Half elves fall in love chapter 28

Chapter 28: Dazzling pleasure [Aurora Anzeros Dianne]



If I think about it, before I got a foot, I was stomping just by swinging my back with full force. It can be said that it is the so-called kind of intracerebral drugs, smiths, blacksmiths, and fireballs that have worked hard to this point.

“Gowah … ….”

And finally I finished the turn of Hilda who could be said to be a difficult enemy, so the thread was running out in me.

“A……are you alright, Andy?”
“We, well, let me just take a moment to rest a little”

Pretended endurance fully opened. It can’t be done in a bit. If it is true, I want a few hours off. However, time is also, recently Dianne who has been turning to the commander in a restful manner other than this, Anzeros who looks with the eyes like a puppy, and the youngest in the ground and the day from the virginity loss shallow, It is not preferable to give up to the aurora at the time of incorporation. I think I have to manage it with a meaning. When.

“Hmm……please cooperate for a moment……♪”
“Wh, what are you going to do……Ah!?”

Selenium abruptly covered over Laila in the sixty-nine posture and had her mouth on the secret part.

“So, sorry……hiu, aa!?”

She drinks the semen that has been collected and flowed out. Well, although I delivered just that much, tens of minutes have elapsed since I injected my semen thanks to Hilda taking time. There isn’t much left.

“N. gochisousama. ……Jeanne-chan……is it okay?”
“Wh, What? What do you want?”
“Because it’s too small to shut out all the things”
“Cha, it is still in my womb properly! I’m keeping 10-man captain´s penis juice!?”
“It won’t go down to the uterus”
“So, so what are you doing, sucking out the sperm specifically?”

……Ah, don’t these people know? Selenium´s abnormal medical treatment light technique.

“……So much. Selenium-chan, over here”
“Yes Yes♪”

Take a nice ride on Hilda-san, the naked Selenium is invited smilingly, sucking with her mouth Hilda-san´s hole. Since I just put it out, a lot of sperm is in it. This married dark elf is feeling relieved as it is sucked out.

“Chu……n, buu……ngu, ngu, nguu……puha, full♪”

A white and dark elf intertwine and interact with each other. ……Uwa It is a very obscene scenery.

“Nn, I got a lot of energy. Thank you for the meal”
“Yes, poor girl”

Exchanging a special greeting, Selenium got up from Hilda-san’s crotch. Then, Selenium turns it into medical treatment light and giving it to me as a life force.

“U……that helped, Selenium”
“No No, you don’t need to thank me. Now you´re fine.

I’m not saying you don’t need it.


I wait for the strength which came back by magic to become familiar to the end of my limbs and I rise up with the momentum.

“I’ll do it!

My crotch is also hard. As the interior of the room was drawn like a line, the side of the half-naked people on one side and the side of Dianne and the other two who are clothed are clearly separated, the composition that the three people over there stood up dignifiedly and looked at me pretty well. At the moment I was conscious of, I think I got it a bit. When I look calmly, this scene is a bit silly and embarrassing. But.

“……I, I”
“No, I”

And the pair of white elves remaining begins to undress happily. Dianne shrugged her shoulders and give it to those two.


Is it okay? Turning my eyes, Dianne gently raised her hand.

“Well, I was the first to be held yesterday. ……And, the magic effect time is also few, so I’m going to make you the tuna like my elder sister did”
“Is that all right?”
“Good. If you get used to it, you will be able to enjoy it slowly in the future”

When the foot moves, it becomes a scramble of time thus. Hilda-san’s cooperation is necessary to move and for that reason absolutely must give way to Mr. Hilda, it is difficult to take time to relax slowly. When it comes, there is a fruit to study how to enjoy with me in a tuna state. That is Dianne´s wish. ……She seems to give way even though she is unexpectedly greedy. It’s the spirit of losing and getting away. Truly a fighting genius.

“Ah, Andy, hurry up”
“I can prepare at any time……”

And the two young elves who don’t care about it, throw off their clothes and turn their asses around and invite me to join them.

“You don’t think that they just lost their virginities yesterday”
“Don’t you like wicked women……?”
“I don’t dislike them, but!”

I totally push into Aurora´s vagina without hesitation. As expected she still has a few experiences, so that her young, plump and slippery folds greet me a bit nervous.


Aurora who is pushed also bends her white spine brush and shivers to the intruder who neither refrains nor has emotions. But that is also a matter of time.

“U……ku, Andy-san, you don’t need to refrain……now, please move as you like”
“Don’t overdo it?”
“Huhuu, it is a commemoration now at this time. The ceremony of the pledge of the oath that I became yours. Did you forget, master♪”
“……No no no”

For the sake of convenience, only Laila is a pet and you should not be in the position that you are kept.

“Or rather should I say really, that, emm……you’re calling yourself a female slave? Not a lover or a bride or at least a mistress?”
“Whatever you express yourself as other beings to others, that’s free, I’m not going to be a child to the extent that I don’t know what is called a social position”
“A, Ah”
“But my feelings, like the female dragon and Selenium, I want to be treated like a toilet, whether I´m hugged by you or when my clothes are torn as you desire. If you wish, in front of my parents or my brother, I will be willing to expose my crotch and willingly to be violated”
“I don’t want that!”

This time the neck is blown.

“I’m not a good person. ……But can you understand my heart?”
“What drives you there?”
“It is love”

Something’s different. I want to say it, but this self-confident aristocratic elf is a little unsure of myself that I’m not sure.

“A man who forced me for the first time from the bottom of my heart, without using any weapons, who succumbed me with his talent and words, if this man’s penis calls for my woman’s part, I can’t disobey it and I can’t forgive him that he has sex with another woman and I can’t respond to his desires”
“Your pride is also complicated and strange……”
“No, it’s easy, I want to be your biggest woman, that’s all”
“Nobody, other than me can be your most proud woman because you took away my heart for the first time. I am a cozy woman, I want to be the most acceptable sexual partner for you. In every sense I want to be your most important person, that’s all”

I’m very happy though. Pulling out my penis that went all the way in, I hug Aurora who has a little frustrating face from behind.

“Don’t you think that you submit with misunderstanding and are falling in love by a mistake?”
“…… I mean, it is definitely true, it’s cowardly thrusting my penis into you a couple of times as well. ……You have a lot of assumptions, so you’re probably pretty mistaken”

Gyamuuto. Aurora pulls my cheeks. And, Anzeros pulls from the opposite side at the same time.

“I have already noticed such a thing. Even so, I don’t have to help because I like you!”
“It is your bad habit to lose confidence compared to someone else, Andy. What was it at the time compared to 100-man commander Becker or General Lucas?”
“This is why I ask for a collar! It is because I was scared as soon as I was not suitable for you in the flap of confidence!”
“For you, you may be able to let go of me and Aurora, but it might be a light existence. For us, it is good enough to break the mess, because it doesn’t matter that you have been made to throw away other things, we want you to keep us, we want you to have confidence in your own things”
“That’s right! ……If you can change as much as possible, there can not be a world of tombs like unbelievable love! That’s what love is like! Please be conscious of it!”

My hands grasped from both are pulled.

“If you understand, please pierce me as soon as possible!”

Roughly, I´m pressed by butts. Anzeros and Aurora sandwiched my penis between their butts.

“… As you can see, I am vulnerable to temptation and flirtatious”
“And you’re a lady-killer with absolute love”
“We don’t know and understand if you can’t explain it”

It might be that I was mistaken. Doubting the enthusiasm of those two that it is not a genuine feeling just by riding the wave. I thought that they wanted a collar, I thought that they wanted the inscription of the owner, just a thorn. Both of them did not want me to think so it was going to escalate more and more.

“I am yours”
“I am your woman, you can hold me anytime, let’s make a baby, I’m a woman who wants it”

I accepted their words who chewed and included.

“If you’re tempted to say that, do you really want to be a mom?”
“Huhuu. Did you finally feel like that?”
“I won’t ask for such a thing in a joke from the beginning”

I pulled out my son from between the two hips and grab both hips with both hands, and began to perpetrating them alternately.

“T, Th, Thisss, at least, which one!”
“Haah, ku, uuu……you’re a greedy man!!”
“It’s bad to thrust out your hips forcefully and continuously! It’s going to move on!”
“Far from being aware……Oh, after all, what are you going to do! Do not feel good if you don’t do it carefully!”
“Huhu, that’s good too……I don’t mind that I use it in this way. Even in this form, I can make love!!”
“U, Uuuu…..I, I’m fine……Andy, you will get tired……!?”
“I am doing it because I love it! ……Damn, your butt is pretty bad!”

As it is, it is soppy there and buchubuchu here. These two muddy vaginas are made luxurious and are about to be tasted. Two lovely small-breasted elves, quietly stick their asses out and their long ears are hanging down in order.

“N, u, auu, ku, hiuu……”
“Andy, Andy……ejaculate, ejaculate……my stomach, pickled with your sperm!!”
“Ku, it’s about time……kuuaa!!”

Bururu, Buku, Bururuu!!

I ejaculated. As usual, the semen which was increased by Hilda-san’s magic fills Anzeros´s vagina, and while spreading it over two hips, I invaded Aurora´s vagina forcibly and fill up her womb.

“Nku, uu……gre, at……”
“Haaaa……hot, uu……”

Both of them seemed not to have reached the climax, but they were baptized with semen, filled satisfactorily to the back of the belly and smiled happily. And I fell down briskly.

“……Ah, Andy?”
“……Magic ends……”

I have no power in my left knee. I took a breath from the gap of two lovely buttocks meat while looking up at the semen which blown out according to my breath.


“Well. Good morning, Andy”
“……I’m sorry”

I was going to do it with Dianne for a while but eventually, I couldn’t make it during the effect time.

“Don’t apologize. ……I won’t rush. It is not a collar anniversary day for me separately. We can do it after your leg has healed”

She smiles and carefully lick my muddy penis. I am afraid that I can’t do a great job after healing.

“……N, Nchuu……I will……”
“Au……not good, I just released sperm and it is hard again now……”

The pleasure is too much and this little stimulation let my dick become erect. But Dianne eagerly licks and sweeps my dick, before she sucks and extracts the remaining juice from the core.

“How many times have you taken out in the morning already?”
“I don’t mind counting”
“Good grief. ……It is already a strange phenomenon that it won’t wither”
“Because everyone exposed their sexy bodies and Dianne licks it with such a lustful face”
“……Is that so? Am I lustful……”

I want to get through this already, but Dianne has nasty eyes that emerge as a passion for the desire to swing back and straddle. The tone alone is cool, but the body that I put on my lower body in a peaceful manner was getting hot as if it had suffered from a fever.

“……Well then I, too……?
“Of course”

Just one person, Dianne who never wanted a contract in form of a collar. To the end, she is a person who stands equal to me or keeps a position higher than me but loves me just for that. For this person, perhaps, it probably doesn’t need confirmation for the bond with me. Same as or greater than Selenium. I feel confident for the future, that presence is comfortable.

“You’ve been whining like Anzeros before, haven’t you”
“You don’t say that anymore?”
“Dianne……I can’t do without you anymore”

Think twice and never repeat, even if you realize it is a mistake. So on the contrary, I will try to say something a little confident. Dianne smiled while listening to it and being skewered by my son on her own.

“My cock is a source of energy”
“That’s right”
“It always seems happy to be mating”
“I am too happy”
“There is also a degree on the other side”

Dianne answers stubbornly to words that would otherwise be declined. There are times when that voice begins to shake, but it is a voice of a disgrace that I love her from the top to the bottom and it can not be helped anyhow.

“I can’t survive unless I’m ravished by your dick……I will be happy when I’m fucked……because I didn’t put it in here at all, it was like dry soil……!!”
“Since yesterday……your lower body is aching……!”
“Uhh……I’m being paid by Andy’s cock……I’m dancing for the rain to have your cock……I am blessed……come blessing, come on bless me like this……n, aaa……!”
“I will give it……I will give it now!”
“Come!! To my secret place, give me your blessed rain!”

Gucha, Gucha, selfish Dianne shakes her waist.

It is not a technique. It is only loved just for the moment. While shaking her love from the whole body, Dianne’s waist begins its overwhelming rain dance and I thrust my waist delicately in that intense pleasure and hurt Dianne´s inside.

“Nha, aaa!!!! Au, a, agaaa♪”

Diane’s vagina fills up in a blink of an eye in a while, while the lower abdomen gets stretched. It is filled with my sperm. Dianne gently strokes me while being pleased with teary eyes.


When Dianne squeezed her vaginal opening, white liquid leaked from between the hips and the labia as if it had a coarse phase. Even though it went out again and again. I understand the effect of magic, but this cheerful ejaculation is strangely painful. I and Dianne were connected and holding our breath before we laughed somehow without a reason.

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