Half elves fall in love chapter 152

Chapter 152: Strong People´s Rest [Dianne Laila Maia]



Since Laila and Maia are resistant to heat and cold that they don’t need to consider anything else in their clothes and they don’t care about their appearance, so they always wear something simple. Laila in particular wears clothes like a one-piece dress that she pulls off from the bottom because of her habit of taking her clothes off. In Renfangas, the unique clothing culture originating from the Eastern Mountains has laid the ground as such and clothes that seemed to be tied to a belt with a rugged gut garment circulated, so Laila liked it. And, of course, it’s quick to take off such clothes.

“Now, as your female slave, I have to take the troubled attack!”
“No, the attack has already subsided”
“Don’t say things you can’t get stuck with”

I was pushed down with no questions asked. ……Well, as for Laila, it doesn’t matter if I’m running wild or not to be seen by others.

“It’s my job to take on any sexual desire you may have. It is thought that it is a little bad to put out to those who aren’t willing to ride even if it thinks of your hot seed and my body gets excited by that fire?”
“It’s not that I wasn’t willing to ride
“Yes, I’d rather have public eyes look at us now”

Anzeros and Aurora, who seem to have heard Laila’s words a little bit, rebutted. There is still enough semen in the crotch of the two naked elves so that Laila licks her tongue.

“There is a public eye, but……”

Sharon muttered in a small voice.

“Ho, if you join, there’s no one to be ashamed of here, right?”
“I, I can’t join it”

Sharon’s panicking expression against Laila’s excited expression.

“Well, you can see or join it by your own decision. But I will enoy myself now, unlike those guys♪”
“It’s different, Laila”
“Well then, I´m not a victim”

Dianne and Irina refute. It’s confusing in many ways. Or rather.

“……I’m seriously sorry Sharon”

I apologize while having happy girls who became muddy with my semen lying around all over the place and being pushed down by a naked beauty and being hugged. No matter how you look at it, it’s a strange picture.

“No, I know it can’t be helped……but anyway, I’m really convinced that this is……”
“It’s good to be from Celesta”
“From Celesta……yes”
“M……More or less, it is forbidden to surround a lot of women even in the northern forest, isn’t it?No, it’s difficult for a human to stay there in the first place”
“Please tell me how to follow you”

Sharon´s reaction with a troubled expression is earth-shattering painful.

Sharon, who is struggling with her uncomfortableness and Almeida, who had fainted before, decide to go out to the edge outside the hut (While being dressed). I’m sure she’ll be happy with her, so Irina follows them. No, I’m worried. However, I decide to continue the ecchi because Laila and Maia are begging.

“Laila and Maia are working hard recently”
“Ho. Not so much……well, let’s say it’s like that♪”
“Even if Andy-sama praises me, I’ll still do my best”

I hug Laila, who is naked, standing on her knees and Maia, who is also on her knees and undressed. Laila’s large and comfortable butt is touched with my right hand through the bandage and I enjoy Maia’s thin and growing body with my tongue. Both have a beauty that is unlikely to be seen by humans and a body that is close to the best of that era. They both let me mess with their bodies and say that I can hold them in any way. That’s what they ask for as a reward, but it’s the best reward even for me.

“Ah, Andy-sama……not only licking, but also touch my vagina and bottom……”
“Is there still sperm left? I’m always ready”
“Andy-sama, feels good……feeling good……♪”

Two people appeal to each other. Laila shakes her boobs mischievously in front of me and Maia reaches out to me with her hand, appealing that she will straddle over me anytime I gave permission. Thereupon, Dianne coughs to clear her throat.

“Ho, what is Dianne?”
“……That, alright. I’m going to do my best too……”

Dianne’s understated appeal, still a bit of dignity as a 100-man commander. While subtle.

“Wh, Why do you laugh, Anzeros!”
“So, Sorry”

Sharon is outside, but outside of the wall of the cheap structure. Perhaps the psychological duty of having to remain a 「100-man commander」 has left Dianne to be shy. However, earlier than anyone here, Dianne, who wished to be my wife and woman……besides it’s a bit funny, how passive she is in front of the naked Ace Knights and dragons. I can see why Anzeros burst into a laughter.

“KKuku……I, I understand Dianne. I’ll give you a reward, so come here”
“Don’t laugh. ……Don’t be a grinning idiot”

Dianne, whose face has turned red, nevertheless comes to me and takes off her clothes in a narrow view of Maia and Laila. Dark elves are not as temperature-resistant as dragons. They are a bit more heat resistant than humans and it’s more a matter of locality than a racial trait. In order to spend time in the demon territory before this winter, Dianne also has to wear thick clothes and it is strangely exciting that the abundance that was made inconspicuous by the weight of the clothes is revealed every time she takes off her clothes.

“Even so……occasionally, you can just call me”
“……You used to call me once in a while”

Certainly, I sometimes called her deliberately to realize that Dianne was my woman.

“Recently, you’ve just pushed down Irina and Luna…….sometimes I want you to know that I’m also your woman. It’s going to make me feel uneasy, even me”

Dianne says so as she takes off her clothes by putting her hands on her underwear and says that it is a little bit rotten. The reliable special duty commander was suddenly reachable and became a puppy that fits in my arms and was irresistibly adorable.

“……Okay, Dianne. ……Reward, let’s have sex together”

The moment she was called Dianne, she made her ears look embarrassed. More and more cute.

“Ho, we’re after”
“Later is fine, but now is not good?”
“I’m gonna do it. Good grief, you pervert dragons”
“It’s the lewd owner’s virtue. It’s good for the world to have horny leechers♪”
“Andy-sama, when I signed with me, I said I was your sex slave”

They look happy rather than angry at all even if it is said that they are lewd. Well, that’s fine.

“I’ll put it in, Andy……nnn……n”

Diane swallows my dick, while showing off her beautiful brown breasts which are as beautiful as Laila´s boobs. Whether her feelings have changed a bit because I abandoned her, the tone is similar to the usual male language and she is a nuance like Anzeros when she is somewhat spoiled. And my penis willingly breaks into the hairless pussy. My penis, which went in and out of four vaginas today, was used to the stimulation, but the vagina that was much more familiar and more familiar than the past four people gives me an extra comfort. Dianne’s vagina, gave me a loving alternative to my dick when I was a virgin, along with Selenium. In a sense, those two vagina may be my home. What am I talking about? Or, while having an irresponsible emotion.

“Haaa……ha, ouch……♪♪”

I gently hug Dianne with a crying smile that she was given what she was looking for and pull her down. How many naked bodies did I hug today? But I never get bored with any girl. It is unexpectedly small that I think that I embrace Dianne´s body. Her strong and dependable body is actually a bit smaller than Aurora and Hilda. Her chest is big and her ass is worth rubbing, but she’s smaller than expected. I’m so proud that Dianne is so happy that she’s almost crying and that she’s ready to be violated anywhere, but it is a little annoying and cute that she is always patient.


I take away her lips and hug her tightly. No, I’m weak and Dianne is trained, so I can’t break her, as she’s full of power.


Dianne who entangles her tongue with my tongue is sensitive to it. Surely love is transmitted more than repeating words. And as it is. While hugging each other, we slowly and gradually start moving our hips. Perhaps because I trained a lot, my hips still move even though I fucked so much. And Dianne works with exquisite grind as if she knew all of me. I’m sure she really knows. The place I feel, my affair and even Dianne’s favorite spot. A dark elf who takes it all, but still rarely begs for me. Looking closely, a beautiful woman who is still young. I smash love and lust with all my might.

“N, nkuu……haa, Andy……Andy, it feels good……hug me more……tie me up, fuck me, Andy……!!”
“Dianne……ah, Dianne!!”

Shaking our hips violently while kissing deeply and ejaculating. I pour plenty of semen into her pussy.


Dianne feels the heat and shakes as if waiting for it. I guess.

I hugged Dianne and knocked her down and Laila also embraces tightly.

“Kuhaa, a, aaa……rough……♪”

Hugging from behind, holding her down on the floor and kneading Laila´s white boobs with both hands. I thrust my dick into Laila’s butt hole and shake my hips. Laila is originally fine with sex in the buttocks and vagina, but the stimulation of the ass hole seems to be felt strongly even with the same strength. And that seemed to be her favorite.

“Your asshole is really filthy……!”

Intense tightening and tolerance. And above all, the expression of Laila’s delight. I enjoy the body that is soft no matter where I rub, even with my inconvenient right hand.

“……I’m sorry, owner……I hope you can enjoy more if your hand is healed……”
“If you think so, let me entertain your ass more, nasty dragon!”
“It’s just reasoning♪”

Laila, who uses her hips more vigorously, protrudes her hips and twists and entertains me. I ejaculated deep in her rectum, feeling irresistible fulfillment of control and affection for her, who had devoted her body and mind to me.

And the last one is Maia. Four women, each with their lower bodies filled with semen, lick the joint or suck on my nipples or stuck to my arms, while I stick to Maia’s back and we shake our hips together so that we get entangled. Immerse myself in a sexual feast, as if it were a lump of meat.

“Andy-sama……Andy-sama, deep……womb, bangung……♪”
“Ehehee……Maia, shake your hips more……♪”
“Nchuu, n, nneruu……how is it, Andy-san……?”
“HoHo, be more honest. No matter where you play with me, you’re free♪”
“How many women’s love juice is applied just today, this wild kid……nzuzuu”

The drug doesn’t matter anymore. Desire is already completely naked. As I go, I will.

“Maia……cum, Maia……I´m cumming……!!”
“Uhh, Uhh……come, Andy-sama’s ejaculation, I like it……!!”

In Maia´s young vagina whose eyes were blurred, I scattered my sperm.


“Hmm. Did you get up?”
“Good morning, Almeida”
“Ah, Irina-sama, Knight Chief Sharon……wh, what, is that dream……?”
“Did you even see a dream?”
“N, No that……mu? Pe, Perhaps Irina-sama, magic that looks into my dreams”
“……Almeida. You really don’t like getting on in the world”
“N, No Knight Chief cares about! Or more precisely Irina-sama is a young boy”
“Coincidence. I also had a lewd dream”
“Nuu, what is……n……?”
“……What’s leaking from your crotch?”
“Why that?”
“Coincidence. I too”
“Does that mean it’s not a dream!?”
“Notice it faster, Almeida……”

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