Half elves fall in love chapter 106

Chapter 106: Party time, second part [Apple Selenium Irina etc.]



In the midst of noon at the forest, I take off my tailcoat in front of beautiful women who lined up. Nine people, no, with Irina ten people and they attack me by boasting their different charms.

“It’s been a while since we’re all together, so don’t hesitate to do it”
“Hoho. Well, I hope you’ll let me hug you as I like”
“Everyone is so motivated, so if you’re not sure, leave it to us first♪”

Selenium takes Laila’s words and kneels in front of my waist with Apple. Selenium shows the nape by having her hair tied up with a hair clip and Apple also tied her hair together neatly with careful braiding and kisses me slowly but without hesitation.

“Both of you are pretty……”
“It’s been a long time since I’ve been dressed like this”
“Yes. ……It’s been a while or it’s the first time I’ve been doing it normally instead of in disguise”

When I ask them back, they both have a troubled laugh.

“I have become a lady. As a course of events”
“It was when we were traveling through Afilm Empire. Gorotsuki-san had his eyes on me……I was a little frustrated, so I didn’t really enjoy it”
“I see”

They are half elves who are originally nomadic people. If not, there will be no place to go out unnecessarily.

“It looks good on you”
“……I’m glad you’re flattering”
“It’s not flattering. Well, you guys, need be aware of how beautiful you are”

I gently stroke their cheeks. Although they are kissing me alternately, they both happily dyed their cheeks and resumed kissing. Soon after that, in a cooperation play, Apple sucks the tip of my dick, while Selenium stretches out to the trunk and balls. It looks like a fierce service by aristocratic princess sisters. Besides, they try to cover my lower body with saliva in greed.

“Muu……I should have also dressed up……”

Anzeros looks a little regretful when she sees me obsessed with their service. ……I mean.

“Why didn’t you dress up……”
“Ke, Keiron and Lantz are there, so I didn’t want to let them see……”

It seems to have been unpleasant to do woman’s externals by all one’s might in front of the members who she had been familiar since the time she was disguised as a man.

“In the first place, I haven’t the courage to wear a dress because I haven’t been wearing it since I was a kid!”

Even though the masquerade is a little too cute, Anzeros was swept away by “Well I´m a elfi”, but there is no such thing as a girlish appearance. Rather, there should be no wonder that she was dressed up as a native rich merchant.

“Next time, I’ll make a brooch or necklace, so wear a dress and pick it up. It’s your husbands order”
“……Ye, Yes”

Anzeros nods obediently as she sees Aurora´s ring from the side. Was she envious? Although it is a confidence work, because it is the first time I have made something as a present to a girl, I am glad for a moment that it is envied like this.

“Nchu, n, waraa……hey……Andy-san, it’s us who are serving you, aren’t we?”
“Selenium, at times like this……this, ngu……nzuzuzuu”

Selenium and Apple intensify the offensive whether I didn’t like it after licking my cock. Rather, Apple shows off a strangely skillful vacuum. The two are hugging with their hands wrapped in high-quality gloves and catching my waist that seems to close unintentionally and don’t let me escape. My back is numb by a raging pleasure.

“……Andy-san looks really comfortable……it’s also a good idea to look at his figure when he is fully feeling it♪”
“Huhuhuuu. It needs a hand-mouth skill to enjoy that♪ How is it, Aurora-chan. Do you want me to teach you that technique next time? ……Or rather, everyone can come to Hilda-sensei to learn techniques not including vagina techniques”
“I’m interested, I want you to tell me more”
“……I also, just a little……”
“Why don’t you tell me? It sounds interesting”

I want to say it in the outfield, but I can’t afford it. Two beautiful half elves with elegant appearances completely invade my brain with a compassionate lip service and my head turn white without any effort. A feeling of ejaculation rises. Sweet numbness dominates the elbows, knees, shoulders, hips, and spine. Just before it converges and fires as if the whole soul is pulled out, Apple stops her sucking abruptly.

“Se, Selenium♪”
“……Apple, amazing……”

Selenium sees Apple with a respectful look, as I look at them with a miserable face.

“I feel like my senses have recently returned. ……Andy-san’s penis has become accustomed to it a little bit”
“As, As one would expect from the number one female slave, Apple”

Apple boasts her obscene techniques with a makeup that is slightly more cute than Selenium, which emphasizes the sexual appeal of a woman. It’s a mismatch and that’s why it’s amazing.

“……Ah, Apple”
“Le……Let me go”

When I talked about my frustrated thoughts, she smiled and looks cute.

“Not good♪”

I was told it was not good.

“Wh, Why”
“Today everyone gets a turn, so you can’t shoot wastefully!”

Apple wipes the saliva dripping down her mouth and the bubbles that run ahead with her fingertips, lightly turns around and raises her long skirt. A moist and wet underwear was exposed in front of me.

“……If you’re going to put it out, release it in my uterus……♪”
“That’s right……♪”

Selenium imitates Apple and just stick out her butt in the same way. When I put my hands on the underwear of the two and put my fingers in between their crotches, it was moistened with love juice.

“Yo, You can’t use your fingers……I can’t get pregnant with them♪”
“Today, I was proud of Jeanne-chan’s tummy and I cant wait anymore……”
“Ah, me?”
“After all, Andy-san shall release his semen to his heart content in everyone’s pussy, so that everyone is satisfied”
“……It’s a great way to say it. It’s not wrong”
“Ho. It’s true that a pregnant woman is like that”
“We too……I want a sign that I’m more captivated by Andy-san’s dick than a collar……”
“Yes……so, please mark me……♪”

Two people unfold the underwear that covers their buttocks while showing a novel interpretation of the fetus. Their brilliantly rounded butts looked extraneous with the vivid colors of the dresses. Even if it was raised to the limit, I was already at the limit of patience if two genitals were unpleasantly spread wide with fingers wrapped in cloth gloves.

“I’ll go, Apple……!”

Laila turns forward to support her body that is about to collapse and fall. In preparation for Selenium’s turn, Dianne also lined up and took Selenium’s hands. I feel free to push a stable Apple with support. However, since it was raised to the level of ejaculation from the original, my son seemed to fire immediately.

“Ho. Desperate, owner. Let’s entertain your eyes a little bit”

As soon as Laila says that mischievously, did she pull the chest of the dress and exposes her nipples.

“If so, will my milk be a feast for your eyes?”

Dianne also makes a slight angle, exposing her soft breasts and shaking them. There are four breasts in front of me and two peach-like asses at hand. They cooperate to help me seed. It was a happy situation. Hilda sticks to me from behind.

“O, uaa!?”
“Not good, you have to do this to let me become pregnant, kyaa♪”

When I think that I heard a mysterious pronunciation spell in my ear, someone add extra vitality to my lower body. Mass ejaculation magic, commonly known as sperm hell magic.

“I will be exhausted after finishing this……”

If ejaculation comes out like a piss, it becomes close to dehydration.

“Don’t worry about that”
“You can continue while taking it”

Aurora and Anzeros were picking fruits from the trees nearby. This is the food that has taken care of us during the imprisonment and it was good to bake it raw or boil it. They scoop them up and try to feed me by mouth-to-mouth. Thus, hugged from behind and given fruits by mouth from the left and right, I catch the two buttocks at hand and having a full gauze packed sex of watching Laila and Dianne’s breasts in front and reached the climax,

“A……A, Ah, Andy-san, coming, swelling, looking for the womb, pour it in my hole……th, there, my child’s bag, there!!”
“Haaaa……me too, quickly me too……Andy-san´s penis!”

Apple screams as I slam her hips violently and shaking them afterwards. Selenium also wants my son while shaking her hips. And I ejaculate while pushing up Apple’s womb tightly.

“HHa, aaaaaaaaaaa♪♪”
“Andy-kun, amazing……erupt……very much”
“It’s a manly manner to take it out……♪”
“It’s wasteful……he could have twisted it into me or someone else in the middle of it, rather than letting it overflowing”
“It’s more than that, we are left out of the event”
“I want to serve Andy-sama as well. Somebody get in the way”
“I, I’m the first one!”
“Oh dear, our turn is likely to come later, Dianne”
“You know what, Andy is extraordinary, so we will also get our turn. Don’t panic”

The next hole is immediately stuck out after the ejaculation, and there is no time to rest. I’m not going to rest. There is no time to be lazy in an attractive hole. As soon as I finish ejaculation, I change to Selenium´s pussy and insert my dick. Lively and abnormal outdoor sex continued.


On the grass in the forest at noon. On the grass of the forest in the daytime. A small guy like me is sleeping with beautiful women who dressed beautifully in his surroundings and a large amount of semen inside their vaginas is dripping out. And I almost instinctively violated the last left butt with a sensually crispy head.

“Higu, u, uu……I, I, already, so full, how many times……kkuu!!”
“So, Sorry, but please keep me accompany for a little bit longer…..kkuooo!!”

At the end, Irina is forced to put her cheeks on the ground and push her hips up, and continue to pant while being weak. Apart from that, all the other girls are no longer good. Laila and Maia are rolling around, but if I say I want them, they will still get along and Anzeros and Dianne are happily weak, but they should have enough physical strength. I’m sure I should stop doing something to Jeanne, because of her big belly or Hilda-san who was in a good condition, but I squeezed into her throat to let her drink semen. Perhaps the only reason that Irina was persistently committed was the last order in which it was plunged, and the odd reason that this little genital fits well and feels like a waste to pull out. I don’t feel like I’m arrogant or laying on my clothes, but I’m not obscene, but Irina’s pussy feels so good and I don’t feel like reflecting on it.

“Haa, Haaa……pl, please keep going without refusal……”
“I, I’m sorry”
“How many times do you want to make a vaginal cum shot……”
“……Sorry, I forgot……now this time outside”
“……To, Too late. ……It’s alright, pour until you’re satisfied”

Irina leaves herself to me as if she was amazed. Her tone is really 「Helpless」, but the small vagina is still entangled around my dick greedily while bathing in three ejaculations, trying not to pull out like unkneaded and continue to invite the glans to the back to peristalsing. I’m not aware of myself, but it’s a great instrument.

“In that way……ha, have you always such a flashy night……?”

As expected, when it was the fourth time after all the other parties, the movements of the hips did not stick to each other and when moving the hips with a calm rhythm, Irina asks with a subtle expression for a moment.

“It, It’s not always, well usually……two or three people a night”
“……I’m not familiar with the human world……but at that point, I think it’s a little too grand for a human”
“But……they are all good women and are happy with it, so it’s fine”
“……Whether you attracted a woman, or a woman wants you to do it……I know you’re not going to get out of hand”

A sigh of relief. I was a little hurt, so I try to be violent.

“N, Naaa……I, I’m still fine……!?”
“You’re part of that, you erotic clan chief!”
“Uu……Th, That’s……”

For some reason, Irina seems strangely happy, or rather tries to hide her loosen cheeks. ……Ah. Isn’t it sounding like she’s indirectly saying that she is a good woman who can’t lose to them? ……Well, that’s fine.

“……I will let you become pregnant”
“Bear my child, Irina”

I violently pour my sperm into her womb. Irina nodded slightly while bathing in semen as her stomach swelled for a moment.

“……Somehow, Andy is really a bad guy, isn’t he……”
“……Irina, who is steadily ecstatic, is too weak”
“Ho. It’s the right kind of ability for my rider”
“……I still want Andy-sama’s semen……♪”

Outsiders are noisy. Anyway, Maia.


Next day. Even after entering the miraculous spring, I still had a heavy waist, but Jackie-san and I decided to go on to continue making bikini armor, I suddenly asked Anzeros.

“When is your birthday?”
“Wh, What, all of a sudden?”

Anzeros, who was having breakfast, looked surprised.

“I have promised you to make a brooch or necklace, so that you can dress up. A birthday is just right for that”
“If it’s my birthday……it’s the month after next month, but I think we´re not taking it slowly in Polka at that time”
“I see……”

Well, what should I do? I thought that I shall ask everyone to know their birthdays.

“By the way, everyone’s birthday is……”

As soon as I started talking, some girls hurried and stood. Specifically, Selenium, Apple, and Hilda.

“Why run away”
“A, Ahaha”
“……Th, That story, another time……”
“Andy-kun, ……not everyone is happy about their birthday”


“……How old are you, so that I get to know your birthday?”
“If, If you never pursue it because it’s a 17th birthday……I will tell you☆”

……Complex people.

By the way, after pursuing, only the age of selenium was found out. 44 years old. ……This kind of half-realistic number may certainly be a bit of a reaction. Although Selenium is from a long-lived species.

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