Half elves fall in love chapter 11

Chapter 11: Trip to the labyrinth【Selenium ・ Dianne】

“Well. ……Let’s rest today”
Seeing the skylight in the labyrinth began to lose even its orange light, Dianne turned around.

“Can’t we move a little more?”
Selenium tilts her head. Anzeros sighs.

“…….Smithson can’t move”


I apologize to the three girls. I was the dead weight of the party.

“Andy-san, are you tired?”


Regardless of Dianne who is doubtful of whether there is a limit of physical strength either, it is embarrassing as a man to lose to Anzeros who wears her black armor and even Selenium who is not a soldier. Honestly, it is shameful. My feet are aching.

“Tentatively, it was over 40 km, which is enough for today’s journey”

One of Dianne’s special skills is “To calculate the distance walked almost precisely”. She was used to be making maps before entering the military and it seems that she obtained that skill at that time. Out of 200 years, military life is only 30 years. Dianne, who has various skills like a masterpiece used some of her feats to manage her corps.

“Can we really get out in three weeks at this pace?”

“The tolerance range is up to five weeks, Anzeros”
Dianne shakes a scroll. She copied the map that was in the Ox-ogre village.

Dianne smiled and refused the offer of Isaac to guide us to the labyrinth exit. He will waste a month and a half back and forth when he goes out with us for a long vacation period. Since Dianne had confidence in her sense of direction, she asked only if there was a map and we departed by copying the labyrinth map which was treasured by the village.

“Isaac has taught me 『How to distinguish the correct route』 which is quite useful”

“Is it also a mark?”

“No, it is a way to distinguish air rather than a mark. The 『Correct route』 is the place where people can live and people are still using it now. If you look carefully, people’s marks are more than traces of monsters”

“… How do you distinguish them?”

“Such a thing is like a feeling……well, maybe I´m only one who understands it”
Dianne makes a bitter smile.

“The common point between ogres and dark elves is that they can see in the darkness, that’s why the situation of these places can be read more finely than ordinary humans and elves”

“I see……”

“There are no signs of monsters around here, which is perfect for making a camp”
Exposing her hand to a stream flowing into the labyrinth, we aimed for a small room nearby. Monsters had never appeared on the route until now though it is possible to stand up and to fight.

The desert labyrinth formed a kind of ecosystem. Maintaining the air clean, spreading the groundwater to the whole, generating monsters to be a predator to prey other monsters and defend several hidden villages with numerous fraud. It was a magnificent gimmick with functions close to a forest in the sense that it protects and nurtures living beings, harmonizes by utilizing energy and resources.

“Really who made such a labyrinth?”

“If elves didn’t do it, then it was probably made by a dragon”

“I wonder if there is still a dragon……there might be one of the dragon palaces here if you search well”

“Don’t say scary things”
Preparing dinner, we have such a talk. The dinner which was caught by Dianne from outside the route a few days ago was a monster-like pig. We ate it at the party at the Ox-ogre village. It seems that in front of Dianne that monster wasn’t so strong. To get food in this form is very good on a journey, but as a person, I feel a sense of resistance to eating a monster.


“Please don’t make a tantrum Andy. If you are tired you have to take extra protein. If it’s a little bit, it dwindles every muscle”

Dianne shows a bitter smile to me who is hesitant to eat the grilled meat.

“Do you want me to help you eat it by doing mouth to mouth feeding?”
Selenium approaches me when the chance is seen.

“St, Stop Selenium, that is shameless!”

“That’s right, don’t steal a march on”
The other two grab hold of Selenium and stopped her. Dianne opened up because Isaac was gone and did not mind that Anzeros had a bitter face.


“The fight will be fair, we´re going to handle it at night”

“Even if the fight is different, I don’t have anything, even if Andy-san compared me to Dianne-san. I won’t change as Andy-san´s slave, so I just want to do more”

“That’s very sly!! I won’t lose as long as there is no winner decided!”

“Huhuh. That’s the privilege of a female slave”
While squeezing my arms, Dianne and Selenium are fighting with each other. I will leave the two of them alone for the time being and continue my conflict by shedding sweat in front of the monster flesh.

The girls and the Ox-ogres have eaten it calmly. I think it must be okay, but in the opposite, I’m the only human. Ox-ogres might be resistant to the monster´s 「Qi」 because they can see in the darkness and there might be some immunity to the bad 「Qi」 for the elves because they can use magic. They are all right and say that I should feel relieved too. I feel responsible for the fact that I am particularly pulling my legs, even while applying a reason to my physiological aversion. It isn’t so easy for me to have stamina as soon as I eat meat, but if I don’t eat this meat, it is certain that there is only a hard bread, water, and dried fruits to eat. And, it is severe when it is said that it is enough to recover fatigue of my aching feet. Eating this is likely to be a little unreasonable nourishment for a soldier who wants to recover, no, I would say the duty as a man.

“……Ku, you only have to eat……but”

“Absolutely……it is a difficult thing”
Anzeros guessed the conflict in my mind and sighs. She slowly retracts her hand into her armor, rustling, she held something in her hand. Being held in her delicate hand was “「Blessing salt」from the church of Trot kingdom.

“O, Oh, this!!”

In the kingdom, it is a ritual seasoning available anywhere. When eating the meat of an animal with a slightly guilty feeling because you directly hunted it or livestock which you have kept for many years, you use this salt to purify the staining feeling so you can eat the meat and so it became an encouraging friend.

“It’s not like you the two people beside me were somehow stricken.
carry it all the time, right?”

“I don’t have it with me always, I found it on sale mixed within the miscellaneous goods at the Officlade market, so I bought it carelessly”

Behind the back of Dianne who bought the see-through cloth, Anzeros bought such a reliable good.

“I feel like you can eat this”

“D, Don’t you use it? I often eat it when I take it, and it is important”

“Uh-huh. That’s so”
I used the salt and started to eat. Oh, somehow I can eat it without resistance.

“……I feel like I lost the bonds to my countrymen”

“Uu, I don’t know the food culture because it was self-sufficient in Polka……”
The two people beside me were somehow stricken.




“Nhu……n, nn……”
In the small room in the labyrinth where the moonlight is inserted, I lie down exhausted, not making a sound, while Dianne and Selenium start to caress me. It was an act that became almost a routine in recent days.

“Huhu……I’m also tired for today. Don’t tell me that a man who’s tired is particularly prone to erection?”
As Dianne says, her whole body, especially her legs are overwhelmingly motionless, but Selenium licks energetically strangely.

“……N, Nchuu. Ehehe, I wonder if the lust of a boy not to be able to jump on a girl gathers here and wants to come out……?”

“The theory I saw in the library at the capital´s university was that there was a growing instinct to leave the offspring by decreasing the vitality of life”

“Waa, I’m doing some real research as well……n, nryu, reruu……”
Dianne wears the erotic see-through costume. And for Selenium……she wears a costume that was made with the fur of the monster which we ate a little while ago and which hides her private parts lightly. Ears and tail, like a beastman, have been invented for some reason. It seems to have been made to fight against Dianne´s tempting costume.

“Wh, whichever is better……you should take a good rest and we will pull it out firmly”

“Ehehe……Andy-san´s face is vivid with excitement♪”
The subtle and outlandish beastman outfit is strangely convincing thanks to the collar wrapped around the neck of Selenium. When I raised my arms a little bit and stroked Selenium´s head, Selenium smiled and shook her pretty butt. The fake tail is swung as if it is alive. It seems she has wanted to do this.

“Well then, today I……”
Selenium slowly pulls off her fur panty and straddles over me before she slowly sinks down. Dianne is trying to satisfy me a boobs lover, by rubbing her boobs against the side of my face. Dianne, who has a strong and calm heart-lung gradually becomes breathless while pressing her boobs on me. Threesome a dream of mine can be done fully automated. Although I do not think a little about what we are doing every night, it is hard to throw away the feeling of intertwining as three people got together like this, so I continued to be excited.

“Ehehee……good, feeling, good, much…………n, hu, n……!! Andy-san´s penis pokes my womb……!!”

Nucyaa, nucyaa, Selenium swaying up and down on me. It seems that Selenium likes the woman on top posture a lot. She seems to like the feeling of service and the feeling of squeezing with her own initiative. However, it is only recently.

“So, somehow……I, I’m afraid of being attacked by your lust and you show an unsatisfied face”

“Th, That…………aaa♪”
Although Selenium tried to deny something, it is not misunderstood as her lower back moved in rhythm. She is crazy in her head and keeps on hitting her lower part against my dick.

“You, know what, if you attack me……then if you get fucked by me, you are welcome anywhere and you have the confidence to go crazy”

“……I am crazy confident”

“Just by imagining that you are desperately wanting to be fucked regardless of where you are, you will be full of joy and pleasure. If you are allowed to be overflowed with semen thoroughly, you will be happy and sane”

“Hey, I will do a little lip service”

“Are you serious?”
Even while having love whispered in the ear, Selenium totally tosses around with Andy-san´s lower body. Selenium is trying to squeeze the semen by swinging her waist like a beast, covering her breasts with a flirting fur bra just like a slut. The limit came quickly.

“N, ha……aaa!!”

I was told that I didn’t have to move, but I raised up my waist only at the last moment. Selenium makes it so that her whole body weight is left defenseless so that she can be lifted up by me and our bodies bounce into the height.

“Ha, a…………a, a, a……”
As it is, Selenium stares into the air for about a minute. ……This little lingering is a gentleman’s agreement with Dianne trying not to disturb each other……No ladies agreement as they are ladies? No, are they lewd women? ……It seems that the agreement was concluded anyway. Waiting until Selenium weakens properly, then take turns with Dianne.

“Huhu, it is your true appearance”

“Haa……Haa……I, I’m a minor performer……?”

“Of course……♪”
As said the initiative was robbed from me. Dianne’s genital is hanging over my son that is stained with Selenium’s slime. Both of them are completely hairless, so there is nothing to disturb me at all. Dianne lowered her waist proudly and a lewd scene can be seen in the moonlight.

“Huh, n, nn…………huhu, I wonder if this is better……?”
Dianne shows a dirty smile while moving her waist in turn. Even though a month hasn’t passed since I was a virgin, I already had a sexual expression like I like sex and I cannot help it.

“I, I dare say no comment”

“Huhu, let me make a comment……!!”
The movement changes. A horizontal movement that seems to dance violently while adding an irregularly and extraordinarily accent. The vaginal wall that makes moves freely swallows my dick right away.

“U, Uu……kuha, aa!!”

“……Huhu, be honest, all right!!”
This waist skill is so good that it is unbelieve to come from a former virgin. Ultra-first-class physical ability and motivation to learn, every time I have sex, I can feel that love that swells whenever we make love and is boosting that learning. In order to make me feel good, when I am walking in the daytime, preparing meals, I know that Dianne keeps thinking that when she is enviously watching Selenium and me having sex and exhales her spirit.

“Th, This……this, taste, ruu……!”


“Even in the morning, afternoon……in front of Anzeros, in the sun……! Dianne-san, rape delusion, I will do it……!”

“Huhu, raping……peel off my underwear anytime, get in my body whenever you want……! I want to become pregnant from you, let’s do the delusion play now, okay…….?”
Dianne whispers so with drunken eyes as serious as she is. In the daytime, I suddenly pushed Dianne onto the wall of the labyrinth and fucked her. Ridiculously looking at the front and throwing away the waistcloth of Dianne suddenly, I pull the undergarment violently down to the knees and filling the inside of the vagina with my semen. I imagined that situation like a daydream and I couldn’t bear it anymore.

“Ku, u, oooo……!!”

The semen was slammed into the womb. ……That said, I wasn’t a tuna until the end.


Tens of minutes later. A water field outside the small room.

“Hey Anzeros”

“What is it”

“Why are you always washing your underwear naked when I come to grow down?”

“……I, I don’t have to tell you, idiot”

To tell the truth, it is not understood subtly though I have encountered it many times up to now.

“……Well you are stupid……it’s unexpected you don’t know about a woman”

“I feel quite stupid somehow”

“You’re stupid, idiot”
I think it’s a very stupid conversation.

“Y-You see, girls, they release more juices if……y’know, we do it at a shameful spot.”

“……That what you heard?”

“Yeah. I also saw it yo.”
I wonder if she needs to wash her clothes so much because of love juice. ……Uu, I really knew now.

“……Be, Besides”



“What is it”
It turns a somewhat dubious look to Anzeros who has suffered in suddenly trying to say something. Anzeros was sulky and after several minutes she whispers.

“……That’s right, you are an idiot……you only see my chest…….”

“What do you want to say”

“Shut up”
Even though she is an Ace knight, she isn’t scared to be seen naked. She’s just a pretty girl that I’ve seen.

“I don’t know if you have anything to say”

“I’m telling you, you’re noisy! In this situation, I don’t know what to say to you!”

“Even if you say such a thing”

Hanging to me, Anzeros takes a little distance from me with a chopping movement. Her modest milks shake, the air warped and a water column appeared in the stream.

I was slightly moved by the shock wave of the sword pressure that was done without a sword, and I flew lightly……what?


“……Sm, Smithson!?”
I was astonished that there was no shock at the timing that I should land in the stream. Apparently, there seemed to be a hole or something in the dark where the stream flowed.


I seem to have lost consciousness without hitting anything. I open my eyes slowly and a naked woman was in front of me. It seems that my head was rest on her lap. I wonder if these majestic breasts have the same size as Dianne?

“Oh, I, why…”

“Before that, let me ask you a question”
Hmm? A naked woman, Dianne’s voice……no?

“Why is a naked man falling down in the middle of Russell Labyrinth. Did you had so many guts to explore the labyrinth while being naked?”
I was surprised to open my vague eyes. Not a dark elf. A woman who I haven’t seen before. However, the woman who stretches out her chest was naked for some reason.

*Basha Basha Basha*, I crawl in the water to back off.

“I’m fine after all”
Luxurious black hair, gorgeous milks, and sharp-eyes. Behind that woman, a child who holds a cloth is staring at me……no, is it a dwarf girl?

“Isn’t it rude to be naked. No, we are both naked”

“Wh, Eeee……?”
I´m so confused that I can’t say anything as to who, what and why to say first. The beautiful woman with big boobs put her hand on her waist and smiled.

“Welcome to my Dragon Palace, human boy”

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