Half elves fall in love chapter 199

Chapter 199: Mother, come



The path near the forest, on the outskirts of Polka, is a daily training ground for Anzeros and Boyd.

There is a difference of nearly twice the height and the thickness of the arm is so different that it seems that only one arm of Boyd is about the total weight of Anzeros. But that doesn’t mean a difference in strength.

“Boyd, if you don’t handle it well, you will break the horn again. ……DDaaaa!!”

In a word, Anzeros, who made three steps to go through the ground, shoots a sharp flying kick on Boyd’s face. Boyd guards with his arm. However, Anzeros’ side kicks him back a few steps. Anzeros returns to the ground and immediately makes a turn step. She runs like a snake on the ground, turning the still-swaying Boyd´s heel and mowing him with a kick.


By letting the center of gravity escape from her leg, Boyd can do the damage of just flipping up one leg. Then, in order to rebuild his open body, he swung his legs around and stepped back and landed leaning forward. On the contrary, he hits a cannon-like punch back to Anzeros who is approaching further.


However, Anzeros does a side step and in an instant she avoids by shifting the trajectory of the body. This explosive step is a trick that can only be done by preparing a stride in advance while running. Boyd’s counterattack timing and counterattack means were read from the beginning. And Boyd, whose arm returns slowly due to its mass, cannot respond to Anzeros´s blow from there.


Dogo, Anzeros’s kick-fighting struck the solar plexus and Boyd was blown away.

“U, Uge, gehuuu……!!”
“The speed is reasonably good. I think that a weak monster opponent can be fatally injured with the current blow. But whether you punch or kick, the power to return is too weak compared to the power to hit. Then moving to the guard after hitting isn’t possible. The sweetness of the guard means you lose if you are shaken. It won’t work for fast opponents”

Anzeros commented on Boyd crawling on the ground.

“Hey, one more time. Be aware of the return. Hit while letting your body escape at an angle that is difficult for the opponent to attack. And don’t be foolish and honest, even now, if you put up with it for a moment, the flow has changed”
“Uh……I, I’m sorry, I’ll do my best”

Boyd stands up while crying halfway.

Then enough with bare hands, 30 minutes with a wooden sword. A thickly squeezed Boyd lies in the snow.

“It’s snowing……”
“There are places where it’s dry, so take a rest there……”
“I’m grateful for the coldness of the snow, where I was beaten up by 10-man captain Anzeros”

Boyd stopped moving to sleep. No, he is not dead. He isn’t dead. He is just enjoying the snow.

“But there’s an overwhelming difference in swords than bare-handed fighting”

With that said, Anzeros shrugged her shoulders as she untied her ponytail.

“It’s natural, isn’t it? How many years do you think I’ve been swinging my sword?
“No, but my wooden sword and Boyd´s wooden sword……”

The wooden sword for Boyd is nearly 2 meters long. And thick. Maybe I can’t lift it. And Anzeros´s sword is 60-70 cm. The difference in reach between swords, which is three times as long as the length alone and the reach difference between arms between half-elf and ogre isn’t odd. In this case, it seems that the conditions are still easier for bare hands. However, when Anzeros gently shakes the wooden sword she is leaning against, she stands in front of him in the style of an ace knight ritual.

“It may seem to you that the reach has been extended by a few tens of centimeters. A swordsman holds the sword and completes it. Boyd isn’t a 『Swordsman』, but an 『Ogre with a sword』. It’s overwhelmingly different”
“Haa……I don’t really understand”
“You know that a 『Hammer holding uncle』 and 『Blacksmith』 are completely different”
“…..Ah, I know intuitively”

Certainly not. Completely different.

“……Quickly……I want to be a warrior with a sword, even if I don’t go as far as a ” 『Swordsman』……”

Boyd mutters while buried in the snow. Ogres and warriors are certainly quite different. I feel that a warrior cannot be underestimated.

“That’s why I train you. Now, when you’re done, come in the miraculous spring. We’ll do it in the afternoon again”

Boyd sleighs up and heads towards the hot springs, with snow all over his body.

“So Anzeros, what’s with Boyd? At least can he be a regular soldier in the infantry?”

When I asked after Boyd disappeared, Anzeros grinned, as her ears swayed.

“That’s about it. With that, he can sometimes hit a shock wave, right?”
“Oh, really?”

There are few users even among Ace Knights who can do a shock wave attack that 40% of Sword Saints and others cant hit. Even Aurora couldn’t deal with it until she learned from Sir Bonaparte and Anzeros a year ago.

“That’s pretty amazing……”
“Of course, if you don’t stabilize it when you want to use it, you can’t use it in tactics, so it’s not at the stage where I can say he can use it yet. Boyd is too disadvantageous to many opponents because his defense is sweet. I’m teaching him that if he uses shock waves well, he can mitigate them a little bit. If he’s able to put it out in a stable way, I can recommend him for the Ace Knight exam”

She is willing to strengthen the defense technology itself, but that means that Anzeros is seriously trying to make Boyd an Ace Knight. Originally, it requires a natural martial art that is said to be one in dozens of people and it is normal to reach it by refining talents from childhood like Anzeros and Isaac. It shouldn’t be something you can turn into when you grow up.

“Is Boyd really talented?”
“Ogres are much stronger than humans, though. Boyd has a strong will and good eyes for a crossbow soldier. Ogres are left to the destructive instinct. They tend to fight in a rough way, but Boyd has a strong will, so he can practice a beautiful turn without running wildly like that”
“……It only sounds like a sober talent”
“No, it’s rare for an ogre. To break through the Rock God Labyrinth in the Ace Knight test, you need endurance and efficient fighting skills that allow you to continue fighting without disturbing the pace, rather than simple attack power. Attack. It’s a standard course to retire because ogres that are strong enough are exhausted in the early stages”

So that’s it…….

“Besides, Ace Knight’s investiture is actually the fastest way for Boyd to be a 10-man captain. Unless you’re going to be a 10-man captain on a regular course, no matter how hard you try, it’s going to be tough for another five years”
“……Boyd, didn’t he say he will get married when he is a 10-man captain?”
“Yeah. Well, speaking of other people’s affairs, it’s a matter of others, but it’s a pity to keep your fiance waiting for five years, right?

When she says that, I wonder how many years I will have to wait for my women, including Dianne and Selenium, who is ready to marry (completely proposed for Jeanne). At the very least, I can’t marry them until I have a med who can maintain my family.


Anzeros gives me a serious look and looks far away.

“N, No, I think you’re patient, you can do it whenever you like? Anyway, I have a long life span, so we don’t have to rush……ah, but Luna……no, Luna is still young, so let’s wait for a while. It’s okay”
“Rather, it’s easier for me to get there quickly. Anzeros……”

Recently, I’ve been feeling more and more unworthy of myself. Let’s weigh ourselves. And let’s do our best.


When I returned to the city with Anzeros, there was an unfamiliar carriage in the square.

“It’s not a stagecoach……?”

There are only a few types of stagecoach that always come, so there is no mistake. It’s possible that the stagecoach company has a new car body. It’s strangely new and luxurious. The appearance of the coachman is also good enough to be clearly seen from a distance.

“What is it? Is it the lord of the south?”

Almost all of this is Baron’s territory from the Snake Mountains, so at least it’s from the other side of the mountain.

“No, wait a minute Andy”

Anzeros makes a strange face and moves around to the side of the carriage. When Anzeros found something on the car body, she opened her eyes and stepped back.

“What happened?”
“……It’s the crest of the Sylpheed Company”

Sylpheed……is surely the parents’ house of Anzeros.

“Isn’t it coming to wholesale here? I’m sure you’re also dealing with Celesta and Renfangas. About Polka……”
“No, the coach isnt used by a merchant at the end”

The carriage starts to move. Anzeros walks after it. I also chase after them somehow.

“That means someone is riding on that……”

When Anzeros nodded, the carriage suddenly stopped. And the carriage door opens.


The expected person appeared. ……Linda Neumann. The mother of Anzeros and the chairman of one of Trot’s largest trade associations.


“Welcome, Linda-dono of the renowned Sylfeed. A long journey”
“This is polite. What is the Baron’s appearance to a merchant?”

While Linda and her party, who stopped at the best inn in the city, were checking in, we moved to the Baron’s residence to inform the Baron immediately about it. ……No, maybe I didn’t have to tell him otherwise, but when a tycoon suddenly appeared, I thought I should let the Baron know. I was wondering if I should go to talk to Dianne, but for the time being, I decided to watch over their greetings.

“I’ve heard rumors for a long time, Polka’s hot springs are miracle springs that works for all illnesses. Well, it didn’t matter until now because the robustness that doesn’t take even one of the diseases was good, but recently my waist and shoulders are hurting”

Linda grins at me and Anzeros while explaining with gestures while putting her hands on her hips. ……Maybe she’s got some kind of information network to get us based here.

“If so, you can fully enjoy Polka’s proud miraculous spring. It is said that it is good to bathe in against trauma and to drink it for against diseases. There are people called spring protectors all over the city……”

Anzeros whispers to me in a soft voice, watching Linda amiably listening to the Baron explaining.

“……Come to think of it, it might be natural for my mother to come as this is a chance”
“It’s me and I’m sure I’m old enough to get loose in my body, but most of all, in the recent Trot……elves are walking around calmly”
“A, Ah”

That’s obvious.

“……My mother gave birth to me in love with an elf in such an unlikely time. It’s natural to want to know the truth about what’s happening. As a merchant and as an old Trot citizen”
“……That’s right, isn’t it?”

Confirmation of business opportunities and the transition of the times when I was involved. Also, if her illness overlaps with her daughter’s appearance, a one-way trip for several weeks will be worth it…….


Finally Linda turns to us.

“Ange and son-in-law! How are you? You seem to be on good terms as usual”
“E, a, emm……”

Anzeros and I looked at each other and laughed bitterly. This is just before we talked about getting married. Linda has a strange face.

“Well, that kind of face. You wouldn’t say that you’ve become 『Good friends』 after breaking up, I’m going to make that much noise”
“Th, That’s not true!”
“I, It’s ridiculous to say we broke up”

Anzeros and I desperately deny it.

“Then I’d like you to show my grandson’s face as soon as possible. I’m a human being now, but when I’m over fifty, I don’t know what will happen”

Mufu, Linda sighs at her age.

“Ah……I would say there is……”
“He, Hey Anzeros”

Linda’s eyes shine at the words that Anzeros said with a slight laugh.


In one room of the Baron’s residence, Anzeros happily hugs Peter.

“Ehehehe……th, this guy, Andy’s child, Peter”
“What, mother?”
“I’m saying 『Grandchild』!? The child isn’t an elf by any means!”

That claim is very correct. Linda. You’re right.

“But Andy’s child is like my son and I’m going to have him call me mom in the future……”
“Look here son-in-law. My daughter, aren’t you struggling with a little stupidity?”
“That reaction hurts mother!?”

Anzeros, who looks stunned while hugging Peter, is relieved.

“I’m not going to be a son-in-law to Anzeros, so can you forgive her?”
“Ah, I wonder what that means”

Linda is a little upset. Beyond that, female slaves such as Jeanne, Selenium and Apple are staring at me.

“As I said before, Anzeros is my woman. I’m the one who gets it”
“Hee. Don’t say it. Do you know that the son-in-law of the Neumann family is profitable?”

Linda smiles a little scary.

“Then I’m going to be Anzeros’s”
“Yes, that’s right. Isn’t it bad? I’m still a parent of that stupid girl. A female slave of her husband, rather than stubbornly defending a stupid relationship, make a proper marriage even with a flickering bait. What’s wrong with wanting to do it?”

Linda was crazy. ……And the relationship between me and Anzeros and by extension, my lack of worthiness. But. ……I laugh and hold Anzeros with Peter. While combing her hair with my fingers, I laugh bullishly.

“I’m certainly a kid of this Polka´s blacksmith who isn’t rich or anything and in fact I’m a poor guy who doesn’t have much fortune and can’t even buy a house right now”

I still have a lot of women who say they like me. I want to like all those women.

“Anzeros……Angelina is mine. I’ve got her. I’m not going to return her again”

I don’t think it’s time to make a happy face, Anzeros.

“……Haa. I’m talking about getting a mansion in a prime location in the royal capital that is as good as a castle”

Linda sighs.

“He’s a stupid guy”

Shrug my shoulders. Anzeros was sick and trying to say something, but Linda looked up and smiled before the words came out of her mouth.

“But you´re my stupid daughter´s partner. Maybe that’s the case. ……Really, Ange looks happy. I can’t say anything with this”
“O, Of course……I’m happy!”

Anzeros who says 「I」 is a little cute. I wonder if that is the case with my mother.

……And Peter begins to cry, perhaps because Anzeros hugged too much.

“A, Ah……to”
“Aaaaaa, give him to me, Ange. Totally……if you think its your child, treat it with great care. ……Come on, grandma, beroberobero”

Peter gets in a good mood as soon as Linda cuddles him.

“Oh, he has a funny face”
“Peter-kun can’t stop crying so easily……I didn’t let him suck my boobs”

Linda puts her hand on her hips to the astonished female slaves.

“Why did you give milk one by one? That’s how kids get fat”

……I think it has a slightly different meaning.

“Okay, kids change their mood pretty quickly. You can make a little noise with toys, and you shouldn’t be shy with this kind of face”

However, Linda, who teaches how to treat Peter as a 「Grandma」, I realized that she was a very nostalgic and warm person.

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