Half elves fall in love chapter 224

Chapter 224: Polka Town, old year goes, new year comes 1



By the time we returned to Polka, the new year’s festival was just around the corner. I and everyone who followed me have a lot of festivals in a short period of time, but originally Polka’s year-end and new year holidays have nothing else but this sober festival. What is sober is everything. Originally, there is only a healing miraculous spring in the place called Polka. As a tentative industry, it also hunts, collects and cultivates during the summer, but in the long and harsh winter, of course, all production activities in that area are forced to close. In winter, merchants also hate heavy snow and reduce the frequency of traffic. There is no way we can waste food and other supplies at a flashy festival in Polka, which is in the midst of poverty from the beginning of autumn. However, it is different from whether the human heart can endure it and inevitably, the plan will be organized in the direction of 「Simple and spiritually enlightening the joy」. So, with the opening of the kingdom church temple, the city’s only center of intellectual activity, we share a small congratulatory mood with children’s scripture lessons, choirs, and routine outdoor dance parties.

“I see. It’s a healthy festival because of the cold and poverty. It’s pretty flashy around the royal capital”

Linda sighs as she looks through the window of the Baron’s residence as the townspeople pass by on the road to the temple in preparation for the New Year’s festival.

“This is not the same as the royal capital……because a remote region is a remote region”

The baron nodded.

“I think so. If logistics is a little more active……no, it’s difficult to waste anyway. Even if there are a lot of important things, there is no way to earn money, Polka. Your wallet is tight, too?”
“That’s right. The healing miraculous spring is of utmost value, but there is no way to get a lot of money. If it is only effective for half a day, it will not be able to be exported. If you put a price on it, it will bounce back to the townspeople themselves”
“If Polka has no advantage other than being able to live in good health and even if it requires a lot of money, it’s a nonsense story. Oh my god, even with this me. Sylpheed boss, there must be a way. It’s frustrating that I can’t export it”
“The situation is still improving. From this winter, elves such as Irina and Christie have cooperated greatly in terms of safety and food, so most of the petition for relief from the townspeople has been made. If this stabilizes, we’ll have a little more new year’s celebrations in the future”
“In the end, its other powers……? Well, I wonder if there is anything I can do about it”
“It’s out of place to ask hundreds of Polka´s townpeople to be flashy. If people smile brightly, that alone will make their days more enjoyable than any festival”
“It might be. Ah, no no. When the business gets into it, I think that the movement of money will improve anything. It’s very despicable”
“No, I’m very grateful for that consideration to improve the status quo. There is plenty of room for that in this city. However, it’s just that the new year’s festival is in good shape”
“……Right. I’m sorry to say something strange, Baron-sama”

She’s energetic. I am impressed while learning how to change Peter’s diapers from Selenium. After all, Linda-san is probably someone who loves to work. It’s not a vague thing, but working with an eye on changing something. Even while I was away from Polka for a while, she was rejuvenated by the miraculous spring and although the women in Polka were born and raised like a lady, Linda-san is not like them「Polka’s fifty is another thirty」, but about forty years old. Even so, she had a face that was acceptable.

“Bad, Andy. I don’t think you’ll have enough practice time”
“No, it’s okay. It’s a song I did when I was a kid. If I practice for an hour, my hands will remember”

I will play the organ on behalf of the new year festival. ……Originally, Aunt Lindsey was supposed to do it because of her rotation, but she said she wasn’t confident because she didn’t practice the song because she took care of several other festivals.

“My grandson didn’t get the role of a merchant in 『Gentle Donkey and Mirror Merchant』”
“Ah, that’s it. Nostalgic, Keel used to do the donkey”
“Oh yeah. The props and costumes I used at that time were worn out and it was hard to repair……I just neglected this practice”
“Didn’t you help me with my daughter?”
“I wonder if Liz was two different from Andy. Don’t you remember that he was a terrific kid since he was a kid?”
“……Ah, by the way……maybe even if he gets married, is it still that way?”
“I’m now able to cook one dish, but sewing is really refreshing… If that fellow Peter were alive, the props would have been repaired. I’m sorry that Master Romeiro seems to be busy normally”
“Hahaha. Well, about half of my father works

I’m good at playing music instruments. It’s easy, but at least it’s about to accompany the chorus on the organ.

“Oh, were you in a place like this? Smithson-dono. Practice the basic pronunciation of elf language”
“Ah, Irina. Watch out for the table.”
“Mu? ……Unyaa!?”

Gon, Irina is kicked in the head by the leg of the table being carried.

“Ooo, see here elf little princess. I’m sorry. It’s dangerous to be there”
“Ugugu……say it sooner!”

Irina gets angry at the uncles who were carrying the table with teary eyes. However, the temple is just like a battlefield and Irina has no reason to get angry.

“Let’s practice elf language later. I had to practice the organ a little”
“You can let someone of your female slaves do something like that. You’re the priest at the Holy Beast Festival”
“Only Selenium knows how to play music instruments. I don’t want Selenium to do it right now”
“Muu. ……Why don’t you leave it to the gold clan and silver clan girls?”
“I’m the fastest to do it because I played it when I was a kid”

I play the organ without rowing and only check my fingering. Yeah, I gradually remembered it. By the way, I couldn’t read the score, so I was the one who learned by imitating the priest.

“M, Muu. That’s unavoidable, I’m going to your room tonight, so at that time……”

Irina was quietly speaking, paying attention to her surroundings (it seems to have hurt a lot), but she pierced her blind spot completely and a child about 10 years old sneaked up.


She doesn’t wear a long robe, so her skirt was turned up with a splendid hand.


Irina, who was made to show off her lower body, turned bright red and turned around, but the child laughed and ran away.

“He, Hey little child, what do you mean by this!”
“……Irina why don’t you wear any clothes below. Do you have the same hobby as Christie”

I was able to worship a splendid sight.

“Th, There are times when I feel like that! Generally, you’re more enthusiastic……”
“I’m not wearing no underwear”

Disrespectful. I like the fact that girls are just taking off their pants. I mean.

“Are you so frustrated?”

Irina´s face looks like that. In many ways it’s too much now.


Night. Well, even if you can’t waste food, adults have adult circumstances.

“Thank you for your hard work this year. I wish everyone’s health and good luck next year, and the success of the new year’s festival……cheers”

At the bar, the tavern owner was giving a treat and the residents were served a glass of alcohol at a time. When I was a kid, I knew there was such a gathering (my dad was happy to attend), but this is the first time I’ve actually attended.

“The day finally came when Andy joined this circle. I wanted to show it to your father”

The master says in a good mood while pointing the cup at me.

“That’s true. How happy would the master be”

Jackie-san curls up his tall half ogre body. By the way, it seems that Sara-chan will appear in the same play as Aunt Lindsay’s grandson.

“Tomorrow you´re going to play the organ instead of Aunt Lindsay? Is it okay, you’re the one who was just bowing at Celesta, right?”

The steamed bun shop’s master, Keel’s father, also joins the story from the next table.

“Crossbows and bows are different. I played it pretty quickly when I tried it, I’m fine”

The old men gathering at the table over there laughed, saying 「Is it true?」 I don’t think it’s a place to laugh, but I don’t feel unpleasant.

“Andy spends more time with girls than with weapons. There are so many elves and human beasts who say they like Andy, so in theory it’s absolutely true. Because it’s a beast, the delinquent dyed in the city!”
“Calm down Keel. No relationship”
“It’s related! It’s decided that there is! I’m sure the organ and girls will say that the knack of making a good voice is the same! This guy! He should die a little! Also introduce me to some girls!”
“Johnny. Did you drink a lot with Keel?”
“Yeah. It’s bad, it’s funny, so if I was relieved, I had one free”

Isn’t he drunk?

“But I also like this kind of heartwarming festival. It suits my skin much better than the busy spirit festival. I’ve become more and more fond of Polka”
“You’re really mixed up, Keiron!”

By the way, there are few women. Or rather, the young women have a tea party at another inn. The one here is an aunt who comes with a drunken husband and because she’s used to the air, subtly vulgar material like Keel was flying around here and there. Well, this kind of air isn’t bad either. The local old men’s hecklers are tickling.

When I returned to the inn with a good feeling of tipsy, Irina was waiting for me.

“What are you getting drunk when you’re studying now? And I’ve been waiting since the evening, why is it this time now?”
“Ah……bad, I forgot about it”
“Is it enough! It’s good, so study. ……I’ve been insulted by other women who are not good at it, saying, 『I already know that』”
“Yes, yes, studying an elf’s ass”

I turn over Irina’s robe. After all, there is no underwear.

“Well, that’s after studying!”
“I can’t remember if I’m drinking anyway”
“……All right, it’s just until you get drunk”

Irina who breaks unexpectedly easily. I feel free to massage and enjoy her warm ass, hugging her body.

“Ah, Irina’s ass is soft. The best”
“……It, It doesnt matter”

Study is unlikely to begin.

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