Half elves fall in love chapter 100

Chapter 100: Formation ・ “Dianne Special Duty Corps”

Maia’s blue wings gracefully swayed the atmosphere and landed in front of the Crossbow Corps Building on the outskirts of Basson. We were used to riding in a carriage and the corps members saw the landing from the window. But there was a fellow who wasn’t used to all this and was super happy.

“Ooh, fast! And Celesta is still wide!”

The silver-haired child (visible) elf, Irina.

“Are you sure you’re glad you brought her here?”
“I don’t think there are many people out there who are aiming for Irina. That’s why there are Maia and me, and occasionally……”

Dianne laughed lightly. She was a kind person.

“So that everyone knows me, I’m Irina, the white clan head. You can rely on me at your own discretion.”

When Irina greeted everyone at the entrance of the barracks, everyone welcomed her and those with a troubling preference got excited.

“I thought I’d never see you again!”
“She is dangerously super cute. She won’t lose to 10-man captain Anzeros.”
“Idiot! If you compare two individuals, don’t forget Jeanne-chan!”
“But Jeanne-chan is already caught by Smithson’s poison fangs……uuu”
“Wait, everyone! 10-man captain Smithson brought her, didn’t he? She is an elf? Isn’t there something?”
“Speaking of that, it seems that the armored elf, which was at the Spring Festival for a moment, had a pink atmosphere with 10-man captain Smithson……”
“Everybody listen. I’ve imagined a horrible thing just now……!!”

The excitement began to turn in a strange direction. Mikagami began to worry about Anzeros shrugging her shoulders.

“Please tell me, Irina-chan!”
“Hmm. I don’t like being called with ‘chan’, but I’ll forgive you for asking questions.”
“Have you been raped by the bastard, Smithson?”

What are you guys saying? ……No, well, that’s not wrong.

“What Smithson-dono, you by some chance, are you touching the story of the women he held?”

And Irina seemed to have never thought about acting for a while.

“I wanted you to deny it lightly if you could!”

I gave up and ran away.

“You’re a devil. A real devil!”
“Following Jeanne-chan and 10-man captain Anzeros, he put his hands on another girl without hesitation!”
“Catch him! Life and death are not asked! Life and death are not questioned. In a sexual sense!”
“That’s a scary way to say it!”

The idiot members chased me with tremendous momentum. The usual chase began……Dianne moved unusually.

“That… ”

Her leg hit all the members. Then she raised a voice to me and the other corps members.

“If you have time to do stupid things, clean up the barracks a little! The reorganization summary is probably this week, the resignation will be a replacement of people! You’ll be ridiculed by the next person!”

That’s right. The reorganization was not just about increasing the number of friends or changing the name of the corps. Even parting. There were fellows who transferred to another unit or retire. I might have retired this time and resumed blacksmithing. A few more days. Time was important. Everyone stood up and returned to the barracks with a little embarrassment. I would also help with the cleaning.

“Anzeros-san, Dianne-sama. Can you get along with sword practice?”

In such an atmosphere, only Aurora didn’t break the tensioned air. Well, that’s right. I mean, was it a good idea?


A few days later, the messenger arrived and the reorganization was confirmed.

“Dianne’s in special duty corps?”
“It’s a relatively secret project because they can’t afford to publicly declare the details of their mission. They don’t have a sense, but that’s the name. From today, I’ll be a 100-man special duty commander.”
“Then, are I and Anzeros 10-man special duty captains?”

About 10 people, led by Dianne, were selected and a special duty corps was established. A special duty corps was literally a unit dedicated to special missions. Since authority was expanded only for that mission, special duties were added to the head of this position. Special intelligence brigades and special high-speed brigades that reported directly to the central headquarters were permanently designated as special duties, but such temporary designations were not uncommon. The privilege of a special duty corps was that the action schedule was more discretionary. Of course, it was a privilege, but it did not change to military service, so it was essential to submit a plan or report before or after the event. But depending on the purpose of the action, it would be accepted even if they took their own action for a considerable period of time. When it came to overseas exploration like this time, that right was absolutely necessary.

“So the members are me and Anzeros……?”
“Aurora is also officially incorporated. Selenium and older sister should be treated as a regular soldier and special officer.”
“What about the other five?”
“Keiron, Goto, Lantz, Boyd and me.”
“Eh… ”

10-man captain Keiron was a lazy but unusually strong fox beast. Regular soldiers Goto and Lantz were called the Masturbation Brothers who pulled out even when pulling out in public. Associate soldier Boyd was a one-horned ogre with a beautiful girlfriend. It was a very subtle selection of people.

“Isn’t there anyone like Isaac?”
“Isaac must continue to maintain the Crossbow Corps as a 100-man commander. Together with Williams, they plan to increase the Crossbow Corps to 200. Mikagami and Bronson will be there.”

……I see. Is there really a role for each talented person?

“That’s true, but isn’t it better to leave Boyd by Isaac?”
“Well, I thought so too. If Anzeros trains him well, he can become an Ace knight.”
“I see……”

Keiron, Lantz and Goto were relied on as crossbow soldiers but were not suitable for close combat. As long as you didn’t know what the search would be, Boyd who might serve as supplementary forces for close combat could sometimes become a trump card.

“Then, it’s bad for his girlfriend in Basson, but……do you really want to take Boyd with us?”

And there were Laila and Maia as extra forces that could not be reported to the military. If you aligned this much, it was easy to search for monsters. It was a force that could be expected in each of the specialty fields though it would not go. Surely it would work somehow.

“Nshana, Smithson. I don’t know what you’re going to do, but your room will be empty.”
“I will rely on you.”

All my companions, including Apple, who were not going to take the exploration itself, would follow Isaac and Mikagami. Williams was promoted to a 100-man commander and Bronson became a 10-man captain. They were named the Second Crossbow Corps and seemed to continue protecting Basson together with Isaac’s First Crossbow Corps. It seemed that they would expand the barracks on their own and welcome new friends who would arrive from far away. Apart from that, 20 people seemed to leave Basson after all, including those who had been transferred to supply corps and archers, those who were transferred to the infantry and those who retired. It was a lonely story, but they also had their own talents and lives.

“Please come home as soon as possible from the special affairs. Because it’s 100-man commander Dianne’s crossbow corps.”
“Don’t worry. I’ve arranged for dark elf soldiers to make up for my magic tactics. ……Do it well, 100-man commander Isaac.”
“Yes sir!”

Isaac, Mikagami and a number of soldiers came to see us off by saluting with their right fist on their left chest.

“Good luck, 100-man special duty commander Dianne!”
『Good Luck!』

Listening to the reliable chanting, we left Basson in Maia’s carriage.

“I’ll do my best. And then, come back quickly, Isaac… no 100-man commander, please protect Basson.”

Boyd said that with a little tear in his eyes.

“I’m counting on you.”

Dianne said so and Boyd and Keiron also saluted.

“Hmm, don’t you have good subordinates, Dianne.”
“They are proud subordinates.”

Dianne proudly spoke to Irina’s words.


The first destination was the capital city. For the time being, I was immersed in the aftermath of the reorganization and Anzeros and I took Aurora to the arena, guiding Boyd and the others, who were renewing their feelings, to the hotel on the way. First of all, Aurora had to learn how to fight Sharon.

“For now we have 100-man commander Grants. That person will teach you swordsmanship.”
“Yes, it’s a good thing. And there are surely a lot of Sword Saints in the Royal Arena. It’s going to be a good training session.”
“I’m looking forward to it.”

There were three reasons for visiting the capital. The first was Aurora’s training. Aurora didn’t have the impression that she wasn’t good because she worshiped Anzeros. In fact, she had the potential to spur a growth rate comparable to Anzeros. Even Anzeros had to learn from excellent teachers and continue fighting to reach her current sword ability at the age of 24 but Aurora was only 17 years old and antagonized it. The poor handling of a shockwave could be supplemented with magic which she was much more proficient in than Anzeros and even in engraving, she had a growth rate that could be a good match even to me.

The rest was stamina, but it was already a huge amount like Anzeros and high enough compared to me and Keiron’s stamina as normal crossbow soldiers. There was a possibility that if she had a good teacher that opened her eyes, she might make a big leap forward. Second reason was the information on the messenger of Renfangas who had come to this royal city. Third was to get the map of the northern six kingdoms before it became the demon territory that should be in the royal academy. Both information would be difficult to obtain. … Well, as long as we can get it…

“We are here too, but it would be nice if Dianne and the others also get results……”

The problem was that none of them were uncertain. There was no confirmation that a Sword Saint who could become Aurora’s teacher would be free when I drove to ask for a lesson at this time. And the messenger of Renfanggas might have returned home after visiting the royal city. Furthermore, the information before the birth of the demon territory might have been thrown away because it had little meaning now. In addition, it was suspicious whether an investigation was done seriously 300 years ago or not and even if a map was found, it was likely that it was a picture map closer to an image. Trot also had a weak point that such old information tended to deteriorate because long-lived races had no power. It was undeniable that everything was only a story that intertwined the expectation sought to “hopefully” it.

“I haven’t seen Grants-sensei lately.”

In the arena, where Anzeros once had a duel, there was nothing to do with the guards. But there was a regrettable talk about the fact that 100-man commander Grants wasn’t there.

“It doesn’t have to be 100-man commander Grants. I wonder if there is a Great Sword Saint who can teach me swordsmanship……?”

When Anzeros asked the guard, he shook his head powerlessly.

“Even after Ruth ascended the throne the other day, the Great Sword Saints who were called the old generation and had been focusing on training the next generation, began to refrain from doing that……”

……This reminded me, there were many Great Sword Saints that worried about the future and that fight.

“If it was a technical exchange, I would be pleased if the young Ace Knights who are present can practice.”

Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to go along with other people’s training. Aurora didn’t have much time.

“It can’t be helped. Anyway, it might be better than not practicing. Anzeros-san, get ready.”
“……Yes, I understand!”

The two entered the waiting room of the arena while showing frustrated feelings. ……When this happens, only Maia and Dianne would be able to practice tightly. Then, it was a good idea to reduce the burden of Dianne’s investigation.

“Selenium……and Apple, as well as Irina may be useful.”

I ran out of the arena, thinking of the three faces that might be able to help Dianne.

On the way to the hotel, I saw something unusual.

“That’s why you can’t pay with a gold coin like this which I’ve never seen before. Isn’t the color roughly strange, isn’t it a counterfeit?”
“U, Uh……even if you say something like that……ah, that, the castle can pay for it……”
“Why does the castle have to pay for travelers? If you ask me, I will go bankrupt if I was the King”

The girl looked to be a traveler because of what I saw, but somehow I had a different feeling as her whole body was covered in clothes… No, should I say a woman? A woman who was 16-17 years old looking a little lost. Did she eat and drink in the middle of pushing the questions and answered in the table, even though she could wash the dishes? But she was a clumsy person. There was no way you could get into the castle.

“Anything else I can give you?”
“What about the thing on your waist? Even if it is rotten, that sword can be about the cost for a meal.”
“This is no good! E, Emmm, other……I don’t know……”

The girl was a little funny and cute, so I decided to give out a helping hand, remembering that some money was given with the reorganization.

“Hey, boss. I will pay the bill.”
“Really older brother. Are you sure?”
“Yes. How much is it?”
“70 gold coins.”

She had eaten quite a lot. Even if it was in a cheap dining room, it would cost 10 gold coins.

“Ah, emm, you are……”

The bill payment ended with the puzzled woman being silent.

Sometimes it felt good to do good deeds.

“I don’t think there’s anything in the castle that you’re looking for.”

I preached to the girl with the creditor’s privilege. However, the girl bowed her head in a hurry and laughed happily.

“I’m very sorry about this. Please give me your name.”
“Even if you know it I will leave soon, so it won’t matter.”

……Ah. But…….

“……Ah, that’s right. That sword is important for you, but do you also have the skills?”
“Ye, Yes. Extremely.”

The woman puffed up her chest. It seemed that she had quite a splendid chest for a short person……no no.

“I have a friend who needs a little special training in swordsmanship. Can you come with me?”

It would be better to have more practice partners. She nodded vigorously when I added, “She’s Ace Knight”.

“If that’s what pays you for your kindness.”
“Yes. Then I would rely on you. ……Emm, what’s your name?”
“You didn’t tell me your name, so isn’t it a bit mean.”
“Haha. I’m Andy Smithson, 10-man captain of the Celesta army.”
“I’m Neia Grans, Hero.”


“I am a hero.”

I wondered if I picked up a little girl.

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