Half elves fall in love chapter 139

Half elves fall in love chapter 139: Night of return



The atmosphere of the Ghibli Fortress Defense War has changed considerably following the rampage of Great Knight Chief Annette. It doesn’t change that monsters rush in without fear, but the awareness that great strength is behind them has given the soldiers power to fight in many ways. Even if your battlefield is poor, you’ll end up with a card that turns everything over, a terrible blow that doesn’t matter what inferiority is. That means, 「It will work somehow」, whether you can recognize the ate or not, fighting can change a lot. The tragedy soldiers come back to life and the stability of the soldiers makes it easier for the elite knights to move, resulting in an increase in overall destroying power. The success of the mini-Sword Saint Brigade, led by 100-man commander Grants, which made it easier to flatten the battlefield that was fought, also worked. As a result, there was no chance to use Maia’s Breath and the battle for Ghibli Fortress on this day ended with a great victory. The surrounding monsters also lost their density and the rush almost ceased in the evening. The destroyed stone wall (the work of Great Knight Chief Annette) was restored in a few hours by the construction army, which consisted of ogres and dwarves. They are really used to it.

“Are we going now?”
“I’m not planning to stay long”

With sunset, we will leave Ghibli Fortress. Maia seems to have been rumored for a long time and there are soldiers who look at us from a distance and others who fearfully approach and try to touch her. The ridiculous surprise, the atmosphere that was neither worship nor dislike nor familiar, seemed uncomfortable and Maia especially wanted to return.

“I saw such a big firework. I also wanted to see how dragons went on a rampage”

100-man commander Grants looks a bit disappointed while looking up at Maia.

“Ah……I mean, this is a dragon from the northern elf territory, so there are various difficulties……”
“That’s good. ……I heard it in the Imperial Palace, Sir Bonaparte is proud of his adventure”
“Huhu, it’s a similar thing that we also have to look over the troublesome construction. It’s quite difficult to be a worldly person”

How much does he know, 100-man commander Grants smiles a bit nasty.

“Every country is lying to each other little by little. Or even if it’s a clear lie, they accept it and make use of it……”

The sun sets in the Snake Mountain Range. The Ghibli Fortress is located north of Renfangas, so the other side of that partition will be Trot.

“I’m happy with the countries of today who lie in such a way and hold hands”
“……I agree”
“Hopefully, we´re on the same side the next time I see you”

Of course, my position is different from 100-man commander Grants. We´re not always allies. But, at least for now, the building allows us to see the sunset together. I decided to bite that luck.


At night, we return to Catalina. As usual, there are few monsters around the city surrounded by ice fields. We were able to get in and out of the main gate safely.

“Good, you returned”
“Ho. Trouble”

Dianne and Laila were already back. ……What.

“How did you come back?”
“How is it?”
“Did you walk back?”

……Is that so? It is still secret that Laila is a dragon. I was wondering how they made an excuse when they flew back, but there was nothing to worry about. They probably flew halfway, but at least they don’t seem to be trying to expose that figure. ……Well, Laila is sometimes rough, so I wonder if Dianne should cut corners like that.

“It seems like Maia´s popularity is on the rise in Catalina. Everyone is helpful in collating information”
“Hoho. You’re doing it well”

Laila strokes Maia. Maia looks a little happy.

“Are there any results?”
“At least at this point I was able to confirm that the map was correct. The safe zone from the flow of the monsters……well, there are some stars, right?”

It was a very steady achievement. However, it is something that Dianne confirmed alone using Laila. It may be a bigger foothold than we thought

“How were you guys?”
“……I’ve seen it very well”
“The destruction of Great Knight Chief Annette”
“Destruction……isn’t it a battle?”
“Maybe it’s a battle”


I spoke as much as I could, but most of the people who did not go were skeptical. With a hammer of the size of a carriage, a 100m diameter dip into the ground. I’m confident that I’ll definitely laugh if I haven’t seen it. I hate my low expressiveness.

“Damn it. It’s true”

I guess I was dreaming……the only thing that is not said is that Almeida and Tetes had a serious face as expected. But they probably thought I was exaggerating. I was preparing to go to bed while saying something like that. ……I was beckoned by the door to Anzeros


When I approached, I was told to come and I was taken away.

We go down one level and enter an alley with little traffic. Of course Anzeros opens her mouth.

“Why were you silent?”

I wonder if I did something that let Anzeros get angry. That I was silent. That I was silent. ……I can’t think of anything.

“… I don’t think I kept silent by anything”

I give up and Anzeros glares at me with her slim face.

“How old are you now?”
“How old are you?”

……Emm, 25……ah.

“……26, which reminds me”

Actually, it was my birthday before summer. It was quite flapping, so I completely forgot about it.

“Because you gave a birthday present to Aurora, I wondered when it would be my birthday……you didn’t know about it because I didn’t celebrate my personal birthday in the squad, but when you asked Dianne a while ago, it was a long time ago……”
“He, Hey”

Well, Anzeros’s birthday must have passed. When I made a ring for Aurora, I had completely forgotten about Anzeros’s birthday. It’s a big blunder.

“I thought you’d tell me soon, so I always thought about my birthday present, but why……”
“U, Uwa, sorry, I forgot your birthday!”

I try to apologize in a hurry.

“I don’t care about me! It’s your birthday!”
“Y, You don’t care!”
“I want to celebrate your birthday!”

Anzeros was a little weary. When she stops, she rubs her eyes.

“I, I’m……I don’t know what you’re happy about, but……but I want you to be happy……”
“I, It’s like thinking seriously about a man’s birthday……”
“Don’t say that”

Anzeros bends her mouth in a U-shape.

“I wanted to celebrate your birthday. ……I met you……I wanted to carve out the year that you accepted me”
……As a time axis, Apple is my first lover (Female slave). Selenium was the first I had sex with. Dianne is the best lover and Jeanne is the first to get pregnant. But Anzeros has been with me as a friend for the longest time. The time we carve as close is longer than anyone else. Maybe she’s proud of herself as my female slave. That’s why she is so particular about the birthday milestone so that it doesn’t make sense.


Anzeros rubs her nose and glares.

“Reflect. I’m angry”
“I will reflect on it”
“Be aware of it. You’ll always be my……most important person”

My heart sounds a little sick.

“It’s not just how you treat women. If I really like you……sometimes it’s better to let me celebrate than to be celebrated”

Anzeros is approaching little by little. I’m going to kiss her little lips for the time being. And apologize, by making Anzeros feel good. Keep company until the passionate cover melts. When I think of it, suddenly she is right next to me.

“Then, it seems to be said that I am a childish woman who doesn’t really love Andy-san and is satisfied only by being celebrated”

At the same time as Anzeros, I was scared and took half a step and there was Aurora right next to me. Apple with a troubled face behind her.

“Uw, Uwaa!?”
“I, I was inconspicuous with an illusion”
“I don’t know if Anzeros’s magic skills are amazing or not. It’s not going to pay for the illusion of being relaxed by raising such a voice.”

Anzeros sometimes uses strange magic skillfully (such as sperm hell magic), but it seems that she has no magic foundation. On the other hand, Aurora, who grew up as a forest princess in an environment where teachers lacked, seemed to be familiar with magic to the extent to say that she was above average.

“Tailing wasn’t a hobby, but Aurora-san says that Anzeros-san is suspicious……”
“Well, can’t you just say that kind of woman who cares about people like that?”
“Ahaha……well, I’m glad we came. ……Andy-san, I agree with Anzeros-san. Andy-san always pleases us. Let us celebrate at least once a year. That you were born”

Apple laughs softly. Perhaps because we are in the women’s room, her see-through nightcloth doesn’t hide her plump body line. ……And, to say it, Aurora was more stimulating, then I could see both the nipples and the pubis, when I squint my eyes……I thought, she wore a half-transparent night dress. The tank top, cotton pants and ponytail Anzeros is also cute and sexy, but their bewitchingness is exceptional.

“The illusion is like this. ────!”

Aurora refills the illusion with a flowing movement. The shoulder strap that slipped on her shoulder was also dazzling.

“You could treat me like an illusion……”
“Ah, I’m not that good at boasting about such a thing to Andy-san……but I’m not so bad as to be ashamed”
“……Or rather Aurora. To say that I was stretched here in the illusion…..”

I’m willing to do something I don’t want to see or ask.

“We’ve been late, but it’s not something we can’t celebrate, right?”
“No, I really want to celebrate normally……!”
“Then please take a look there”
“That’s why, uh……you pervert princess!”
“Hohohoho, I’m prepared to become a pervert for Andy-san than Anzeros-san”
“It, It’s not good Andy!”
“A, Anou……after all, is Ecchi a celebration? ”
“It’s an event that will surely please Andy-san♪”

……Yup. I’m really happy. That care.

“Isn’t it nice, in such a place”

Indeed, during the Great Invasion, there is no doubt that it is too unscrupulous. It doesn’t have to be “now” timing. ……It was me who kissed Anzeros while putting a hand under the night clothes of Aurora for the time being though it was said.

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