Half elves fall in love chapter 144

Chapter 144: Tetes’s suspicion, Part 1



After taking a bath, everyone cools down. Because it is already late autumn, there is no shortage of cooling points, but if you leave it to the cold air of the spring, it seems to cool down, so I climbed up the floor for a moment and blurted out in the archer stand. The night wind comes in and there are few people, so there is no need to worry about it. ……No, I didn’t consume any valuable stockpile fuel even if it was steaming, but it’s troublesome to explain it one by one.

“It was a good hot bath. Laila, could you boil it again?”
“Ho, as long as I have time, it’s not a difficult technique. It doesn’t matter if I do it in hand”

Laila nodded at Dianne´s request.

“Our gracious Laila-chan”
“Mu, I’ll do my best if you need ice”

Hilda-san is glossy with humming and Maia is a bit opposing.

“You don’t have to compete. Well that’s helpful”

I stroke Maia´s wet hair. Before I come up with something sneaky, Apple embraces me and her boobs sexual harass me.


I am happy.

“I remembered earlier, we’ve been a little too long here”
“Eh? Its been ten days since we came to Catalina……”
“Not to Catalina. To Renfangas……even with the dragon’s mobility, you would never leave Jeanne, Selenium, or Peter alone, right”

Dianne reminds me that I have been away from Polka for more than a month. It’s not a big deal if you’re an average traveler. From Polka, it would take a month to return to the capital city. However, the distance is less than two days while riding on a dragon. It might not be bad to go home looking at more occasions.

“It’s about time that Selenium’s physical condition is about to change. I’m not worried too much because Jeanne and the baron’s wife are watching her carefully. For Selenium, you’re crossing a dangerous bridge in a distant foreign country”
“That’s right. ……Is the progress alright for everyone?”
“Hoho, well, three or four days doesn’t matter really”
“Well, given winter, it’s definitely not going to be easy, but it’s like experimenting. We don’t have to desperately dig into the land”
“In short, it’s about setting up an object that a monster, such as a hut, would want to destroy and seeing if it could break it. It’s a rough inspection, but you can roughly confirm its safety as a bivouac point”

Did they do that recently?

“But we don’t have to go home together, do we? At worst, you and Maia may return alone……”
“Jeanne would be worried if Laila wouldn’t return. But even if I ride on Laila, it wouldn’t be good to leave Maia alone. If possible, considering the convenience of supply, I would like to cooperate with Irina and Aurora. It’s not a long time and it’s better to go back together than to leave someone who doesn’t have anything to do with it”
“I see……you’re thinking about it in your own way”

Polka is small and cannot be said to be abundantly available for supplies. There is a tourist income in its own way and thanks to the reistening, there are few injured people, and it is not so poor as to be poor, but it is too rural, so it is not flattering to be able to get anything. The cooperation of the elves territory is essential if it is thought about sufficient supply in a short time. Especially Hilda-san, she was sick of poor quality medicine. It’s best if you can be flexible with the elves.

“But then, are those three knights a problem? They’ve been commanded by Lord Buster and Sharon to support us. We won’t be able to leave them behind and they’ll try to follow us”
“Uhh……its different when Almeida……that’s right”

I sit on a bench and think about it back to back with Dianne. With one hand, I rub Apple’s chest.

“Ah, that, Andy-san, if you touch it that much, my body will start to feel it……”
“……Ah, sorry”
“N, No, I’m fine, but……if you were going to hold me properly……”

It’s difficult. We can cast an illusion to do ecchi things, but there is no time for that.

“Dianne-chan and the others are preparing for the experiment, so can’t we just stop right now? I wonder when we can return to Polka”

Hilda asks while cleaning Maia’s hair with a towel.

“Well, I can use Laila´s main body in a place where there are no eyes. Civil works are not so difficult and I think that it can be prepared in about three days if we hurry”
“Ho, are we going to work day and night? Anyway, do you have it, Dianne?”
“It’s not like we´re going to fall down in three days”
“Don’t say that, Dianne-chan. Even if it’s not, it’s cold and the dead monsters are a sick breeding ground, so I don’t know what kind of illness you’ll get if you lose your strength with the intention of going back to Celesta”
“……I´ll be careful”

I can see that they trust each other and worry about each other. Is this Dianne’s charisma? When the night breeze was cool and comfortable and I felt good, I saw Tetes beckoning from the large corridor spiraling through Catalina. When I gesture with my finger to say she means me, she nods in return. When I tried to talk to people around me, she made a gesture called shhh. Only me?

“……What is Andy”
“I just need to go to the toilet”

I say so and stand up. But.

“Ho. I will come with you”

For some reason, Laila follows.

“Eh, you’re a woman, so even if you follow me”
“Isn’t it the same direction?”

I have no choice but to take Laila with me. Tetes, who had been waiting, wore only one gauntlet for some reason and half-length trousers and a shirt after the bath.

“What’s the matter, Tetes?”
“Ah, there was something that bothered me a while ago”

Tetes smiles with a gentle smile. Looking at Laila. Laila says nothing. With her arms folded, Laila doesn’t blame me for not going to the toilet.

“……It’s not a big deal, so can you go somewhere else for a moment, Laila-san?
“I refuse”

Laila cuts off Tetes words with a quick, stiff voice.

“……What are you hiding behind your back? I don’t think it’s just a matter of talking”

I was also worried. Our room is quite high, and we have to go up a dozen layers from the underground water. It is not understood for a moment that only one gauntlet is put on going back to the room purposely though it is quite far.

“……Emm. Well, yeah. To put it bluntly”

With a lower tone than usual, Tetes speaks while looking into my eyes.

“Is Laila a dragon?”

I open my eyes. I wonder how she found out. Laila is silent.

“I heard it earlier. Apple-san’s words. ……No, even before that, I was worried about Laila, who has a suspicious identity by herself. At least there is no human with no information at all in the Royal Intelligence Institute, while having the fighting power comparable to War God Dianne, Hero Neia, and Dancing Spear Almeida. But no one in the unit cares and Maia is very fond of her……Maia-san is also a visual person, so it’s an analogy”

The usual relaxed atmosphere lingers. A 16-year-old female warrior is scared.I know she is going to be able to do it, but more than that. She is scared, especially since she hasn’t changed her expression or seemed terrible.

“What would you do then, little girl?”
“That’s why I want to ask you about it here”

Laila stands next to me, slightly in front of me. Even though she doesn’t have a weapon, even though she is a Red Arm, she’s just wearing a gauntlet.

“Hey, Laila”
“Don’t be careless, owner”
“……Well, honestly, if you hold that up, I’ll have to be skeptical. ……I’ll ask you a question, Andy Smithson, 10-man captain of Dianne Special Duty Corps. ……What are you going to do with two dragon? ”
“What is……”
“Why are you hiding the second dragon? Why are you deceiving the elven messengers and what do you do in this country? ……Who’s money or what is your intention? Were you hired by Earl Pound or Duke Echo? Marquis Alex Buster isn’t as vulnerable as you might think. If it is the money of the nobles of the south, it is wise to confess before going to Marquis Buster. That you aren’t invincible even though you have a dragon……”
“Wait. I’m not sure what it is, but wait, Tetes”

When I spread my hands and approached Tetes trying to calm her down, Laila stopped me with her hand. Step back in response to the movement of Laila and let Tetes use the gauntlet as a shield. Take your distance and set up at such a speed that it disappears.

“Get down!”

Laila pushes me away. I fall down without knowing what’s the matter, not against Laila. The next moment, a light bullet is fired at us. It flew past the wide and high spaces of Catalina, where the ogres could not bow down, pierced the walls and flew into the night sky.

“I wasn’t willing to hit it, but it was a good response”
“Ho, do you know. ……I’m not going to sell the fight to me, little girl”

Laila clenches her fist.

“……I have an obligation to find out the truth”

Tetes is looking at Laila with serious eyes that she has never shown before, with her gauntlet sticking out. Tetes turns the gauntlet, turns sideways and turns her hand up. Then rotate again to return the original fist to its protruding form. The movement broke the red exterior and shattered, and a smart pale hand appeared from the inside. Only the fist emblem is the same. And only the middle finger of the hand emits a rainbow-colored fine light.

“Dragon slayer vessel……ring type, isn’t it”
“It’s an abominable weapon for dragons. ……Let’s do it properly Laila the dragon and Celesta’s 10-man Special Duty Captain Andy Smithson. We appreciate the dispatch of dragons, but we don’t fear them more than necessary. If you are against the current kingdom and the current Gold Arm regime, we are ready to fight accordingly”
“Wait, calm down”
“I’m sorry for not saying it. I´m Gauntlet Knights Special Duty Officer Blue Arm, Knight Chief Tetes Buster……this dragon slayer can also crush a dragon. Please think that it is not possible to make a mistake”

Tetes reasserts herself with an undiminished look. What.

“……Buster? Lord Buster’s daughter?”

Shocking facts.

“……I’m his sister”

No, in a sense it was more shocking.

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