Half elves fall in love chapter 22

Chapter 22: The female swordsman’s real intention 【Anzeros】



“Then, we will go. Everyone, stay safe, I will come again”
“We will be waiting!!!”

While being watched by a lot of people, Laila transforms into her dragon form after becoming naked. I think that it is not a reason that she must become really stark-naked.

“Hey, get on everyone”

100-man commander Becker and Dianne jump on the back with a jump lightly. Selenium rushes lightly with dexterity as if something is glued on her feet and Aurora also rushes up gracefully with dexterity. Jeanne climbs like a monkey using a spider lining on the back, and I……emm?

“How to climb”
“……Troublesome person”

Anzeros who was waiting for her turn until the very end takes my arm to lend a shoulder.

“No, not, good”

Even though I didn’t have an explanation for a while, it is nice that Anzeros lends a hand as if nothing had happened yet. But that is also because of my own owing to my own loss due to my leg getting ruined and I think that my mind is now heading to the 100-man commander, it is a somewhat strange palpitation.

“Hey, what……is that so?”

Dianne who took a look at my state from the top jumps off and takes my crutch and throws it on Laila’s back.

“Becker, catch it if you don’t want to die or want your leg to be broken”

100-man special duty commander Becker hastily catches it. Holding it firmly, he lands lightly on Laila´s back.

“Anzeros, you also hurry”

It was Anzeros who was stunned by it, she wanted to climb because of her skirt, but thinking for a while, she jumps up like Dianne. But it is inevitable that the skirt will fly up, after landing on the back of Laila, she is embarrassed and sticks to herself for a while. Her elf ears are easy to read.


100-man commander Becker murmurs seriously and is immediately blown
off with Anzeros beheading technique.

“E, uwa, hey here its high, Anzeros uwaaaa!?”

He felt as it was to the ground from Laila´s back……I thought that he was wearing a lifeline on his back and he avoided only the ground collision. Does Laila know that?

“Ho, everyone is onboard. Okay let’s go”

She takes off as it is.

“E, Uwaaaaaa!?”

The 100-man commander who was fanned by the flapping wings cant climb up and hangs on Laila´s shoulder.

“He, hey, wait, Dragon-oneechan, wait, wait!!”
It is uneasy if you hear the scream being swayed around as he sways.
“……Ho. What about him?”
“Well it would be a good medicine for him, his attitude to peep at the embarrassing part of a woman had to be corrected once”
“Hmm. Well at least for me, enjoy the little view”

As it is we fly, while 100-man commander Becker hangs on.


Anzeros makes a subtle awkward look. She is fine with that, yeah yeah and hitting the shoulders from Aurora & Jeanne.

“……I wonder if Becker-san is a delicious person”

Selenium said something a little bit meaningless.


Going west to chase the sunset for tens of minutes. Immediately there was a big oasis in our sight and a city spread around it.

“I hope it will be a proper illusion this time”
“I’m not going to do the same thing twice or thrice”

Flapping wings. We slowly approach the wasteland near the city. And along the way, along with the scream of 100-man commander Becker, the rope that was hanging parted with tension.

“……He fell?”
“I guess he caught on the palm on the way, what is Becker, you won’t die”
It was a terrible treatment, but when I saw behind, he was attached to the top of the palm as Dianne said. And we landed.
“Huu. A peaceful landing is wonderful”
“If you think so, do not do it again”
“I don’t understand”

Dianne jumps off after embracing me. Selenium takes the crutches and jumped down. It is painful that Anzeros who makes a troubled face after the work was taken away as she tried to help is somewhat painful.

“Ah, Anzeros. You don’t have to do anything to help me”

Because it is Anzeros who has a strong sense of responsibility, even if she is told so, she seems to be high or not. Uh, I don’t know what to do.


Oasis city – Talc. It is a city that developed around the huge oasis, which is the biggest in this area and it is also the place of the dark elves and ogres colonies. It seems that there are 10,000 Dark Elves and 8,000 Ogres living only in this town. Whether it was an elf or an ogre, I had only seen hundreds of them in colonies at most.

“It is said that there are 70 thousand dark elves in the entire oasis area around here, including small villages in the vicinity”

It is explained to me while walking through the city. Well, in human cities, Trot´s royal capital has 100,000 citizens and Quica has even more than that. The fact that there are so many dark elves themselves has surpassed the category of imagination for a moment. I thought that it was more small, at best about one full colony.

“Dark elves make a fairly bogus city, just like a human city”

Aurora says while looking around the city of Talc made from sun-dried brick. Dianne gave a bitter smile.

“Well, do not compare with the forest elves, because we don’t have verdant blessed forests, we must get along with other races by all means and have strong family consciousness compared to forest elves. It’s a big advantage to live closer together”

All the people on the road are dark elves. Sometimes ogres. An Aurora that interestingly looks at such a city. Once for her Ace Knight exam, she visited the capital Quica, but it is the first time for a colony of other races other than humans. …..When she said she is 17 years old now, was it just before the Trot War? After all, I did not know anything other than Polka and the Kingdom.

“Are we going to decide the accommodation tonight? As it is expected, strange eyes are looking at us”

Laila is blurry. I think that there are problems in her walking around by covering only her breasts and waist with two towels. Why isn’t she wearing her clothes?

“……Well, certainly”
“One forest elf, two half-elves, two humans, one dwarf and a drago……mugugu”

I tried to enumerate Mr. Diane closed his mouth.

“Andy. ……Although Laila can do what she wants, you should not disclose her real identity”

I was careless.

“It’s just like a strange one line as she said”
“It’s not as much as Klaves, but I feel that she is attracting people’s attention”

I also agree with 100-man commander Becker and Anzeros.

“Oh yeah, we will use my house for the inn, so be safe because it’s not a problem for seven or eight guests”

As Dianne walks ahead, we keep following her. When I think about it, I got into a big house.


The fact that politicians are elected from this colony means that the politician is at least a colony leader-class figure.

“Welcome to Talc. I´m the leader of this colony and my name is Carlos, Dianne´s brother. My sister is indebted to you”
“……Th, thank you for your help”

If Diane’s father is a minister, Colony leader seems to be his son. Carlos-san was the second oldest of Dianne’s 92 brothers, a young man with a gentle atmosphere. Even though he called himself a young man and is already a year older than me, he seems to be quite old age because he is the second son of that 1,000-year-old minister Ashton.

“He is 730 years old”

As if she had heard my doubt, Dianne muttered.

“I am 728 years old”
“It doesn’t change”
“Listen here, Dianne. Such a rough estimate is deadly in the world of business. I’m going to give you some money, and I’ll give you a mistake, and I’ll let you go, no matter how sincerely you trade, if you say ‘ that store is a shortchanged scam shop, ‘ then you’ve got a pile of trust on the ground. I always tell you, the thing that moves by force is nothing more than brute force. It is difficult to get things done with a rough sense of the world. You may think that the exchange of money is only a small calculation and a bluff, but in the long run, this is a world connected with trust and affinity. Dianne sit down and remember the work of Talc´s Chamber of Commerce”
“……Will you let our guests stand while you preach a relative who doesn’t give a pardon, older brother?”
“……Th, this is rude”

Dark elves only look younger, he is still an old man right? But somehow I can see that he’s proud of his work. He might be a good person.


We were given a loan from Carlos in the garden of his house. The stone building with the width of a three-story building surpasses a comparable inn lightly even if it is said from a distance. It is large enough to put Dianne and her 8 guests inside.

“You can use the rooms freely. I have a large family as you know and we didn’t have a hard time in the accommodation room at emergencies, but everyone flies around. Within this house, there are actually only 30% of the rooms used”
“Well, that’s all. You don’t have to worry about being loud……”

When Dianne whispered to me, Carlos, who had pinned his ears, lifted his eyes and looked back. From the early reaction, it seems that he was also concerned about that.

“Di, DiDiDianne!? No, No way, that, that, that human!?”
“What is that. ……Well, we have a relationship because I got my sword from him”
“O, Oooooonee-chan I didn’t know that!?” I heard it for the first time!?”
“Because I didn’t say it……I will introduce you. ……He is my lover Andy Smithson, a human. He is from Trot, is kind, friendly and skillful. He is also strong at night and he won’t lose to father”
“Stop! How, how far are you going?! A? B? What is strong in the night, what is it!?”
“Of course, if it is fortunate I already may have a child inside me”

Carlos-san. Are all the funny people when you distract a man in your family line?

“Uwwaah! Dianne, you idiot!! Onii-chan doesn’t know you any longer! Damn it, human perish!!”

He ran away while crying. He seems to love Dianne dearly.

“……However, he said something dangerous”
“No, my older brother is like that”

Carlos-san came back after a few seconds.

“I forgot to mention, but breakfast and dinner are always at 8 o’clock!”

He ran away again.

“……He is a nice person, isn’t he?”
“Yeah, that is he without a doubt”


With our sudden visit, it will take time for Carlos-san´s household to prepare dinner for 8 people. As it is bad, we declined the offer and for dinner, we decided to enjoy the stall foods in the city of Talc for the time being.

“I will check the location of my older sister”

Dianne said so and withdrew. Well, she will be alright by herself. Laila´s spirit raises.

“Alright, drink!”
“Wait, you were drinking until a while ago!”
“Ho. Since ancient times I have build by reputation drinking alcohol. Do you think that I can only do that to drink someone under the table?”
These various meanings from an unbounded dragon.
“Hu……I will accompany you”

100-man commander Becker stuck behind Laila. ……Ah, I guess this guy is also pretty fond of alcohol.

“10-man captain, I also want to drink alcohol”

No matter how much a dwarf is drinking, they are known as the drinking-specialized race that doesn’t lose sanity first. ……Suddenly I saw three people rushing into the tavern when I looked at them again.

“Smithson is it good? You also like to drink alcohol?”
“……No, not now”

As long as my legs are healthy and I have Dianne besides me, but now it’s dangerous to lose sanity outside.Actually I really want to drink alcohol, but I can’t make Dianne worry again like yesterday. Anzeros and I look into each other’s faces. ……At the moment we wait, that face that she was showing to 100-man commander Becker is burning like a relief and aching inside my chest. I don’t stare at Anzeros´s face, as I walk past her with my crutches.

“……You also, don’t you want to follow 100-man commander Becker?”

I’m going around the stalls alone. Why does Anzeros come along with me? ……That reminds me Aurora and Selenium, where are they?


I filled my belly with street food such as skewers and crusty bread. Looking at the tavern a little bit, I saw that Laila and the other two have been drunk in the center of the bar. I go back to our lodging.

“Hey Smythson”
“Why did you eat so much”
“……Don’t know”

Anzeros who comes with me heads to my bedroom with a walking stick. Perhaps, her sense of duty to help me is to do that, but the feeling that I want her to stop it is painful, but my pitiless heart is still touched and happy. Without saying anything, I behave cautiously.

“Am I at fault?”
“You’re not at fault for anything”
“It’s a lie”
“You’ve protected me enough. I can’t have any grudge or dissatisfaction for you”

Is she worried about me who is without such an ambition? Anzeros tries to vomit the cause of the anomaly to me like cross-examine. ……Shall I say it? That I was jealous when I saw her becoming friends with 100-man commander Becker.

“……It’s already the bedroom. See you tomorrow”

As expected, all of the bedrooms are allocated without becoming a shared room for all. One of the doors is opened and looking back at Anzeros, I pretend to be calm. And, Anzeros looks downwards. Her ears……are showing her discourage.

“……What is that everything……”
“……Because you have Aurora, you don’t need me, do you want to say that?”
“He, hey, what are you talking about?”

Anzeros is still facing down. Her expression isn’t seen. I can’t even understand her emotion through her ears.

“You’ve got Aurora a real elf and you don’t need a half like me anymore, so you don’t want to stay together with me anymore?”
“What……it isn’t like that”

Anzeros raised her face. ……Her face was wet with tears.

“But you were with Aurora some time ao!? Then you were strange to you!! Like if I’m in the way!!”
“It, it is not like that!! Only you……”
“What’s with me!!”
“Say it!”

I’m lost as to how I should say such things as jealousy. I am lost but Anzeros is crying seriously rather than whining. I don’t know what it is, but I am very sad to see her like that. So I make up my courage to say it.

“……Since you became friends with 100-man special duty commander, I thought that you would find 100-man commander Becker better than me after all. …… I convinced myself that it is impossible to win against 100-man commander Becker”
“This……you, big idiot Smithsonnn!!”

I was slapped by Anzeros.

“You told me properly!! At that time you told Lucas that you won’t hand over a cute girl like me!! I told you to take responsibility properly!!”
“……U, Uh”
“Why…… why are you getting lost from that……why are you hesitating only by me……?!”

Anzeros cried, slowly, really timidly……she buried her face in my chest.

“……I, the whole time……the whole time, I have been with you……so how do you think that I wouldn’t love you even if the 100-man commander is strong……!”

Anzeros, in my chest, told me so with a nasal voice that I have never heard before. I feel like grudging, she expresses her mind little by little.

“……I am a half-elf, so what….because I’m a creature that won’t stop as soon as I like someone……”
“……I´m sorry”
“If you think that you’re sorry……hug me, already. I can’t allow you to avoid me”
“……Damn it, you’re so cute……but I can’t stand now by myself, I can’t hold hugging you while standing with my current body”

I have to lie down when I can’t stand anymore. And this is the front of the bedroom. If we hug each other while lying down, there is no choice but to do it. As expected it was also shameful for Anzeros. Yup. This is the reaction of ordinary girls. A little relieved. But. Selenium´s and Aurora´s faces appear in the immediate vicinity so that it seeps out of the space.


I wince. Anzeros raises her face with teary eyes and rings her nose a bit jealousy. Selenium and Aurora revealed their whole bodies from the illusion. On the other hand, they show a smiling and blushing face.

“You have to lie down if you can’t stand any more”
“U……it, it really is such a scene, I am a little surprised”
“You guys”

What a timing.

“Wh, WhWhh……Wh, what”
“Ehehe……. Andy and Anzeros have a subtle atmosphere, so if we can leave you two alone it would be interesting”
“Ah, bad taste”
“Wh, what are you going to do! I……I, noo! I don’t want you to disturb anymore, I won’t separate from Smithson!”

Anzeros tightly holds on to my body and protests heavily. I’m happy but it hurts a bit.

“Nhuhuu. ……I won’t do that. I guess I just want to mix in sooner or later”
“……E, every day……you will creampie me and use all of my holes, right?

Anzeros has scornful eyes. What she said is a fact. There is no difference in facts. But I have nothing to say here Aurora. There is no item. But.

“Nn……I am first”

Anzeros stands on tiptoes and kissed me. She still insisted so with a bit of noise.


“Hey, Andy-san, it’s today’s hors-d’oeuvre”
“Oh, don’t say hors d’oeuvre! It’s a person’s first time!”

By way of example, on the tuna, me in bed, Anzeros who is stripped naked by Selenium came near.

“Well, initially it is hors-d’oeuvre. It was Anzeros who claimed that she was first”
“Uu……there is no piece of mood……”

By the way, Selenium and Aurora are already overhauled and expose their naked bodies in front of me and Anzeros. The big tits of Selenium, the delicate charm of Anzeros, the beauty of Aurora’s slender body have different flavors and my son firmly stand out even if nothing is done.

“……In, indeed, it has gotten tough, even in such a situation, Smithson”
“……I was a virgin until a while ago”
“It seemed so”

Anzeros sighs.

“Hey, Anzeros you also need to prepare here……”

When Selenium´s hands touched Anzeros´s crotch, mucus liquid suddenly got stuck on her fingers.

“……It’s really easy to get you wet, Anzeros”
“Sha, Shameful”
“U, Uuu, noisy! It would be bad to do flashy sex every day in places where you can be heard! It’s impossible to imagine!”
“……Well, the sooner you’re done, the quicker is my turn”
“Is there such a way of thinking? I see. Anzeros-san, you have splendid qualities”
“……Smithson, let me have it for as long as possible. Absolutely”
“Great effort”

Why did she ask for such a thing with a serious face as a virgin?

“But maybe it hurts.”
“I am used to pain”
“I don’t think you get used to it, though……”
“It probably won’t hurt as much as cutting off the ears”
“Don’t say cut off or something similar”

The memories that I cut a real part of my body are reviving.

“Ah, Aaa……Andy-san’s penis is losing its liveliness”
“It can’t be helped!”

It will wear out if it goes too far.

“It, it can’t be helped……already”

Anzeros squats down. She took my dick against her mouth timidly.

“Pechu……n, chuu……good grief, letting a virgin do this……n, churuu”
“Ah, I will do it, so it’s okay!”
“When I leave it to Selenium……first until he ejaculates……nchuu, until then, it seems you won’t release, so I won’t let you……”
“……Only when I do it can I master it”
“Only half a day, nchu, uu……senpai, don’t do it……chuu, I’ve been around since he was a virgin……n, waruu……I will be showing off, so…… ”

She learns how to suck a penis, without realizing it, from what is around her. ……It is her first sexual experience.

“……I have caused the erection……♪ The truth is, I´ve always wanted to lick it……I have always imagined that I would be deflowered by Smithson♪ But Smithson, you didn’t notice……nn♪”

Do not be absurd. Can I really rape an Ace knight?

“……Can I already go?”

Anzeros straddles over me slowly. Her virgin ground which is wetter than a little while ago is violated by my penis as she lowers her weight voluntarily.

“N, gu……u……ha, aa!”

There is a sound that invades the inside of Anzeros. A feeling that my dick dives into Anzeros´s narrow vagina. A feeling that I truly monopolize the area of ​​the “female” fascinating, lovable, idiotic and dependable Anzeros. This girl who was a virgin gave it to me on her own.

“N……ku, haaa……!!”
“I entered……na”
“Uh……it, it surely……hurts”
“……Let’s finish it soon”
“No, if we finish it soon, it will accompany me for all my life and you will call me a kid”
“But it hurts!”
“It hurts, but I decided that I can’t give up when I think that you will be transferred to Selenium or Aurora who will be mocking me!”

This fellow is also unyielding.

“Therefore……that’s right, let’s ejaculate twice in this way. Then I’ll forgive you”
“……You are a masochist?”
“I have a little self-awareness. I fell in love with you”
“……Are you saying that I´m an S?”
“You´re not a man who can wait with confidence at least taking away virginities”

It seems that she wanted to lose her virginity so much. Don’t be absurd. I´m over a hundred times stronger.


Doing something forceful, I lift the light body of Anzeros with both hands and begin to let my hips move. Although my hip joints are no problem at all, I can raise my waist, but I don’t know at all what my feet are. That’s why I can’t do it without having Anzeros move.

“……Well, if you lower the knee from the bottom of the bed”
“U, Uwaa?”

I drag and move my body to change the posture. It is probably okay if I shake my back in this position. However, although it is limited in height that can be moved with such a halfway bridge. Still, virgin and small petty Anzeros is thrust up and she begins to suffer visibly.

“U, gu, u, au, uu……!!”

Still. Still, Anzeros won’t shake off my hands hanging on her waist. She refuses to get down on me, she won’t put her strength on her knees. It is as if she will say that it will be an eternal lost if I get away from the uterus even a little and she absolutely won’t try to escape my hips from a deeply sticking stab as it will hurt. It seems to be the depth of the feeling of just crying and not being opposed to me. I love it, I crazily pierced the uterine mouth of Anzeros at the end. Anzeros desperately continues to press her waist in response to it. And then the limit came.

“Yeah……Yeah, come……I, you ejaculate……in my uterus, please……!!”
“U, Uaaaa……!”

Ejaculation. Attracting the hips of Anzeros vigorously, clenching the delicate waist, clenching her swollen nipples and tracing the tears while still looking at Anzeros´s face who has a nasty face, as her lower body is contaminated with my seed. Then, Anzeros trembles while enduring. Lose in the momentum of ejaculation, blood and white juice leak out of the gap.

“Kku……hu, uu…… Now, once again”
“Ar, are you sure you want to do another round?
“I’m already no virgin anymore”
“It is quibble”
“But I want to be loved more by Smithson. I love you so much”

Damn it. I can’t say no when I see Anzeros´s cute face. I don’t know even what I myself is saying but damn it.

“……Hey will you continue to call me by my name”
“……Fine. Easy”

Anzeros inhales briefly,


Then she turned red and stopped, An, An……as if it was a woman’s act of acting like a boy, saying Anan repeatedly.

“Good, you didn’t give an honorific title so I win”
“… Did you want to win against 100-man commander Becker so much?”
“……I have never lost. Throughout me”
“So love me. I don’t need to repeat once more, as long as I can do this anytime in the morning, outside, in the stadium or in front of everyone”
“That’s no good Anzeros”
“There are also our turns”
“Noisy noisy, Tsukemonos are still after!”
『Ts, Tsukemono……』

Selenium and Aurora retreat out of shock. It seems to be a counterattack against the hors-d’oeuvre.

“Good, let’s continue. ……This is the only teasing I’ve ever done, don’t think you get away without consequences, Andy……♪”
“Sub, substitute!”
“Me too!”


“Nyahahahaha, dark elf alcohol is also good!”
“Umuumu, this is the real ogre killer. Really delicious”
“H, Hey, both rich person……”
“Hey there human. ……The bill, don’t run away”

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