Half elves fall in love chapter 12

Chapter 12: Dwarf girl’s trial

Dragon Palace. It’s not a dragon colony. Because the presence of a dragon is too large militarily politically to be called just a collective ground. There are no attacks from dragons unless you directly interfere with them, but there are tens or hundreds of crowd of creatures in the disaster class that can ash a small city in a single day. A few kilometers around the Dragon Palace in most nations of the continent is a land of military aggression and is used as a natural fortress for military strategy. As long as the general population doesn’t know about it well, they won’t come near. Dragon Palaces are only approached by adventurers and speculators who come by themselves.

“In other words, you were in the midst of a trip, traveling through Russell Labyrinth is a tough trip”
The long black haired beauty laughed. She seems to be satisfied easily by the story that I talked in a hurry while making an M character in the shallow water of 50 cm. Meanwhile, she didn’t try to hide her gorgeous nude by applying her hands to her hips. I didn’t raise my head up. I´m scared.

“So this here is really a Dragon Palace?”
“Of course, haven’t you heard about the fairytale of the black dragon from Russell desert”
“I haven’t, as I wasn’t born in Celesta”
“That’s boring. It’s quite a romantic fairytale……”
“Elder sister Laila, let’s get dressed quickly”
“……Oh, that’s right”
The black haired woman seems to have thought about that now after the dwarf girl said so.

“Hey boy. That sort of I will prepare some boy clothes, so come one”
“E, ee?”
“Or do you want to talk to me while being naked? ……It seems quite interesting, so I would welcome to have some taste”
“Elder sister Laila!!!”
“I know, I’m just kidding”
This dwarf girl doesn’t seem to be timid in front of that beauty. Maybe she is a dragon´s child that just looks like a dwarf.


I´m feeling comfortable being in the rock house near the waterhole. I managed to wear a prototype that was presented to me somehow. The black haired woman dressed her clothes in front of me without worrying about me at all. It seems that she is completely lacking a sense of shame.

“Well, my name is Laila. I´m the last dragon of this Dragon Palace”
“Last? ……What do you mean?”
“Before that, I want to hear your name boy”
“……I, I´m Andy Smithson. 10-man captain of Celesta´s northern crossbow corps”
“10, 10-man captain? Is a 10-man captain great?”
The dwarf girl bends herself forward than Laila.

Emm, that’s……for example I’m a little lacking to be a manager of a store for. Something like a clerk” 
“Oh, but it’s pretty great! For a human who is that young!”
She seems to be glad somehow.

“How long has it been since you a soldier tumbled into my Dragon Palace?”
While Laila grins with a smile, I trembled. It is said that an army official said that he will do an investigation and went into a Dragon Palace carelessly, angering a dragon so that the nearby village became ashes……there seems to be quite a few examples of that. I don’t really understand the reasons because it is a hearsay, but maybe I will be the cause that Officlade will be destroyed after I´m eaten here.

“Ho, you may not be frightened. I just thought the seeds of a good story could be rolled, don’t worry”
I feel relieved. I continued my story in a calm state for the time being.

“That child? Is she Laila……san´s daughter……or not?”
“Do I look like a woman who gave birth”
“……I´m sorry, it’s my first time seeing a dragon in my life”
“This girl is my friend, living in the nearby Dwarf colony”
“Jeanne Crax. I’m counting on you, 10-man captain”
The dwarf girl Jeanne seems not to care that a 10-man captain isn’t a complete soldier and cheerfully put out her hands. She grasps me and I ´m shaken.

I was swayed with all one’s might.

“……You’re weak, 10-man captain”
“Oh, I´m in a corps that rarely fight or kills!!”
“If you’re a man, you need to be more muscular. That’s why you don’t have a suitable partner”
I will keep silent for the time being though there are about three people here tentatively. It only makes things complicated.


After that, we drank alcohol for a while and in a moment it became morning.

“10-man captain, 10-man captain, it’s time to get up”
I remember until I put my mouth on the cup, but when I notice it, a blue skylight is falling from the skylight of the Dragon Palace.

“10-man captain, you’re weak with alcohol”
“I memorize the taste of the alcohol as usual”
“You’re completely useless”
Jeanne cackles. I seem to have been acknowledged as a miserable living thing. And.

“……10-man captain, what’s that?”
My crotch became large. Because I was just hooking a penetrating garment in the nakedness, just a slight slippage of the drooping will expose my dick. And my dick is sky-rocking. That’s because its morning.

“This is a physiological phenomenon called morning wood”
Jeanne turns red and runs away with a full power dash. Laila came in quietly, wandered around and saw the circumstances by seeing through my appearance.

“Andy, what is? ……Do you have the urge to copulate suddenly? I admit that she is cute”
“That’s not even close! She isn’t even that old to do that!!”
“Hou. You were totally reacting to our nakedness, so I thought clearly that it was your hobby”
“Different! I’m a breast-loving boy from Polka! Yesterday, it was just an awkward situation!”
“I see I see. So you want to fiercely fight with me for mating?”
“No, it’s also different!”

It took nearly 10 minutes to return the flow of the story.

Come on, calm down. As for breakfast, a little vegetable and goat milk came out, so I was grateful.

“……So you want me to assist Jeanne?”
It was a strange suggestion.

“Even if you say that I shall assist, if I don’t return, my friends will be worried”
“Well Well. It’s only for one day which is today”
“Then how am I going to assist?”

In the first place, Jeanne met Laila a few years ago. Laila who had been living here was strolling in the labyrinth to kill time and she has helped Jeanne who ran away from a pig monster of the example (seems to be called Hell boar) in full force.

“If she can’t hunt alone, that child won’t be admitted as one of her colony, so she can’t have a drink of alcohol”
“……It’s a pretty strict colony”
Even if the Ox-ogres seems to be strong enough to do it occasionally, are they letting their children also do that? It seems that dwarves are asking for drinks no longer as much as habits, so it is logical that children want to be recognized.

“I’m saying that I will help you at any time, but then I will not ask you anything”
“By the way, is it safe to go with someone as weak as me”
“Your expression isn’t bad for such a place”
“But I really weak, that’s not a fake. Originally I only can wield a crossbow”

My crossbow was also left in our camp, so my current strength is like a townsperson.

“You know what, I don’t ask you forcibly. If you follow take this”
Something like a piece of stone is passed into my palm. It’s red as if you painted it with something.

“What’s this”
“This is a hidden treasure made of my breath. A flame breath from me will overflow momentarily if you throw it, its disposable and the Hellsboar will be a one-shot”
Truly a treasure. It looks convenient. But.

“……I only have to take Jeanne there directly”
“I normally don’t want to rely on you, but I’m unable to help her”
“……I see”
Jeanne doesn’t want to rely on strong things. She wants to do something with her own hands. She wants to become independent. It is important to be an independent soldier.

“It is an insurance. An insurance……in the case that a child is unable to do it”
“I see……understood”
It may be a cheap proposal for a valuable experience to see and meet a dragon (nude). I thought so and took the stone.

“10, 10-man captain, do you really don’t lust for me?”
“I don’t. Don’t worry, the reason for that is that every human male has such a reaction in the morning every day”
It seems that dwarves don’t have a morning wood in the morning. My extra knowledge has increased.

“Uu……I, am I not good? Aren’t you a pervert stranger who will mow down a cheap woman?”
“That’s totally unreasonable……”
No matter how you look at her, Jeanne only looks like a ten to twelve years old girl. She doesn’t have a normal sexy body. ……We were going up the stairs in the labyrinth while having such a subtle awkward conversation. The time and place where the Hellsboar is born seems to be decided. Hellsboar is born and strong, but only one is born. It was a strategy of Jeanne that if she aims when it isn’t flocking it is not bad.

“But……you can also use a dwarf girl like that”

I admire seeing Jeanne’s wields. It was a huge hammer that seemed likely to weigh 10 kilograms with only the head part. I, even adult men can’t swing it so easily.

“Hehe. I’ll reconsider a dwarf. It’s certainly not as unreasonable as an ogre, but it has power, and the dexterity is certified”
There were dwarves in our troops, but we didn’t see much of their tribal strength. From now on, I’m going to increase the ratio I rely on them a little. ……And in the middle of a little large room just around the corner, I saw something like electric light clicking.

“Let’s leave. We need to go down, 10-man captain”
I’m supposed to be a witness of the activity of Jeanne in the explanation from Laila tentatively. Jeanne was ready with her hammer and prepared for the appearance of the monster. Hiding in the wall. Light gathered, strengthened, the time that it got dreadfully passed. Pan and a good momentum sounded, the light was able to burst.

Jeanne raises the voice of losing momentum. There was nothing in the center of the room, too.

“…… Appearance, failure, is it?”
I ran my eyes quickly. Right and left. No obstacle, which becomes a hiding place. Then.

“Jeanne, move aside!!”
The hellsboar was eyeing Jeanne, as it hangs on the ceiling by thrusting its hooves into it. This monster is cunning from the moment it was born. The hellsboar stays where Jeanne avoided. Its fangs gouged the stone ground.

Jeanne let go of her hammer and sped up with a delayed response as she avoided it safely. The monster’s toe flips the rolling hammer and the hammer flying back towards me. I fell down and the hammer thrust into the wall behind me.

Suddenly losing her special weapon. While taking a fighting pose with her fist, I can see despair spreading on Jeanne’s face.

I grabbed the “Sealed fire breath” in the bag which I put on my pelvis and I was instantly lost whether I should throw it. If this is thrown, the referee stop and the game end. Jeanne is definitely spared. However, the thought as the supporter interfered.

“Don’t run, Jeanne! Don’t run away, fight it!”
“10-man captain!?”
“Do not give up as long as you have your weapon! Don’t give up even if your opponent is strong! Throw a stone when you have no weapon! If there is no stone spread sand!”
“Th, that……”
“Enemies won’t wait, move! Do more than what your opponent does! If you know the weakness of an enemy, just a knife is enough!”
That was said to me by my instructor at the troop training military as he struck me with his sword. He said don’t be a soldier who can’t do anything without a single weapon. I shall not die miserably because I wasn’t ready. War isn’t like that. If I´m going to fight, win and come back alive, don’t give up until the end. Don’t close your eyes. Don’t stop thinking. Don’t despair. Become a soldier who isn’t afraid of injuries. Even if I can’t fight with a sword, I should run away even if I cry as long as I’m a soldier who is still alive.

“You want to be independent! You want to live and be alive!?”
“10-man captain……” 
“To avoid enemy attacks successively, you’re not wrong! Next, think about your next move! You haven’t lost anything yet! You haven’t done anything yet!!”

After a long time, it was me who yelled this words at a semi-soldier who was stranded in a long-term march. A soldier who burst into tears as soon as his leg hurts, his strings are broken, it was no good. At that time, I dared to mimicry the Sword saints of Trot. Isaac grins as he sees us, but all the semi-soldiers I yelled at turned out to be properly fine.

“……I understood, 10-man captain!”
Despair disappears. Overflowing bloodlust fills her fists. That’s fine. The hammer and the sword are only an extension of the arms and fists. The power of that child is far enough to fight even with stones or bare hands. An engineering melee weapon cannot do more than the person’s own power.

“U, Oooooooooooo!!”
Gaaaaaaaa!! Hellsboar and Jeanne cross each other from the front. The steroids girl who threw away her heavy weapon and became light lightly outdo the speed of the Hellsboar although its fangs try to bite Jeanne. Turning to its head, Jeanne hammers her fist into the bloodshot eye.

Goaaa!!! The Hellsboar has one of its eyes smashed and is distracted. While keeping the blind spot, Jeanne ran as she flew down the ground and jumped over me to grasp the handle of her hammer.

“10-man captain”
Bogoo, Jeanne pulls out the hammer and scatters a rock well. Hellsboar who noticed that sound turned around. The remaining eye was too bloodshot and turned crimson red.

“Now, finish it!!”

Hellsboar raises a howl. Jeanne holding her hammer lightly with her arms stained red with blood back to the elbow. Again, Interplay. This time it is truly a direct match. And the hammer of Jeanne who overcame her fear doesn’t lose to the messy movement of the deranged monster.

……The head was completely crushed by a full swing of Jeanne´s hammer and the Hellsboar was killed in only 3 minutes.

“And this time it was truly Jeanne who won it alone”
“……It was a dangerous bridge to get across”
“Even if it becomes dangerous, she manages to do it alone, and it is not thought that she is independent even if there is no experience. And, this child is strong enough. I knew she could win”
“……Indeed, I thought she should be okay by chance if you’re an incompetent man, but you showed me that I was wrong”
When Laila received Jeanne who fell asleep because of tiresome from me, she grins and kissed her forehead.

“You’re a better soldier than I thought”
“……a, after all, you doubt me to be a soldier?”
I get a little scared now. I may be able to run away from a Hellsboar, but it is impossible to escape from a dragon…….

“No doubt. ……Huhu, I got fired up since a long time”
“N, No, that, please, only my life”
Laila approaches me slowly with a grin. She puts her arms around my shoulders and whispers to me.

“You want to be saved?”
“……By all means, if possible”
“Is that so. Then you won’t go back to where you came from”
The back of the room where Jeanne was laid down to sleep is near the waterhole I fell into. Then, Laila took off her clothes without hesitation, became stark-naked and got entangled with me.

“Wh, what?”
“Ho. I am determined, please give me yourself, I will be your mother”
“I just got tired of living alone, so I decided to go live in your hometown together with a child from you”
“Why is it so?”
“A child from you would be a good dragon. It’s just that. Hey, it isn’t bad to live in a Dragon Palace”
“Am I supposed to stay here?”
“If so, do you keep me? Either way”
“Wait! Calm down!”
“I can’t calm down, I wetted myself for the first time in a hundred years, so shouldn’t I receive a reasonable reward?”


“Did you find him?”
“No, even though I lost sight of Smithson……everywhere……damn I thought he fell into something like a hole”
“……What do you mean? No monster……no, there is a sign around here……”
“Dianne-san, Anzeros-san”
“What is Selenium”
“……You didn’t use illusion magic”
“What happened”
“No, the sign of illusion magic is around here……”
“……Wait a moment, this is……”
“It’s illusion magic, isn’t it. ……Terrible clever……”
“Damn, really Andy, what did you get involved in……lets release it, please help me Selenium”

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