Half elves fall in love chapter 10

Chapter 10: Ox-Ogre village 【Selenium · Dianne】



Officlade, the nearest desert edge city from Basson. From here we take the ride around the desert edge and not through the desert route.

Such a road was made, because of ogres. There are no vehicles that can carry ogres and can cross the desert. Assuming boarding of an ogre, at this time any car will be buried in the sand and stacked. Another reason is the existence of devil beasts. The desert where people’s hands are hard to enter is easy to habit monsters and there is also a large labyrinth under the desert. The labyrinth is a ruin which functions as a hidden treasure or a mighty demonic seal or a ruin which functions as a fortress of a few tribes and periodically combines monsters that wander around as they become sophisticated. The desert labyrinth is exactly an “Advanced labyrinth”, because in the vicinity of several entry points there are wandering monsters. For these reasons, the Russell Desert is considered more dangerous than other desert areas, except for a few caravan teams who knew the terrain, no one else stepped into the desert. Well that’s why there’s no way but to go all the way around the disturbing Russell desert.

I thought that.

“By the way, where is Smithson going? Is it Quika?”
“No, to the southeastern forest elf territory”
In Officlade, we had to slow down for a day before getting on the next carriage and had a drink with Isaac. While tilting the wood carving beer mug, Isaac looked suspicious.

“……Southeast, isn’t that the Oasis colony, the white elves?”
“Yes Yes”
“……If you don’t use a high-speed carriage or something, it will be hard to return in three months”
“We use it”
“Eh, isn’t that expensive? Why don’t you cross the desert?”
“Can you cross it?”
“You can……ah, do not you know about it?”
“What are you talking about”
“If you use the large desert labyrinth, you can reach the other side like you use a high-speed carriage”
“Can we use it? Other than the 100-man commander, half of our group can’t fight melee, more than in a labyrinth”
“Then, you can’t do that. It doesn’t mean that I don’t normally advertise it”
Isaac added an additional order while grinning. He is an ogre who drinks alcohol and eats a roasted bird.

“The Labyrinth is the root of the correct answer. If you pass it there, it is possible to almost pay nothing and you only move by advancing earnestly. Moreover, even if it is underground, it is considerably bright because there is a light window concealed by an illusion. There is also a water supply using the oasis. Therefore I recommend it”
I heard it thoroughly. But is there such a delicious story?

“I don’t know if its the right answer, because there’s a maze in the labyrinth”
“Do you know where I’m going to?”
“The village of Ox-Ogre. I´m going through the desert labyrinth”

As a result of consultation with everyone, we decided to trust Isaac’s words.


“Ossha. We´re here”
Isaac waves his hand delightfully. A rocky mountain rising in the desert. In the distance, it really looked like just a rock, but there was an entrance to the labyrinth in the hillside.

“From here, if we walk about half a day we will reach the Ox-Ogre village and there are quite a few villages from there”
“……Was there such a route?”
Dianne-san is obediently impressed by Isaac who is puffed up with pride.

“Is it really faster than a high-speed carriage?”
Anzeros is a little suspicious, but Isaac guaranteed it.

“Beautiful. There really is a light window here and there……how was it made?”
And Selenium has been obediently impressed.

Although we rely on a carriage to travel so far, we are soldiers. We all belong to the crossbow corps and we had daily marching training and the only exception, Selenium, is a traveler who made a long journey. No one hurried, just walking and moving, we were exercising our legs to the extent that we didn’t feel so bad even walking every day. Walking width of an ogre was a bit too wide on the human scale and it was a delicate whether you say “half a day” and if it really took half a day.

“Alright, we are almost there……ah, that corner”
We walked through a stone underpass in the evening and Isaac happily rushes into a tunnel that had a strange shape.

“Hahaha, when I was a kid, here was the place when I had a quarrel, this is the trace that I was thrown and broke this wall”
“……Don’t have a destructive quarrel in this underground”
“It’s a story of the past, let’s ignore it”
Isaac who rushes through the sideway grins triumphantly. And then.

“Welcome to the Ox-Ogre colony! But there are not many people here!”

A small village where a little oasis springs up has appeared after we went through the tunnel.

“Uh, dazzling……”
Despite the evening, the sky felt dazzling at once as we were walking underground the whole day. It has a source of oasis around 20 m around and a creek and green undergrowth, centered on a stream flowing out of it, it doesn’t feel like the middle of a barren desert. There are colorful rocky houses painted with pigments in the surrounding area. There are not many houses, but with only the ogre colony, the houses were huge, causing an illusion that would make the ogres look like small animals.

“……O, Oh? Kelly, you are Kelly right?!”

The Ox-ogre who came out of the house in response to Isaac´s voice rushed towards Isaac swinging the fist suddenly. Isaac also reflexively swings his fist fully and then those two hit each other directly and fell down. Moreover, the stand up abruptly and hit each other’s shoulder. The punch seems to be a greeting.

“I’m back Gillard. I wonder if you have changed”
“What the hell, I thought that you had died since you haven’t returned for years”
“Haahaahaa, I guess it’s easy to die”
“Well, wait a minute, it’s been a while since last time”
Isaac’s old friend Gillard, an Ox-Ogre, jumped on one of the rock houses and raises a huge howl. A few minutes after that, the village was gathered and everyone knew the circumstances of Isaac’s return and were delighted with pleasure.

“……That’s why I’m going to have a welcome party, so I want you to eat and drink”
“No reserve”
“Also, the amount of 4 people aren’t enough to hold us back as we are a festival-loving village”
Bonfire is revolving here and there. A table and a furnace are arranged in the plaza near the Oasis and the party is ready in the blink of an eye.


Under the moon. The small village in the middle of the desert was in a frenzy of merrymaking.

“Isaac seems to be popular in the village……”
It is a little enviable. Even if I return to Polka, is there anyone who cares about me other than Apple, Selenium and my parents?

“Hey, guest, drink a bit more”
A female Ox-Ogre who is Isaac’s mother takes care of me. Because it is a huge mug for an ogre, I have to drink it again and reduce the equivalent of good luck.

“How about you, Kelly, arent your proud that your son is in the army?”
“That child……I think he’s a pretty good person”
As a fact, Isaac is excellent, so let me tell that. Isaac ‘s mother sighed fairly. Somewhat regrettable.

“If possible, I want him to leave as quickly as possible, though I also want him to come back”
“We have a man shortage……”
Looking around, I feel that there are more female Ox-Ogres than male ones.

I mutter, but Dianne-san who is sitting next to me shakes her head.

“I can not imagine that an official can reach such a place saying that he will recruit them and Isaac should be a volunteer”
“Yes, it is so……”
Isaac´s mother had a distant look.

“Where do you think this meat comes from?”
She pointed at the roasted pig-like meat. I can not think that domestic animals can be domesticated here.

“Monster, is it?”
“Well, on classification it seems to be so”
Isaac mother nods to Anzeros and Selenium´s answers. I’m thinking to throw up in spite of myself. I never heard of eating the flesh of a monster which is a product of the bad nature flow.

“It seems to be original so to eat monsters as in the past, there is the legend that the people who made the labyrinth did so”
“Well, that’s right……”
Even for eating……

“But it is dangerous to go hunting, sometimes someone will get killed”
“Oh well, we’re living by relying on the labyrinth, so we are prepared, but……because men are stupid by all means, they go because they wanted to impress the women”
Ogres have a tendency to consider both sexes as combatants. However, the part where the men are easy to die seems to stand out.

“So it seems that he has already made a fine success and I want him to come back soon……”
“I see”
“It would be wonderful if he isn’t so hesitant”
“Ah, don’t you know why he won’t come back”
Isaac´s mother lifts her eyes in frustration.

“Because his childhood friend was stolen by someone else!”
“Stolen by someone else?”

It seems that Isaac had an older childhood friend who swore to marry him when he was young. However, she was pretty beautiful so Isaac had many rivals and he swore to make it big in the city. If he becomes great in the army and then refined his urban sense, he can claim to be qualified to marry her without complaint. Isaac thought so and volunteered for the Celesta army.

A few years later, at the timing when he became a regular soldier, Isaac came back to the village to firmly establish the promise of childhood in the form of an engagement. But she was married to another ogre. Female ogre has a high birth function and it is said that they can get married from about 14 years old. At that time Isaac was 20, she 21 years old. It was too late to have her wait without any promise in this country. The disappointed Isaac is said to have gradually reduced the frequency of returning afterward and he didn’t return for the last few years.

It’s a heavy story. For example, if I go back to Polka and see Selenium or Apple sticking with another guy and having a baby, I might not recover. Well the last few years, he couldn’t return because it was a period for our crossbow corps were we couldn’t take a break.

“You are useless, Isaac-san”
“You are useless”
And for some reason Selenium and Dianne-san were bitter.

“Let’s feel sympathy for a moment, Dianne-san”
“What do you say? If she has been taken, he should get her back”
“Yes, what will you do with acknowledging defeat first without trying it?”
These guys are too dark and tough. …… So it’s going to keep going on to struggle for a night.

“That’s right. Power is the method of ogres to get a woman”
And Isaac’s mother was also strangely aggressive.

“Polygamy and polyandry exist in the custom of ogres. Even after they got married, a stronger and better man can grab the woman when he beat the man. So my child don’t be so sulky and get her back”
The ogre world is awesome. I wonder if this friendly little village is going to have a very complex and sore relationship.

The Ox-ogre party seems to continue still after the midnight and we decided to take a rest. We went to an empty rock house now. The bed which isn’t narrow according to the Ox-ogre´s body is like a king size bed for us. Selenium and the others gathered together on the second floor of the rock house. As it is a big bed, it’s still inconvenient, but it’s a bit sorry that I occupy one room by myself.

“However, that Isaac……”
To be honest, I thought Isaac was just a normal guy. But even without being an unpopular 30 years old virgin, in fact, in this area, there is no sufficient of bride materials. There is no general idea to move away from the ancestral lands. Especially, Celesta is strong, and common sense does not pass when stepping out from the provinces or you can not get into society as an outsider in many cases. Therefore, the woman is inevitably a surplus in the country because there are few examples of girls who moved to the city even if they yearn for the city. On the other hand, men tend to decrease in war and so, so they will be selected only by absolute numbers.

“……I can not bear to wake her up”

Before I knew it, I was thinking that Apple would wake up without knowing that we fell in love and she would love a good guy who was on the spot. It is Apple that I love, thinking that love is just about as long as the skewed kid gave a skepticism. It is not strange that she might forget me who isn’t nearby and I can’t complain.

“Not only Apple……even Selenium or Dianne-san”
Both of them like me, but if I’m too worthless, they are going to leave me. No matter how much the relationship between two people look good, no matter how much you swear to God, you can never be sure of the future forever. Like Isaac’s mother said, I can fall in love with them, but there might come someone who takes them away. Both Selenium and Dianne are good-looking and are good-natured, and Dianne is a legendary person who can rely on people politically and militarily. To keep them tied, my power is too small. Really too small. It can be said that there is nothing.

My mood gets darker and darker. I realize how much I was thinking about just how convenient it was for me when Selenium came. The fact that a woman could be taken away was as heavy as that. And.

I felt that the blanket resting on my body moved a bit, contrary to my movement.

“Wh, What……?”

It crouches around the wide bed. Amid such a huge house, since the illusion that I was small has continued, I thought that it might be a huge insect or a huge mouse that aimed at me. However, a small head with long ears appearing through my blanket barely.

“Shh. Anzeros and Dianne-san might wake up”
Selenium smiles mischievously. The moonlight is hollowed from the window and colors her smile. It was too tempting and pounding, while on the other hand, I felt a good weight on my stomach. It is such a wonderful smile, that’s supposed to be mine only. In fact, someone surely would take her away someday from me who has no power. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just a possible story but imagining it let my breathing become narrow. The more attractive she is, the more miserable I feel.

“You, are my female slave……only?”
Selenium peers mysteriously at me who look down. Yes, she is my female slave. She is a very convenient woman to me. That’s why it’s painful. There’s nothing between me and her, other than my desires and her affection to answer it. It’s not her fault. I can’t get anything else, I can’t ask for something and I cannot see her properly because I can’t do it.

On my head, I could hear a faint breath, somehow triumphant.

“To lower Andy’s spirit just by showing my face. Should I think that there is a minute for me?”
“U, Uwa, since when?”
It was Dianne. Wearing a thin cloth like a sheer dancer and looking down at me bewitchingly.

“Shh. It’s troubling if Anzeros wakes up”
Again, she put her finger on my lips. Attractive profusely.

“Wh, Why this form……”
“You know what, The purpose is to captivate you by chance after a long time. This thin cloth was sold in the Officlade market and I bought it when you guys were having a drink. How about it, are you more fired up than the usual nudity?”
How did Dianne know that I was really fired up right now?

“Muuu. I, I was the first who came tonight”
“That’s why Andy is withering because you didn’t take care of him, So Andy is supposed to be in my mood tonight”
“Th, That……”

Since it seems likely that some unnecessary misunderstanding will be made between the two, I hurry and separate them.

“N, No, that’s not the reason my son is withered”
“That……it’s a little sad that the two of you are so attractive and don’t fit me, after all. I wonder if you guys will be taken away like Isaac´s childhood friend……”
While shaking her breasts beyond the thin cloth that wasn’t concealed at all, Dianne approached my face from above. She had an angry face.

“……You’re an idiot”
Dianne sighs.

“Listen. There is certainly no mind to suspect. Everything is momentary. But if you’re scared, you don’t want to believe in people”
One Breath.

But……what’s the value of something that doesn’t change?”
“What joy is there in changing things that should change?”
With little tender eyes, Dianne goes down on her knees and hugged me from behind. Her breasts are soft as they stick to my back.

“I feel a joy that my heart will never change. I think it’s worth so much to tell you that the feeling of loving you doesn’t change at all”
“We might not like each other and we may not even have met, but I want to love you forever right now. This thought might not change in 10 years, even in 100 years”
“I’m an elf who has a long life. There is not a mind nor a promise which can cover all that. So I’m not interested in eternity or the future. I think the only thing counting right now is that I love you. Don’t you think so too?”
The scale was too large to answer. However, I realize that Dianne hasn’t lied to me, saying that she loves me so much even in the future isn’t a lie. And I seem to be pulled into that love──

“I, even I……have dedicated everything to Andy-san from the beginning!”
I return to myself with Selenium´s scream-like voice. Selenium tried to cry and toss off her clothes violently, trying to twine around my lower body.

“I……I want to be loved by Andy-san……I want Andy-san to ravish me everywhere, every night, all the time, I would like to spend my days being marked by Andy-san……I want to be filled with Andy’s semen to every corner of my body and I’d rather be Andy-san’s exclusively slave without any doubt”
Selenium tells me her love as opposed to Dianne’s magnificent love. She talks with the impulse that overflows out of her as if she had been overwhelmed with obscene words.

“Therefore……therefore, in this way……”

Selenium straddled over my penis tremblingly. Then she swallows it with her pussy to the interior and as my penis is welcomed inside her womb, she started to move her waist.

“In this way, I tell you……train me to the core…… I will do anything……!!”
Guchu, Guchu, Guchu……and with her hands on my chest, her waist moves slightly. Just shaking her waist back and forth. However, I can understand the meaning by her peculiar gaze and motion. She doesn’t let me escape. If it is possible to keep it stuck precisely in the deep bottom, Selenium hopes that I will ejaculate. Even with that instinct, without a doubt, she shows me her full affection.

“N, Nn……th, this, doing, time……first……!! I am just doing this……really I’m your meat toilet……so don’t abandon me……I want to be ravished more and more……!!”
Hearing her shaking subtle voice from the core of her heart let me reach the desire to ejaculate. And I can’t endure the ejaculation impulse right now.

“Haaaa……ah, aa……♪”
Selenium receives it pleasingly from the bottom of her heart. As a woman, she expresses the bliss as a living being with her face.

Dianne, who seemed not to be fascinated by it, pulled Selenium aside who is trembling from the reverberations.

“A, Aaa……!”
“I’m lusting for you! I want your lust! I…… don’t want to tell you, I’m a meat toilet……”
Dianne who lifts up the see-through cloth sits down with a blistered face.

“……I, I won’t tell you…….no, I do not mind……but it does not matter, if you love me, I will become a meat toilet……!!!!”
Moving the waist by herself, the hole is expanded without permission whenever the glans is pushed up to the interior.

“Even I can be a slave or a meat toilet……!!! I will give you any hole, if you are happy with that, I will also be happy……nnn, bu, but……you, want to rely on me……so you don’t want to rely on a meat toilet……?”
“Di, Dianne……!”
Guchu, Guchu, every time the waist strokes, the cloth rises and leaves a wind. It was supposed to be a vulgar action, but the follow-up of that loose movement made me feel the nobility of this person.

“If that’s okay, I am also good……it’s fine……therefore dye me in your color……!! Just you Andy, you can use me as you want……!!”
“Ah, that’s……!!”
And I ejaculate inside Dianne.

Dianne who trembles with reverberations is thrust aside and Selenium starts to hold my son in her mouth.

“Wait a minute……”
“I waited too”
“Well, that semen is what I want”
“First come first serve”
“Ku……if that’s the case!”

On top of me, a half-elf and a dark elf are fighting to lick my erected penis. ……Ah, I’m selfish. After all, I thought that I don’t want to pass either of these two to anyone.


“Nuii……whats the matter guest. Emm……Ah, Andero”
“It is Anzeros……I’d like to have some water, if possible. A jar full”
“Oya, laundry”

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