comes out!”
“Isn’t it a little too much firepower”
“Isn’t this Arbarest really good at this string strength? If you’re not good at this, even humans will be able to pull it by hand”
“If I make it stronger, it will explode just by the impact of the string! And be careful not to use it with excessive heat, so avoid direct hits against humans. If you’re going to kill from the start, that’s not the case”
“Well, if you look at this and it still comes to you, it’s pretty good”

Keiron lightly shakes towards the wooden fence that borders the road. The fence caught fire splendidly, even though the heat ray only passed near for a moment.

“Erase! Or rather Goto, kick down the whole fence!”
“Is it fine?”
“It’s better than burning it down!”

Goto kicks the fence as I said and we manage to avoid further problems.

“Repair it later. Keiron”
“Eh!? It’s bad even for Smithson who didn’t tell me how powerful it was!”
“I’ve said before that this is the stone where Dragon Breath comes out!”

I think that Keiron, who is totally alerted, is at fault, but after all I helped him.


Jackie-san and I make sealed boxes for the breath sealing stones. It is a strange story to say that a box seals the breath sealing stone that seals a Dragon breath but it is necessary not to receive a shock because it easily start to burst from an impact. You can see Keiron’s allegations that he might be a little worried when he thinks he might hit it by mistake. It is not necessary to stock a large amount of it because Laila is usually caring it by illusion, but in the event of an emergency, you need one or two of these items to keep at hand. Well, even though it is a seal, it is a way to carry a breakable item normally and there is no change in the structure in which a soft cloth or cotton is packed in a hard box. All that remains is to engrave a crest in the box to prevent the spread of the dragon breath in order to stop damage in the event of an accident. Even if it has an engraved crest, I can’t completely seal off the heat, so there is a risk that the box will burn completely, but it’s better than being roasted as it is.

“Oh, Bocchan, did you finally buy that pen?”
“No, ……the Holy Beast of the northern forest and the new recruit cooperated to make it”
“Hee, you can make it?”

It’s an unimaginable collection of valuables. ……Honestly, I don’t feel like showing off. The pen shaft is painted black, so that no one can see the material of a one-horned horse andand the tip of the pen might not look like a jewel as far as it is seen normally covered with ink, but it will be a great money if someone steal and sell it. For those who are not engravers, the South Forest pen, which is just a feather pen, may be a little more comfortable in that sense. I don’t think Jackie is aware of such super-materials.

“After all, it’s easier to engrave with it than with a sword”

The box is engraved with a crest.

“Then, is that sword discarded? ……It’s quite a sharp sword, so how about giving it to Anzeros-san?”

……Anzeros is still using the short sword she got from Diel and it might be a bother to let her give it up. No, wait.

“……Aurora might be good”
“Why is that Bocchan’s favorite? I thought you would prefer a common girl like Anzeros-san”
“No, I like both of them”

I feel like I’m going to do anything for now. I love everyone. But Aurora can engrave crests like me. I felt like she could use it effectively.

“Is it an crest engraving sword?”
“I’ve got a crest engraving pen for me, so I want Aurora to use it for her new killer technique”
“……You can say that without any sense of hesitation”
“You don’t want it?”
“No way. ……I’m going to return it with results because I was expecting it”

Aurora received the sword. It will be difficult to handle because it is shorter than Aurora´s usual weapon.

“For example, you might cut a dull enemy with a softening crest and slash it. You said you were not good with rock dolls”
“That’s right. As expected, my sword is hard to cut off such enemies. ……It’s a problem that it’s a lot different from cutting and drawing a crest”
“But you’re going to overcome it, aren’t you?”

Aurora swings the crest engraving sword. She strokes the blade and laugh as if she was a little embarrassed.

“But now I want to give priority to master the Slashing Wave”
“Isn’t it necessary to have a partner like Sharon?”
“No. ……It was broken by Anzeros-san the other day”


Anzeros and Boyd were still fighting in the field. ……And Anzeros was much more dominant than before.

“Ooo, ryaaaa!!”

Boyd’s long and thick arm mow down by aiming towards Anzeros with full strength. Anzeros avoids it at the last minute. Putting her hands in front of her chest,


Don, Boyd is blown away without being touched while Anzeros stretches both hands forward.

“How to hit”
“It seems to be a way to hit a wide range of distances. She said she worked it out in her own way”

I am convinced by Aurora´s explanation and I am a little scared. Anzeros could only hit with a sword and chop until a while ago.

“The other day, I was serious about it, so I hit a slashing wave, but Anzeros-san spread the attack with a shock wave. When I think that I got the absolute decisive factor, it was already broken”

Sir Bonaparte also said, “You can become a Sword Saint” when he met Anzeros. This isn’t far away.

“Aside from using shock waves, it’s not so decisive”

Anzeros came over, wiping off her sweat and said.

“Sir Bonaparte was also saying that. Don’t rely on firearms. Shockwaves will adjust the time and timing, but in the end there isn’t much offensive power. I just check the options so that I can fight calmly in any situation”
“Well, it’s disagreeable. It seems like I’m stuck with a slashing wave”
“To be honest, I think Aurora is better to build up basic physical strength than to master it. Your tactics are roughly too biased toward duels, trying to increase the number of techniques that can only be hit by only two shots to four, so it’s no use leaving the front”
“My brother was able to hit without limit. Someday I will do the same”
“I don’t say it’s bad to have a trump card, but you can’t hit it with just a trump card”

It seems that Anzeros was completely robbed of stocks by the great progress of Aurora during this period, but it seems that it is still not so.

“Even if you use alternate arms that should be used interchangeably to supplement endurance, it’s simply that your endurance is half that of one hand. You’re less tired than people because you don’t have enough basic power and you’re going to lose, so you can be less than Boyd when it’s important”
“……I know. I’ll do my best to improve my physical strength”
“That’s good. ……We’ll protect it, Andy, everyone”

The two nod to each other. Although they are fighting about tactical theory, they seem to agree that they must share the same goal with each other and become stronger for that purpose.

“A, emm……sorry, my shoulder seems to be dislocated because it hurts so much”
“Ah, Boyd……I’m sorry. I’ll help you to correct it now”

The dislocation was so painful that even a large man screamed quite well, but Boyd was a patient guy.

After the treatment of Boyd´s shoulder dislocation and the treatment of injuries such as exhausted physical strength and bruises, we respectively head to the hot spring. I also took a piggyback and headed for the men’s bath with Boyd.

“10-man captain Anzeros and 10-man captain Aurora are strong……I’ve really felt it lately”
“Didn’t you feel that they´re strong in the past?”
“10-man captain Anzeros wasn’t used to fighting with bare hands and for some reason I thought I could overwhelm her with power. ……When she became serious, her power was amazing, she”
“She wasn’t going to act violently with such an armor that isn’t just for show……or perhaps, because she’s been doing a guard and attack tactic in that way, it was a little tricky”

The two of us sweat.

“All right, I’ll wash your back. You still have a sore shoulder”
“Ah, sorry. I’ll do it later”

I sometimes interact with subordinates. In particular, Body who is lower rank and the only one who was part of Isaac´s squad, which is not avoided but has not yet melted. It would be good to get along well in such a place. By the way, Keiron, another 「The only one from another group」 is excluded because there is no concern for both personality and class.

“It’s serious with the back of an ogre. ..….can I use a floor brush?”
“Give me a break”

Although it is not bigger than Isaac, Boyd´s back, which is nearly two and a half meters tall, is ridiculously wide (because of the inverted triangular shape of an ogre). It’s hard just to rub from one end to the other.

“Ah……it feels good. It’s been a while since I had to wash it so carefully. ……The day I came back to Basson the other day, I couldn’t take it too slowly”
“Did someone have washed you in Basson?”
“Ah……sometimes to Sylvia in the river …”
“Certain death!”
“Ouch!? It, It’s strange that 10-man captain Smithson gets angry there!? You can use a female slave for that”
“I don’t get my back washed so much!”

Surprisingly, there was no such memory. The only thing that gets washed in the bath is mainly the front side.

“After all, I feel unreasonable!?”
“I’m an obedient adult! As a punishment, I will fully talk to Lantz and Goto about the unimaginable delusion about my Miss Sylvia!!”
“Please excuse such mental insult shaming seriously!”

※This is a joke to make you feel free to open up. It’s true.

Before I go back to my room, I only see Peter’s face at the Baron’s mansion and I tickle him for a moment before I go home. When I returned to my room, Luna and Anzeros were sitting on my bed.

“What are you doing in my room……”
“Today I want to make love. There are few rewards recently. I want you to be intense until I faint once in a while”
“I haven’t received much of it recently. Give it to me”
“Outside, I listened to my boss, but when I got into my husband’s bed, Dianne told him not to worry about the class. I have no obligation to ask”
“That’s the same here”

It seems that they are fighting for who will be with me tonight. I don’t mind if some of them come together. ……Ah, but are you sure that they were a little lately recently?


Suddenly I push Anzeros down and lower her pants. Only the buttocks are exposed.

“Na, sly……”

Similarly, I push Luna down, lower her pants and expose her butt.

“No fighting is allowed. I haven’t decided on who I will have sex with at night, but if you say so much, I’ll punish you for a while with an inspection”
“In……Inspection punishment?”
“Even if I fuck you until you faint, I’m not going to touch you. If you run away, I will let Hilda apply magic on you”
“N, No!?”
“Good, get along well”

The two who have their butts exposed are next to each other and they say sorry.

“I’m sorry……”
“Good Good. Well then, let us get along and have a lot of sex today”
“Yeah……violate me”
“Me too……”

A frustrated Ace Knight and cat girl. Both of them are superb girls, but they have love juice dripping down from their embarrassing places according to their obedience to my naughty tyranny. Because I know the appearance of the dignified Anzeros and Luna in the daytime, a strange sense of superiority dominates me.

“Hey, put it in……n, tto”

I grab Anzeros´s butt and insert my penis into her narrow vagina. Her body is not as small as Irina and Jeanne, but its tightness is by no means inferior.

“Hey, you can’t show a bad example to your junior, female slave. ……Call me master
“Yes……Master, sama……♪”

Anzeros who calls me Master with a cute voice is like a different person from when arguing with Aurora. While stroking her hair, I covered her so that she would bend down and started swinging.

“N, uuu, nkuu……Andy, Andy, master-sama……my pussy, my master……♪”
“Anzeros……my masochistic female slave……masochistic toilet, masochist seed bag……!”
“Yes, Yes……I love to receive master´s sperm……♪”

With a body that overwhelmed Boyd. With a mouth that commanded Aurora. Anzeros delights me so much and makes me compassionately exotic. Her body is gradually shaken strongly, the vagina wall is used to strike the uterus and the lower body is rubbed with desire. As Anzeros gets fierce, she changes from a bullish 10-man captain into a useless horny pet.

“Haaa, haaaa……♪ Master, Master, sama……putting out semen in me……use me as a semen hole, master……♪”
“Yeah, I’m a pervert……a perverted slave who loves a pervert maser……”

Already praising myself beyond my words and into Anzeros, who is immersed in the pleasure, I always vomit in the back, feeling her incredible cuteness.


Anzeros feels it and raises a voice of pleasure. Immediately, my dirty dick is pushed into Luna´s pussy next.

“Tonight, we’re going to get 10 people together”

According to Hilda’s quota.

“Yeah……10 times……I can do all 9 times……!”
“You can’t do it. You’re greedy”
“Nya, I, I´m sorry”

Luna entangles her tail around me so that I dont escape. In general, it does not last so long. She’s surprisingly weak to pleasure so she faints easily. However, Luna who wants to be fucked is still cute and I also embrace Luna tightly from the back and continue sex while rubbing her breasts roughly. Luna immediately has her eyes full of pleasure and begins to shake her waist while crying as if she had lost her reason. And after violently tasting the vagina so that the waist is screwed down, the uterus that can be said to be still young is knocked down by my cock and I ejaculate.


Luna loses power and immerses in the aftertaste.

“Huuu……Anzeros, next, you”
“Master is troublesome……♪”
“You don’t like it?”
“Not at all”

The night is still long.

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