Half elves fall in love chapter 160

Chapter 160: Renfangas Kingdom, Severe Earthquake



The next morning we had finished our preparations and left. Three days and two nights. I wanted to stay a little longer, but if I stayed any longer, my butt will become heavier.

“Take care, Andy”
“Please leave it to me”

The baron and Christie line up and shake hands with me in turn. And I hug Jeanne and Selenium lightly. Peter was sleeping peacefully. Stroke his head once. I have to come back before he thinks I´m an uncle who he doesn’t know.

“Don’t catch a cold, Jeanne, Selenium”
“I wont get it. Why do you think there’s a miraculous spring for?”
“That’s right”
“Rather, you guys should take care of yourself. Different lands have different illnesses, so please be careful”

I laugh bitterly when I was warned by Selenium. Yeah, unpreparedness is one’s greatest enemy.

Maia lifting the carriage and Laila holding the cargo. Two dragons take off from the morning-baked Polka.

“Laila, isn’t it heavy?”

Dianne talks to Chibi Laila on my shoulder.

“Ho, it’s all right. I’m afraid that it’s going to collapse. It’s going to be hard to hold somersaults”
“……Don’t do anything weird”
“Hoho, I’m joking”

I really want you to give me a break. Apart from clothes and food, if you drop it, only sake will be wiped out.

“All right, we’re going back to Catalina! Even though we were only three days away, the situation may have changed, so tighten up your mind!”

We, agree with Dianne’s command, by saying 「Okay」. Then, Tetes takes out a hand mirror from the luggage as if it had come up by chance.

“Don’t open your luggage here, it’s a catastrophe if the flight attitude tilts”
“I understand. I’m just checking”

Tetes holds her hand over the hand mirror and casts some spell. After a while the mirror becomes cloudy. In a hurry, Tetes presses a parchment there. And.

“Communicate over here……might be bad”
“Wh, Why?”
“Communication magic is not supposed to come directly around here. Now that I’ve returned the blue gauntlet, I’ll be contacting the mayor of Catalina”
“Is Catalina going to be tough or do I need to contact directly as soon as we arrive……no, I still have a weak connection……we’ve got to cross the Snake Mountain Range and then I’ll have to try it again”
“……You really have to tighten your mind”

Dianne said so in a bad mood.


Along the wind path that Maia seems to have discovered while flying several times, we crosses the Snake Mountain Range. Tetes who had tried communication magic several times succeeded in the information capture at last after a while after we crossed the ridge. And.

“……What happens when you translate this, Tetes?”
“Queen, urgent, aid, request……!?”
“No way. My older brother and Berga are at the royal castle. So easily …”

Dianne and Sharon frown when they hear the code slightly copied on parchment, which Tetes reads with a difficult face.

“……I have a bad feeling about it”
“Send one of the dragons to Rennesto, 100-man commander Dianne”
“I know. ……Is Laila faster at flight speed? Laila, can you hear me?”
“Ho. With the luggage, neither myself nor Maia will change the path”
“Leave the luggage to Maia. Put your luggage near Catalina and carry only the Gauntlet Knights and me”
“……I see, good”
“Wa, Wait please, if Buster-sama and Queen Flare are in danger, I will also go”
“Neia……I understand. All remaining corps members will re-enter Catalina. Prepare”
『Roger that』

I want to say that I will also go, but Dianne’s election is expected to fight directly. In other words, Rennesto’s citadel is somehow torn, or……a political change. In that case, we crossbow soldiers are not suitable and obstructed to fight to move and to defend someone.

“If we need support, I let the Catalina´s communication magician contact you from Tetes. You can do it, Tetes”
“All right, then the rest of the command is delegated to 10-man captain Keiron. Don’t be late, everybody!”

Celesta´s group puts their right fists on their left chests. And Catalina came into view.


“……Hey Hey”

Catalina was supposed to be outrageous. Apparently, a part of the ant mound is crumbling. The reason is understood by seeing. The rock turtles were advancing.

“That……as far as we’ve scouted, rock turtles needed three days to reach here.

Neia has an appalling face.

“Uh……I don’t know”

Check with Chibi Maia. We were also doing aerial reconnaissance. Rock turtles are monsters that can be seen from afar, so they cannot be overlooked.

“Do you think something impossible has happened? ……Anzeros, Aurora, Maia. Can the three of you protect Catalina?”

Only Anzeros nods to Dianne’s question. Aurora looked at the ground so as to be unable to answer and muttered, while Maia is saying, 「It may be safe to do so」. Although a dragon is powerful, it is still not enough to protect the entire circumference of Catalina. At least it is not difficult to protect Catalina and wipe out monsters with the joint front of Laila and Maia, but there are many beast types besides the rock turtles and now Catalina, where the garrison is playing an interception war, is still in the hands of one dragon.

“If that’s the case……Dancing Spear, will you go?”
“No. ……After all I go down”

It was Neia Grans who started to chew on her lips.

“Buster-sama’s emergency, I want to reach out my hands for help greatly……but it’s beyond my area of expertise, so I’m not always able to move well in Rennesto. Almeida will be more useful over there”
“……I see. Then rely on me”

If Neia joins, the odds come out.

“Smithson, prepare the crossbows. Boyd prepare the 『Breath Caliber』. In cooperation with 10-man captain Anzeros and Aurora, we can only make time for non-combatants like Hilda to enter the city safely”

Keiron gives instructions immediately. Crossbows can play an active role in such a level battle.

“I’ll leave it to you, Keiron. ……Everyone, cut a way through this”
“Roger that”

Laila and Maia land. We start deploying and transferring in a hurry with the two dragons that remove the demons that flock there with tails and limbs.

“Wh, What is it!?”

I stop Sharon from running.

“Take off that collar before you get there”
“……I don’t want Felios to have an eye on me. I just can’t make any excuses for the collar, just because we’re dating”
“……I, I don’t think he cares about that”
“I’m asking you!”

We´re scolded by Dianne when pushing questions.

“What are you doing! Hurry, both of you!”
“I understand!”

Before Sharon makes an excuse, I push her back and I carry a crossbow and climb on Maia’s back. Next I jump from her back onto the wall of Catalina and hold the crossbow. The soldiers in the war below are very excited by the appearance of dragons, even as they battle fierce battles.

“Help them, Maia”

Maia shouts loudly and launches an attack. Laila walks away and kicks off as many demons as possible before taking off. She disappears immediately due to an illusion.

“I´m going!”
“Please take care, Neia Grans!”
“It looks like it’s going to be tough……I should have rested a little more!”

Three vanguards jumped out and Boyd stood behind them with two breath calibers. Maia politely kicks monsters away to encourage allies to retreat and Hilda and non-combatants like Apple and others flee from the front gate to Catalina. Confirm it.


The attack begins with Keiron’s 「Breath Shooter」. Lantz and Goto also punch through the monster’s key points one after another.

“Ku, don’t come……you bastards!”

Boyd ignites the 「Breath Caliber」 one by one and cuts off the hard wolves. Despite the fact that Breath Caliber’s heat rays are strong, it is quite difficult for him to become a layman. Eventually, unlike Anzeros and the others, you can expect a battle that will not take a step against the monsters. Anzeros and Aurora draw their swords and rush to hunt down monsters one after another.

“Aurora, left wing please!”
“Hard Wolves are difficult to cut through with a blade!”

The short but powerful sword of Anzeros explodes the Hard Wolf. Explosion?

“……! You had such a hand!”

Aurora, who turned her sword around, swung her two swords down to the hard wolf, attacking from the left and right. This again blows off the head. The belly bursts. Oh, I see. ……Bonaparte’s uncle said, 「Shock swords that should not be used against humans」.

“Even if the hair is a little stiff, I can go fast with this”
“Indeed, that’s true Anzeros-san”

After they passed, it turned into a blood pond hell. The garrison soldiers are also flabbergasted.

Meanwhile, Neia was charging into a herd of rock turtles that were breaking down the city walls.

“Rock Turtle, if you lose two legs……it’s good!”

Swinging her sword. Tap into the base of the foot, insert the blade more than halfway and pull out. Destroy them with their own weight. The rock turtle with two beautifully broken legs stops moving on the spot. He is too heavy to move forward or backward with his two feet. This is the method used by Renfangas regular army. For rock turtles that are slow to move, it is not difficult to aim only at the base and joints with an ogre´s axe. If a rock turtle get stuck in that way, you can smash its head with a hammer and kill it. However, Neia didn’t stab it, but struck the rock turtle’s feet one after another, rendering it from moving.

“I’m sorry for that……but is it okay to leave it like that”
“It’s going to be efficient, it’s a wall”

A brief review of Keiron and his fight.

“……I see. Yes”

Maia, who had heard it, took the rock turtle that couldn’t move and put it on the ground and began to build an earthworks in front of the broken wall.

“Hey Maia. It’s a living monster”
“It can’t move, right?”
“……Well, that’s certainly true”
“It looks like a wolf monster would never crack it and it’s just right”

Dragon’s head. As expected, it was not a breath blow, but with the activities of Maia and Neia, the herd of monsters was safely rejected. And the rock turtles were dismissed by Maia and the ogres in town breaking their head with pickaxes and hammers. As expected, it groaned in a cruel voice and it was frightened from being replaced as an earthwork.

“A lot of blood”
“Its a fishy smell……”

Luna and Boyd have dejected expressions. Well, unlike rock dolls, the contents are usually huge turtles, so if you kill them, the blood will come out and rot if you feel relieved.

“But for a while, we can only use them as a barrier. Rebuilding the wall requires resources, manpower and time”

The mayor sighs on the bloody first floor.

“I’m sorry, I’m out of my office when it’s important……

The mayor apologizes to Anzeros after the sword is taken care of. I guess that seems to be the role of the first member, Keiron, but when that bastard pinch left, he was tired and slept.

“No, it’s our mission to defend the city in the first place and in a period of about three days, you can’t come back from your neighbor’s town without a dragon”
“……I feel comfortable if you can say that”
“But……I wonder where those beasts, emm I mean rock turtles came from. We were scouting, too, but……we didn’t notice until we were within view of the city”
“It’s strange……”

Well, the answer is unlikely to come out of your thoughts, but a strange thing is strange. Anzeros and the mayor share this question.

“I have a feeling to know what happened”

Then, Neia came back. It is remarkable to make all hundred rock turtles inoperative and not sweating once.

“When I think about it, I was also found in this neighborhood. That’s why……”

An elven young man running down from the upper floor shouts to block Neia from passing on her words.

“Mayor! It seems that Count Pound caused a coup d etat!?”
“Wh……no way, at the time of this great invasion!?”
“……Wh, What should we do?”
“We don’t know the situation! N, No, we don’t move here even if we know”
“……Indeed. No, Count Pound’s criminal statement. I don’t know why it’s just been around, but at least the Royal Castle was taken”
“My Goodness……who would think that someone would take advantage of such a crisis to commit a crime”

For the time being, it seems that Dianne and the others will take care of it.

“Queen Flare……Buster-sama”

Neia bites her lips.

“……Well, I don’t know who this Count Pound is, but I don’t think Lord Buster will be killed”
“Yes Yes”

I encourage Neia with Keiron.

“……Queen Flare is the one who has no fighting power. If she is taken hostage first, no matter how much Buster-sama……I’m worried because Buster-sama has a strong mind for the country”

Neia’s dark face doesn’t clear up. Certainly, the fact that the declaration of crime was made so imposing is immovable.

“……If they’re not dead, Dianne and Laila will definitely help them”
“War God Dianne, with those two names she cant be beaten so easily. Please believe me”

Anzeros and Aurora also comfort Neia by mouth.

“……More than that, those rock turtles. If we don’t know the mystery of that, we can’t move”

When I urged Neia to continue, Neia snapped her lips and nodded again, wearing her hat.

“……It’s probably the same ancient transition device as the northern forest”

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