Half elves fall in love chapter 192

Chapter 192: Moonlight, Beauties and a little more than usual



Night. After the modest banquet with the Baron (al to say, it was big enough that we didn’t have an open party), we were immersed in the hot spring.

“No, Trot’s food is delicious. I’m kind of like eating various foods, but Trot food is the most satisfying”

Keiron is in a good mood and says so while soaking his shoulders in hot water. The baron nods.

“Compared to summer and autumn, there is no denying the inconvenience of the ingredients. I’m happy that our culture can be appreciated by people from other countries”
“No, no, it’s like everywhere you have trouble with ingredients in winter. Celesta doesn’t have snow, but the distribution of vegetables decreases”

……And so on, with Goto and Lantz silently going up the hot spring, two people are talking peacefully. The Baron interrupted his conversation with Keiron and made a sharp look.

“Are you going, youngsters?”
“Yeah, our way of life is aggressive and meaningful”
“Don’t stop, general”

The Baron stands up silently, grabs the towel and ties it around his waist.

“Is it something to stop? I am an aristocrat. The one who protects and guides the people. ……I’ll follow you, Lantz-kun, Goto-kun”
“After all, you are the best!”

……It’s a scene that would be in love if it were on the battlefield, but it’s for peeping.

“Hu. They are sweet. Too sweet”

When the three of them disappeared into the underpass of the undressing hut, 100-man commander Becker slowly stood up.

“The information war doesn’t require shy bowing. Quickly, without allowing the opponent to sense, to secure a critical point……it’s ridiculous to go all the way in the cold for that”

While redressing, 100-man commander Becker becomes serious.

“Do you want to go too, 100-man commander Becker?”
“Yes. I´m sorry for you, but……this task force has too many attractions. Almost all of them are a Shangri-La-like paradise, I can’t stop my desire to scout”
“……No, well, have fun”

Either way, I can’t stop 100-man commander Becker and I don’t know how I feel. On the back mountain, Becker disappears like a monkey.

“Everyone is fine……”

Boyd murmured.


The old shoemaker Harry, who had been silent and soaked into the water for some reason, made a strong point without a meaning.

After a while, the entrance door opens. When I turned around to see Johnny, Keel, and their children, alongside Jackie, there are also beautiful women like Dianne, Laila, Apple and Sharon undressing.

“Ah, ladies, this is the men’s bath?”

Dianne listened with a cool look as Jackie said with open eyes.

“I know. Don’t worry”
“Hoho. Well, think of us as an eye candy”

The bare naked girls and Sharon, a little embarrassed, come in hiding the local area with their hands.

“……Apple aside, what are you doing here Sharon?”
“Well, I didn’t really care about it, but it’s a bath with you. About once……”

Somehow, the gang moral has become dangerous recently.

“I’m happy, but there are Grandpa Harry and Keiron. Also Boyd”

After all, it was only Sharon and Apple who looked a little overwhelming and Dianne and Laila were calm.

“Has that idiot Becker already jumped out?”
“It’s the correct answer to leave Maia and the knights behind”
“Uh……a little pity”
“Even Sieg Becker will find it difficult to achieve his goals against a dragon”

As expected, there was a lot of noise in the women’s bath. At the time of the turmoil, the baron and the boys were set to escape and 100-man commander Becker could do his best.

At the men’s bath with a roughly equal male and female ratio. However, Apple and Sharon clung to me. Dianne and Laila thought that it wasn’t too solid, or seemed to be relaxing at a moderate distance. It cannot be said that Boyd and Keiron are accustomed to such a scene……I can’t say that they are accustomed to such a scene, but they are still immersed in the hot water and are silent, while Jackie-san’s eyes are wandering around with awkwardness.

“Bocchan, arent Celesta’s women a little too open?”
“Celesta people aren’t open, they just don’t care……”
“Yes. Well, in Renfangas, mixed baths, etc……well, I’ve heard that there are cultures like that in St. Gard”
“I, It’s also a small part of the northern forest”

No, Apple would only confuse Jackie-san if she showed such knowledge.

“Hoho, well, from my point of view, peeping is like a culture of its own in this place”

Jackie-san shakes his head as he points to Laila.

“I, It’s ridiculous. I don’t think culture is……Baron is a bit ridiculous, yes”
“You might be just too serious? There were many women who didn’t mind the mischief of men even in the women’s bath”
“Well, I don’t want them to see my wife or Sara……that’s what I want……”
“I don’t know. Well, it’s okay to leave it in the countryside too much late at night. I also understand that the person who is a little bloody”
“Umm……I don’t really understand”

Jackie-san is serious. I wonder how he found his wife in this Polka. His wife was a person I didn’t even know, so she shouldn’t be a local born here…….

“Haa……but, the bath here is relieving……”

Apple is trying to hold on to me, but she looks up at the sky and exhales a sexy breath.

“It must be good hot water……but the men’s bath is still uncomfortable”
“No, you don’t have to force yourself, Sharon. You can still go back to the women’s bath”
“That’s right”

No, you don’t have to look like an abandoned cat.

“……Andy-bocchan, did you get your hands on the young lady before you know it? I’ve heard from Jeanne that Celesta allows to have a lot of brides, but this person isn’t from Celesta”
“……Yes, well, a lot of things……”

It’s been a while since I’ve been here before, but I can’t get through to Jackie. Dianne laughs leisurely as she listens to the exchange.

“But I think it’s better to think a little and make a move. I think that with Andy, it will be possible to handle up to 10 people or so, but if there are too many modifications, I don’t know what will come from where?”
“Don’t say anything scary”

It’s a fact though. I think humans will definitely come to us. Apple laughed loudly, hugging my arm, who was sweating cold while warming in the hot spring.

“If you think about it, most of the girls Andy is talking to are 「Out of the ordinary」, aren’t they? Me and Selenium are the same and Laila is also a person left behind by friends. Also, Anzeros. Aurora and Irina are disliked by the common sense of elves.
“Ho. Dianne and Hilda are similar in that they are far from their relatives because of their abilities”
“And to Almeida-san……Sharon-san too”
“I, I´m……that’s not why……”

Sharon was a little embarrassed, but rubbed at me and thought.

“…Surely I could say I’m a stray person. I was always protected by my brother……”
“That’s the kind of girl Andy-san likes. I think it’s a sense of security that people like Dianne and Laila, who are too strong and scared to open their distance from others, or who don’t understand their nature like me or Selenium, will surely accept it and that they won’t betray Andy-san as long as he likes us”
“……Maybe it’s true. Andy never wanted my power. Even though he wanted my love and body”

Dianne says so with a gentle expression. Laila also raised half of her body from the bath and whispered as she looked up at the moon.

“Hoho. That’s right. He knew that I was a dragon, but he only wanted to just hold me as a woman. It was beyond my expectations to say that I wanted to protect them because I was lonely, worried and pitiful, but it was comfortable”
“……Andy-bocchan is a real man”
“No, I’m just horny”

It hasn’t changed since I was a child, saying that I want someone without thinking about it. It’s all just a lewd mind. However, everyone is so attractive that I don’t get tired of them and I want to answer them as a man as much as possible. Even though it is impossible to balance them, I want to take responsibility for my own desires and answer them. It’s simple and they know I’m a weak person. Maybe it’s because I don’t have a good backbone, but they understand me and don’t ask me for money and power, so they just ask me to love each other. That’s it.

“Lecher. Huhu, don’t worry. Still……you’re the man I love, understand and I need. That’s what makes me truly calm”

Laila giggled to Dianne’s humble words.

“I think from the olden days, Dianne is very similar in spirit to a dragon. ……You don’t like the place where the owner’s hands are involved”
“What is that?”

When I pointed out, Laila showed a motherly smile.

“It is good that our existence exists together. He enjoys, tolerates, and craves my existence. We dragons are satisfied with it. We dragon’s want someone who looks straight at us. It’s suitable to call that person a rider, because it allows me to be centered around being a woman, not a destroyer, not a faith”
“……I think you would want a man if you were a good woman”

Frankly speaking, Jackie-san and Keiron fluttered their hands.

“No, no, I’m so scared of a dragon that I can’t handle it”
“I’m bad for Laila-san, but I wish I had a more relaxed wife”


“……I can only think of Sylvia. But if I think Sylvia is a dragon, I will accept it”

let’s leave him alone.

“……Surely it’s Andy-san. Even if you’re carrying a weird situation or seeing everything, he’ll still see you as a girl……he’ll try to make you happy as a woman”
“……Yes, that’s right. Maybe that’s why I’m getting to like him more and more”

Sharon nods to Apple’s words.

“Somehow, Smithson is starting to look like a guy”

For some reason everyone laughed at Keiron’s mesmerizing words. ……You don’t have to laugh. I was a little convinced and thought that I might be great.


Apple swirls in front of me, proudly.

“I love you. Selenium and I……please make us happy”

Sticking to my body. Both her soft boobs and upper arms are directly attached to me in front of everyone’s eyes. I kissed her quietly but long.


Meanwhile, Laila makes a slightly strange voice. As she is looking at the sky, I follow her line of sight and see black shadows in the clear sky.

“That is……”
“Ho, blue lizards”

As I looked at it, I found that the shadows were getting closer to me and that they gradually reflected the moonlight and glowed blue. Eventually, they got down to the distance where the sky over the men’s bath was covered with wings and the phantom shock. The brain is shaken. And.

“It’s been a while, Maia´s rider and Laila-dono”

Several naked men and women appeared in the center of the bathtub. At the heart of it is Maia’s great uncle, Broll. And.

“Great uncle! Mother!”

Did she fly straight from the women’s bath in a hurry? Maia slipped on the landing and almost fell back, so I hurriedly supported her.

“Y, Yaaa!?”

I was rushing to support her butt, so I thrust my finger into Maia´s butt hole by accident and Maia, who regained her position, looked a little embarrassed.

“What are you doing, Andy-san?”

It was seen by everyone.

“It’s an accident!”
“Hahaha, you seem to be familiar with Maia. More than anything”

Broll-san was a completely rigid person.

“And why did you come here?”

When Laila asked quietly, Broll-san and Maia´s mum whispered.

“Of course, get in touch with the elves”
“It’s until we come to say hello”

This is the men’s bath. It’s the men’s bath, but the naked girls are overcrowded. I also want the old man to be a little silly. And Maia loosened her ass and let go of my fingers.

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