Half elves fall in love chapter 250

Chapter 250: If tomorrow follows today 2 [Anzeros Sharon]



Hilda, Dianne, Sharon, Almeida. The moment I welcome them to my room, there is a stateliness of warriors of the feeling 「Equally Competent」. In a lot of ways.

“……If you think you went home and went out immediately, maybe you’re gathering people at night?”

Anzeros, who was originally in the room, sighs.

“Isn’t it okay? Andy-san has to be that energetic. Even though the number of people and the mission tend to delay him, it’s better to be full of energy”

Aurora makes a troubled smile and takes care of it more than necessary.

“That’s right, but……”
“N, No, it’s different, Anzeros. The main request is for cooperation in making armor……”

No, I don’t have to make excuses, but for the time being, there is a serious name first. It can be said that the lascivious mind was working on the way, but I didn’t jump out for that purpose.

“Ah, then why don’t you put it on the floor tonight……?”

Sharon says so regrettably. ……W, When it comes to looking forward to it so much……it burns oppositely.

“It’s a different issue from that, Andy-kun? There is no contradiction between having work business and wanting to rub Sharon-chan’s boobs and you just have to do it in order☆”
“Hilda-dono, what is the way of saying Knight Chief’s only chest……”
“Its fine, Almeida. If Smithson-san liked it, I should be proud of this chest now”

Almeida looks complicated.

“Oh yeah. Is it a life loss just to neglect your boobs? There are people who are happy, but if you think it’s a weakness, no one can be happy☆”
“That said, Knight Chief Sharon has a lot of trouble……”
“I’m saying it’s okay”

Please don’t argue about boobs without me.

“It goes without saying that I love Sharon’s boobs”

I hug Sharon from behind and grab her boobs. A little surprised but lightly kissed Sharon who entrusted herself to me. And rubbing her chest.

“I like Almeida’s boobs which are just the right size, I love Dianne and Hilda-san’s boobs and I’m just as happy to love the modest boobs of Anzeros and Aurora”

Almeida massages her temples.

“Anything is fine for you as a woman……”
“I will refute that view head-on!”

I take my hand off Sharon’s boobs and make a fist.

“Beautiful girl’s boobs are inevitably loved!”
“In the end, anything is fine!”
“I’m rather picky and fierce!?”

Some guys will say that if they have good boobs, it doesn’t matter if they have a slightly disappointing face or a crazy personality. But I can’t prioritize boobs over face and attitude. Yes, it’s a terrible selfish story, but I’m a terrible mess. A luxury person.

“Everything about Sharon is beautiful, so I’m dying for these boobs. I’m surrounded by children who can say that without any price, so it just looks like a bad foot sprain. The balance is the life of boobs. All my women and female slaves have attractive boobs”
“I understand. Balance is important. Size is one factor, isn’t it”

Hilda-san is from a mixed colony and an expert of two fields, therefore she is a person who can have a sexual and uncompromising perspective on a female body. She nods to my opinion and is very reliable.

“It’s different from not being particular about it and knowing the goodness of various shapes after being particular about it”
“Yes. I wanted to say that”

Hold hands with Hilda-san.

“Emm, that’s fine, but the story about armor……”

Sharon is reluctant to ask while I grab her boobs with one hand. ……Yup. I’m sorry, that’s right.

Well, when it comes to armor, I haven’t touched it yet, so I don’t have much to explain.

“The point is that sometimes you come to the workshop and make small adjustments and orders”

In summary, that’s all. Well, it’s inconvenient to wait for the completion without leaving it, so it must be an important contact.

“I’m measuring and was going to leave the details to you”
“I thought you would say it. I´m a good blacksmith. If the lack of experience is not compensated for by the experience value of the visitor, it is likely that a decent thing will not be finished. Sharon may be able to prepare a replacement if she returns to Rennesto”

Naris and Neia wouldn’t do that either. And Sharon need not take the risk to a failed work.

“……I understand. I will try to show up at the workshop as much as possible. ……But there is nothing else to do here and I can always visit the workshop”
“Sometimes it’s okay. ……You’re erotic, so if you’re always next to me, I’ll be horny and I won’t be able to work”

My hands move. The selfish elf Sharon’s boobs are excellent for rubbing. If you let something like this flicker in your field of vision, you might want to attack it suddenly.

“Andy’s concentration when he’s making things is a little crazy, so I don’t think so”

Anzeros says that while sitting on the bed.

“That’s right. After making it, he may be full of libido as if he were returning it”

Aurora agrees. But wait a minute, you guys.

“You can’t make proper armor in a day or two. Anyway, if you’re going to concentrate and make it, you can’t take days to make it without shaking”
“I think Andy can do it”
“Rather, if the blacksmithing starts, you’ll be gone for a while and I’d like you to do plenty tonight”

Both of them seem to think that I’m a stoic craftsman who smells like a fake. Well, sometimes when I get a flash, I get absorbed in my thoughts.

“I don’t think that’s the case……”
“Well well. Andy-kun, if you trans, you might fall down, so let’s distract everyone at best. At work, you’ll get a moderate amount of stress and if you get tired, you can get rid of it with alcohol or sex. Because the pace is right for life”
“It’s a distraction……”

I don’t want to be disturbed. However, it may be the part that should be managed by self-management before lack of physical strength to fall crazy and suddenly collapse.

“That’s right”

Pachin, Hilda-san snaps her fingers.

“The topic of boobs has come up. ……Isn’t it a day to make Andy-kun feel good with boobs today?”

Hilda immediately begins to take off the top. Even though only Sharon is wrapped in a slightly erotic sign, it is a bold take off.


Almeida turns bright red and bites her lips. However, Hilda-san was blunt while throwing her sweater on the bed.

“What? Almeida-chan, will you work hard? It’s not like you’ll work harder than normal sex”
“……Ah, does Almeida-chan think her boobs aren’t enough?”

……Ah. Perhaps that kind of psychology worked behind the attempt to taboo the topic of boobs by making Sharon submit. Almeida has 「An elf」chest. However, the average value of boobs is low for elves for some reason. Dark elves have rather big breasts. It can be said that it is beautiful as a harmony, but Almeida is not as powerful as Sharon, Hilda-san and Dianne. It’s an exaggeration to say that she has no milk and small breasts, but she is relatively normal at best. No wonder she doesn’t want to pay attention to her breasts with this face. But Hilda, in her underwear, shakes her finger.

“Ah, that’s a concern if you see it as a play that just ejaculates between or on the boobs. ……Anze-chan!”
“Y, Yes!?”

Anzeros raises a startling voice that it is unexpected to be called because she was prepared to be outside the mosquito net for a while. Hilda invited Anzeros to come with her finger.

Anzeros is shirtless and crouches in my crotch sitting on a chair. To be clear, Anzeros’s chest isn’t big enough to hold it, let alone pinch it. It’s not as flat as Jeanne, but it’s about that. Even with such a chest, the bulge and softness that is different from a man is comfortable and I personally love to touch it, but Hilda-san dared to let her do breast fucking with her boobs.

“Uh……somewhat, this, I feel miserable……”

Anzeros greets my penis in her chest as she is told with her eyebrows in the shape of ハ and holds her two bulges together. Half the thickness of the penis isn’t hidden. However, Hilda-san (also topless) taught happily from the side.

“Drop your saliva and stimulate the dick with your chest. Stimulation……no, with the feeling of 『Stroking』with your chest”
“He can’t ejaculate with this, no matter how much I do……”
“Andy-kun. ……Happiness?”

Ignoring Anzeros, Hilda asks me.

When asked, 「Do you feel good?」, unfortunately, I had to shake my head.

But Hilda-san is mischievous, but she chooses the right words. As for me.

“Very happy”

Anzeros makes a mysterious look.

“Good? A woman touches a boy’s dick with her boobs. It gives a different impression than slurping with her mouth or hands”
“To be clear, if you just want to make it go……if you’re not good at it, it’s definitely faster to use your hands and mouth than to use your pussy. Some dry men say that boobs are a lump of fat after all. There is a reason, but still, the most feminine part of the woman, the part where the man feels violently a woman, exposes the boobs and loves each other with the man’s most honest mass of desire. To stick to each other is to satisfy the desires of a man more than a woman thinks”
“……I, Is……that so?”
“Well, I’ve never been clear in my head, but it’s mostly like that”

I think it’s exactly what Hilda says. This is an act of feeling happiness that is different from ejaculation. Of course, I want to ejaculate as it is. I wonder what it is. The desire for sexual conquest is stimulated. Sex has a purpose other than pleasure, which is reproduction. To put it in an extreme way, even if you are not enthusiastic, it is an act that can be established if you open your crotch. However, this fucking feels purely sexual strength because it is not there. There is an instinctive female-male contact, an emotion in the dark clouds for that purpose only. Of course, the dimension as sexual activity cannot be better than sex, but the act of accepting a penis between the boobs is definitely a vulgar and lascivious act. There is no excuse, erotic acts that are established as desired by each other. Asking a girl to do it is like satisfying her sexual desire and it certainly makes her happy regardless of her breast size.

“……If Andy is happy, it’s fine……ejaculation, can you?”
“Ejaculation is not everything……it’s strange to be taught by Hilda-san”
“Because Hilda-san, you were overdoing the technique to ejaculate”

Certainly the first sex was horrible. Forcibly taste intense pleasure and ejaculation.

“I thought you were also like me. I just had my personal ecchi opinion”

Hilda-san is a little stubborn. With a bitter smile, Sharon gently strips her upper body and reveals her big breasts.

“Next, please rub your flesh on my boobs to your heart’s content……♪”
“……That, Sharon. It seems difficult for me to make him ejaculate, so will you cooperate……?”
“Yes. I’m happy♪”

A mini-sized chest and a powerful big-sized chest dance on my waist, sandwiching my penis. It takes saliva for two people and it slips. The appearance of two women with their breasts exposed and approaching my son and snuggling up to them certainly satisfies a man’s desire to conquer.

“I wonder if you can ejaculate this way……?”
“I’m looking forward to the moment when it gushes out♪”
“Yeah, I’m a little excited……♪”

They wriggle violently for the sole purpose of making me ejaculating, not their own pleasures. That fact also satisfies me. Oh, I’m a selfish man. I love them so much that they can satisfy their selfish desires.

“……I, under, stand……then I also……no, that’s……”
“Almeida-san. Let’s make Andy-san feel good together”
“Princess Aurora. ……W, Well, it’s certainly not a big deal, but if possible, I’d rather have the sperm in the right place……”
“Oh, Almeida-chan, you can’t get pregnant anyway? It’s about to run out, but it’s a contraceptive magic”
“……Mu? What is that?”
“Wait. I’m sure it’s magic that will make you pregnant”
“A, Ahahaa……I thought you already knew it☆”
“Because if such magic really exists, it can be solved by declining the birthrate of elves or killing seconds……?”

Aside from that, Almeida and Hilda are fighting for more facts. In addition to that, I ejaculate in soft pleasure between two contrasting swordsmen, a 「Half elf with small boobs」 and an 「Elf with big boobs」.

“Ah, it was……♪”

It might be the first time in a long time to not put it out of an vagina and in a sense, the semen which gushes out from the tip scatters with power more than expected while indulging in too much emotion and it splashes on the sheets and the floor.

“……I always think that Andy’s ejaculation is a little abnormal, isn’t it?”

Sperm splattered on Dianne’s face, which had been silent until then and Dianne muttered while wiping her fingers and licking it, not the wind that bothered her.

“A, Abnormal……isn’t it?”

I only see masturbation brothers ejaculation of others. ……Speaking of which, did I fly such a large amount and have a good economy in the past?

“Ah, if you ejaculate, one after another☆ Dianne-chan, let’s assemble♪”
“Wait, Hilda-dono, the story isn’t over. Does that mean that I was having sex with Andy Smithson even if I couldn’t get pregnant until now!?”
“Isn’t it good? After completing the mission, you can make as many children as you like♪”
“B, But!”

……It’s noisy.

“Ahh, everyone should put out their boobs!”
“Uwaa, don’t say domineering……”
“Oh, isn’t it much better than the usual『Take off your underwear and stick out your ass and line up』?”
“Andy’s collar is all on, so no problem☆”
“Gu……ku, collar……surely”
“Huhu, be quiet, Almeida”
“……I don’t have a collar. Well, I take it off”

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