Half elves fall in love chapter 102

Chapter 102: Resurrection of Sword Princess Aurora



When I reported to Dianne about the Gold Arm man that I met in the city, she was really surprised.

“Gold Arm? In this city?”
“He was there. It was a human”
“A human……what kind of person was he?”
“He is a little bit bald……when I was a year old, he was like 100-man commander Grants. The rest of the Gold Gauntlet was really everyday like a townsman”
“……I see. Alex Buster”

Dianne also has information about the main hero of Renfangas. Sure enough, it seemed to me.

“Alex Buster, a great hero from Rennest, the capital city of Renfengas. Known as 『Rennest´s devil』. He is strong. I personally thought he wasn’t a messenger but a defender of his home country”
“Devil……it’s kind of a disaster, isn’t it? He was an old man who seemed to do things like a carpenter or blacksmith”
“He is a magician. Besides, there is nothing he can be ashamed of as someone who is physically as strong as a Black Arm. Rumor has it that he is developing a lot of original spellings”
“He is one of the strongest knights in the most dangerous country on the continent. Thats nonsense”

The Kingdom of Renfangas is located on the east side of the continent, between the steep eastern mountain range and the snake mountain range and is responsible for blocking the way to the demon territory spreading north. I mean, otherwise the country will be destroyed directly. When Renfangas is destroyed, the nations in the south are destined to be destroyed in an avalanche manner, so other countries may face conflicts with Renfangas but will not actually invade. The occupation of Renfangas is nothing more than dedicating their own strength to fighting monsters endlessly. Renfangas, who maintains the national body in this way, is naturally known to be able to cover the power of fighting monsters with their own people alone and the treatment of foreign mercenaries is known to be exceptional. The Renfangas army gathered all the continent’s bragging talents and were aiming for fame as heroes for the first time. Speaking of the strongest in such a situation, it may be necessary to work unless it is a fool.

“……Then, Neia is also a Gold Arm……no, she is one of the Black Arms……”
“Neia Grans, a strange girl who has been practicing with Aurora for the past few days. She looks like Anzeros……but her movements were so sophisticated, such as 100-man special duty commander Becker or Almeida”
“……Her abilities cant be compared to that of Ace Knights, right?”
“Yes, so I thought she was a hero in Renfangas”
“I have never heard of her. Neia……”
“She is young, so I don’t think her name is known yet”

With that strength, I think she’ll be a general in just a few years.

“……Anyway, the fact that Devil Buster is wandering around this town may be a source of information. I’ll try to find him on occasion”
“I’m looking for a map……”
“I talked to the royal capital academy about that matter. It seems that the Librarian Association is moving to the fishing of ancient documents. I’m a little worried that the story was strangely smooth”
“That Alex Buster is just hanging around, so maybe there’s some kind of movement in the royal family and maybe that’s the next thing”
“I wonder. ……But if that’s the case, then the new king, surprisingly might be a stubborn person. How can we move in that restrictive situation……”

Regardless of Ruth’s political power.

“……Then what should I do?”
“That’s right. ……Well, if Aurora´s training is going well, will you come to me with Maia soon?”

……Maia and I?


The answer came out immediately.

“Aurora-chan, if you don’t eat well, it will resonate tomorrow?”
“It won’t enter……my stomach doesn’t accept it”

Hilda-san looks worried. No wonder. Aurora, who is wound up by many bandages with lots of scratches, left behind half of her dinner. ……After all, she seems to be doing a tough training.

“You still have to eat it for tomorrow’s training”

Anzeros shakes her head when she pretends to persuade Aurora. It looks pretty hard.

“I will prepare pills later, but……you don’t have that many days, right?”
“I know it’s impossible……no, this is the reason why I came to the capital city of Trot”
“I’ll at least give you a massage in the bath. Selenium, Hilda-san, help me”

Aurora smiles happily without the power to refuse Anzeros’s words of labor.

“……Hey, Andy. What do you think works best at a time like this?”
“Have you read this far, Dianne?”
“Even though things may appear this way, I’m still a 100-man commander”

The answer to this situation is Polka´s miraculous spring. Drinking the water will help with physical fatigue and soaking in it will repair the damage.

“Goto, Boyd and Lantz. ……If you want to eat meals, you will come along flying on Maia to Polka”
“Do we go?”
“Stupid, we’ll pack water. It’s better to have more hands”
“Ah, that’s right”

By the way, Keiron is a man who can be used for an emergency rather than for such a steady job.

“I will go too”
“……Irina? Are you homesick yet?”
“Nonsense. ……It’s faster to go to the land of the Red Clan from here than to cross the Snake Mountain Range. That miraculous spring loses its effectiveness in half a day, but there is no way to waste even a moment”
“……That’s right. Thank you”

If Irina guides us, we can use the short movement technique using instantaneous movement technology between clans in the northern forest. If the time taken to bring the miraculous spring water back is short, not only can she drink it, but Aurora can also heal her wounds by using it in a bath.

“Then, Apple and Selenium are going to be Dianne’s assistants……good, so this will be the shift from today”
“……Thank you for taking care of me”
“Don`t worry”

I stroke Aurora´s head. Aurora originally stood on behalf of all of us. Everyone can’t help.


Then about a week.

Irina, Maia and I (and the male soldiers) spend their days going back and forth between Polka and the capital city, while Dianne and others look for Gold Arm 「Alex Buster」. I mean, I was able to see him several times once, but because of a mysterious walking technique (Thanks to the story when Dianne said “He is developing such original spells”), he can’t be caught easily. Aurora and Anzeros have always attended the arena and learned a lot. I thought about listening to the content, but I felt naive, so I stopped myself. Aurora is not the type that boasts to people that she is fluttering. In front of me, Aurora won’t give up. So it’s okay to leave her alone. She is a genius and flexible. There’s nothing I can’t do about it.

“I recently felt like I would become Polka´s Baron personal retainer”
“That person’s peeping point search technology is unparalleled. He bought a……dwarf-made telescope”

Lantz and Goto enjoy the coming and going to Polka more than necessary, but I want them to weigh in a little.

And the last day of Aurora’s training, before the confrontation with Sharon the next day.

“She’s amazing. If she takes a chance, she will be able to hit it and the degree of perfection will increase instantly. ……On the first day, I thought she would be more clogged, but I was surprised that the change of style was so quick”

In the sunset, Neia looks up at me and reports while pushing up the brim of her old hat.

“If she experiences another year of battle blessed with strong opponents, she will surely be a great hero”
“……So what is a hero……”

Neia smiled carefreely.

“I am a hero. A courageous person. Protecting innocent people and the city where people sleep. A person who never pulls”
“No, not that dictionary meaning……let’s stop”

It might be a religious belief. I will not pursue it. However, Neia looks around the streets, stares at the many swordsmen coming out from the arena and narrows her eyes brightly.

“This country……no, this northwest plain is a good place. There are many people fighting to protect people. Many heroes can live”
“……What, aren’t there always a lot of people?”

I have never heard of a country where there are few soldiers who protect people, even on the shores of central lakes, in the eastern mountains and on the southern plains. But Neia’s tone was never a joke or a dream.

“A hero, even people, need to eat or a thing is also for entry, isn’t it? If there are too many full-time workers to fight, the people will be pressured by that alone”
“……? Well……that’s the way it is”

In fact, there isn’t much need for excessive armaments in such a thin land. No one aims for it. Other than monsters. But Neia was serious.

“The ultimate thing is that you have to fight against any powerful enemy by yourself. That’s what heroes are”
“That’s impossible. I mean, that place will sooner or later be destroyed”
“Maybe it’s a good thing”

Neia smiled and turned around.

“I wish her good luck. ……And Smithson-san, I hope to see you again someday”
“Ah, yes”

……Well, if Aurora´s special training is over today, will there be no longer any contact with Neia?

“See you again, Neia”

The farewell was light, but as long as there is a relationship between Renfangas and the demon territory exploration, we will meet again someday. I saw her off with such a certainty in my heart that I had not spoken to anyone yet.


“Oh……I finally caught you, Hero-sama. Good grief, why don’t you just shave me away and hide in the clouds? It’s a matter of national prestige”
“I’m sorry. That’s it for today”
“I hope so. ……I’ve taken the secret plan of Duke Gardner. It’s about time we pulled out and reported”
“……Is that true? It’s a shame”
“Is there so much regret to leave this country?”
“Well, Trot, is a good and rich country”
“Yeah. ……Even though it’s a defeated country, it’s important, the productivity of this country”
“That’s why I want to try the famous eating tour tonight, Buster-sama”
“Wait a moment, think of whose wallet it is……good grief, okay”


Next day. We enter the northern forest from the usual Red Clan land and go to the vacant land in the forest near the Cherry Blossom Clan. There were three spectators, Gorkus and the Gauntlet Knights.

“Well you came, sky-blue princess. I was waiting for you to apologize for fear of defeat”
“Pull out your weapon and prepare, Black Arm”

Aurora doesn’t meet with Sharon who comes intimidating with a light mouth at all. I thought it would be a bit disgusting, but it was a bit surprising.

“I wonder if you are expecting me to do anything? I’m sorry, but I’m the lowest seat of the Glory Clan and there’s a good reason for that……”
“Rest assured, I am not a child enough to think that I will be defeated by someone like you and I think I will have the victory over the Glory Clan itself. If your disdain is on the back of the clans and the state, you’re already at the bottom of the mud of the stigma that Renfangas and Arcus will never wipe out your disgrace again”
“……Sky blue Aurora!”

Sharon makes a provocation by herself and breaks easily by counter-provocation. And I saw it. The black arm over there ……Well, the scar-faced elf called Berga made a small nod to Aurora. ……Sharon has such an evaluation even among her companions. By the way, Felios had a angrily face, not as outright as Sharon. He also seems to be weak to the provocation comparatively.

“I declare in the name of the spirit of light, to be an observer”

Gorkus raises his hand after confirming that both of them are in the middle of the vacant land.

“Either one loses the will or the power to fight, to determine the winner and loser! You must not have the will of injuring or killing the opponent in this battle! If you are proud, accept this decision in your name!
“In the name of Sky Blue Aurora”
“In the name of Glory Sharon”

Due to the fact that the two of them spoke, the duel is established. And Irina sticks out her fan and shouts.


They take distance at the same time as Irina’s words are heard. In the meantime, about 5 meters. Sharon wears the usual bikini armor (cloth wrapped) and holds a two-handed sword. A sword that is over a meter long. This is an average product. Aurora, on the other hand, wears an elegant cloak and dress with engravings for improved strength. Although the limbs are equipped with leather gauntlets and long boots, the uneasiness remains in the defense. However the good thing is…… a slender longsword about 80 cm across the blade, one on each waist. Aurora crossed both arms and pulled them out.

“Two sword style……?”

Dianne makes a little surprised voice.

“Surely it is not impossible for Aurora who can hold a sword in the same way with both hands……but if it is normal……”
“By changing the length of one hand’ benefits, she divides the role and the quality of the swords so that the tactical type is naturally in place……well, that’s true”

Anzeros responses to Dianne’s surprise. It is not unusual for a swordsman to use this two-swords style. However, in order to gain the advantage of manpower, at most two sword styles with short swords and knives are seen, but two long sword styles are hardly seen. It’s difficult, and it’s a bit of a challenge. The longer the sword, the more the tip load is placed on the wrist. If it is short, it will be prevented and in many cases it will not be possible to push it off. To make up for the weakness of a longsword, it is standard to have a dagger that is excellent in defense and handling.

“Have you been trained in such acrobatics? But you cant match me with such hasty preparation”

Sharon holds her sword with both hands and laughs from her nose. Aurora lowered both swords from the front left and right. She closed her eyes slowly and mutters a little.

“My name is Aurora”
“The younger sister of young noble Lucas of the forest. The favorite child of Klaves. ……The daughter of Dior who knows the new era. And the beloved slave of Andy Smithson”

Sharon is slightly upset and blushes. Unexpected reaction.

“These things that shape me aren’t fakes”

Then Aurora lifts her swords slowly to cross her arms.

“That’s why I’m here!”

In an instant, she opens her arms and swings her swords down. Bon, the sound of the sail swelling up and a huge shock wave occurs. Two shockwaves were piled up to increase the power.


Sharon rushes and dances in the air and dodges it. Aurora quickly leaps forward and strikes in succession with a thrust and a slash. I couldn’t catch it with my eyes, but the clear metal sound resonated. It’s not a two-sword style with just two. It was sublimated into a real battle style knowing that the two swords were multiplied by each other.

Most of the attack seemed to be barely prevented, but one shot seemed to fail and the cloth of the bikini armor is torn sideways. ……When I look at it this way, I’m sure it’s not just clothes. If it is ordinary clothes, it is a slash that strikes the heart and passes sideways through the gaps of the ribs.

“Do not get carried away!!”

Sharon takes a distance and swings her sword to the ground. When I thought it was too far away in the air, she raised a wall so that the earth would turn up. The fine spray of earth becomes a smoke screen and Aurora is not allowed to pursue.

“What is this!?”

I scream unintentionally, but Dianne explains it calmly.

“Earth drive is a sword skill. Sometimes dwarf Ace Knights and Paladins use that skill. ……However its my first time that I saw an elf user”

As expected, Sharon is really a Black Arm. And not just a stick-wielding swordsman.

“I appreciate your efforts, but I don’t wear this gauntlet just for show!!”

Sharon kicks her own earth wall and strikes a blow to aurora, who has lost sight of the dust. Aurora catches it by crossing her swords.


Sharon turns her sword and hits the flank as she laughs at Aurora, who is trembling at the weight of the blow. Aurora defends herself against it by turning around the sword set up in a cross.

“It is more unrefined than it looks. Re-examine”
“……Talking from above!”

Aurora continues to take a heavy blow of Sharon which is carried out one after another beautifully though it is considerably severe. The defense technique is clearly different from the time with one hand.

“How much special training did she do……”
“The technique of the young girl named Neia was amazing. ……She has repeatedly attacked with the eye of a needle. She has endured that special training, so Aurora’s current skill should be able to do it!”

Anzeros holds her fist. And when they heard our words, with a twitch of the eyebrows, Felios and Berga looked here.


……After all, it is confirmed with them that Neia is someone from Renfangas. Felios grinds his teeth out of anger and raises his voice to Sharon.

“Sharon! Her swordsmanship was trained by Neia Grans, don’t be careless!”
“I, I’m on my guard!!”

……Neia is amazing enough that Ferlos is wary of her.

“Felios-dono. If you’re going to interfere with the duel, you’re going to have to leave”

Gorkus scowls at Felios. Berga silently stopped Felios from snoring. ……Unexpectedly, leadership may be in Berga´s direction. In the meantime, Aurora, who surpassed Sharon’s offensive, strikes back. Contrary to Sharon’s intense bodily blows, Aurora´s rain-like attack pierces precisely. Sharon replays with the power of her two-handed sword and surpasses well, but it doesn’t work well like Bonaparte. The cuts increases little by little and the breath rises. ……Bikini armor is a little hard to see the raw wound when saying so. But.

“No matter how fast your attack is! Even if the defense is polite!”

Sharon makes an obstacle again with Earth Drive and she swings back her sword greatly.

“After all, swordsmanship!”

And, the raised earth wall is blown again. Releasing a large amount of crushed stone towards Aurora.

“Compared to the battle with monsters, this technique is aimed only at fighting against people!!”

And again, the stone crush attack from Earth Drive. It’s a nasty attack that destroys the footing and visibility and doesn’t let you hit.


Aurora which blew off most of the crushing stones with a shockwave isn’t able to prevent the big ones indeed and suffered many bruises. This attack cannot be completely sealed. She can’t fill up. Even if she jumps and jumps in, the other party does not have a bad footing. If she will be targeted for a defenseless landing, it will be checkmate there. ……Indeed, she doesn’t have any more hands. No. Aurora has not lost her spirit at all. She isnt in a hurry at all. She grinned at Sharon, who tried to use Earth Drive again and put her two swords in her waist.

“It’s good”

Aurora sinks down. Taking the stance of concentrating power on the sword that is hung on the left waist.

“That’s how you can devote yourself to things that are not human”

Gin and roar.


At that moment, a light erupted from Aurora’s waist and it seemed as if it had stretched in a straight line ignoring everything. Cutting the earth wall. Cutting off the dirt. Cutting the stones. And then.


Hit Sharon’s sword in half, cut off the bikini armor around the chest and is wounded.

The game was decided with a single blow. Sharon sat down and looked at the wound on her chest, shaking with tears. Aurora stands majestically, turning the sword unshaken toward Sharon.

“My older brother cut a tree, even with a ruler. ……I’m still doing my best to the fullest, but someday I’m sure”

It is a proof that Aurora has accepted all of her qualities and made it her own. The power of Ace Knight, who chased after her brother and imitated her brother’s swordsmanship, is not a mistake. Undoubtedly one of her talents. Finding her own style and incorporate everything into one complete model. Therefore, the powers obtained in the past do not become dead ends, but continue to grow and reach. A technique finally showed up in the following form as her swordsman, making use of everything and synergy.

“……Slashing wave……”
“……It’s the technique of General Lucas”

Time begins to move when Anzeros and I muttered so.

“That’s it!! Winner, Sky Blue Aurora!!”

Irina decides that Sharon lost her will to fight.


Ferlos and Berga hurry and go save Sharon. ……Well, it seemed that it wasn’t a fatal wound thanks to the softening with the sword tentatively and it probably will heal cleanly because there is a miraculous spring in this forest. Judging so, I rush to Aurora´s side.


Aurora smiles with her swords. Her clothes were covered with dust and the face and arms were full of bruises, but Aurora was very neat and beautiful and had a girlish smile. And to Sharon, who is being treated, she says in a dignified manner.

“I’m not poisoned, I’m not playing around, as I love this person. ……The life of an elf is longer than other races, not because it is to enjoy the longevity itself, but rather to love each other only by the elves”

She glances at me.

“Because I believe it was fortune that I meet you”

…………. A little shy……. To us like that, the scar-faced Berga objected in a low voice.

“……Despite that, Sky-Blue Princess. ……He can’t live for a hundred years. Do you spend the remaining thousand years with the pain in your chest? Do you still love him knowing that?”
“If so, should I die?”

As a matter of course, Aurora smiled. ……What.

“He, Hey……I can’t accept that”
“Oh, of course. If it is too hard to live, I will die. If you deny happiness because you don’t like it, no matter how long you have a long life, you’ll want to die no matter what you do”
“……That’s also extreme”
“That’s right”

Aurora leans over to me and whispers.

“If that’s the case, I will not just be a 『Woman』 who just loves you, but a 『Mother』 who keeps your proof of life and loves you♪”

……This girl.

“Don’t be impatient and fall in love, youth is inevitable”
“That’s right. It’s a future story!”


“Oh dear. I thought what would happen, but our friends might be outrageous”
“It’s over if Dianne-san says that. ……I was overtaken at once”
“Huhu, aren’t you going to end there?”
“Of course. ……Because our husband is likely to rush into a dangerous place”

(Tl note: Talk between Dianne and Irina)

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