Half elves fall in love chapter 242

Chapter 242: Pilgrimage 1



The giant Sword Saint, who had a hole in his shoulder, was carried on a stretcher by the other small fish-like people. It’s okay for him to bleed a lot, as this is the great arena and there’s always a trainer, so he’s well treated. He used a needle to stop the bleeding quickly, leaving no significant blood stains on the ground.

“I thought I’d see you”

Former doctor Dianne muttered, but Erik smiled bitterly.

“Fortunately, the bones were only cracked and if you treat it properly, it will be restored in a month. But……it’s not worth it to be easily served by the successful applicants of the same term. It’s a pride”
“Bronson was originally a good infantryman who was accustomed to fighting. Even in the corps, he often had a close fight with Anzeros. That’s not to lag behind the young rookies”
“Bowman has passed the Sword Saint exam for four years now……”
“Even if you gain experience among Trot swordsmen who have the same tactics, it cannot be applied to outsiders”
“……As you say”

Erik is giving in to Dianne. Seen from a distance, Erik is much taller, so it’s a bit humorous.

“Randall’s son also loss his face to that black goddess”
“The other party is bad. If that’s not the case with Arthur, I can give her an opinion”
“As for me, I like Sword Saints, who are strong enough to blow another game”
“If Randall collapses now, there will be no one to take over until Grants returns.”
“I wish I could throw Arthur out of the royal palace”

The two old men standing in the audience talk with carefree faces. Nonetheless, the two are adults of history who have made a big difference in Trot Kingdom. Former King Ulysses Ernesto. And Duke Gardner, the head of Trot’s largest prestigious family. Although they handed over the throne to Ruth, it’s never the case that they became easygoing.

“Andy. Who is that old man?”

I close Jeanne’s mouth. Old man. ……No, did Jeanne never meet the former king directly?

“The former king and grand duke of Trot Kingdom”
“The king……that, is the greatest king?”

The former king laughs happily at Jeanne who is puzzled.

“Hoohoohoo. I don’t know what to do. Even if it is said that I´m a king now, it is a previous job. Far from already being authoritative, I should be treated like a half sinner”
“Of course, the predecessor and Arthur don’t know what to do”
“Hoho. Loose, for a little morning walk of mine……in this way, Gardner, Randall and the great aristocrat are attached by two people. Good grief, father in law don’t you trust him at all”
“My daughter and son-in-law are polished every day in an unfamiliar office……I’m going to reassure you a little bit as father-in-law”
“Look at that. Even the elders in that town will have to work a little more. Is there an old man so disrespected?”

The former king laughs happily.

“That’s why, cute dwarf young lady. You can call me as you like, whether it’s I or old man”

It’s a chilling exchange.

“……To Northern Army Corps 100-man commander Dianne, those knights were indeed small fries. I can see Celesta’s seriousness about the strategy”
“Well, that goddess often takes the initiative of the nation with the sixth minister as a hat. It may be a little difficult to sniff Celesta”
“If all goes well, you’ll get an uninhabited fertility field, right?”
“If the technology is certain. It’s still not a deal that deserves to be done without optimism”

Duke Gardner and the former King are looking at Dianne and talking slowly, despite our apologetics. …… Although they look like old men, they smell like strangers.

“How far……”

I unconsciously mutter that I know. The former king looked at me and smiled with a fearless smile.

“Even now, I’ve been looking at the world from Trot for 40 years. Even if we pull back from the management of the country, we are in a position where small talk is constantly rolling”

And Duke Gardner speaks quietly to me.

“If you guys haven’t kept it a secret, I know who you are, Andy Smithson-kun. ……Please give my best regards to Paladin Almeida”
“Huhu, I do business with her”

……He knows that Almeida is with us. To do this, you need to have an informant in Polka or Renfangas. I want to believe it’s not Polka……the people of Polka must be Trot´s people. If you provide information to the king, there is no reason to blame it. Also, Sir Bonaparte may have information about Laila and Maia. More than I expected, the area around the former king may be paying more attention to our actual situation.

“……Are you going to do something?”

I’m naturally ready. Before I knew it, Laila came to my side and she was in a position to protect me and Jeanne in one step no matter what. ……I don’t think I’ll be attacked, but the tension still dominates the place.

“I tell you, I have no authority. I can’t do anything. ……I want to bring Arthur to you, but I don’t even have the authority to get him out of the royal palace”
“I can’t do anything. There’s nothing. At best, it’s about entertaining small talk”

…… Everything is suspicious, as this person says. But if you doubt, you can’t do anything else.

“……I’ll tell you something good. Trot has a debt of gratitude”
“Trot has no greed for the demon territory plan. There is no point in seeking merit, as long as Celesta, who has military command, holds the ruling of the martial arts”

……Does this mean. At first glance, it may seem like meaningless information, but it’s actually a fairly important point, isn’t it? Why did Trot send 100-man commander Grants to imitate Celesta? If you think about it, it’s full of risks and the returns are small. It is certain that it is suspicious even considering the political effect. Then why did you overdo it?

“Long ago, Carlwin was a country that taught our Trot people, who had been devoted to the battle against the barbarians, a sword technique superior to that of knights and gave the foundation of the Sword Saints. Therefore, there is a duty to return. It is a matter of our pride that we must overcome the profits and losses and deliver even one fingertip”

……Is that so. Then, maybe Neia manipulates the shock wave as a matter of course……

“Well, we won’t back off in the future. In the shadows, we will find a way to that country”
“Telling us that, what are you planning?”

And. Dianne came over there. She jumped up the inner wall of the arena that separates the audience from the stage and on the next jump, she flew up to us in the middle of the audience.

“Hoohoo. I don’t think extensive knowledge in favor of it until we provide it”
“It’s human virtue, predecessor”
“There is not a single person in the Celesta army who really considers you powerless. More or less, everyone believes that your life still moves history”
“You have a high opinion of me”

An inquiry with Dianne. Even if it becomes such a scene, his expression which can afford is never broken. Once again, I admire what a historical masterpiece is like. Probably not strong fighting power. Perhaps, considering the physical aspect of Celesta, he never has power. But still. Such a person who continues to have 「Something」 that only makes you afraid even when you face a great hero.

“Trot has already entered the next generation. The era of mine is over”
“We only believe, sometimes helping the children and grandchildren. The next era”

The former king says something that is easy to understand. If you just listen to the words, it’s an old word of giving up. Nevertheless, both the former king and the duke have powerful expressions. We can’t help but be in awe of their stretched back, as if they were showing pride to the people at the victory ceremony.

“……Then, let’s refrain from prying”

Dianne says she gave up.

“Hoohoo. It’s also comfortable to see a frightened goddess”
“Threatening a woman and being happy doesn’t have a good taste”
“It’s okay to go out with a leecher with a short old age, young lady”

Dianne sighs. And she turned her back on the former king.

“It’s okay if you make fun of me, but if you want to reach out to my subordinates, all of them……”
“Huhuhu. Is there any intention of harming the younger generation of Trot? ……Ah, even if I replace it with this one”
“Then, let’s finish the belly search. We still have a place to go”
“Umm. See you next time, invite Linda and Arthur to have a cup of tea, youth”

I really wanted to meet Sir Bonaparte, but if he is well, I´m fine.

“Bronson, Naris! We leave, come up quickly!”


“……He is what Arthur says……『The future of this country』?”
“Are you surprised that he is neither a Sword Saint nor a sage, Gardner?”
“……No. I can’t help but think that Arthur is a man who really bends with power and reason. However, such an unreliable young man really has the courage to challenge Arthur……”
“That’s why Arthur admitted it. ……Yes, because he is weak”
“……And what are you going to do? I didn’t bother to contact Black Dianne’s corps to make that young man look like this”
“It’s a similar thing. ……It’s better to have less sparks that go loose with the next move. To those who overlooked Grants at Rennesto……it’s easier to show me that you’re willing”
“That’s right. ……Huhu, Grants will be in a bad mood”


“Eh. Just now that person, was that UlyssesIII!? He talked to 10-man captain Smithson very intimately!?”
“Ah……it’s a little subtle to explain……Linda-san and the king were originally good friends and they were a little writhing about Anzeros, and then Sir Bonaparte again……”
“That, 10-man captain Smithson is really an ordinary commoner child and just a clever rearguard, right? Why are you able to get such various connections?”
“What do you mean by clever! Ho, there is more”

I was very sad to explain it to Naris. Yup. Certainly, it smells like a lie even if you put it away with luck a little overall and it is difficult to refute even if it is said that there is anything other than dexterity.

“Apart from Andy’s connection, it’s true that the old man deserves caution. What did he think of when he appeared in front of us? It would have been easily caught in the information network if it was the royal capital at the knee that we appeared in Trot and in the arena. I don’t think it’s a coincidence. What are you going to do?”
“Ho. It will not be helpful even if you worry. You’re not a specialist except for the exchange of battles”
“That’s right, but……”

Dianne holds her forehead and worries. If you think about it, he just came out and showed off a little bit of scent, but I think that only that king can really hurt Dianne so much.

“Overstaying is useless. Dianne collapses with teething fever”

Instead of Dianne, who continues to worry, Laila took the initiative and we left the city.


“Dianne, let’s forget about the King. Rather, do you know where Isaac and the others are?”
“Ah, yes. When I asked other guests at the hotel yesterday, they said they went there just over a week ago. ……Maybe it’s about reaching or not reaching the sanctuary of Leica”
“Laila, just in case, fly while paying attention to the ground”
“Ho. I know. Let’s just use that ox-ogre as a landmark”

We fly the road to the north on Laila. The snow that wasn’t even on the knees in Schrantz is deep when it’s about to reach this area. ……I hope they didn’t notice when they were camping in a snow cave or something stupid.

Thereupon. The beautiful cone-shaped Mt. Leica and the city of Leica at the southern foot of it. We caught up with the crossbow corps that was just about to arrive there.

“Ho. Is this Mt. Leica? It’s a good mountain”
“Yes. Trot people are told to see it once in a lifetime”

In the old days, it was even said that it was meaningful to be born in Trot. It is said that the pretty peak is worth it……well, the judgment depends on the person. At least the mountain that can be seen from the window of the coachman is a beautiful mountain that I can sigh at as I have seen many mountains by flying around. ……Hmm?

“Hey Laila”
“Something strange hasn’t jumped up from the bottom……?”

It looks like a point in my eyes. However, the point which shines strangely slowly climbs from the mountain forest……no, is that rushing in!?

“……Caught, main building!”

Immediately after, the carriage is swung around and a shock runs.

“Gyaa !! Falling down, falling down!!”
“Wh, What is this!?”

Everyone makes a fuss. ……While doing so, centrifugal force is applied to the front, back, left and right and finally the flame of the fire breath can be seen outside. What are you doing, Laila.

“Yeah, a little bit……how about this!!”

A shock is applied and the movement stops after a while. And, in the meantime, it seems that Laila suddenly drops and it feels like it’s falling at a stretch and it’s weakening for a moment, so the carriage is dropped a little roughly on the snow.

“What happened……”
“A strange guy sneaked up a little. If I could use my arms, it wouldn’t be like that”
“Wait, that’s……”

……In the sacred place. It is said that there are many holy beasts in the huge 「Upper」 sanctuary.


It is faster to check with your own eyes than to say four or five. I hurry out of the carriage.

Then I found a strange feline that roared tens of meters above the ground. Yellow stripes on a white background, red and blue eyes. It stays in the sky, but no feathers grow. Anyway, the flashy colors are eye-catching. And.

“What’s the purpose of coming to this sacred place, you disaster creature! It would be a big mistake if you thought you could do it over and over again!!”

The cat talked.

“Dragon, the sacred place is mine!”
“I don’t want it”
“Lie! You want it!”
“I don’t want it”
“Are you stupid? You feather lizard!”

……It’s a bit silly.

“Don’t think you can get the sanctuary without defeating this Shoegaze and his happy friends!”
“……Happy friends?”

When everyone was stunned to see this felidae, rocks and logs flew out of nowhere and the cat was shot down.

“……What was that?”
“……I think it’s a holy beast……”

Is it the happy friends who were treated as happy friends who threw the rocks and logs?

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