Half elves fall in love chapter 2

Chapter 2: Virgin loss [Selenium]



The half-elf girl who seems to be named Selenium had been wandering around for a long time before she met me and also knew from the beginning that there was a custom of “slave collars” in places other than the Trot kingdom. By the way, there are many kinds of slaves. One is the so-called labor slaves. It is the one that is bought and sold by gold and is forced to do physical labor and dirty work. The others ones are…pet slaves. Also called alias ​​slaves, sex slaves or female slaves. They are bought for doing erotic things only, like an exclusive prostitute. I thought Selenium was Selenium. As my slave, she is one of them. What I asked for Selenium are only erotic things. It is a self-evident reason.

“Therefore……I am Andy’s female slave, right?”
“E, Ee!? Is it wrong? Am I a labor slave?”
“No, you’re not wrong in that.”
“A, Ahaha……thank goodness.”
Is that good?


“I would like to open a military trial now.”
100-man commander Dianne expressionlessly declared. Together with the boasted subordinates. 

“Witness, regular soldier Jean Jacques.”
“I trusted only 10-man captain Smithson, who is the banner of us men and always boasts with the delusion of a virgin in the drinking bout!”
“Next. semi-soldier Rackman.”
“It is impossible to put him on the upper line of the Celesta army when he flirts with a woman in broad daylight.”
“It’s upwind, idiot. Next, regular soldier Goto.”
“PaPaPa, Panty, let me see.”
“Next. Regular soldier Lanz.”
“I would like, 10-man captain Smithson to explain the circumstances in detail.”
The crossbow team is full of leisurely people. While i was thinking, I heard a disturbance and footsteps running up the stairs.

“10-man captain Anzeros comes!”
My companions ran away like scattering spiders. A soldier in a stifling black armor jumped into the room as he broke through the crowd.

“What are you doing!! ……Really, what are you doing!!”
First was a yell-like voice and next was a voice of astonishment toward me who was tightly embraced by Selenium who was also rubbing her cheeks against me.

The crossbow team is a 100-man corps, but it is not necessary to operate only with crossbows by all means. It is too weak for a surprise attack. So in preparation for surprise attacks, there is one platoon made of ten infantry in our corp. Just ten people are enough to protect the crossbow corps, especially the half-elf Anzeros who has the title Ace knight of Trot´s sword saints. And as a swordsman, he is very picky about rules. Anzeros’ platoon is also called the discipline committee of the crossbow corps.

“I see, she is the rumored girl 10-man captain Smithson mentioned.”
“She is an imagination.”
100-man commander Dianne nods to Anzeros´ cold voice.

“How many times did I say that she is not an imagination.”
“Yes, she is a female slave.”
“You should be quiet, please.”
Although they reproved, time was already late and Anzeros and the 100-man commander were blushing. Anzeros in his too big black armor closed his mouth and hanged his head down in shame and 100-man commander Dianne closed her eyes with a bitter face.

“……Smithson, I thought that you were a more serious person”
“I, I didn’t believe the story, did I? But that……I had only heard half of the story……so it’s impossible.”

I wonder when I will be liberated from this depressing situation.

“An, anyway! Such a shameless story is dismissed!”
“U, Umm, that’s right. I don’t mind the soldiers having a lover or a bride in their hometown or their mind, but this here is the workplace.”

Anzeros and the 100-man commander interpreted it somewhat and made decisions without permission. And Selenium attacks from the front.

“I have waited for 15 years! I can’t stand it anymore, I’m Andy-san´s slave……I have to be with my master!”
“I didn’t know such a thing! What are you going to say about such a female slave or something so exciting? What are you going to do if the unsophisticated soldiers of our corps become manipulated by such words and obsession to sin?”
Wouldn’t it be foolish to make fun of fellow companions?

“It is rough.”
Anzeros continued. His words were muffled with the chin guard plate and was difficult to hear. Even though he is small, I think that he should rework the armor and also think about the reputation of the blacksmith.

“Actually, you can be a spy that disguised itself as the half-elf from Smithson’s fictional story! No, you´re rather real.”
“I have no use other than for Andy-san. If Andy-san can return, I will leave now.”
Selenium said calmly, while the 100-man commander and Anzeros leaned forward and lifted their eyes.

“I can’t allow that.”
“Yes, 10-man captain Smithson is an important and talented person in our army!”
Wow. It may be the first time that I´m treated so importantly. I am glad somehow, but I wish I could be happy.

“In the first place, you can tell if you are a fiance. It is not surprising to anyone, even associate soldier Boyd has a beautiful girlfriend.”
Ernie Boyd, associate soldier. He is a 2.77 m tall ogre with a human girlfriend. He is very jealous, anyway.

“However, as a female slave, you flatter him too much which has a limit. Are you not ashamed?”
“I don’t care! I really don’t care if I spend the rest of my life with this person only, working for this person and doing horny things with this person for a lifetime!”
Selenium was childish and countered with a whine. Doing this, I reminisced her image of fifteen years ago somehow. Because she said a bold thing suddenly, I had a distant feeling slightly until now, but I thought that she was certainly that girl from the past.

“I really love him so much, what’s wrong with that! Why don’t you understand that even though you are also a half-elf!”
Anzeros retreated. I wonder if there was some kind of sympathy.

“I’m not leaving! It’s awful if you get in the way!”
“Ku……don’t you threaten me, ace knight!”

While I was idle, it became a threatening situation that could start a killing immediately. What should I do? But when I talk, it seems to get worse.

“Both of you stop!!”
100-man commander forcibly separated them. She kicked Anzeros who tried to pull out his sword and tied up Selenium who tried to pull out a protective sword from her waist.

“Nmu! Nmu!”
Anzeros shouted with a raised voice like a little girl rather than a boy, while Selenium was sealed with her cloak. Again, the 100-man commander is great.

“I will take care of this matter. Everyone is dismissed now!”
We were saved.


The shooting training was done after the maintenance of the weapon in the morning and the March training was in the afternoon. This was the daily routine of the crossbow corps. Fortunately, there is no big war these days, so we have nothing to do but to hunt monsters in the vicinity of the village. Everything else was just maintenance and training. Although cavalry and infantry were sometimes used for caravan escorts, labyrinth exploration, and border guard, the crossbow corps was special for outdoor warfare and it was unsuitable for encounter battle. Sometimes you´re struck by a salary thief and his backstroke, but since everyone knows its usefulness in the war, it is not something to worry about.

“1、2、3、4、female slave♪”
“5、6、7、8、female slave♪”

It’s a strange way of ridicule during March training.

“Let’s continue with it at the shooting training.”
“It isn’t a story about 10-man captain.”
“It’s the word of the year.”
The worst companions make excuses with the best smiles. It’s terribly uncomfortable.

“Can I shoot seriously?”
When I told them while pulling my bow,

“We are the ones who want to shoot rather.”
It was said by the ogres with a serious look as they snapped the bow with their fingers and prostrated themselves. I’m a 10-man captain.


In the evening. Everyone is sweating because there is only one bath in the corps building.

“Hey, Smithson.”
“100-man commander.”
100-man commander Dianne, who is the only woman in our corp, is taking a bath with everyone in a dignified manner. The skin of this dark elf is peculiar tan and her nipples and the pubic region were exposed without regret. By the way, it seems to be a feature of an elf that the hair below does not grow according to the 100-man commander.

“You’re not ashamed as usual.”
“If you go to the battlefield many times you will get used to it because there are no girls’ bath or girls’ bathroom over there.”
“You weren’t attacked?”
“I didn’t live for 200 years just for show.”

Certainly, if you are hit by 100-man commander´s martial arts, whether human or ogre, they will be beaten in one attack. I´m convinced.

“But Goto and Lanz are setting up something over there. 100-man commander.”
“It’s a usual thing, just leave them alone.”
Being generous is also a good point.

“Even so……what’s up with that half-elf?”
I’m embarrassed to hear such a thing which I tried not to think about.

“Will you return home……? There is no place to go home for the half-elf.”
“But what will you do?”
“……She is not allowed to enter the army.”
“She is not necessarily assigned to the crossbow corps.”
“Oh, well….. T.here is the training facility.”
“By the way, you have an erection.”
“Please leave me alone.”
“Hmm? Who made you erect? Me or that female slave?”
“100-man commander, don’t talk about erotic things, what will you do when Anzeros comes here?”
This person’s erotic talk is too natural, so it is hard to judge whether she is serious or teasing and I wonder where I should pay attention. 100-man commander affirmed it with a smile.

“He will not come to the bath.”
“……Now that you say that, I haven’t seen him.”
Rather than the bath, I have never even seen him walking without wearing his armor. Because he was an ace knight, he said that he wears his armor all the time.

When I dressed up in the bath, I saw a dagger peeking out of 100-man commander Dianne´s change basket.

“……That dagger.”

I remembered. It was one of the few daggers I made.

“Ah, Smithson. Did you remember?”
The 100-man commander who was in the middle of wiping her body came near with her face as expected.

“Please wait a moment?”
All the knives I made can be counted with both hands. I mostly made them during the school days with agricultural tools and horseshoes, now, the war has begun.


The dagger was made for a strange person who was hanging around in front of the workshop.

“What are you doing?”
“……The blacksmith here is inflexible. Will you hit me if I don’t have an identity card?”
“No, that’s normal. If it’s an enemy, it’s a profitable enemy.”
“There is no war yet.”
“We don’t know when it’s going to happen.”
The reason for him being a strange person was because that fellow covered his face with a hood and a desert style mask which looked really suspicious and hid all of his body with a long cloak and a robe. However, he was disgusted by a salty senior craftsman at the workshop at that time. If it was true it should be about time to hammer a knife, but the senior craftsman made a frenzied half-hearted rumor and my relationship with my boss became worse and I could not stay at that place forever. Therefore, it may be a strange request from a strange person, but I was looking for a job that was somewhat worthwhile.

“Wh, What do you want?”
“……I want this sword to be a dagger.”
He timidly presented a one-handed sword wrapped in tanned leather……it had a broken tip.

“Uwahii. It’s a strange broken sword and the length is odd, too”
“Is it useless?”
“Well, if it’s okay to become a strange blade……I can do it”
I was not at all interested in doing business and the other person was very strange. Even though it had a strange tip, I thought it was okay.

“I don’t care! This sword is a treasure which was gotten by a certain noble in the past and I have no use for a broken tip!”
“Yeah yeah……I guess it’s going to be like this?”
While watching the shape of the sword I drew the finished figure with a stick on the ground. The shape of the crack was bad, it was difficult to restore it to an ordinary dagger, it was likely a top-heavy form……yet it was about 1/3 the size of a normal one, so it will become an incomprehensible dagger.

“So…for what can I use it for?”
“At best you can cut fruits and letters.”
“……That’s fine.”
A regular blacksmith will melt it and make a good new dagger. Because I was not able to use a furnace, it was a strange remodeling like a child’s tool when thinking of it now.

It still took a week to complete.

“Hey, I guarantee its sharpness.”

The original sword was a good one, but I gave that fellow the finished product by saying such a thing in a polite way.

“……Thank you! How can I reward you?”
“It’s okay.”
I thought that “it isn’t powerful” for the powerlessness of the finished knife, so I turned around and restrained that fellow who took out gold coins. Still, it was a bit frustrating for people to be delighted with a dagger that I made for the first time and somehow I did not want to put it in business.

“Wa, wait! Are you sure!”
“It’s okay. If you like it, then be silent.”
When I saw that person hugging the dagger, I tried to return to the workshop again. However, I was called back again.

“A, Emm, the name!!”
“I don’t have any hobby to give a sword a name. Do it yourself.”
“That’s not what I mean. I want to know your name!”
The three-fold workshop……when I tried to mention the name of my workshop at the time, I realized that I did not use the technology I had learned in particular. It is an annoyance even if the name of the studio rises to the kindness of a mere whim.

“I´m Andy Smithson from Polka.”

Instead, I decided to give out the name of Polka for the future when I inherit my father’s store.


“……I remember that I made this strange knife for a strange person.”
“It wasn’t a strange person but me.”

The truth of a decade. Is there something I can understand like that?

“I was really happy.”
“Well, you didn’t listen to me at that time, but in my hometown, if you were given a sword by a man, it was the testimony of marriage, because you didn’t receive any gold coins, you proposed to me at that time.”
“Eh, just a little……”
“In any form, you won’t give a free sword to the opposite sex when there is no trust. Ok, you finally remembered…… ”
100-man commander pointed out the important thing to me who forgot that she was naked and then she hugged me.

“……Since the start 100-man commander,”
“Hmm? What? Even about the female slave.”
“No, that strange person at that time or 100-man commander now, I didn’t even know that it was you or a woman. So how did I made a proposal?”

The 100-man commander who tried to jump by spreading her hands towards the front stopped. Only her tits swung with momentum.


Selenium was waiting for me when I returned to my room. How did she know?

“Andy-san, welcome back.”
“……A, Aahh……yes, I’m home.”
Trying to say something, thinking about it, thinking about it, I think that I don’t have to kick her out. I got it. Only for the moment, there’s nothing to be guilty about.

“Ah, I´m your master, right?”
“…………….That’s right.”
Even though she was very young, I´m thrilled with her trying to keep herself up to her childish monopoly desire forever.

A kiss from nowhere. I took off my clothes. Fifteen years ago, we did our childish act daily. Her feeling which did not change even after so many years let me return to the lustful boy of that time.

“……Ehehe. Andy-san, you changed, though you didn’t change.”
“I don’t understand it.”
“Even though you behave like a spoiled child with a strong body, the way you behave to me did not change at all……”
“…… Is it bad?”
“No, I’m happy. You are twice as cool……for me.”
As soon as I lifted up her breasts, I massaged the nipples that were erect with my two fingers. Then, I hugged her body with one hand, ate her breasts, slipped through her waistline with the other hand and touched her butt.

“Ya……h, really……Andy-san……Andy-san loves me……”
“It may be that my lewd spirit has not changed.”
“It’s okay. It is good to be ecchi. And if you need me, its good.”
“……It’s really lucky for you.”
“If Andy-san needs me, Andy-san would hold me, so I wouldn’t say that we live in luxury……since that time you hugged me hungrily, I have always loved you……”
Selenium held me tightly and tried to fill her loneliness even a little while being appreciated by every finger. A long separation of 15 years cannot be healed with a single hug. It’s love like she said so.

“Now is the time to say… Now I can say, please have sex with me……please let me drink a cup of Andy-san’s baby juice in my vagina!!”
“……U, Uh.”
Despite becoming bright red, she still said such stupid words. I wonder why I regretted it. What I could not say clearly. To my nodding, Selenium crumbled her face and cried, before she gently kissed me and touched my back. Our crotches touched each other. Since when did she imagine that she would be embraced by me, her vagina was wet from the muddy hot liquid. I was kissed and she moved my penis with her hand and set the aim. Selenium is positioning herself with her waist. And before I pushed, Selenium forced herself to sit down.


I felt the penetration of Selenium at one stroke. Was it the hymen that I felt? Shortly afterwards, she pierced all the way to the bottom with her own power.

“……N, huu……ahahaa……I did it……I gave my virginity to Andy-san……”
“Hey, Selenium!?”
“……Ehehehe……do you understand…… it’s getting in firmly……”
There was no power in the words of Selenium that I thought that it was too painful for her, but she only showed a vague smile which looked like an idiot. However, in fact, she still laughed though it’s painful. It was her saturated yell and effort that didn’t want to be cared for even if it’s a little painful.

Looking down at me somehow scared, Selenium used her vagina which just lost its virginity, and start grinding on my meat stick. Like at that time. As usual in the past. As it is due. She started trying to learn and train herself how to please my meat stick. She loved me more than I thought.

“U, Uaa……aaa……amazing……in my belly, it seems like it’s being lifted……I feel that my body is giving everything to you……I feel like I can use it for you……!!”
“A, aa……incredible……incredible……you……!!”
“Ehehehe……thank you very much……!!”
Selenium tried to forcibly swing and shake her hips. It seems as if she was spreading the blood between our groins on purpose, it is neither cheerful nor obscene, only love affection was just overflowing. Emphasizing the religious upsurge that can pursue my pleasure at once. To such a painfully straight love, there was no chance for my penis.

“E, a cum……u, a, u, put your sperm inside of me……Andy-san, Andy-san! I love you!!”
Doku, Doku, Dokuu……!! My semen rushed into her like a victory song.


“……100-man commander is drunk.”
“How much did she drink? ……Ah, look Okami-san, she has a barrel of 『Ogre killer』.”
“Terrifying……terrifying person.”
“Uu……I´m done!”
“……What’s the matter, 100-man commander?”
“Aa? ……Aa, Anzeros……kiideyoo……ueeh……ueeeeeeehh!”
“100-man commander!?”
“Hey, the 100-man commander has started to cry.”
“……What is that!”
“That 100-man commander……I, I’m trying to understand her words……”
“Umm……so you think you’ve got your fiance run away?”
“Noooooo! ……It was a misunderstanding and he refused our engagement!! …….Love……I love him!!”
“……Ah, is there’s a guy who’s been loved by the 100-man commander?”
“In theory it is impossible, isn’t it?”
“If there’s one thing I can say……I can’t avoid doing a trial……!”
“Aa……we have a military trial……!!”
“100-man commander, calm down, I think it’s still alright because he didn’t say for sure that he doesn’t like you.”
“It is known that the 100-man commander has the best skills in our army, so that person doesn’t understand that yet. Your charm.”
“……E, Ehehe……Is that so…then……not yet……I can’t give up……kuu”
“……Okami-san, is there a room vacant?”
“10-man commander Anzeros´s long yearning.”
“No, but from here, maybe 100-man commander´s maiden mode may be seen again.”
“You idiot! Don’t you want to turn 100-man commander back to herself? It would be impossible if there were other guys!”
“What kind of bullish attitude is that. Because you are so, you can not do it”
“Shut up! Her lover has to die! The 100-man commander will be my woman!”
“I don’t know if it’s going to be useless.”


I had a strange chill just now, but Selenium had fainted happily.

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