Half elves fall in love chapter 127

Chapter 127: Fortress City Rennesto 3



I returned to the mansion with three female Red Arms. Of course, everyone was exploring the dormitory that they weren’t yet familiar with and their words quickly proved that I was a 10-man captain of the Celesta army.

“What did you do this time?”
“Well, it’s Smithson-san, who even got into a suspicious relationship with an Black Arm, so it is not surprising to see a Red Arm”
“Lantz and Keiron are a little quiet”

Sharon and I have a relationship between a customer and a blacksmith, nothing else. No, I had worshipped her breasts.

“Nunu……why is a native Trot man who has no fighting power, a part of the Celesta army……”
“I’m surprised that you didn’t hear it in the first place”
“In the northern forest, I had only heard that he was a hero from the outside world! Moreover, that good-for-nothing fellow, who appears with War God Dianne and Sir Bonaparte, do you think there is room for your affiliation?”
“……Now that you mention it”

Dianne, Sir Bonaparte and even the dragons were jumbled together in the battle at the Holy Beast Labyrinth. Even though they´re wondering that I’m in it, it seems foolish to pry into what kind of prototype of group it was. At that time, it was only Dianne, me and Anzeros that belonged to the regular formation of the Celesta army. Even Aurora was a part of it for some reason, it did not change though it was a mysterious name when it saw from the side.

“Well, I’m a Celesta’s 10-man captain and I’m not suspicious at all. If you understand, let me go”
“Muu……. Well I understand. I will take this opportunity to intermediate with your captain”
“……Yes Yes”

When I ask, Sharon ordered those three to receive an mission. They found and caught me before they entered the mansion, so of course they haven’t seen Dianne yet. It’s not necessary to intermediate.

“Furthermore why is Almeida here……”

It’s a story that I don’t understand in many ways. Almeida has escaped from the Afilm empire and should now be an adventurer in the big city Folklore in the western part of Trot Kingdom. From Trot, Afilm is in the west and Renfangas is in the east. Reverse direction. I can still understand if Almeida turns around because of a problem with Afilm. But being in Renfangas was a bit unexpected.

“……Various things”

I arrived in front of Dianne’s room when Almeida whispered so. I knocked lightly.

“Dianne, Sharon’s subordinated Red Arms are here”
“It’s open. Please get in”

Upon entering the room, Dianne, Hilda and Irina were preparing tea.

“We have just moved in today, so I’m sorry to receive you in such a state”

Dianne put her fist on her chest and salutes. The three girls, leaded by Almeida, received it, crossed their arms and then stepped back and bowed lightly. This seems to be the bow of the Gauntlet Knights to their superiors.

“Today we came here for Dianne Special Duty Corps´s escort mission, I´m Renfangas Kingdom’s Elite Gauntlet Knights, belonging to the Lake Union, Regular Knight Almeida”
“The same, Regular Knight Tetes Murray”
“Also the same, Regular Knight Naris. Thanks for having me”

Dianne reacts. Speaking of which, isn’t there a proper acquaintance?

“Almeida, that 『Dancing Spear』?”
“I have been called by that nickname before”

Almeida answers calmly. She is probably used to saying that.

“Hmm……so, when did you cross over the snake mountain?”

Irina asks slowly while hiding her mouth with her fan. Almeida seemed to have thought of someone in the room.

“……!! Wh, White clan chief!?”
“Almeida-chan long time no see☆”
“……The dark elf from that time!”

She is surprised.

“Predict a little when I’m there”
“Mu, mumu……”

She was sweating cold.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, 10-man captain Smithson”

Since Tetes is beckoning, when she approaches me, she looks like she’s having a lot of fun.

“Are you Al-chan´s ex-boyfriend”
“I´m not”

She was a child who wasn’t scared because she was young.

“What? I thought so to 80 percent because 『That』 Al-chan was strangely relaxed”
“That’s not the case, that person was an elf? He is a human, right? I think that it’s a level that you can get along with Almeida-san and you’re just working fast. Even though an elf’s love is slow”

And, it seems to have been originally this way of speaking when It thought whether it was such a tone because Naris was troubled by Almeida.


Almeida and her companions sip tea in the area including me.

“I’m here because of a deal with Duke Gardner”

In response to Irina’s question, Almeida began to speak again.

“The condition was a full backup of my personal protection for the half elves. In the mountains near Folklore, I created a residential area where wanderers such as half elves can live safely and Duke Gardner´s Sword Saints protects them from the chasers from Afilm……”
“No way. No matter how much the prestigious Gardner family’s business, it’s too easy”
“I thought so, too”

Almeida agrees to Dianne. Even a trot with a strong wind perception against elfs. Regardless of the prestigious Duke Gardner, actively helping can lead to a negative image. That’s why I don’t understand the merit of sending Almeida to Renfangas. If there are Sword Saints that can be used freely in such a business, isn’t it better to send the Sword Saints directly?

“At first I was wondering what to do, but……apparently there is a reason why they can’t send any Sword Saints. It seems that it had to be an unreliable person like me”
“……Is that so. Such……I see”

And in Dianne´s mind, something seemed to have been connected again.

“What do you mean”
“… Maybe it’s a matter of fact for Celesta. Even though the Sword Saints are Gardner’s personal servants, using them for diplomacy will hurt Celesta´s eyes”
“That’s right”
“But Celesta can’t complain about the tribal peace policy and charity work. If you can use the Dancing Spear freely in exchange for that……”
“Ah, is that so?”

Almeida, who is a adventurer is in a free position. Regardless of how the check-in battle is being held at the political level, wherever she travels, she can go on a rampage. Undertake what Almeida was doing in Folklore and instead ask her 「As an adventurer」 for a role as a political piece. If that is the Gardner family’s aim, Celesta will certainly not speak out.

“I don’t care if he send Almeida alone, but……well is it really better than doing nothing?”

Almeida grinned when I mutter so. And conversely Tetes and Naris responded.

“Not at all”
“You think it’s because there was one person like this, right? I understand your feelings well. Yeah, but she is strong and Jail-sama and Buster-sama are very happy”
“……Well, I think she’s strong, but……”
“When she participated in the mopping-up operation, the death toll of the regular army seems to have decreased by nearly 20%. The trump card of the gold class”

……She is so strong, but Paladin and Red arm? I mean.

“What did Sir Buster think when he assigned her as our escort……”

Isn’t it like mistaking the insignificant for the essential? I thought so, but Dianne laughed.

“That’s exactly what we ’re doing, just before the exploration business and nailing, it’s hard to say, but there’s still something to do”
“Well, Alex Buster is also serious”

Almeida and Naris agrees. What.

When I was talking with them, Apple, who had disappeared for a while, came back with a good smell.

“Because everyone has a lot to do, here”

There are more than a dozen baked goods on a large plate. I wonder if it was baked.

“Wow, what a sweet smell”
“Ca, Can I eat it? Are you sure?”
“……Ca, Can I get one too?”

Red Arms react immediately.

“It’s a sweet that Selenium taught me. I hope its good”

With Apple’s permission, the Red Arms took some of the sweets.

“De, Delicious……it’s delicious, this is really, oh my god”

Three people are blissful. I tried it but it was a normal sweet madeleine-style sweet. However, these three are very impressed.

“Are you so impressed……? No, it’s delicious”
“Andy Smithson. If you get used to the confectionery in this country, you will understand”
“There are actually a lot of salty baked confectionery and savory fried confectionery here, but there are so few of these”
“Amaii, I ate it after a long time……♪”

All three take another bite and have blissful expressions.

“E, Emm, they sell honey and sugar normally in Rennesto and I think you can make it if you care about it”

To Apple’s words, the three make a deep shaded expression for a moment, then eat a bite and make a very blissful expression like a devil.

“Don’t restrict sweets to sweets……♪”
“It’s not bad to have a culture that hates the cheap seasoning here, but it’s kind of nice to have a royal road”

Yes. I understand.

“……You guys can’t cook……”
“! ! 』

All three girls become stiff. ……No, they’re all strong and I’m not saying it’s bad.

Night. Dianne’s dormitory (tentative name) has been settled after the room allocation has been decided and the exploration of the house has been completed. When I finished going to the toilet before going to sleep and returned to my room, Almeida holding a iron cane leaned against the wall in front of my room.

“……What is?”

Almeida turns away her face when I said that.

“Nothing. I’m just doing an escort mission”
“Is, Is that so”

I open the door and enter the room. Almeida sneezed. Renesto, south of Polka, is still far away from winter, but it cools down after midnight.

“… I think it’s okay to sleep separately. Anyway, when there’s no one, if there’s someone, you probably won’t have any bandits in this mansion”
“That’s called a guard”
“You know I have a dragon?”
“……Oh I see? Come to think of it, you have a dragon”

Almeida laughs small.

“But I didn’t expect to see you at such a place. How is Marie doing?”
“I wanted to hear it from you”
“I’ve been here for several months. There are no dragon wings. So there is no way I can know how she is doing”

Because I don’t want to raise my voice in the middle of the night, I am a little excited about Almeida’s strangely friendly atmosphere. I wanted to talk to her a little longer, so I beckoned Almeida.

“Let’s go inside”
“…………What are you talking about?”
“It’s been a long time, so let us have a nice time”

Almeida and I look into each other’s eyes for a few seconds.

“……I don’t really think of you as Marie’s child. No, you are supposed to be Marie’s son, right?”
“What is it”
“……I understand, but just for a little”

Smiling at Almeida, who whispered, I staggered and invited her in. Closing the door, I move the fire to some lamps to lighten the room.


When I turned around trying to talk to her, Almeida was taking off her armor.

“Wh, What is it, Andy Smithson. Is there something on your mind”

Almeida who undress halfway averted her eyes and whispered with her mouth pointed. The style that I once described as not inferior to Selenium was still beautiful though it was a big success in the hotbed of this demon.

“… Why are you taking off your clothes?”
“Do you prefer not to take them off?”
“No, not…..”
“Don’t play dumb……a lustful devil like you wouldn’t be able to do nothing by inviting a woman in the middle of the night. I don’t want to pollute my armor in the dark”

The last remaining armor is also taken off and Almeida´s naked body is exposed in front of me.

“Oh, as I said at the beginning, just a little! You won’t get in so many times!”
“……Well, if that’s all there is to it, I’ll have sex with you”
“If that’s alright with you, if it’s all right!! It’s like I’m greedy!”

That’s not it. More fundamentally. ……Well, that’s fine. It’s getting kind of annoying.

“Almeida. Lie down on the bed”
“……I, I understand”

It’s not about quality and it’s not about weakness. Almeida is a strange woman who is invited into my room to talk a little, but she completed misunderstood as she resolved herself. However, no matter how much of the martial arts can be raised, no matter how much the name is revered, the shape of her chest, her tight waist and her beautiful buttocks are attractive.

“I’ll touch you”
“Kku……, yes……”

I undress and cover her casually, the closer my face gets, the more Almeida looks like a girl.

“……I expect a lot”
“Th, That……”

As I poke, pull and play with her nipples with my fingers and suck on them, Almeida immediately becomes teary. Is she embarrassed, hurt or feeling good?

“Lewd Breasts”
“No, it’s you who’s nasty……teasing me……”
“Then I’m going to separate it”
“Wh, What are you separating……!”

While sucking her breasts with my mouth, I comb her hair and reach out for her genitals. That place was already motivated, despite trying to be my sole criminal.

“After all, you are more indecent”
“Yaa……wa, wait, that……do, dont stir……don’t stir……!”
“It’s just the beginning with this finger? Don’t you want to have my penis insert right away?”
“Oh, you looked happy. Pervert

I stir up her pussy that has been shaved for half a day while teasing her nipples. I torture Almeida severely.

“Just a little, as you wish, right? If you persist too much, you’re going to be ruined”
“Don’t make fun of me……I, I’m particularly, not that weak……bu, but, that……”
“……Wh, Why……I don’t know what it is……”

While being pushed by pleasure, Almeida’s guard descends more and more. As usual, I am laughing hard at Almeida, who is so weak in bed.

“Then let’s try to do it as much as we can”
“So, I can do it……”

I look into Almeida’s eyes at close range. With a nasty face that can be understood by herself, her tongue is stretched out and licked.

“Do you want to be fucked while fainting, Almeida?”

Almeida shakes her head. But her hands on my chest aren’t strong enough.


“Dianne, do you get on that hairline man’s intention?”
“……You can ignore it. So hundreds, thousands……it’s not bad to make friends”
“But do you want to put Smithson-dono in a difficult position?”
“But Andy won’t compare and contrast two alternatives with his standpoint of life”
“……Yes. That’s the kind of guy he is”
“And then we will do our best”
“……She is a bad woman”
“……One more month until the annual invasion of the monsters……sigh”

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