Half elves fall in love chapter 125

Chapter 125: Royal Academy Story



Luna’s training was nearing the end and everyone was faintly wondering if the next expedition was near and a command was given to me, Anzeros and Aurora.

“Get on Laila and go to the royal university”
“Royal university……?”
“It may be about one of the old maps”
“Ah I see”

Come to think of it, when I went to the royal capital before, I asked the Librarians Association.

“I really want to go by myself, but Luna needs a bit more training”

We salute for the first time in a long time. Since it’s a lot of work, I try to recruit more people.

“Keiron, I’m going to the capital, do you want to come along?”
“Don’t stop”

Keiron, who was sleeping on a tree, waved with his hand, looking at Goto and Lantz running.

“When I can rest, I’m going to rest with my best”
“Well, I thought it was like that”

This guy will not want to go to the capital from a laid-back Polka without care.

Goto and Lantz also declined. Soon, the hot springs will be crowded with women because of the weekend. When I went to Neia and Boyd, he was crying because he was beaten black and blue.

“I’m sorry, I can’t help you if it’s not tomorrow or later”

It’s impossible to heal all his wounds in one day in the miraculous spring. And that Neia.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve been moving without wearing armor, so I’m a little happy……”

Embarrassingly, she showed off her three-quarter-length dress that Hilda-san bought at a town clothing store. It looks good and she is active and cute, but it’s horrible because she beat Boyd into a 「Half-dead state」.

“Is it the royal capital? Shall I escort you?”
“Do you want to go?”
“Yes, I want to eat a hot dog from the shopping street south of the arena again”

……She’s surprisingly ecstatic. No, it wasn’t surprising as I originally met her there. She hurries and wears her hat and cloak and Neia put her sword on her waist.

Jeanne and Selenium are out of the question. Apple declined because she didn’t want to fly too much. Hilda declined because there was no particular use. Since Maia is an emergency means of transportation, I told her to follow Dianne and wait.

“If you look at it this way, you’ll want to go to the royal capital.”
“Well, Polka is cozy”

Because Anzeros is from the capital city, the water should be more suitable in the city than in the countryside originally, but it said so as if it were natural. Well, it’s like a day trip, and I’m not so attractive to go to the royal university.

“Ho, would you like to go soon?”
“Yeah, please”

Laila undresses and transforms into a black dragon. And Anzeros, Aurora, Neia and I get into the carriage. When I tried to close the door, I saw Irina being caught by Dianne.

“It’ll be a little confusing when you go”

……Yeah, I’ll take her there one of these days.


Laila takes off with the morning bells. And when the sun goes down, we arrived at the royal city. Naturally, the dragon body is hidden by a illusion and we landed in the suburbs.

“I wonder if the university is still open”
“Tentatively, we´re a Celesta special duty corps. We ’re not going to pay in front of the gates even if they show a bad face”

That’s right. In the current Trot, the title is powerful.

“Ho, then, let’s go”

Laila, who has finished hiding the carriage in a illusion, transformed into her human form and wears clothes, before we enter the royal capital.

There was a strange guy at the royal university. Erik Randall. A tall, slit-eyed gentleman who can’t be mistaken.

“Ah, Angelina-sama!”

He rushed to us who had entered the university campus with Anzeros and me at the top. There were a lot of well dressed girls (possibly aristocratic or wealthy noble daughters) around, so it was a close approach. ……Well, if you are a handsome guy and the eldest son of the famous Marquis Randall, you can pick up any aristocrats or wealthy merchant daughter you want. Yes.

“It’s been a long time. 10-man captain Smithson, 10-man captain Aurora”

Erik bowed in front of us. From the surrounding women, a steep gaze pierces Anzeros and Aurora. Also a little to Laila and Neia.

“Ahaha……what is this air”
“Ho. As we look so good, we are under the attack of those gazes because of that handsome guy”

Laila explains to Neia.

“Don’t worry, we’re Andy Smithson’s pets. I’m not interested in that guy over there”

The girls around Erik stiffened by Laila who proclaims so in a dignified manner.

“I, I’m different!?”
“Don’t be a little confusing, just because of your pet’s behavior for a while”

Anzeros and Aurora collectively ignored Neia and Laila’s commotion.

“Erik, are you a student of this university?”
“Yeah, it’s almost time to get my master’s degree……I’d like to work at the university like Grants-sensei”
“What about the heir of the Randall family?”
“My father is still very strong. From my point of view, he will be active for another thirty years. During that time, just because I am a swordsman, I can’t just swing my sword”

Erik laughs hahaha. This is a conversation on the clouds. I have no connection to learning at all.

“But what are you doing here today?”

Erik suddenly shows a serious face.

“I don’t want to say this, but for now it’s better to avoid going to the university with long ears, so if you have anything to do you should do it quickly”
“There are rumors that the University’s President Conwart was imprisoned by the authorities on suspicion of being involved in a riot. Originally, the university was also recognized by the royal capital as a foreign law and it was all a Celesta´s conspiracy. There is a group of perennial students who say that students from different races shall be knocked out from the university”
“Oh dear. Those nobles”

Anzeros shrugs. Several people in the surroundings have a slightly muggy face.

“Well, it’s certainly a noble person who can be a eternity student, but that is a tough term”
“If you have any complaints, don’t panic at university, just enter the court as soon as you can and enter the Celesta merchant. Don’t play patriots at the fort of foreign law”
“That’s right”

Erik smiles. However, at the next moment, everyone hears a banging sound that hits something hard and everyone is nervous. Only I was late.


Submerge yourself for a moment, Anzeros and Aurora will disappear. An arrow passed through the space where they were. To hear the sound bounced off the cobblestone ground, it seems that it was not a strong bow or arm, but it was scary that it was shot at the university campus.

“Owner, don’t move”

Laila puts me behind her back and takes a full defense posture. Originally Laila with master knight-class motor nerves and human perception, won’t let the arrow reach me.


And Neia is in the midst of escaping.

“There are so many people in such a peaceful town……”

Holding her hat, she whispers in a low voice.

“What are you doing……!”

I heard the sound of someone biting on his lips.

“Don’t be silly!!”

Neia jumps with a sound of cobblestones shaking. Then she flew away at a stretch of several tens of meters to a man who had a handmade bow on a university building.

“Are you a warrior!!”

In an incredible leap, the man is overwhelmed.

“Those who are not willing to fight don’t take weapons! If you take a sword, if you take a bow, it means that you have tolerated death! I’m a stranger! You abandoned being protected as a people!! You can be prepared, but you’re not a citizen!! ”

Neia was furious. She hates those who try to harm people with half-preparedness. It is probably the flip side of her pride that she calls herself 「Hero」, covered her entire body with wounds, and still took the lead in fighting monsters.

“To be prepared for that, I’m going to kill you!”
“Stop, Neia!”

I cry out with a delay to Neia who pulls out her sword. And Anzeros interrupted like a black wind in response to my cry. Putting her hands together.


Don, Neia and the bow man were blown together from the top of the school building.


Neia lands beautifully when she turns, but a normal human being, a guy who is a university student at this university, can’t do such a cool show and is about to hit the ground.

“……Tsk. There’s no second time”

Aurora catches him in the air……or better said, she grabs him and throws him into the school building window. The glass window unique to the royal city shattered and made a terrible sound.

“Anzeros, san……!!!”
“Neia Grans. I don’t know your past. But people make mistakes. Make a lot of mistakes. Please understand the peace of this town in this country can be wrong”

Anzeros slowly hits Neia. Neia lowered her hat and said 「I’m sorry」.

“Angelina-sama……again, powerful”

Erik also whispered while keeping his self-defense sword in his pocket.

Post-processing in the university office.

“Sorry, I’m sorry for the university student attacking a Celesta special duty corps, please forgive it. I handed that student over to the military police. So……”

A very kowtowing clerk.

“No. This is too rough for that student”

Anzeros says quietly. The university clerk was very sorry. It looks like he’s angry with his expressionless face, but the other side is really scary. As Anzeros, if she goes out too badly, she might reverse Neia, so I guess she’s just holding him back.

“By the way, I made a request to the Librarian Association in the name of 100-man commander Dianne……”
“Ah, the person in charge of that……hey Miller-san, call someone from the Librarian Association promptly!”

Probably because of the uproar, the story goes on.

The librarian’s reply was that a map was found, but not yet finished. That will be done by tomorrow. As expected, it isn’t good to bring out the original, but it seems to be so now. ……It was postponed.

“This is Neia’s recommended hot dog shop”
“……Yes. Buster-sama taught me a lot when he was in the royal capital with me”

Neia is not herself. Is it really a reflection? Anzeros goes to her parents’ house and Aurora eats at the inn. Laila and I were the only ones who followed Neia to her recommended shop.

“……N, really delicious”
“I want a drink”
“Be patient now”

Speaking until Laila is satisfied, I will be penniless.


Neia bites into her hot dog and slowly chews it. And then she looked up while looking at the evening sky.

“……This country is a good place. And Anzeros-san and Andy-san are really enviable”
“The treatment for half elves is the worst”
“……Still, but still I’m jealous”

After pausing a little.

“Such delicious food is selling normally. It is impossible for a child to starve to death on the roadside. No one in my country says that they don’t want to eat monster meat. There are not a few people who know the taste of human meat……”

Reduced ending. Did she think that it was something she couldn’t say loudly.

“Hundreds have died to have just five heroes and everyone thinks it is natural, it may be useless, as we may be destroyed tomorrow. Everyone thinks so……if you are born in such a country, it is enviable that there was discrimination in this country ”
“……It’s a tough country”
“So, I couldn’t forgive it. In my country, it should never happen. It doesn’t mean that people are taking their lives. You are not allowed to point your weapons at someone else just for a small reason……but this is not my country. What a country is this that can have people like that”
“It’s not okay to be like that. But it’s not something that can’t be recovered”

I tap on Neia’s hat. Just like Maia did.

“That’s why it was a relief that Anzeros stopped you while your mistakes were taken back”
“Don’t worry about it. I forgive you……you’ll be fine”

My irresponsible forgiveness may be extra care for Neia.

“……Thank you, very much”

Neia thanked me.

“Okay, then this is the end of this story. ……I’ll tell you a good advice. Neia, when you’re eating something delicious, it’s rude to food and the chef if you don’t show it is delicious”

Neia finally smiles. Laila and I smiled lightly.

No, I couldn’t meet 100-man commander Grants again. I will go to the arena, where he’ll always be. ……I’m a little worried. I hope he didn’t get sick.

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