Half elves fall in love chapter 147

Chapter 147: Glory Princess, introducing [Almeida]



“As of now, I, Black Arm Sharon, am appointed as Assistant Officer of the Celesta Army´s Dianne Special Duty Corps”

Everyone else looks at Sharon, who smiles in the dining room.

“Assistant officer……?”

I don’t feel any evil or unwilling to smile at Sharon.

“We don’t have any inconvenience with more beautiful women”

Leaving Lantz and Goto aside.

“Emm. Luna, it’s likely that you won’t understand that story while you’re here right now……”
“Now Andy and 10-man captain Keiron are the first leaders. Irina, Dianne and the Red Arms are all out”
“Hey hey, you don’t have to worry about that as Rennesto is very safe”

Thinking about it now, the dragon group was also taken with them, so if a thug comes to this mansion now……if you are bad, you will be protected by Boyd and Luna.

“Well, don’t worry about the escort here, because there are always Gauntlet Knights and Rennesto’s forces in the neighborhood to prevent theft”
“Is that so?”
“Now that the dragon has become well known, I don’t think there are many people who dare to target the Dianne Special Duty Corps, but”

Sharon laughs. Well, on the surface, this is not a sort of Dragon Palace. Even fairly gutsy adventurers won’t think they’ll be able to make the dragon angry with the current closed Rennesto and rush the Gauntlet Knights and get away with it.

“So Felios and Berga are coming?”

The Glory clan with the impression of a set of three people. Naturally, I thought that those two crazy guys would come too.

“Since my brother is a Gold Arm, he is a key point in national defense. As expected, he cant go on a exploration mission at this time”
“Eh, Is that so?”
“……What did you think?”

I sigh. No, it’s surprising that the older brother would leave his younger sister alone.

“Berga is a must-have as an assistant to my older brother”
“Then you’re really going to work alone……”
“I can’t leave it to the Red Arms, but there aren’t many things that can move a Black Arm. It’s the busiest time, so……and when it comes to assist you, it seems that there are many inconveniences if it isn’t really a woman”

Well, because the men can only do chores and crossbow attacks, our main force is mainly made up of women. In that sense, even if only one man is mixed in that vanguard group, the air only deteriorates and I think that it is not a mistake.

In less than an hour, the three Red Arms, Tetes, Naris and Almeida have returned.

“Tetes-chan, cheer up. Look, you got angry, but you can still recover your honor”
“I understand how you feel about your home, but you can’t always support the nation alone and you can’t see the whole thing alone. If you want to be a person who can take care of such things, you need to learn from it”
“To be told such a thing by Almeida-san……”
“What do you think of an elf who is ten times as alive as you are……even so, it’s a very well-behaved way of calling Almeida-san”
“Aren’t you going to say it’s Al-chan like usual?”
“That……I’m really……”

Tetes seemed unable to measure the distance between them. Her expression is darker than before. There may be a shock that she was about to be abandon by Lord Buster.

“All three of you, welcome back. Where’s Dianne and the others?”
“Ah, Andy Smithson. ……100-man commander Dianne and the others are still going to take a while. Irina-sama had a horrible way of laughing, so she couldn’t seem to say her greetings”
“Well, more than that, 10-man captain Smithson, please show me the rumored quote maker here for Tetes-chan”
“Who is the one who said that?”

Quote maker. ……Whatever.

“……Tetes. Tetes Buster”
“……What is it”
“Stretch your back”

I can see that Keiron and the Masturbation Brothers are grinning in the back. But I dared to look down on the young knight.

“You want to protect your country, don’t you? You want to protect the people you care about”
“……Such a thing, now”
“Answer me. What did you do for that. Only your mouth would not allow anything that threatened the current administration and the current Gauntlet Knights, though you haven’t done anything yet”

The two elf knights who were beside Tetes are also still in their stance. Testes looks up at me as if she was puzzled. ……Thus, Tetes is not so big when the supremacy is depressed. She is still a girl.

“Do what you said. Take responsibility for your beliefs. You must have been forgiven by Laila. You must have been allowed to do it as a person who can admit one’s mistakes, to compensate for one´s mistakes and to give back your odons”
“That is, 10-man captain Smithson……”
“Then there’s a way to do it. You’ll apologize to Laila, make amends and then fight to protect your hometown and favorite people. Or is what you said a lie? It was just a non-empty delirium that you wanted Lord Buster to like”
“……No, its not”
“Well then”

Clapping hands.

“Hereout, you’re Tetes Murray”
“10-man captain Smithson”
“Once again, you´re Tetes Murray. You know. The Red Arm’s mission to escort us with Naris and Almeida to lead Neia beyond that demon territory isn’t over yet”
“……But it’s a pseudonym”
“It doesn’t matter. Without Tetes Murray, Naris would be in trouble”
“Uwa, you put the fault on me”
“Are you not troubled?”
“I’m super troubled”

Naris’s voice, which answers the desired answer immediately while making a strange tsukkomi, feels good.

“You’re a clumsy girl who failed by misunderstanding. Everyone understands such a thing. That’s why you get back. I want you to take it back. Look, You’ll get it back. Tetes Murray. Then try to meet that expectation and get it back. That’s what I’m sure of”

Tetes looked at me for a few seconds, but after a while she began to laugh.

“……To be honest, I didn’t know until now why 10-man captain Smithson and 10-man captain Keiron came here”
“Hey, say something Smithson”

I’m sorry to be overwhelmed by Keiron, but I have no objection to what seems to be a child who doesn’t need to be on the sidelines.

“After all, you’re a 10-man captain. Exactly”
“Understand. I understand, 10-man captain Smithson. ……Admit, I’m going to seal Tetes Buster today, a weak and timid worm who was struck by a misunderstanding due to lack of experience”
“Regular Knight Tetes Murray will return to her guard mission for the Dianne Special Duty Corps from here”

Tetes who protrudes the gun and red gauntlet forward crosses them. She pulls her back and holds her fist to give a light guts pose, as if she were hugging and showing the wolf’s emblem. I responded by hitting my left chest with my right fist……I couldn’t use my left hand with the bandage.

“Be, Beast”

I hear laughter behind me. It’s a man’s wry smile. Check it out later.

“……Dianne Special Duty Corps 10-man captain Andy Smithson welcomes your return”

Narris made a thumbs up. Almeida nodded with her arms folded.


Night. Well, I just entered yesterday, but bathing is nice for many consecutive days. Rennesto, which has more fuel and more water than Catalina, don’t have to worry about boiling a bath.

“No, surprisingly, it was a good idea, 10-man captain Smithson”
“What, did Andy do something again?”
“Hey, I didn’t know what else to do. I had to show the rumored quote maker as if I was strong”
“Well, what Andy says is a simple idealism, but at least there’s no hesitation in how to say it. It makes me surprise”
“That’s right. I thought it was a lie because I often heard from 10-man captain Anzeros and Laila-san that you´re very cool, but when I saw you myself, I thought that you looked like a teacher”
“… No, I don’t seem to like studying so much, so I think I´m not good for being a teacher”
“Ahahahaha, that’s how it is. I’m relieved that you´re so sympathetic”

In the bathtub, Naris and Diane have a leisurely conversation. A little gossip. And at the end of the bathhouse.

“Mu, Muーーー!”
“If you make a noise, Naris will find you”
“Hoho, well, it’s already known that you are in my owner’s hands, so it’s no problem”
“Puhaa……ne, nevertheless……Naris would probably have nothing to do with you, so don’t hesitate to look at her, Andy Smithson!”

Inside Laila´s illusion, Almeida was mischievous.

“How would you excuse an ambush in a place like this if we were found by Knight Chief Sharon? Even Tetes seems to have a good knowledge of illusions and it’s not something that’s free”
“Well Well. ……I’m relieved and want to see your cuteness for the first time in a long time”
“Cu, Cute……!? Hyaa, e, ear……hiiii!”
A large public bathhouse with a relaxed air. The light of a waterproof lantern illuminates the wet female body in a dim and fantastic way. Just like Dianne and Naris in the bath, Laila is tangled with me, while Almeida who is hugged and put her hands on the wall has her ear licked by me.

“You’re good in acting in accordance”
“Wh, What do you say, you shameless man……ev, even though I messed around many times, I’m still doing it now……”
“If you mess around, you won’t lose your body”

As I was still in the in-range, the weak Almeida has her ear licked by me, her boobs grabbed and she trembles every time, her nipples are played with.


When I leaned beside her body and muttered, Almeida looked at me with tearful eyes for a moment and then put her lips on me with a natural movement.

“Ho, are you trained so well?”
“I haven’t done it that many times”
“Do, Don’t lie, you seeded animal!”
“Don’t shout , dont shout”

When Almeida’s boobs are tightly grasped, she becomes quiet with a frightened voice.

“I, It doesn’t hurt……”
“It’s up to you……can I put it in?”
“You’ll put it in even if I say no”
“No, I will put it in Laila if you don’t want it”
“Ho, that’s good”
“W, Who said no……!”
“Then, is it okay?”
“That’s boring”

Almeida, who isn’t sure whether she’s reluctant to ride or not, shakes her butt since a little while……I can’t use my right hand and my left hand holds Almeida´s boobs, so thinking about what to do, Laila will set the position.

“Thank you”
“Ho, this is also the role of a dragon”
“……No, I don’t know about that”

While saying so, I push my waist out and bury my cock inside Almeida´s pussy.

“Hua, a, aa……♪”

Almeida gives a joyful voice to the cock that penetrates into the back. While continuing my approach while playing with Almeida´s ears, the sliding door opens.

“Excuse me, is it good to enter”
“I’ll bother you!”

It was Sharon and Tetes who came in.

“Oh, Sharon? It’s good hot water”
“Tetes-chan here and here. There’s a step”

Dianne and Naris welcome them. And while I look sideways, I feel tight in Almeida’s vagina.

“Are you scared?”
“Hua, se, see, Knight Chief Sharon and Tetes!!?”
“Okay, okay. Laila is a dragon. Because of the dragon’s magic ability nothing will happen, unless you’re more noisy……na?”
“Kku, u, uhh……”

Committing a vagina that tightens firmly is sly. I´m completely at Almeida´s mercy. Even if I hold her breasts firmly, she only writhes shinyly. There is no sign of escape anymore.

“But the scaffolding is so bad that I can’t violently……!”
“Hi, st, stop……this is enough, so……!”

The wash area is made of smooth stone. It’s not so slippery, but it doesn’t seem to be able to withstand the forward and backward movement with force. I don’t want to slip and fall down. But.

“If you look at those girls anyway, it’s probably not enough in a modest manner. Why don’t we go to bed and continue there?”
“If you’re barefoot on stone, your knees will hurt……”
“I, I´m seen!”

I try to keep calm. Almeida responds to the word being seen.

“Then we both sleep and lie down like caterpillars”

Do we both continue to have sex while lying down?

“That’s good. Almeida, I’ll pull it out”
“A, maa……kku!!”

I pull out my son which was near the cervix and lay Almeida aside. Then attach to Almeida from behind and insert it again. By doing so, Almeida’s sloppy face will be turned toward the bathtub. Even though it’s not seen, it’s probably a big stimulation, but the moment I fixed my cock, Sharon´s and my eyes met. No, this is a coincidence. It should be a coincidence. I must have seen something that bothered her by chance. I thought so, but Sharon´s face becomes red as she looks at me

“Hey Laila”
“……Are you sure everything is fine with the illusion”
“Umm……well, I can’t say perfection to someone with a sharp intuition”

What Sharon was seeing is, of course, apparent to Almeida who is looking in almost the same direction. Stiffening. The feeling of a shiver is transmitted to my cock through the vagina.

“Ah, Almeida, don’t be so excited”
“……Ya, Yaa……I, I’m seeded by Andy Smithson……baby, is inserted……I’m seen……”
“……Which reminds me, you don’t have contraception, do you?”
“……Th, That´s……haaa……!!”

At a stretch, the thrill becomes intense. The excitement rises because I was caught by the movement and I shake my waist with all my might while being ready not to move too much.

“Ah, haaa……like this, like this, having sex……I’m having sex, while I´m seen……!!”

Almeida shakes her whole body and pushes her hips down to reach my dick. At that moment, I ejaculated comfortably inside Almeida.

“……Emm, 100-man commander……Dianne?”
“That……you notice……”

Sharon blushes and asks calmly as if she could say something.

“Knight Chief Sharon? What are you talking about?”

Naris who doesn’t understand and Tetes who seems not to have noticed yet. And Dianne’s answer is.

“What are you talking about? ……It’s nothing unusual, is it?”
“Eh, th, that……”

Sharon is puzzled. Dianne glances at her.

“It’s commonplace. Well, me too.”
“100-man commander Dianne!?”
“Are you going up, too Sharon?”
“……No, well, that……I know it for a while, so that’s fine”

I wonder if Dianne was going to mix in with sex for a moment? The remaining two seem to be mysterious.

“What are you talking about?”
“Nnn……? Ah”

Finally, Tetes had an eye. Almeida is breathless and continues to enjoy the heat of ejaculation.

“……A, Ahahaa”

I was laughed at.

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