Half elves fall in love chapter 189

Chapter 189: Snow, Moon and Chestnut Flower 1 [Irina Dianne Laila]



The moon in the sky was the moon that was concealed yesterday. The air that flowed over the snow was cold to be naked, but as long as I put on the steam of the hot spring, which was stable at a slightly hot temperature, I couldn’t catch a cold. Meanwhile, in a large bathtub illuminated by some fleeting magic light, Dianne and Laila show off their feminine, fluffy bodies and Irina who exposes her immature but pretty nude body naturally. And there are other young female elves who are as pretty as Irina. Among them.

“Ho, it’s really okay to do it, isn’t it?”

I am a very small person. Even though the other person is not a local person of Polka, it’s not easy to have sex in front of the public without any illusion. However, Dianne who answered that was light.

“Well, if Irina is fine with it, why not?”
“Is it okay, Irina?”
“O, Okay okay……if I leave it to Laila-dono, it won’t end until morning”
“Ho. I’m not so endlessly demanding. Needless to say, owner’s request will continue for many weeks”
“Rather, Irina wouldn’t get over it once it started”
“Wh, What´s with the both of you. I´m not a female pervert who tries to stand out!”

Irina gets angry and strike the water. Hugging Irina from behind, or rather catching her, I whisper into her long ear from behind.

“That’s why Irina’s erotic pussy feels good”
“Huwaa……do, don’t blow against my ear”

I wrap my arms around Irina’s trembling small body and crawl my hands between her barely developed breasts and her thin thighs.

“Don’t deny your erotic pussy?”
“No, it’s noisy. If you hang on to me, all the female holes will be erotic”
“They aren’t as erotic as Irina, right?”

Irina is excited every time I speak because I whisper at a distance with my lips on her ear. And, the young elf girls who heard the content of the conversation (well, it is natural because the hearing of an elf is good), start to whisper to each other.

“It’ll be well-known that Irina has a super lewd pussy”
“Nu, it, it’s just that she´ll know her frivolity. There is no bad meaning”
“She has already swallowed up to the first joint. It’s such a great talent to swallow it with such a small secret place”
“…………It’s quite good because people see it”

I’m sorry, I think I’m feeling a little better. Lip service is around here, and the mischief to the crotch is strengthened while stretching the tongue out in earnest to Irina´s long ear.

“Hu, nyaaa……!!”
“Ah, Irina-sama, that face……”
“……Wa, Wait are they really doing it……?”
“It’s not in yet, maybe……”

Noisy young female elves. Forgetting to hide their limbs, they gradually narrow the distance and watch Irina’s foolery.

“Irina, let’s put it in……”
“Is, Isn’t it too early……hauu!!”

Holding Irina on the surface of the water who tried to protest a little, I left Irina’s upper body to Laila, grabbed her butt and rushed between the labia.

“N, uuu……!!!”
“Hoho, is it comfortable, owner”
“Yes, it feels so good”
“S, Selfish man……♪”

Laila’s wet, curvy nude, Irina’s straight nude. In the light of illusion, two obscene bodies combine and my penis breaks into them.

“N, Now, naturally without support from the trainer……”
“They always do it this way, I’m sure……”
“Yes……how many people are there overnight?”

It is said that elves don’t deal with any number of people in one night as I listen to the whispering conversation of the young elf girls. I think high-status elves have side rooms and so on. But well, that’s fine. The center of Irina’s small waist and inside the vagina are still narrow. Still, the tightening is not painful, it feels like entwining, melting around my penis. And, even if Irina doesn’t move, Irina can wander around or even move her vagina involuntarily. Thus.

“Haa……haa, cant I move……?”

Once Irina starts from herself, she tries to shake her hips without completely concealing her erotic nature.

“……Move? It’s a demonstration of you being half-elfed right in front of elves”

I whispered that, grabbed Irina’s butt, staked out and started shaking her hips.

“L……look, Irina’s face right now?”
“Yeah……it is horrifyingly sexy……”
“Hoho, good young girl. They say you’re sexy”
“Hua……a, aa……haaaaa……♪”

The spectators are saying this and that to Irina, but while she is shaking, she screams as she is stuck in the womb and can’t hear it at all. Splashes different from hot water scattered from between the small buttock and I pursued the great pleasure caused by the small meat hole. Vaginal folds and labia that try to keep my son tight as if pulling it. If I poke it, it will try to drag me in. Irina buries her face in Laila’s chest and makes her cheeks rub against Laila´s breasts while screaming in a weak tone. And I ejaculate.

“Hua, a, aaaaaaaaaa……♪”
“KKu, uu……!”

At that moment I push the penis deep in the back and released my sperm. Irina cums together with me. It’s a body that suits really well to me, even if you’re not aiming for control. And, after being stiff, semen drips from the crotch that relaxes like a thin wave. The young elf girls were looking at it with excited eyes.

“In, Incredible……really, inside……put it out……”
“Inside the White Clan Chief……Irina-sama looks satisfied……”
“Hoho, it has been released into a small child”

Irina kept her breath for a while with a vague act, but while she was soaked in the afterglow of my ejaculation and her vagina was loose, she started making excuses.

“……I, I cant become pregnant. Because this man seeds a wild plot so much, Dianne´s sister used a spell to not make me become pregnant”
“Hey, wait a minute, is the trainer like that every night, that to any kind of woman……?”

One of the young elves raises a disappointed voice, while the others get excited. There are various reactions. ……I mean, I’ve forgotten about the birth control magic on Irina until now.

“Then……if it isn’t worth it, there is no big difference if you continue to pour it again……♪”

As Irina raises her face from Laila’s chest, she shakes her ass to seduce me. The girls cheered with restraint.

“This nasty little girl”
“Am I not perverted by a pervert♪”

I poured another shot in.


Irina is completely satisfied and sinks into the bathtub, but I’m still cool. The next performance was a line-up of Dianne and Laila’s ass.

“It’s not my hobby to have sex while showing it to someone I don’t know”
“Ho, aren’t you excited while saying such a thing, Dianne?”
“It’s just embarrassing……hiuu!!”

To Dianne who is saying that, I insert my penis which gained momentum vigorously.

“KKu, huu……Andy……no atrophy at all……♪”
“If I think Dianne and others are waiting for me, I’ll get better and better”
“I’m always waiting for you……n, a, huu……♪”

I cover Dianne, who holds her hand on the edge of the bathtub and shakes her hips. A sensual nude unlike Irina. It feels soft no matter where you touch her. I shake my hips while looking around her body persistently as if I had become addicted.

“Hoho, my body is not going to lose♪”

Laila leads my hand to her boobs. I moved my hands without being busy and finally while rubbing her ass with my fingers both in the asshole and vagina, I pulled Dianne’s nipples and shake my hips.

“Ha, a, ahaa……aa, auuu……good, Andy……having sex with Andy……♪”
“Dianne’s pussy is also splendid……”
“『Dianne’s erotic pussy』……isn’t that right, Andy?”
“……Dianne’s erotic pussy feels really good……can I ejaculate?”

Dianne smiles, sticks her hips out and pushes my hips away, then turns back and pulls my son out.

“Even though I’m lining up with Laila, it would be a waste to put it out before using Laila’s erotic pussy……♪”
“Ho, isn’t the service good, Dianne?”
“……It’s about to come out now, so I’ll put it out in Laila´s vagina right away”
“I’m very welcome”
“Huhu, impatient, once you put it out inside Laila’s erotic pussy, next time you’re about to pull it out of Laila and put it out in my erotic pussy♪”
“Ho, you seem to like the phrase for a long time”

Dianne was a little bit distracted when Laila pointed out……I don’t see much of it, but she looks like she looks appropriate for her appearance.

“Only when Irina is around, Andy does that to give him a round of nasty guts. It’s a favor”
“……What is the favor?”

That said, it may be a little bit offensive to Dianne. With a bitter smile, I pull out my hand from Laila’s butt and push my son into her vagina. It is wrapped in pleasure that has a different taste and I ejaculate immediately after 3 round trips.

“Nn……you’re coming in……♪”

Laila looks happy. At the very least, I continue ejaculation while accepting the deep kiss of Dianne who has embarked from the side.

“……Wow, like that……with two women, having sex constantly……”
“That’s a animal trainer……”
“It, It looks good just a little”

The young elves were impressed by the weird sex.

“……Smithson-dono is greedy. At all, even though two women have already become pregnant with his child, he still can’t stop training women……♪”

Finally Irina, who has finally revived, says something selfish again.

“But I’m not training separately. I’ll say it this time, but I’m not training anyone. Somehow it’s different. I want you to understand”

I’ll just argue against it. But.

“So what is the conclusion that made the holy beast pleased, saying, 「I will continue to have sex with you until I give birth to a child」?”
“Ho. Even Sharon, that swordswoman was glad to declare that she would stay by your side and have sex with you until she gives birth to a child”
“……Well, half of the women who are wearing a collar now are the ones who can remove your head lightly if you make a fuss about it. If you don’t hold them on the premise that you’ll be able to do something, they’ll want to commit suicide……”

None of them were on my side. The girls made a noise.

“……It’s fine to be a animal trainer……”

While fucking Laila, I pretended to be a little depressed. Actually it’s so pleasant.


I commit Laila and ejaculate inside Dianne. Of course, Laila gave me a long tongue kiss during ejaculation. And when the three of them were satisfied, my cock hasn’t wilted at all.

“The power of the miraculous spring……”
“Ho. I’m still good?”
“Me too. I’ll be using Andy’s erotic cock until I’m satisfied”
“Andy´s penis is good, but I’m a little out of breath, so let me take a rest”

I sit down in the hot water. As long as I have a vigorous body and a girl’s naked body, I can count on my penis to continue erections as much as I want. Since I was sitting in a shallow place, I had to lie down until my upper body did not get soaked in water, so I slept with a little thought. Only the glans came out of the hot water. The gaze of the girls who make a noise is a little comfortable, so I get on a little tune, shake my hips a little, and try playing with the sticky stick.

“What are you doing at last?”

A cold gaze was thrown at Irina next to me. However, one of the elf girls suddenly approaches. When I thought it might be a story for Irina, she approached me with a cheerful face.

“Umm……I hope it’s fine”
“Me too, that……could you let me experience it once……?”

It was a pretty girl. Elves are usually beautiful from a human point of view. My son makes waves on the surface of the water. Irina panicked.

“No, stop, stop it”
“Why? I heard that the animal trainer also used his talent at Misty Palace. I don’t think there’s no reason I could hold him alone, but……”
“T, There’s nothing to worry about when you’re the head of a clan. If it becomes a problem in your clan, I can’t take responsibility”
“This is why people came out into the world. I don’t care about the current forest situation”
“My clan has few men, so now my fiancée’s relationship is ambiguous and I have no partner……at this rate, I may end up without hugging a man”

Following the girl’s response, the other girls went on.

“I won’t go so far as to ask the animal trainer to give me a child, as I know that he is busy. It’s good for one night”
“Even though you showed us how pleasant it was……I’m inexperienced”

Irina frowns. Laila patted her head softly.

“Hoho, you don’t have to interference, small child”
“Owner has a lot of energy, but you’re loved. You’re not limited to a greedy owner. If you don’t forgive him even if he’s a little violent, you’re going to have a hard time from now on, won’t you?”
“Hahaha. Well, you can do as you like Andy

Irina tried to make a small reason, but the two older women were tolerant. With that momentum, the girls come close to me with excited looks.

“……Well then, let’s get things done”

I tried to say it innocently, but the elven girls who I didn’t know their names just nodded with their flushed faces.

“Yes, it’s the way things are♪”
“What will be done……♪”

The magic light weakens the light over time and the moonlight in the middle of the sky illuminates the women’s bath. I got up. I feel that my misunderstanding may accelerate, but there was no reason for me to sleep if such cute girls said they want to have sex with me.

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