Half elves fall in love chapter 105

Chapter 105: Party time, first part



Wednesday. A banquet was held at the Baron’s mansion to celebrate Aurora’s birthday.

There was a little bit of confusion when choosing the venue. 「I want to celebrate Aurora’s birthday」, Polka´s tavern master, the Baron and the Red, White, Orange and Cherry Blossom Clan chiefs raised their hands all at once. Moreover, it was three days before the day that Aurora’s birthday became known to them (I slid my mouth in the dining table regarding ring making and it spread to various places via Irina), so it heats up strangely, Eventually, the six people decided to compete in the form of drinking and comparing Polka´s alcohol 「Great Ice field」. It seems to have been a legendary battle between the baron and the master of the tavern, who left behind the four clan chiefs who gave up early, but it was well left behind.

Even if it is a banquet, it is a fine aristocratic ceremony that takes place in a buffet style. Since there is no dress code (The general residents of Polka also have free admission), it should be a regular dress, but I was half-dressed by the baron.

“I’m not used to this kind of thing……”
“You´ll be the escort of the guest of honor, don’t humiliate Aurora”
“I know”

I want you to pardon the awkwardness of the body for a moment because of the tightness on my throat. ……I’m not asking for formal appearances.

“You look good. It’s not just Aurora, it’s also the baron’s face”
“Stretch your back and have plenty of room for your expression. Boys look so good if they are careful, Andy-kun”

Dianne and Hilda also dress up in their own way. Anzeros, Lantz, and Keiron are often overlooked because they are in full dress. By the way, the ogres Goto and Boyd can’t be entered unless they bow down due to the convenience of the venue (The ceiling is low), so they drink with Johnny on the open terrace prepared outside. Jeanne is maternity because the last month of pregnancy is near. Laila and Maia are oddly determined no matter how many clothes they wear, so they wear dresses they have looked up at a rental costume shop.

And again, Selenium and Apple made a difference.

“Ooo, it’s Apple-chan!”
“She is beautiful……”
“I like Selenium-chan’s red dress. After all that style is amazing”

They borrowed clothes from the costume room because they were almost the same as the Baron´s wife, but they usually prefer simple clothes (Rather than luxury and too much ties). If they tie up their hair, they will really feel like princesses.

“It’s unbearable. I don’t know which one is the main character”

Aurora laughs bitterly. Although she is not inferior in any way, Aurora, who is a genuine young lady who usually comes out with gorgeous costumes, always had a low impact even if she dressed nicely.

“Ah, don’t say that. They are dressed up to make your birthday more exciting”
“I’m aware of that. ……Please listen to the envy of a woman whose growth period is over”

Selenium and Apple, both of whom have big breasts, stand out thanks to their dresses. On the other hand, Aurora is still slender. In the first place, there is still a little presence compared to Jeanne and Irina, who have small bulges and Anzeros and Maia, who are not worth considering when they wear clothes that are almost puffy. Still, I have to say that it is still insufficient to make Jeanne´s motherhood feel. But well.

“You’re beautiful, so don’t complain too much. If you’re a woman in the royal capital, it’s ironic that even that’s a terrible thing”

The beauty of elves is eye-catching. Even Polka with the beauty effect of the miraculous spring seems to have many beauties, so in addition to being able to take part in such a miracle, the hot baths should be known in the capital city where there are only rich houses and bathhouses. Aurora’s appearance, which can be declared beautiful with out of one head even among the elves, will not be a great loss to the extent that her breasts are small.

“I know that, but……why don’t purebred elves grow up with their breasts so much? It’s strange”
“Hmm. It’s indeed strange”

Irina who wore her usual loose robe nods to Aurora´s words. I think she should grow up more radically.

“Is it normal for purebreds to be short of breasts?”
“You won’t understand if you look at it. I can’t say that by any standard, but Christie is modest compared to her height”

As for Irina, it goes without saying that even if I look at the externals of Cherry Blossoms clan chief Christie……yes. It’s a little difficult to judge with clothes with little exposure and clothes with several cloths, but it’s certainly not so noticeable.

“But Sharon is big, isn’t she?”
“It’s big……maybe the biggest purebred elf I ever met”
“Is that so?”

Was I worshiping such recordable boobs? Thank God. That Sharon’s Gauntlet Knights didn’t come today. Well, it’s hard to show their faces.

The party is in full-swing now.

“Aurora, don’t be nervous”
“Eh……is that so?”

It might be a little mean, but I’ll whisper. ……I haven’t handed the ring yet. I was trying to pass it halfway through, but I was missing the opportunity to calmly face Aurora, following the greetings of the elves and the people of the city. I made it with great spirit. It is regrettable that the reaction is rushed between people. That’s why I waited until Aurora gave me a glance.

“Hum? Isn’t the ring completed after all?”

Irina asks with a mean smile. Aurora didn’t want to be thought to be upset or didn’t change her expression, but it was clear because her ears bounced.

“Now, I’m a little busy here right now……”
“”I heard you’re making armor for Sharon. Did you make it in time?”

Oh, Aurora desperately stops her expression with a smile, but seems to cry a little. Even if I didn’t make it in time, did she feel that I was missing it when she defended me desperately and won the duel?


I hit Irina´s head and turned to Aurora.

“Trust me. If I couldn’t make it in time, I wouldn’t have come to this place and I would have stayed up all night long”
“Ah, Andy……san”
“Give me your hand, Aurora”

I remove the hardened smile by stroking her cheeks and picking up Aurora’s hand with a slightly neat face. Next I pull on the silk gloves and put the ring on her left ring finger.

“I was able to finish it yesterday. ……Happy Birthday. Thank you for fighting for me. ……My Aurora”

I put on a slightly broad, glowing silver ring that’s crafted to the extent that you can’t put in any gems, filled with a lot of personal flair. ……Bright silver is a rare metal produced in Folklore and it cannot be called 「Bright light」 as the name suggests, but it has the property of shining in the dark. It was quite expensive and courageous to fiddle with it, but it was a satisfying finish.

“Take care of it. ……Oh, now that I think of it, it’s the first time that I’ve made a serious accessory for a girl”

I have worked on a collar and a gift for a crossbow crew member. I made an armor the other day and worked on swords. The fact that my few small craftsmanships, “Special skills compared to other people” have not been fully used for gifts for girls until here. ……I wonder what this is like with me.

“……Ho, really, personal matter……for the first time? … Can I have the first thing……?”
“I’m angry if I say I’ve made it on your birthday but you give it to someone else”
“……Ye, Yes……I won’t give it away. I…… I’ll take care of it……!!”

Aurora hugs her left hand as if she was impressed. At the same time, whistling and finger whistling sounds come from around and applause rises. ……It seems that the acquainted townspeople and Selenium and the others all paid attention when thinking something.

“No No, it’s a really craftsmanship-like, pleasing talk. You look like Chief Smithson when he was young, Andy”

The baron seems to be satisfied while clapping with his hands.

“If you ask me, you’ve never had anything other than collars made”
“Let’s ask about one of the hair ornaments when you can make it”
“Ho, I’m fine with piercings? It’s fun to put it in a bit of a wacky place”
“Ah, there…..? But if it’s Andy-sama……”
“Then, I would like a necklace. A ring is a little bit of a treat because it’s easy to bend with healing magic”
“I want you to make something like a amulet if you can do it”
“I, I just got armor, so it’s hard to make another request……”
“……I, I too……is it okay?”

The girls are getting excited all at once. When I looked at the open terrace outside, Jackie-san with Sara was winking over while drinking with the outside guys. Thank you for your help this time. And, the aunts group of Polka who wear strong make-up are also smiling towards me.

“And who will be the favorite after all, Andy”
“I don’t say that when you’re young, you’re not a pear, but you can’t stay young forever”
“If you can settle down, you must do it as soon as possible. Maybe you haven’t decided yet? Then, it is a good time now for Harry-jiisan to have a great-grandson”

※The Polka Aunts talk about this and that here.

“Yo, You know what kind of scene it is at the celebration of who’s here right now!”
“Rough, but it’s better to do this early”
“You know, the steamed bun shop´s sisters, Keel´s younger sister. That child is growing up to be a very beautiful woman”

The Aunts were invincible. I had to run away with all my strength.


Midnight. The banquet is over and the baron’s mansion becomes empty.

“No ones is here anymore……”
“That’s right, they all went back home”

I who had been held in baron’s private room had returned to the banquet hall. There are no girls, no Keirons, no elves, no aunts. Did everyone return to the inn?

“It was a disaster, Andy”

I drop my shoulders. Well, I was thinking about the danger of becoming more or less strange at the time of the party, but I do not think that it is good even if everyone thinks about the atmosphere a little more.


And Irina appears from behind us. Was she drinking tea somewhere in the house?

“There is no duty here, Smithson-dono”
“N……well, did everyone return to the inn?”

Irina closed the fan in her hand and looked up at me.

“But the party was cut off like that and wouldn’t it be fun enough, Smithson-dono?”
“Ah……well, a little bit”

I nod while thinking that it was somewhat strange.

“Good, then let’s go to the forest. We also prepared a party”

At this time? I thought so, but elves are a little different from humans. It’s not nocturnal, but everything tends to be long-paced and self-paced. There is a possibility that the alcohol serving is a little longer than among humans.

“Okay then…..let’s go”
“Hmm. I thought you would say that”

When Irina nodded, she pulled my hand and started walking.

“Sir Guto, have a good night”
“Ah, Irina-dono is healthy. ……Andy, you also have a good night”
“Ye, Yes, see you”

I feel like the baron was laughing. ……Well, it’s usually a bit of a laugh if you say that drinking continues during the night.


I pass through the forest boundary smoothly with the lead of Irina. Suddenly I came across a daytime world.


Even though it is inside an ancient boundary, night is night. It’s always the middle of day like this……in the bounding prison I was imprisoned the other day.

“Ah, Irina, Are we in the wrong place?”
“I don’t think I said anything from a clan´s manor”
“…… This is the meeting place?”

I thought why in a prison, but fruits are always growing here, the climate is stable and it’s not a bad place.

“Meeting place. Meeting place. ……Huhuhu”

However, I become uneasy because Irina has a strange way of laughing somehow.

“Wh, What is it?”
“No, the wording seems strange”

……What is it?

“The place is great. Let’s start with the party”

After passing through the forest, Selenium and my female slaves and lovers were all sitting in the back of the house and chatting. There is no alcohol. There are no other participants.

“Oh, you’ve come Andy”

Dianne stands up. Following that, all the other girls get up and greet me. Everyone stayed in their dresses from the dinner party.


Selenium and Apple, who dressed in bold dresses and have their hairs tied up, approached and kissed me alternately as I was a little stunned as to what is happening here right now.

“Today’s party was a bit disturbing”
“Emm……that, the baron-san’s wife gave us a certificate saying, 『You can return it after washing it properly』”

Following the two daring girls, Anzeros explains as she slowly takes off her armored clothes and remains in her underwear.

“Th, That……you’ve been busy recently and didn’t have much time for us, as you have been taken by Sharon or talking to Aurora”
“Today it is the first time after a long time for everyone to talk to Andy-san”
“I’ll do my best too♪”
“Everyone has just dressed up, so it’s worth it to get dirtyーAndy-kun♪”
“Ho. It’s not like you´re going to say it to your relatives, but you’ll take the whole princesses of the ball home and fuck them all in one”
“……To, Today too……I’ll do everything for Andy-sama’s cock……♪”

Laila takes a pose that invites me by swaying her dress, while Jeanne and Maia roll up their skirts straight.

“If we are here, no one will get in the way. Let’s continue the feast to our heart’s content♪”

Irina rolls up the hem of her robe and shakes her little buttocks in a mischievous manner.

“Good grief……can I really do this?”

I take off my coat and loosen the belt with a wry smile.

“Don’t worry. Enjoy now!”

Dianne kissed me on my neck and I decided to do it.


“Is the condition true?”
“Yeah. The king’s consent is also attached. It’s cheap if you can lend me your power”
“……You can trust me”
“Of course”
“Good, I understand. ……I´ll give you my word”
“It’s a deal. ……It’s a dangerous task, but I’ll rely on you, 『Dancing Spear』 Almeida”

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