Half elves fall in love chapter 24

Chapter 24: Oasis morning



In the morning. The morning in Talc is very early. Only the home of the dark elves Chamber of Commerce is very active, and the morning market stands every day. Such vibrant vibrancy arrives in the annex of Carlos which should be quite away from the streets and I slowly open my eyes. A nipple in front of me. It was regularly moving up and down according to breathing and when I slightly raised my eyes, I noticed it was Selenium.


To make me remember the situation, I raise up half of my body. Besides me on the bed, all five women are sleeping idle. And there was a terrible odor.

“…… What is this?”

Apart from Selenium and Dianne, there are three other females……Anzeros and Aurora and a dark elf beauty. I think with my half-asleep head, and the situation is recalled at last comparatively. Reversed rape to Aurora in the morning of yesterday, re-confessing to Anzeros at night and also Dianne’s elder sister. Emm, I did it. We had sex. Immorality.


When I fell down a little bit, I woke up with Selenium in a snuggle posture.

“Ah, ……Andy-san, good morning”

“Good morning”

“Morning……is it?”


Selenium stood up while combing her hair with her fingers and looking around with a bitter smile. She must have thought what kind of chaos it is here.

“But……the early bird catches the worm♪”

And then she just moved to my crotch and kissed my morning erection suddenly.

“I wanted you to face me first if you give a good morning kiss”

“Ah, ahaha ​……that’s right, that’s right.”

Selenium sandwiches my dick with her plump breasts with a little sense of humor. I thought that Selenium is also quite eager, as she starts fucking naturally with the same condition as embracing a lover’s boyfriend without any feelings or resistance.

“……Do you want to do this in the morning?”

“Do you not want it?”

“……N, no, it is fine”

“Then let’s do it, isn’t this continual staying power?”

“That is something different”

Although I’m saying that, my son grows bigger in Selenium´s breasts. To my honest lower body, Selenium starts her blowjob.

“N……chu, nmu……u”

Slow and shallow, Selenium rhythmically moves her face back and forth. It will be as it is. Hilda-san woke up just as I thought she wanted to stand up and want to push down Selenium.

“N, Nnn……chu”


Hilda-san who raises her face admits Selenium to make the blowjob in front of her eyes, so she kisses my balls without opening her eyes. This person is also quite authentic.

“…… Nnn……Kusaai……unexpectedly covered with juice since yesterday……”


Even if I know it can not be helped, it is slightly dented when it says 「Kiss」. Still, Hilda hugs my leg while being asleep and keeps his face off his crotch. I smoke tama awfully with loose suction power and try to put out a tongue like a small animal like a small animal. It’s a different feeling from Selen’s service, rather an instinct, a sense of habit and sucking on genitalia. I do not know whether it feels good or not, I feel that the feeling of feeling like an outstanding scab is really an erotic wife.

“Selenium……out, ru……u”

“Nhuuu. Ihahahihuaahu♪”

I don’t know what she said, but I ejaculated inside Selenium´s mouth who was happy.
“Ngu……n, nn……gokyuu……nguuu!?”

Dokun, Dokun……my dick keeps releasing sperm into the mouth of Selenium over and over again. Even if I think that it is about time to grow older, the ejaculation won’t stop so easily.


Holding my son with one hand, Hilda-san traces the dripping thread with her tongue to Selenium´s mouth and licks it up with yet half-opened eyes. ……Ah, maybe yesterday’s sperm hell magic has unexpectedly a long effective time? Is this scruffy mass ejaculation because of that?


“Ya, Yara, Come on!”

“Araara, greedy, why don’t you first swallow the amount that´s in your mouth?”


Selenium drinks the semen tangled around her throat while watching Hilda-san with scorn.

“I’m sure Andy-sam is going to be fine today with this kind of nutrition”

“……Eh, nutrition?”

Hilda-san is vigilant. Selenium nods and returns energy to me with medical light technique.

“Medical treatment technique……?”

“That’s right?”

“It’s my first time seeing it on someone who just released his semen”

“Andy is a person who is more energetic than his original body shows”

“It is unusual in some sense”

Is it unusual?

“But even then……Andy-kun, you don’t have to swing your hips”


That’s it. Either way, I can not move satisfactorily unless I have illusion magic cast on my leg. It’s useless.

“Well then, please do it now, that magic. Because it has already passed for a long time, it is okay or not?”

“Well, it’s okay from this morning, but Andy-kun, aren’t you getting tired of so much ecchi?”

“I don’t have any disappointment as to getting tired of it, but I can not make it in time for breakfast if I don’t get down quickly”

“Ain’t it cool?”

“Even so, your penis is really shabby and honest……Dianne-chan also found a nice guy”

“I don’t know whether I am being praised or ironed”

“Praising you?”

“Isn’t it decided for praise?”

Two people make a mysterious face. I don’t understand their values sense delicately.


For the time being, I decided to wake up everyone else and head for the nearby bathing Oasis.

We had a bit of time until breakfast and we all were smelling because of my ejaculations. And Talc has a peculiar custom. The bathing place is like a mixed bathing it is manners not to be shy about nakedness……of course it is not an affirmation of exposure, nudist recommendation. It is just that the rules are different during bathing and it doesn’t change to be seen with strange eyes when walking in externals near the road naked. The rule in this area is a part that outsiders don’t understand well.



Being in one of the many wide bathing oases, 100-man commander Becker and I muttered those words at the same time, while viewing the naked dark elf girls and ogres girl from far away and were shaken without moving our eyes. In truth, we should be nodding with each other, but it is blasphemy for God to take your eyes off this wonderful spectacle.

“Araara, truly a boy”

“Becker……I will forgive the part here, but even if you find a girl you like, don’t go to the female´s bathroom and changing room. I’m worried because you would do that”

Hilda-san and Dianne come near us. Neither of them has hidden their wonderful nudity and genitals at all. Or I wonder if the thinness of shame in a bath comes from here for Dianne.

“It’s just a wonderful custom. No, but certainly I won’t go to the bathroom or changing room, but if there is a place that can be seen legally, I won’t do it unreasonably.”

“I hope so……when I find out that you did something here, you can’t be protected”

“Because it’s your home?”

“That’s right”

Diane sitting next to me nods. Hilda-sam is humming next to Dianne. To be truly appealing to the custom of dark elves and publicly exposing their nakedness to the public, Jeanne, Aurora, Anzeros and others went to an indoor bathing area for tourists. There seems to be such a thing at first. By the way, the indoor bathing area for men was a cuckoo.

“A guy who doesn’t go out to this paradise because he doesn’t want to show his own dick isn’t a man”


“Andy, Becker……well, I’m not saying it’s bad”

Dianne is amazed. Don’t stop. There is something which should be read by waving the Roman and the phonetic guide here and writing the dream of the man「Way of life」.

“Well Andy-san, it’s okay to do ecchi things. That’s why it’s definitely worth it”

“……Se, Selenium-chan. No, I know you are in a physical relationship, but would you please take a little weight in front of this uncle?”


100-special duty commander Becker is roughly sticking to me in spite of being a male’s territory (although it is a mixed distance no distance to territory and territory can be done somewhat) Selenium (and Dianne’s sister) flinch a little. Well, the proportion of Selenium is close to perfection and it seems a lot of regrets when I see that I’m sticky while scaring the nightlife at a close distance. A little superior sense. ……Well, there is a nominal nurse to help me who cannot walk satisfactorily alone. I can’t just walk in the oasis’ water with crutches.

“Ho. Well, you should be carefully watching the other dark elves and the ogre girls. That because we are making a child with you boy, I don’t mind if they don’t get in the way.”

It is Laila who came closer from the other side. Her splendidly big tits set up in this place.

“Laila, sex acts in the oasis are forbidden”

“Anyway, I´m bored, so I was thinking of showing my kind of conception to the people”

Laila puts her big tits on my head while being squeezed by Dianne and sighing so as to really show her boredness. Selenium and Dianne also joined together and it is a meat futon state despite the fact that it is a spring. I am super conspicuous at the moment.

“……Ho. there are different fragrances coming from you, boy?”


“Last night……you had a new woman, about three, right?”

When Laila said this, 100-man commander Becker shrank away briefly.

“Three people!? What sex life do you have?”

“……Well there are various things”

“What’s with various things! Learn more! Introduce about one person to me!”

“Shut up Becker. You’re self-proclaimed handsome, so do it yourself”


Oh, it is noisy. Or should I say that 100-man commander Becker shall look at the paradise over there?


At breakfast. 100-man commander Becker counted, looking at the ladies who are seated.

“Yesterday’s morning it was Captain, Selenium-chan, Dragon-oneechan and dwarf girl”

“Let’s eat breakfast because it’s time for breakfast. Seriously fresh fruits are delicious”

“……Smithson. in just one-night……no, not at all”

100-man commander Becker. Perhaps you are approaching the correct answer. But I don’t even know why this happened, so now I want you to leave it alone.

“By the way, older brother?”

“What’s Hilda”

“I decided to go out with Andy-kun”

For a moment.

“Isn’t it. Going out with Andy-kun”


Carlos-san’s confusion. He fell off his chair and cracked his glasses.

“OOOOOOOni-chan, wait a minute wait a minute and calm down. Write human on your hand and say three times kill to calm down”

“Elder brother. If you mess up too much it will keep you bald?”

“Kill, kill, genocide. Alright, I’m calm. Yeah, Hilda, I don’t admire your seriously annoying joke HAHAHA”

“Yeah calm down older brother. Oh well, about half is right but I didn’t want to say that. Because Andy’s hometown has a sick person”

“Stop Hilda. What do you mean about half? I remember you didn’t leave for 71 years now since Orrin left”

“Even if the ordinance of Talc is bad and the death procedure is not funny even if it is issued a long time, my husband isn’t here anymore”

“Only 11 years, 8 months and 1 week since Orrin left you!”

“Well, there are times when I’m sleeping alone and my hand slips a little bit. Elder brother, if you didn’t take care of me, I would have already left”

Hilda-san, please don’t say scary things with a smile. Or rather, I’m afraid I can’t deny that we had sex, but what are we going to do with Carlos-san here?

“Uuu, uwaaah! What are you going to do with my sisters!”

“No, that, please help me Dianne-chan”

What are you saying with that momentum?

“Hilda, hold still! I will kill you!”

“Which is it!!”

What is she saying?

“Hmm, Andy-kun, wasn’t Hilda-sensei that good? I still have a lot of deathblows☆”

“I enjoyed it!!”

“Yeah♪ It is bad that you showed such a thing in front of a frustrated married wife♪”

“What is that kind of thing? Hilda! What did you do human !? You beast!! Just a pea, a bell pepper, and a cabbage for your lunch!!! Of course, your lunch is without salt or dressing”



After the meal was over, I went back to the cafeteria and looked back to 100-man commander Becker. Anzeros and Aurora are behind me.

“Uhoh. Emm……that. is it okay that Smithson put his hand on captains sister yesterday?”

“Y, Yes”

100-man commander Becker had scornful eyes.

“What do you think Anzeros, 10-man captain Aurora”

Apparently, it seems like he is going to make a resistance force against me who is too weird. ……He was late for a day.


Anzeros, today has twin tails. (TL note: I want to see a picture of it:) )

“… Well, it seems that I love him too”


“Well, 100-special duty commander Becker, I didn’t keep it secret, but……I love Andy, I love him”


100-man commander Becker is stunned.

“I will mate with Andy-san every day in the future”

“10-man captain Aurora!”

“Wait for Aurora. Now that you’re becoming vulgar, be careful”

“Ah, I’m sorry, I wanted to clarify that my relationship with him is more in-depth than Anzeros”

“……Smithson. Everyone finally got it all out eventually! What did you really do?”

“I have done nothing at least for these two people!!”

“Liar. ……you show a cool look behind my back”

“I don’t remember doing anything like that. I really did nothing”

These guys fell in love by a trigger lightly.

“Damn it! Why are all beauties loving you? I was stupid to think that you were my little friend! I was evaluating the peerage of us peepers!”

“… I think that it is a good deal, but this one”


100-man commander jumped out with a dash. He’s fast like an idiot. I see only sand smoke. ……Is his destination the bathing oasis guessing from the direction?

“……Andy, I told you. You’re not doubting anymore, are you?”

Anzeros is approaching from the side with an embarrassed face.

“……A, Aa”

“Well……would you like to reward me for the continuation of yesterday?”


“……Well, it’s still daytime, isn’t it?”

Anzeros is embarrassed. The continuation of yesterday is that……I wonder if it was quite serious. The desire of Anzeros that it is good in front of anyone anywhere in the morning, noon and night.

“It depends on our future plans, but in case of time……yes”

“That’s right. It depends on the time”

She is embarrassed that her crotch is tight, but now I am physically impossible to attack her and I have to confirm the departure schedule of Dianne and Laila. ……Besides Aurora interrupts.

“……It’s just me and Andy-san. If you give it to Anzeros-san, please give me your compassion”


I’m just like a great person. ……And.

“Ooo, boy. Just right”


Laila and Jeanne are getting closer. For some reason, Jeanne is taking off the collar from Selenium´s neck who is unpleasant and showed it to me.

“I forgot to mention……our collars, won’t you make them at last?”


“You attached such a thing to this fine girl and you won’t give us the same”

On Selenium’s neck was that desert lizard leather collar. Because Selenium rented Apple´s collar, it is an alternative “female slave sign”.

“This is……because I wasn’t able to see her anymore and had a childish monopoly desire……at that time I could promise only in such a way, so Selenium was convinced and so I did that”

“Indeed! So Apple and I are Andy-san´s female slaves! It means an absolute possession of us, it’s that sign! I have the qualifications to become his bride usually!!”

Why are you so proud Selenium.

“Ho. Do you think that you fit in the frame of a bride?”

I don’t know why Laila is so self-confident. “I’m 10-man captain´s disciple, but I’m also a female slave……right?”

Jeanne is also a momentum. And Anzeros, why do you pull my sleeve so tightly.


“What is it?”


Appealing eyes.

“……You want it?”


“It’s a sign of a female slave”

“……So if you’re sure that I’m always yours, I can be a pet, a slave or a dog”

She showing cute eyes again.

“is there a workshop where I can work?”

“There is an unused workshop in the east of this site”

Dianne taught me with a face full of grief.


Desert lizard leather was quite cheap in talc. About half price of buying in Officlade or Basson. And it is not necessary for too much for the collar’s material.

“Jeanne, Laila, emmm……who else?”

Anzeros, Aurora, and Hilda raise their hands.

“Two people”

I dared to ignore Hilda. Wait a moment.

“……Aurora you want one too?”

“Do you say that I will be afraid of that ritual?”

“Don’t fight against the invisible. This is because it is their hobby. So it’s not inconvenient if you don’t have one”

“If I don’t have any inconvenience for you, there is no reason for me to fall behind. Let me use it to show off as evidence that this body belongs to one man”

“……No, well, if you get bored, you can remove it”

That assault elf is too much to touch in many ways. I decided to give up and make 4 pieces.

“Well, with Hilda-sensei it will be 5 pieces”

“Why do I have to make a slave collar for a married woman I met just yesterday!?”

“Aren’t you getting fired up to have a married woman as a slave?

“I’m fired up, but it’s different!”

“Uhh, he admitted”

“Andy accepted”


Everyone’s gaze pierces me.

“Hilda-san is not good!”


I took two pieces and sew them together tightly. I press “Andy Smithson” with a brand mark. That’s the 4.

“I did it”

Since it was work not related to my feet, it got well without any inconvenience.

“Well, Laila……aa”

Laila got naked for some reason (Although this is a usual strange way to speak as usual), she kneels in front of me who sat in a chair. Her facial expression isn’t her always slightly playful expression, but a seriously earnest expression which is a little scary.


“Andy Smithson, now, I, will be your retainer”

“My retainer!”

Laila stares at me. She laughs a little. After all, she has no fragments of malice or astonishment, somehow a transparent smile.



Jeanne and Dianne also have a bizarre look at the changes in Laila´s atmosphere.

“Somehow, you are weird, aren’t you?”

“No. I´m very serious”


“Andy Smithson, please put on this collar on this black dragon called Laila”

Laila shows serious eyes firmly.

“Master please put on this collar on this dragon that loves you”

I didn’t know what to say, I could neither move nor escape, I just gazed at those red eyes.

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