Half elves fall in love chapter 181

Chapter 181: Catalina Holiday 1



The animals that we had collected in large numbers were brought together by Maia to Catalina.

In Catalina, there is one meat processing shop (military department) who usually processes demon meat and boiled dried meat in detail to each other. Perhaps he didn’t expect normal meat to be brought in, so he was working on it while panicking.

“H, Hey, somebody ask the mayor to lend me an ogre or dwarf soldier from the guardroom! This will cause a blood mess and ruin the meat before the process is over! I always say that freshness is life!”

Curious soldiers rush to the station. It’s a story directly related to their meal. The reaction is extremely fast.

“Shall I help?”
“I’ll also help, butcher”

Boyd and Goto advance. The butcher smiled happily.

“Okay, then, pull out a blood hole and hang the animals upside down from the ceiling! It would be time-consuming for a human to do this”

Nowadays, the two, who have become more comfortable with the Valerie language, nod lightly and start processing. Even if it says meat, it’s still a heavy item and the strength of an ogre seems to be essential for quick work. ……Anzeros and Sharon, who can instantly produce the power of an ogre, Dianne and Neia, who do not accept common sense evaluation from the outside in the first place and the dragon team, but it seems to question for a moment in the meaning of sticking to an ogre.

“Ho, I’ll help you, too. Maia, do you know the procedure for dismantling animals?”
“More or less”

Laila and Maia shake the butcher knife lightly to dismantle the meat. And.

“Hey butcher, I borrowed a dwarf”
“Oh, it’s a good time! I’ll ask you to dismantle the meat after the blood is drained from the meat!”
“Roger that”
“You know, it’s been ten years since we dismantled a deer”

Several dwarves called upstairs divide the work and start helping the butcher. ……At that scene, Apple, who was welcoming me, smiled with regret.

“……I was wondering if I could help too”
“……Well, I think it’s okay to become more detailed”

In the back of the butcher´s home, the barrels for salted and dried meat are carried out and the meat is hung by pulleys one after another. It seems that fine food will come out for the time being.


Next day.

“We don’t have any requests for help today. It seems Alize is already preparing to raise most of their defense strength and Ghibli seems to be in good shape thanks to the two Great Knight Chiefs”
“……So you don’t need a dragon for a quick rescue mission today”

Affirmed by the laughter that Tetes was in trouble. I was ready to sort out and prepared winter clothes.

“At the moment, the battle with the last monsters that was supposed to be the last thing, or the last guys who were anxious after starting cannibalism is at this time. This year, because of the Blue Dragon’s activity in the early stages, the monster’s launch is slow, As a result, we were able to save our overall strength. If you’re not good at it, you may not have a decent herd left anymore.

Naris who happily explains eats a great amount of meat soup during breakfast.

“Then, what am I going to do today?”

Maia looks up at me. I don’t have a plan for that case either. Dianne helped me out with a help boat when I was in trouble.

“If you don’t have anything to do, just take a rest. It doesn’t make sense to work hard and be tired at unexpected times”
“……Is that okay?”
“You know what, Maia is working well. And you have to take a little more rest. Originally, the task of the Great Invasion is not a mission of the Special Duty Force. Even if you have some leeway, you won’t complain”

That’s not good, is it? Thanks to Maia, I was a little too proud of it, but it’s not a time to overdo it.

“Then……do you want to rest?”

Stroking Maia’s head. She looked happy.

With Dianne´s permission, today is a day off. In fact, I can no longer feel that monsters are approaching Catalina. The monsters that pull up from the south may come out soon, but they won’t come from the north anymore.

“The world is peaceful, nothing happens. It’s good. You can take a nap with peace of mind”

Keiron is standing in the room and ready to take a nap.

“Didn’t you just take a nap even if it wasn’t peaceful”
“Naa, when you’re in danger, I’ve been super active!”

Keiron pouts.

“Well, 10-man captain Keiron is reliable only when it’s dangerous”
“You mean, you don’t want to turn him into an enemy. Although he isn’t like 10-man captain Smithson”

Masturbation Brothers examine the erotic picture scrolls bought at Rennesto and say something subtle. Or rather, don’t spread it in a dignified manner just because it is a men’s room.

“I’m not like Smithson?”
“Because if you turn 10-man captain Smithson into an enemy, 10-man captain Anzeros will also turn into an enemy. It’s impossible to match 10-man captain Anzeros”
“You’ve been following 10-man captain Smithson for a while. No, maybe 10-man captain Smithson was following you”
“It’s just Anzeros who doesn’t want to turn to an enemy……”
“Because 10-man captain Anzeros confiscates and burns erotic picture scrolls!?”
“So far 7 volumes were destroyed from me”
“5 volumes by me”

Is that all of you?

“……Well, it’s certain that turning Smithson into an enemy wouldn’t be good. Whether it’s Isaac or Anzeros, they’ve been on good terms with Smithson since a while. Wasn’t there someone who bullied Smithson when he was a regular soldier and was about to be crushed by Anzeros and Isaac?”
“Ah, there was”

Keiron and Goto talk calmly. ……I can’t remember his name, but he’s a jerk. Surely he was leaving so that he could escape, as I thought it was something that made Isaac angry.

“It’s good to make an ally, isn’t it? 10-man captain Smithson. He sometimes makes enemies, but triple the ally is reliable”
“Now it’s going to be a lot of trouble with Elves, Dragons, 100-man commander and Black Arms”

……Well, not all of them are on my side, some of them are friendly, but I understand that I don’t want them to be an enemy now. Laila alone is enough disaster.

“In other words, you can often put your hands on such a woman and stay calm. Aren’t you afraid of being stabbed?”
“……Well, actually, there’s no such thing as a girl who aggressively sprinkled herself……”

Apple and barely Breakcore……?

“That’s why so many beautiful women gather together”
“No 10-man captain Keiron should move a little more aggressively, because only delicious foods can shine”
“From just a moment ago, 『Simple』 Goto! Don’t say I’m usually useless, lately I’m doing my best!?”
“……No, it’s a nice day to take a nap during the whole day off”
“Sleep when you can sleep!”
“……The missis in Basson’s tavern often said that a troublesome man was not popular”
“But sleeping is the best!”

This guy is useless.


When I went to the doctor’s office, Neia was shirtless.

“W, Why do you come all this time, Smithson-san!?”
“Don’t move because it’s pulling out the thread☆”
“No, the door was half opened. so it was fine, right?”
“Hmm, its fine because it’s Andy-kun”
“It’s not good!”

Isn’t it good? She let me rub. ……Nonetheless, at that time it was a life-threatening condition if the body temperature fell too low.

“So, can Neia move now when it comes to pulling out the thread?”
“Hmm, the wound has closed. It didn’t look clean, so I’ll heal it again when we´re in Polka”
“I think it’s beautiful, but……”

The upper half of the body where Neia hid only her nipples. The wound that had opened on the upper part of the chest was still red, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought. It would be a good thing to get well in just a few days from that injury. But Hilda poked Neia in the forehead with a smile.

“What do girls do when they compromise their skin? It’s hard to heal, so it’s decided to heal. Some of them are Polka-like people who heal too much and don’t heal normally”
“Is, Is that so?”

Hilda has a slightly distant look in her eyes. This is Hilda, a doctor for almost 500 years. I guess she has seen quite a lot of different cases.

“I really wish I had healed……well, it might be good because the person in question is satisfied”

Hilda shows a shadowy smile.

“So if it heals, it heals! Now that you´re a patient, I won’t cut corners”
“Y, Yes……”

Slowly Neia stared at me.

“So why are you standing there forever, Smithson-san!”
“Eh, eh, are you going to kick me out”
“It’s not a show!”

I was kicked out. Yeah. When she heals with Polka, I have to keep the promise of that time. ……It seems like the person in question forgot it, but we promised to take a bath together. Yup.

Red Arm Trio + Sharon were enjoying tea and sweets at 10 o’clock.

“I wonder if I can be so happy……?”

Red Arm trio look extremely happy.

“I can’t believe you can make sweets with so much sugar in a place like this……”

Sharon didn’t seem to be hungry for sweets as much as the trio, but she’s honestly impressed.

“It’s a variety of Laila-dono. It was made by the Cherry Blossom clan, but it was Laila-dono’s skill to be able to keep it hidden”

For some reason, Irina is proud of herself and Apple is laughing bitterly.


The two noticed me. Apple puts new baked goods on a plate in a hurry.

“How is it”
“Are you okay?”
“There’s a lot going on”

Feel free to ask. When I sit down on a chair, Irina sits on my lap as a matter of course. Sharon, Almeida and a bitter smiling Apple stop eating.

“Irina-sama, there is a chair next to me”
“I want to eat here♪”
“That’s not good”
“Huhuh, are you jealous?”
“Stop it, Idiot Clan Chief”

Chop. Both are like a cat and a mouse.

“A, Awe-inspiring……!”
“Andy Smithson!”
“Andy-san, it’s no use. A clan chief is like a king, don’t get angry……”
“Uh……what are you doing fools?”

Irina just looked dissatisfied. Three people feel relieved.

“Properly sit in your chair”
“I don’t like it. Let me eat apology hitting there”
“I don’t understand what you mean!”
“That’s all you have to do, I’m great!?”
“If you’re so great, don’t behave like a child!”



After all I am feeding.


Almeida and Sharon are still dissatisfied. Do they want me to eat it?

“Apple, are you okay?”
“No, that……I’m sorry, I’m jealous”

I also fed Apple. Sharon and Almeida looked even more dissatisfied.

“That, can we eat in that room over there?”
“Even though it’s so sweet, I’m going to be full”

Even Tetes and Naris have scornful eyes. What do you want me to do?

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