Half elves fall in love chapter 217

Chapter 217: Until after midnight 2 [Luna Aurora Dianne Nord]



After pouring into Laila and Jeanne, next are Aurora and Luna. There is no underwear under their dresses. Two small round buttocks that are reasonably tight are pushed up waiting for me.

“Then from Luna”
“Ah, am I postponed again?”

Was Luna first in the daytime yesterday? Involuntarily, I would say that I will start with Aurora, but I drink here. If you are swayed and change your opinion at such times, you will be wondering if the girls should be passive or appeal.

“Yes, Aurora after”
“Mou. It’s mean”

Push through selfishly.

“That’s right. I’ll give you a good taste after Luna”

I insert my hand into the gap in Aurora’s ass, trace her unprepared labia with my finger and sink that finger in her shallow area to tickle. And, whether she is still influenced by the moon, I thrust my dick directly into Luna who is well wet.

“Nu, u, u……u♪”

It is Dianne who supports this angle. At a glance, she smiles a little and looks back at me.

“I’ll postpone it too……Andy won’t make this much noise, right?”
“Of course, I’ll make two rounds tonight”
“Hee, don’t say it. I’ll do my best if you finish my turn♪”

Nord-san whispers happily into my ear. The other girls smiled bitterly.

“Andy can’t scream with about six people……”
“Ho. It’s suspicious to finish two rounds”

Nord-san seems to be half-confident and half-suspicious. ……No, usually it’s a limit challenge class when it comes to ejaculating double digits overnight. Somehow, because I had been repeating the sexual life and super-recovery of a large number of people in Polka, I couldn’t help but think about it.

“Andy……mo, more, you can move……♪”
“O, Ou”

My waist was tightly attached to Luna. I was prompted to start shaking my hips.


Luna screams as she raises her voice. While exposing her shoulders and back, she disturbs Nord’s dress, which gives an elegant impression as a whole and returns a wild movement to my waist. Her vagina is different from Jeanne, who is characterized by crampedness and Laila’s vagina, which feels the affection that wraps one tightly and the expression 「Devour」 my dick is appropriate.

“Hauhh, nn, nyuu……Andy, more, thrust the inside more……without going easy on me!!”
“Estrus female cat……!”

Pulling out my hand that was messing around with Aurora, I attached the hand that is sticky with love juice to Luna’s ass and shook in earnest. Her tail hits my belly and tickles. Every time her cheeks dyed red and her eyes melted in estrus turned around, I felt like I was being put on estrus. The vagina, which melts and folds freshly, sucks my glans without hesitation and the vulgar sound doesn’t stop from our crotch.

“This……this is……♪ Andy’s, this, good……♪”
“You´re dying to get pregnant, use your waist, Luna……!”
“……I’m dying to get pregnant……♪”

Looking back at me with her ecstatic eyes, Luna instantly abandoned her wildness, relaxed somewhere, confirmed her connection with me and shook her hips to taste.

“I want to give birth soon……I want to make a child with Andy soon……♪”

From instinct, from the bottom of her heart. The words that make a wish make me shake my reason.

“I want to give birth too”
“……Mutual love……♪”

After a breath, I commit Luna even more violently. Right now, I can’t do it no matter how much I pour in. I want to give Luna a future where she will be surrounded by children. No, such a good feeling is a moment after all. I want to indulge in deeper pleasures with a girl who wants me so much. I want to ejaculate and taste the climax and conquer the erotic hole with cloudiness. It’s a shallow, momentary desire for flesh. Does Luna know or don’t know that?

“I love you……♪”

She muttered a little, worked harder than I did and expressed her pleasure with intermittent gasping.

“Huaaaaauu……co, come, Andy, come, cum inside, feel good, it’s going to reach all the way to my head……♪”
“Hu, nyaaaaaa♪”

Like a beast, we devour the climax where the word comes perfectly. Doku, Doku……and when the ejaculation that matches the heartbeat is poured into Luna, Luna rolls on her back in bed. I’m sweating. And when her ass hides.

“……You´re a young lady, it’s like”
“……I want you to say your wife anyway”

Her fine dress complements Luna’s charm. She is soaked in a subtle unscrupulous joy that my sperm is completely in her womb. Then, next to her, Aurora with her ass exposed pretends to shake.

“Andy-san, please take a break after you put it in me”

Nord-san heard that, with a bitter smile.

“So, men are so easy……”

……I seem to be no longer an ordinary man……I was a little aware of that. In response to Aurora’s voice, I thrust my wet dick into Aurora.

“……Emm, Andy-kun, it’s the fourth time……?”
“That’s why I´m saying it, older sister. Andy is used to it”

I don’t think it’s a problem that I’m used to. At least for first-timers. However, I leave it to Dianne to solve the doubts in that area.

“Hey, Aurora……isn’t it worth the wait?”
“……I’m fine as usual, but……it depends on Andy-san’s fierceness whether it’s worth the wait twice……♪”
“I told you……!”

No, to be honest, Luna asked me to do my best, so I’m sure I’m constantly out of breath. Covering Aurora’s back, I slowly shake my hips in a swinging chair-like tone while adjusting my breath. Silent for a while. ……I was told to take a break while putting it in Aurora, so this should be good.

“What is it”
“……It feels different from usual when you are connected with formal clothes like this, right?”
“Well……that’s right”

One day, after having a party at Baron’s mansion in Polka, I had an orgy in the woods.

“I’m always delusional. When you suddenly hold a dance party in the middle of a dance party, you pour semen into me in the shadow……I just return to the place with a face that doesn’t eat anything and invite me who has accumulated semen to dance”
“……If I really do it, Carlos-san wont be angry with you”
“Oh, what can I be scolded for? I’m a female slave you’re taking to pour semen in and I don’t have any blood connection with him”
“No, he will get angry at the vaginal cum shot sex in the shadow of the party venue”

I mean, the reason why I bring Aurora around is not for a vaginal cum shot, but for everyone’s escort, maybe homecoming and so on. Well, if you think about escalating to the spirit festival = vaginal cum shot sex, it’s certainly not without its purpose.

“……It’s about time I move, right?”

Stroking Aurora’s ears and kissing. And I start to move in earnest.

“N, huu, hua……a, a, hot……♪”
“Because you provoked me. I’ll make it as violent as with Luna”

From the pace of the swinging chair, I increase the speed steadily. Raise myself from a position that covers her from behind, catch her ass and swing my hips with all my might.

“Huauu♪ A, haa, naaa♪”

Aurora, an ace knight, is more physically fit than Luna, who isn’t, but her wildness during sex doesn’t support her movements. If so, she is not wild, but a woman’s instinct.


It stimulates my brain not by pleasure-giving movements, but by gestures that invite men. For example, the casual way of twisting the spine while being violated, or the luster that returns the line of sight. The movement of a woman who truly feels pleasure, seeks it, and tries to give it. At this young age, Aurora has become good at such sensual movements.

“Andy-san……still more……please kiss the back with your dick♪”

Of course, her vagina also wraps me in a unique charm. A feeling of folds that has been held many times but never fades. The comfort that it tightens up responsively. And more than anything.

“More than Luna-san……I also want to have Andy-san’s child♪”

Such a beautiful and odious girl proudly professes her love for me, her sense of conquest. I hugged her irresistibly jumping at Aurora, holding her upper body against the bed and kissing her ears.

“Then become pregnant……!!”

I dare to ignore Hilda-san’s contraceptive magic emotionally and seed her. Persistently twisting the hips, stopping as agreed and spitting semen into her vagina.

“Haa, haaa……in this way, I want to dance with your sexual odor on me”
“……It’s okay to conceive, but forgive me”
“I’m messing around”

We smile at each other while we are out of breath.

“……It hung down in my skirt”

Luna who remains stretched is said to be ragged. Everyone was resurrected except for Aurora, who was breathing wildly and Laila stood on her back with the bed fence, sat on her lap and put Jeanne on one of her outstretched knees. This is a fetish because she remains naked.

“Well, if you wash it, it will come off. There is a stain-removing magic recently developed by the Laundry tribe……”

Nord-san says. Talc has a lot of magic that seems to be sober and convenient.

“More than that, I and my sister. Which one do you hold first?”
“Well, Dianne first”
“I wanted you to bring me to the main dish when I came here”
“That’s why I still do it even after I’m done holding them, so there’s no main”
“That’s right”
“……Are you really going to do it? It’s still a long way in the morning …”

I leave Nord-san alone, who looks a little suspicious, approach Dianne and kiss her. Her dignified appearance makes her always misunderstood, but this person is not as big as her presence shows. I have to bend down a little when I try to kiss while standing. Or will Dianne stand on her toes?

“I was screaming at you who could only look at my sister……”
“Well, it can’t be helped by older sister Nord who specializes in the movements to show to men. ……Tonight, call me Dianne”
“……Okay, Dianne”

I put my hands through the gaps in the thin cloth that wraps around Dianne’s body. A tight back, fluffy boobs and a responsive butt. Don’t be busy, keep my hands on it and enjoy the feel. Like a collector stroking a treasure. Like a spider trying not to let its prey escape.

“N……nu, nn……is it okay to just touch it?”
“That’s not true. I want to put it in, Dianne. In this stomach”

Trace the bottom from the navel with my finger.

“I want to pour in plenty, suitable for this spirit festival night”
“The spirit festival is also a day for family love……?”
“A day to make a family?”
“……Mou, Andy is fine for now”

While stroking her body, I hug Dianne, who looks a little dumbfounded and pushes her down to the bed.

“Then make it”
“I’m not going to make it yet. It’s a pre-exercise”
“Then I have to do it because you´re actually going to get pregnant”
“……Is that so?”
“Can you give birth, Dianne?”
“……Originally it was a competition with Selenium”

Dianne recalled more than a year ago.

“Now I have no intention of letting you and everyone escape”
“If you run away, you won’t be caught, but everyone will be there……”
“I have no intention of running away……I want a child, Andy. When everything is done, let me become pregnant soon”
“I understand, 100-man commander”
“……I told you how to call me tonight”
“Such a face is cute, Dianne”

While kissing Dianne again, I pull and shift her thin cloth, exposing her breasts and her crotch. She was so invigorating that she was originally close to being exposed. Slowly insert my wet dick with everyone’s juice there.

“Nu……ha, uu……♪”

Dianne moans at her comfort. Hugging tightly in the bed. She is the first in a missionary position after dealing with four people.

“……I’ve been looking for you all the time”
“No matter where Dianne says she want to have sex, I´m having trouble with the place I want”
“Sure. If you really want to, you might take off with an illusion in the middle of the main street of Talc”
“I’d like you to give me a little bit and then send me a little signal”
“……I’ll try”

Even if she is in estrus, I want to be shy enough to wait until the inn, and if she wants me to hold her, I want her to be aggressive enough to appeal a little.

“But I always want you to hold me, so it may be the same after all”

That can’t be helped. ……But I love Dianne like that. Dianne’s legs entwined around my waist. Dianne and I are in close contact. Then we start to shake our hips as if we were itching each other.


There is no flashiness. The bed just squeaks. We are still hugging each other, so we can’t move flashy. However, the crampedness and the sweet sense of security that never leaves are comfortable. We can enjoy kissing at various depths by repeating such shaking movements. Lick the palate with a deep kiss and tickle the tongues. Suck her lips, nose and cheeks with a light kiss. By the time each other’s faces became sticky, both Dianne and I were in a hurry.

“……I’ll release it soon, Dianne”

However, after taking that much confirmation, push the waist deeply, harden it with my feet and make a vaginal cum shot.

“Iuu……ha, come out……♪”

Kissing each other’s ears, we quietly devour the climax.

Finally, Nord-san is waiting.

“……Dianne-chan is usually sticky and so-so……it seems like she has a lot of things to do, but I’ll go my way, right?”
“Are you sure you want to do it now?”
“Silent. If you show off so many things, older sister will be angry”

It’s a tone that somehow reminds me of Hilda-san. But I can’t afford it. Maybe it’s because she’s still looking at my dick?

“……But when I think about it, at least your endurance is better than my father……he usually has pain or he doesn’t feel like it before that……”

It seems that my insatiable desire for eroticism, which has been a virgin until last year and concentrated on Apple, seems to be very good.

“Then……please partner”
“……Wait a minute. Your position is cowgirl, right?”

A strange order came. ……Isn’t it strange?

“I like the position where I can swing freely. ……I’m afraid of the dancer’s serious waist usage? If it’s a female upper class, I’ll compromise”

Is it a compromise? I feel like there’s not much difference. But apparently she can only see the hard self-esteem that she doesn’t want to lose sex against me. ……Well, I don’t have a problem even if I squid first.

“Please. I’ll leave it to you”

I lay down on the bed. Aurora and Luna sit side by side on the edge of the bed and Laila and Jeanne in the swinging chair are still naked above their heads. Dianne is curled up next to me. In such a state, Nord-san triumphantly straddled me. After all she has great proportion. It is not inferior to Laila, who is perfect in terms of aesthetics as a woman. When she loosen the cloth around her waist and throw it on the floor, Nord-san straddles my dick.

“Huhuhu……th, this is still pretty amazing……!”

My dick is swallowed into her vagina. However, when her hips fell to the bottom, Nord-san dropped her shoulders and quivered. And she tightened her pussy with a peculiar tremor.

“……U, Uu~……”
“……I’m excited now”

I threaten with teary eyes for a little.

“I can’t help it, how many years do you think it’s been!?”
“I dont know……”
“Uuuu……I feel regrettable……I don’t think I’m going to get excited all of a sudden……”

Nord-san with teary eyes. How did you comfort yourself?

“……Older sister. Apart from that, it’s okay for Andy to be older sister’s turn until you cum”

Dianne, who was immersed in the afterglow of the climax, advised that and Nord-san glanced at me.

“Yes, this is a rehearsal exercise! This is the realm of elder sister Nord, little brother!”

It was a little confusing, but the movement of Nord-san’s hips from there was certainly something to say.

“Look, I can’t afford an facial expression……☆”

Turn it up, down, left, right, diagonally and in a figure eight. It can be argued that her illusionary hip movements are certainly unique to dancers. Speaking of doing it, Laila and Dianne could do it, but the movement of playing with the dick while freely changing her rhythm was different from what you can enjoy by having sex with other girls. But.

“Nord-san is surprisingly……there is no room……!!”
“Sassy little brother……!”

Not as much as Hilda-san. There is no choice but to raise a white flag for that tech that you can taste the climax without asking questions, but Nord-san’s movement is a new sensation, but it is not enough to be squid at once. Somehow, it’s cool. Convinced of this, I thrust my hips up in defiance of Nord-san’s movements and pushed her womb.

“Can’t you attack unexpectedly?”
“That’s why I don’t just say cheeky……my sister is going to make you squid, but honestly……huann♪”
“It looks good”
“D, Don’t mess with my boobs……Dianne, what’s with this boy, erotic!”
“That’s why I’m sure I’ve said it before, my sister”
“Nord-san, it’s about time to move……it’s a competition”
“F, Fine, take it……kyauuu, just aiming for the uterus……no, no, noo……n, auuuu♪”
“U, ooo!!”

I grab Nord-san´s waist firmly and ejaculate in the back. Nord-san reaches the climax with a half-cry and seems to regret it.

“……U, uu……u”
“Thank you for the meal”
“D, Dianne, what a super cheeky child!”
“Then Laila, next time with Luna at the same time”
“Don’t ignore me! It’s the second time, I really do it!?”

Aside from Nord-san who is a little smiling, I start the next sex round.


“……T, Three rounds……I really made it……”

The third finish is put in the vagina and Nord-san mutters while being amazed.

“A, A total of 18……times?”
“Well, it’s Andy”
“Hmm. It’s my owner. He has always wanted to mate with dragons, so he just did it”
“……He had done it more than 30 times in the colony”
“Well, I can’t deny that I’m honestly trained”
“But with Andy-san, it’s not in vain”

……30 or more shots……it’s not normal if you ask. I was even proud that the Masturbation Brothers wouldn’t exceed 20 times.

“……Uuu……I admit losing today, but……”
“Yes, yes. Let’s fight again”
“Absolutely, I will learn a lot from Hilda-oneesan and take revenge……”
“My sister. Hilda is in Trot now”
“Eh, what that, it’s unfair……”

Exhausted, or rather disappointed, Nord-san lays down on the bed. The sunrise shines through the window and illuminates everyone’s body with my semen sticking to them.

“Well, do you want to go to bed? You’re allowed to overslept this morning”
“……I’m sleepy too”
“Andy-san, arm pillow……are you sure?”
“I’ll sleep with you too”
“Hoho Well, I wonder if I’ll suck on owner’s dick to kill time”
“You don’t want to sleep, Laila”
“You can sleep♪ I hear that you can ejaculate even if you are sleeping”
“It’s a natural phenomenon”

Sleep surrounded by their warm bodies. Nord-san hugged me during the turmoil, but I wouldn’t get angry.

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