Half elves fall in love chapter 145

Chapter 145: Tetes’s suspicion, Part 2



Tetes points at the dragon slayer ring, which can emit a lethal light bullet. If you eat that, no matter how much Laila does, it is not enough. Although it may be relatively mild if she changes into her dragon body, it is not a space where a dragon can manifest even though its a large corridor in Catalina. And since I’m a melee fighter, no matter how desperately I escape, I don’t think I’ll be able to escape Tetes (She might be a Black Arm because she said that she is a Knight Chief). I mean. Aside from Laila, the situation is endlessly bad when it comes to protecting me. If Tetes was targeting me, Laila would have to go through it, which could be fatal.

“It’s like a show off aiming at a dragon like me……ho, let’s have a little serious fight”

And Laila is beginning to bare her fangs, recognizing it. From an easy-going look to a look that reveals the desire to destroy the continent’s strongest fighting species. Laila intends to overcome this situation with the option of breaking through first. That’s an obvious answer from Laila, but if she does that, Catalina will be completely destroyed if she does it poorly. It may not be able to keep everyone else alive anyway. But Laila doesn’t hesitate to take the destruction of Tetes and everyone in Catalina if it is a choice to put me at risk. I know she shows a surprisingly cruel side when she feels that I´m in danger.

“Stop Laila!”

As I try to pull Laila’s hand, I notice that her hand is generating a lot of heat. It’s a flame. Partial release of Dragon Breath. If this is shaken, Catalina will soon become a sea of ​​fire.

“Tetes, I´ll answer your question! I’ll do it now, so ask!”

I endure the heat and pull Laila’s hand. I burn my hand but I can’t mind it. If Laila goes on a rampage, Dianne and everyone else may all die.

“Is that generally Lord Buster’s idea!? I don’t think he’s that stupid!?”
“Who is stupid? It’s a fact that Buster chose me to be the dragon’s eye-catcher, as this dragon slayer, which is never reachable by anyone, is in my hand. And……it’s also true that I was concerned about Laila-san’s identity”
“That’s why! If Laila is a dragon, he would tell you to fight!”
“An Blue Arm is uniquely authorized to act and view information. ……For me, there are some aristocrats who reach out their hands to Celesta, as they are dissatisfied with the present Rennesto”
“I don’t know them! Don’t tie them together with me without permission!”

I face Tetes with Laila behind me. Laila’s anger stopped after seeing my red, swollen hand, but nonetheless, Tetes was still aiming the weapon at us and murderous murmurs came from behind.

“Yes, Laila is a black dragon. And in addition to that extraordinary”
“I see. So……what are you going to do? ……No, it’s not supposed to be you know the part role. ……Call 100-man commander Dianne, Black Dragon. And 10-man captain Smithson, you stay here”
“Naa, that”
“Don’t worry about that, just call Dianne here”


Laila goes to call Dianne. And I was chained to Tetes. Like a collar. I usually hang collars around other girls, but I didn’t think I would wear one like this.

“……Renfangas is a country that must be protected”

With the end wrapped around my arm, Tetes speaks solitarily in an unusual tone.

“Do you know how many warriors die, how many people die and how many cities are destroyed each year in this country, protecting others? It’s too big to carry on with traditions and pedigrees. Still, we, Renfangas’s people, are guarding, creating and protecting towns dedicated to fighting everywhere”
“But what interpreted the current system that was built in that way, there are those who call it incompetent, curse, barbaric, mockery, or overturned by calling it a tower on the sand by a spender fool. ……10-man captain, you may not know anything, but I desperately wont forgive those that threatens the current kingdom and Gauntlet Knights that protect the continent”
“I can affirm that we´re unrelated”
“……Even if it doesn’t matter, there’s no evidence coming out”
“It’s my job to doubt”
“……I think Lord Buster will do better”

It’s no wonder that Tetes is so worried. As a dragon, even the growing Maia is so powerful that she can silence Catalina at night during this massive invasion. And there are actually two of them and no matter how they move around in the country, you can’t complain.

“We came here because the elves were in trouble. We fought with the elves, but we just promised to get along. Only Maia showed off because only Maia came from the Palace of the Blue Dragon, the guardian of the elves, and there was also the purpose of showing off that the elves are of sufficient help……”
“I don’t think you understand everything”

I was blocked. Well, I’m certainly not learning or commanding. Doesn’t it mean that she can’t swallow it just because I talked to her. ……I mean, I’m a Dragon Rider……or rather, there is a possibility that she doesn’t understand what a Dragon Rider is like.

“I know you love Laila and the Blue Dragon. Sometimes you’re called owner……but what is the guarantee?”
“Dragons are known for their vitality, combat and magic abilities, all far above humanity. ……And intelligence is also known to be higher than humans. High intelligence means that they can deceive you. How can you believe that you understand everything about their behavior just because you were in a relationship with them?”

In other words, Tetes says: I´m a decoration. A healthy action permit for them to roam the human world. You don’t even know what a smart dragon is aiming at the bottom of its belly.

“……They don’t do that”

What Tetes says is exactly what might be said. It is a story that I who was making light of an dragon somewhere is made to be surprised. But that’s not true.

“I heard their vows”
“What is an vow worth a dragon without faith?”
“If you say that, you won’t believe anything”

Tetes speaks with unwavering eyes.

“I believe only in the firm belief of blood, tears and corpses. I always doubt my promises and vows, but I believe that the fact that this country, where my ancestors have kept their lives, will never change”
“What do you have to doubt?”

There was an unexpected voice. A small shadow with an old-fashioned hat that sways one´s face.

“Since when……”

Neia approaches me defenselessly and picks up the chain.


She cut it off carelessly with the sword on her waist. Tetes turns her fist at Neia, but ignores it just looking at it.

“I, I’m investigating something important. I’ll shoot”
“Please. If you think it’s going to work”

Neia´s words froze Tetes. Her words are concise and have no hesitation.. The blow that even a dragon pierced had been realized by her that it was that much.

“To my knowledge, Smithson-san hasn’t lied and has nothing to do with the nobles in this country”
“Well, it’s up to me to decide it!”
“It’s not you, Tetes-san. It should be Buster-sama’s role”

Neia stands up with her sword in one hand, wearing her hat. The sword shone loosely in her hand.

“If you really want to deal with a dragon, you can’t have only a toy like that. A dragon isn’t something you can manage with a dragon slayer. In most cases, you’re just a spy. A dragonslayer should have been used as a trump card to be used at the end of the game, in case of retreat”

It’s a bull’s-eye.

“Why don’t you report it to Buster-sama now? You can use it, communication magic?
“Wh, Why that?”
“If you’re a spy and you’re Buster-sama’s little sister, you wouldn’t be surprised. Most of the communication magic is Buster-sama’s work and the other day you were dissatisfied with the lack of help from Naris-san and Almeida-san, so……is it possible to do it now?”

Tetes´s acting skill, which has been slightly reduced until now, was considerable, but she was not good at getting upset. After all young.

“Besides……dragons are intelligent creatures, but they never fool the weak and never call the Lord falsely. ……They’re proud, powerful and diligence. But still, it’s better to know. If you know that a dragon has been sworn, you can’t complain about how painful it is to be killed”

Dianne’s voice echoes.

“Wait five minutes. Contact Lord Buster as Neia said”
“Tsk……! 100-man commander Dianne”
“Laila is a dragon. But she’s lying down to avoid confusion. We are ready to apologize for failing to provide notice, but if we do, we would like to make it public”

Dianne smiled but was more angry than Laila.

“I would like you to make a decision after careful consideration of diplomatic considerations. If you’re going to turn your younger sister’s ring at her on top of that”

One second.

“I will return the corresponding result”

Dianne showed a horrifying smile, not hiding her killing intent.

After a few minutes. Tetes, who used communication magic with a mirror, returned with a pale expression.


Dianne reads and smiles at the document shown in Valerie.

“Please read to me”
“‘『I sincerely apologize for the dedication of Great Knight Tetes. If possible, please come to the Royal Castle when you return to Rennesto. I’ll do my best to apologize. We’re not going to hit the back of our reliable allies. I know that you are in a difficult position. I hope you will continue to do so and hopefully continue to help the hero return』”
“Ho, I´m in good shape. If this is a Dragon Palace, it’s a place that wouldn’t stop unless a city is made into ashes”
“This place is spared for me”

Neia mediates with Laila. And everyone who was returning to the upper floor came down. Maia seems to have been the messenger.

“Te, Tetes-chan~~!?”
“That gauntlet……is what?”
“Andy, are you all right?”
“If you suspect that he is close to political opponents, knowing that you have looked down on the northern elves”
“Of course, there is no voice in Celesta who would entrust Renfangas to the Southern nobles more than the current royal power. No one would think that they could replace the Gold Arms led by Lord Buster”
“It’s Smithson again……it’s more interesting to have other guys in a pinch once in a while. Huaa”
“10-man captain Keiron, impudence”
“Collar……you haven’t made my own collar yet……”
“Wait Luna. That’s not the problem”

Some of them are out of alignment, but they are back to normal. And.

“Naris. In fact, Laila is also a dragon”

Tetes also knew and she was laughed at with empty eyes when she taught Naris because there was no help even if she kept it a secret only to Naris.

“Why do you laugh?”
“How many dragons do you collect?”

I wave my hands quickly.

“Ho. Let’s show you something good.”

Laila takes off her clothes as she jumps out of the hole opened by Tetes and turns into a black dragon.


Naris clings to me while crying and uses me as a shield.

“……Don’t cry”
“Ple, Please forgive me, isn’t it a fire dragon or a black dragon that burns!”
“Ho, I´m over a hundred years old. What happened during the Fire Dragon War?”
“My hometown was completely burned down and only a burned field remained!?”

I was confused. Afterwards we had to wait until morning for Naris to be within 3 meters of Laila. Even though the women’s room is large, it was difficult to stay close to each other. ……In a sense, she may have been the poorest this time.

“By the way, Neia”
“That sword……perhaps”

Dragon Slayer. The strongest super weapon of the present age. At first glance, Neia cut it and threw it away, saying that it did not work. In other words, it is nothing less than knowing the power of Dragon Slayer. And the sword that Neia takes care of without using it much. I thought maybe. However, if you think about it carefully, a rainbow-colored light comes out when shaking if it is a dragon slayer. I’ve seen Neia’s sword swinging many times, but I’ve never seen that before. Also, if she carries a dragon slayer openly with her, I feel that Laila will react first.

“……No, nothing”
“Is that so”

Neia laughed. If I think about it, I don’t know if she is hiding something more than Tetes.


“Sharon! Is Sharon here!”
“……Are you calling for Sharon, Alex Buster. My sister is tired from the expedition today. If possible, tomorrow……”
“No, not really. What’s the matter, Great Knight Chief Buster?”
“No, that, I have a request. I’m really sorry to overdo it”
“First of all, please tell us. I don’t know if it’s impossible or not”
“……I’ll be inviting the Blue Dragon from Catalina soon. I want you to follow me then”
“Ha, Haa. ……Why all of a sudden?”
“……I guess I couldn’t count on Tetes……I thought she was a bit more clever, but……uh, my stomach hurts”


“……Haa, Haa……hey Goto, I’ve been worried for a while…… but why is only Laila gone?”
“That Laila-san hasn’t moved a little bit for a while……”
“But that doesn’t matter to us”

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