Half elves fall in love chapter 29

Chapter 29: Secret Oasis Outdoor Sex [Jeanne Aurora]



On that day when we did a big uprising alternately in the workshop in the morning, the ecchi was already in a self-weight mood in the afternoon and evening.

“Although it will definitely come out many times if it is the magic of sperm hell, it isn’t a magic calling sperm from fundamentally outrageous places, it’s a magic to intensely boost the production of sperm…….uh, it isn’t good if you overdo it. Dehydration symptoms”

Hilda-san’s advice is working. Well there is no doubt that I’m missing a lot of moisture and nutrition. I thought that my head and limbs became heavier somewhat on the street.

And since Carlos-san´s green vegetables punishment is executed, it is irresistible.

“Come on, eat human! Now by all means! I don’t give you salt or dressing!”
“Please forgive it, older brother. Andy-kun has been trying so hard in the morning”
“What do you mean with working hard!? What kind of glossy thing did he do Hilda!!”
“Eh, that is……♪”
“Damn this rotten human! I will add spinach! Of course it wasnt boiled!!”

Hilda-san didnt do it on purpose, right. ……The mood is that of a caterpillar.


That’s why that day was a day off and the next morning. 100-man commander Becker who went somewhere yesterday showed up at the breakfast and said with a blurred face.

“Captain……I will temporarily return to Quika”
“Is that so”

Dianne nods as if she expected it.

“Say hello to my father”
“Understood. ……Haa”

He is more energetic than yesterday. ……No, I’m not bad, but I feel guilty a little.

“100-man commander Becker”
“Ah……Smithson. Your recklessness is truly enviable”
“Ha, haa”
“Damn it……what kind of thing……what are you doing, I…..there, discouraged without running away……but even then”

100-man commander Becker who continues impeachment society while poking a fruit at the breakfast. I wonder about Dianne. I wonder if it is Anzeros. Then, Laila claps her hands together with a slap.

“By the way you, I have something to pay in advance”
“A, Ah……uh, that is well, ……yes”
“What, you have a strange face. ……Here, you will be able to change it for money somehow”

With a snap a transparent ball is taken out of the void and Laila throw it towards 100-man commander Becker.

“……What’s this”
“It’s a hidden treasure like a dragon’s jewel. There is the story that it can be sold very highly in the human world”

If you have something of money, put it out from the beginning. I was watching from the side and I thought, I should give a voice that does not make me feel uncomfortable.

“……What are you doing with this dragon treasure?”
“There look, you ought to know one of those important illegal channels, aren’t you?”

……That reminds me that the treasure of a dragon was virtually a proof of intrusion into the Dragon Palace, so it was like a forbidden item.

“……I will have it as a proof to Minister Ashton once”
“Muu, maybe other hidden treasures are better? If you do your best then there may be things that you can get from excavated ruins”
By the way, is Laila’s financial resources treated as a treasure trouble of all dragons once? There seems to be a large amount of gold, but it seems tough to actually make money. ……Thinking about it, Carlos-san hurriedly came in from the side.

“Wai, WaiWaiWaitt!!? What are you guys doing here!?”
“What treasure?”
“It is a hidden treasure”

Laila and 100-man commander Becker make a strange face. Carlos-san swallowed his spit and dropped his voice.

“Well, I don’t want to say this to Dianne´s guests……the treasure of a dragon is the material for a prize? I’m also in the position of colony leader, so if you want to exchange such things in public if you have to move to arrest on the standpoint. It is not an atmosphere, but is this young lady an adventurer?”
“Ho. I’m called young lady”

Laila laughs with curiosity looking crazy. Then walk to the entrance to the courtyard and take off the robe that she is wearing. Hey don’t take your clothes off.

“I’m sorry to say that my name is Laila”

Sense that the brain is shaken for a moment. And a black dragon with a total length of over 50 meters appears with the dawn in the green courtyard.

“I´m Andy Smithson´s mount, Black dragon Laila”
“Hi, hiiii!?”

Carlos-san fell on his butt out of fear. That’s normal to get frightened.

“Don’t break the house”
“Don’t throw down the palm tree”

I and Dianne says so while striving to calm the trembling Carlos-san and the frightened maids down.

“I understand”

Laila lifts her wings and tail so that she doesn’t destroy the surroundings as obedient as possible.

“N, Noooooo!!”
“Die, will I be killedーー!!?”

Maids panic further. Oh, it certainly is invisible to the slightly menacing wind.

“……Transform back”
“That seems better”

Laila returns to a naked human form instantly.

“Particularly nothing is stolen, so don’t get cranky, older brother”

Laila who put on her robe laughs with a high-pitched voice. Carlos-san looks back to me while grasping his arms to suppress his trembling.

“What are you!? Are you a fake that looks to be weak or are you actually a overnight or something?”
“No, I’m really weak”

I’m getting sad to say this.

“But she is a dragon”
“What’s with and”

Even if it is said, it is not easy to explain.

“By the way, that Dragon’s jewel. Even if it was stolen, most dragons wouldn’t be angry”
“Is that so?”
“Umm……it’s kind of like gallstones. It can be in the belly of a dragon body for about ten years”

Shocking fact. …… I’m sure Boyd´s friend has been killed because of that.

“Ah, ah, ah, that said, I went into Laila-oneechan´s belly last year to get it! It was also polished!”
“Well, but no matter how we can cut it and use it as an arrowhead, we can’t imagine how to process it. Although there are a lot of dragons materials that have been used as decorative seeds, but it is not that important anymore”

Uwaa. A dream is broken.


I managed to convince Carlos-san somehow not to arrest us and that we will leave soon.

“Becker is going and we have to leave soon too”
“Isn’t it”

Talc is cozy (especially the bathing oasis), but we can’t stay here forever. I met Hilda-san, not for the H, but to head to Polka together.

“Laila, here is a map. To make a flight plan”

Dianne hands a map of the whole Celesta and Trot. Laila looked strange.

“You ought to fly by such intuition”
“Today the status of Trot is a vassal country of Celesta and we are foreigners, so in order not to be troubled afterwards, we must get to the royal city of Trot with Trots corps command”
“It’s troublesome”
“And even your wings will straddle the sun, and it would be better to take a lodging in a city somewhere than camping on the way. When you know the location of a town on the route, you can make your illusion by grasping the timing”

It surely feels like we’ve suddenly advanced properly. Dianne’s way of thinking was quite reasonable.

“With that Anzeros, Selenium, you will accompany me. We will buy more luggage for the trip”
“Yes, yes”

……Jeanne, Aurora and I are on the loose end.

“… Why”
“Do you want to drink alcohol?”
“Shall we go for sightseeing?”
“It is too soon”

Jeanne and Aurora who are unspoken in different meanings and I who can’t move his leg, when I think about it a lot, there are few things that we can do here.

“Well, well, well, let’s have a bath!”

Hilda-san, who came from the side is strangely partitioned.

“……I’m happy, but is it okay?”
“10-man captain…..is really lewd”

Aurora and Jeanne, make scornful eyes a bit. These two should have been in the indoor bathing area, but it seems that the fact that I and 100-man commander Becker looked at the other girls who bathed seems to have been leaked out.

“No, it’s a good custom here!”
“I don’t say that it is not good”
“Well because it is 10-man captain”
“……Well then, are we going to be blank until Dianne’s come back?”

Either way is okay.

“No, I will come bathing……in short, we don’t have anything to lose”
“So let’s start the battle”


And then. After all, Aurora, Jeanne and I came to the bathhouse. And Hilda-san.

“……It feels good”
“Ye, Yes”
There is no cloud, and the blue sky which exits. White sand and sparkling water. A palm tree swaying in a dry wind. A loose mountain range in the far south. And, the Russell Desert of the vast side in the north. A popular rocky mountain. In such an oasis, female ogres and dark elves continue bathing without worrying about public eyes, sometimes different species such as humans. The girls who are exposing a dignified nakedness are roughly local residents and almost all the races from other lands are men. It was a sight that was easy to understand. In a distant view.

N, Nhuu……its a bit of a thrill”
“Why don’t we go for a moment……”

Beside me, here are two different races, a female dwarf and elf that are mismatched in many ways. It is a little good that both of them are hiding their breasts. In the position of Aurora sitting back and back with me, Hilda graces the next of me. And Jeanne sitting on my knees. It might not be visible to the figure where a young child or a younger sister is put on the knee when seeing from distance. In fact, I have seen a ogre papa. But Jeanne was holding my penis tightly under the water.

“I’m sure it was forbidden to do ecchi things here, Hilda-san”
“Well, they’ll get angry when they find out”
“What is the penalty?”
“Well, I’ve never heard of any penalty. Physical contact other than ecchi things is okay and sometimes in the evening or something, a couple will really do it”
“……It’s broad-daylight right now……”
“It’s okay, I don’t think they will do anything as long as you have a baby face, so it’s fine♪”

Far away from childish face I’m totally perfect young. Still, Jeanne is trembling her small shoulder and turns her thin waist around and around and stimulates my son. Even if it is not so, the piston of Jeanne’s pussy is tight and it became a enough stimulation by a little movement though it is pear because the wave rises.

“It feels good……right……♪♪”
“Da, Danger……it’s coming out”
“Put it out without reservation……♪”

Tighten up tightly, Jeanne pulls my face over the shoulder and kisses me with pleasure.

While kissing, I ejaculated in Jeanne´s small vagina. Because Hilda-san´s sperm hell magic is still within the effect time, the lower abdomen is gradually expanding and I feel cold sweat as I saw it.

“Hey, hey……wouldn’t it be exposed……?”
“Huhu……it is wonderful…… my womb has been filled and I might get pregnant, everyone, all the female dark elves and ogres who are here will see it……♪”
“U, Uh”

Stroking her bulging lower abdomen, Jeanne repeatedly kisses me with a fascinating face that felt happy. It seems that she has already accept to expose her body as she is on the way to become a pervert.

“10-man captain……10-man captain, I’m pregnant now I’m pregnant, I’m pregnant, I’m pregnant by 10-man captain. 10-man captain how do I feel that I´m pregnant? I feel more swollen in my stomach……♪”

Behind my shoulders, Aurora is trembling her shoulders and is full of joy when she hears the happy broken erotic remarks of Jeanne.

“……I, It is unfair!”
“No, no, that, what?”
“Although she is younger than me……her chest, that dragon and Dianne are totally incompatible……on top of that, it’s not like we can do it here, just as much as I want!”
“What are you angry with?”

Aurora turns around, hugs my back, whispering at the ear with a rebellious voice.

“That dwarf girl is small and you can embrace her in this place, so my small chest may be held here too, right?”
“No, you are a adult physically! Because if you ride me, it will be ordinary!”
“If you’re my owner we can do something”

Aurora rubs the collar on her neck to show off her presence. I haven’t made the collars just for Aurora and Jeanne to show off. Certainly she is anxious that the excitement will accelerate when she is conscious of it and that Aurora may be impregnated in this place. Although no one is wearing clothes, as it is a scenery like a shrine in a erotic picture scroll, it may be said that the feelings are getting bigger.

“Hmm……do you really want to make a illusion?”
“Don’t stir up Hilda-san”
“Certainly, please do it Hilda-san.

The voice of my very reason and Aurora’s extravagant voice overlap.


Being dissatisfied with my opposing, Aurora clings to my neck tightly for several minutes. It is slightly painful.

“In fact, if it is true, it is okay to show it to other than Andy-san, so we are exposing our skins to the public. When Andy-san is giving the gap to other people here and there is neither original nor child, Andy-san it is my desire to be indulgent!”
“Roughly, moo, brinkmate”

Hilda-san laughs and giggles, before she shakes her finger

“Yes, designation of space illusion completed. Taking the opportunity, eii”

Hilda-san casts a spell to revive my leg as she strokes my knee.

“I appreciate it”
“Good. Cute benefactor☆”
“Now, please love me here. ……Huhu, if you wish, we can leave the illusion while having sex. This is a good place”
“You don’t have to be stuck in Laila’s pervert degree”
“You do not get bored”

I leave Jeanne who still cramps with her lower body to Hilda-san and stand up holding Aurora’s waist. I can’t believe that Klaves’s awesome Knight Princess wears a collar of my name and thus positively hates the public etiquette.

“Quickly……quickly, this me……please stop the menstruation that my lewd elf vagina has with your strong human dick. Master, please invade your most important new slave more and more as you like”
“……Im, I’m excited, so, you don’t have to imitate that masochist dragon okay?”
“Huhuhu, even though you let Selenium-san also say obnoxious things, so it is too sweet for me”

Aurora which presses her supple nude while the glittering sunrise light shines on her skin.

“I’m glad you are more thoroughly tailoring me to your sperm toilet…..♪”
“……Da, Damn it……this pervert elf”

Holding one foot, I insert my son in one stroke. Her genital who woke up completely to flashy sex in the past few days swallows my penis without difficulty. And, Aurora which shows it with her thin tongue and is thrilled is awfully cute and lovely. While having an underlying good upbringing to the end, the posture that she wants to be fucked by me with her whole body and soul for the love that is convinced once, she is still terribly happy and thinking about me. I critically stroked her tightened thighs, rubbing her small but beautiful butt without hesitation and ravish her without mercy in front of the public.

“N, a, ahu, nnn……iaaa……♪”
“U, guuu……kku, aa”
The movement of my waist that touches this fresh, young and big vagina catches to the brave and the hands which does not separate firmly from my shoulders conveys an inferiority to me at full throttle. The ears that fell down and the enchanted expression vividly expresses the euphoria that Aurora wants to be conceived. As it is, let’s proceed before ending it. Am I really going out from the illusion and ejaculated in her vagina and show it to all men and women of this place? Let’s boast to the ogres and dark elves the moment that this beautiful elf princess is happily pregnant with my child. Such a dangerous desire swirl around my head. ──No, it is useless. What am I thinking. What’s wrong? This girl is sure to be happy with the tide. ──To such meanness, do not surrender to the vile self-assertive desires. This girl wants to be dyed by me. What’s wrong with dyeing and not getting out?

“……It is okay, isn it?”
“I want you……you to be satisfied……I want to become the best girl……so, please ravish me as you like……please be proud of the best pussy slave you have……!!!”

For a moment the hands tilted at once. I thought strongly that she wanted to jump up my waist and get out of the illusion like this. However, pleasure reaches its peak just before that and my ejaculation starts.

“N, a, aaaa……!!!”

A lot of semen is released continuously again and again. Whether I will spill a drop or more, Aurora gets attached to me more strongly. Like Jeanne, her lower abdomen swells steadily.

“What are you guys doing?”


Aurora and I lifted our heads furiously. After all I was relieved that we didn’t leave the illusion, so I didn’t think that I would be calling out. The surprise that comes with the dawn where I got relieved for a moment is bad for my heart. When I look around and see it, there is a amazed and brown absurd naked body immediately beside me.

“……Since shopping was over, I heard from Laila that you´re here when I come back. ……My dear elder sister, why did you make a illusion that doesnt hide anything as dark elves can see it and only the ogres can’t see it as they cant use magic?

……I don’t know anything but it seems that it was really a exposed play?

“Wh, Wh, WhWhat……”
“Aurora, dont trust my older sister. You are a mischievous person, older sister”
“…What are you saying!”

Aurora shows a blushing blazing fire from her ears while leaving me alone. After all it is embarrassing when it comes to this. I´m a little relieved.

Change the place for a moment indeed.

“……This will be my last bath in Talc´s Oasis for a while. I am a little lonely”
“Do you think so, Dianne?”

For men like me it is a heaven, I wonder if this is goes for women as well. I wonder if Dianne is also a person who shows off and enjoys.

“Because it is lonesome to have a bathing bath and a bath hidden away from the outside, it is my opinion that the bathroom is a place where we can talk with real intention”
“……I see”

When Dianne comes into the bath, the newly appointed soldiers of the crossbow corps gets shrunk as a rule, trying to get out of time. There isn’t half a man with thick liver who can watch such a grenade of a woman from the beginning.
Apart from Dianne´s sex appeal, it is probably an action to try not to get involved with her because of her father.

“But there’s not much you can do with anyone in the bath. I don’t want to be alone”
“My father has a little bit of nasty eyes for his big daughter, as it is about that sexual father, I´m going to get pregnant by a rash time”
……Minister Ashton. What do you say to your children?

“Is he such a peerless idiot?”
“There were ten wives from a little over a thousand years old to 52 years old, and during this time he made 93 children”

He certainly is terrible.

“Dianne-chan, a girl who can bathe with her father without doubt even if it hits past”
“……I guess I am overly concerned about it”
“Andy-kun should not be lustful only to his own child, as trust and parent-child rape is a bit cowardly, as a power relationship”
“What kind of eyes do you guys stare at me?”


And evening.

“Well then did everyone get on?”

Laila in her dragon form speaks out. This time it is not the back. As it isn’t easy to fly long enough and to feel comfortably, we bought a car body of a big cargo carriage (it seems there was something that could be handled at Carlos-san’s business with Laila’s treasure), Laila grabbed everyone with both hands was supposed to fly in.

“Everyone is here”

Selenium waves her hands from the window. Beyond the coach was Carlos-san who was seeing us off.

“You can come back at any time, Dianne, Hilda. Especially Hilda, especially if you don’t come back before you are pregnant, Nii-chan will cry”
“Ehehe. I’m going♪”

Pakan, Hilda who closes the double doors. ……When we start flying, we definitely have to close it so that the wind doesn’t come in. Even if you dont close it in such a hurry.

“Lets go, Laila”

Dianne speaks from the side window, but Laila doesnt move. Dianne gave a little frown and called out to me.

“It looks like she wants you to issue an order”
“Hoho, whatever you want, my rider, please order me”

Altogether. ……But I respect it, as I am a little happy.

“Laila, fly!”
“Ho. Let’s go!!”

Flapping wings. In the evening sky, Laila´s wings echoes. ……Finally, the day to return to Trot again came.

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