Half elves fall in love chapter 43

Chapter 43: Confessions of love and group sex – part 2 【Hilda ・ Selenium ・ Apple】



“Andy-kun you are a sadist today☆”
“No, it is just that the pervert dwarf´s and pervert dragon’s hobby came first”
“Still it is”

Hilda-san swayed her hand and reacted “You don’t need to be shy”. No, really, I am not a sadist. I will defend myself that I´m not a person who does not care for anyone carelessly. But, looking at Jeanne, Laila, Dianne, who were pleasantly rolling over after such sex, Hilda-san is enchanted. Selenium and Apple are also thrilled by it.

“Andy-kun you liking such a thing isn’t bad……♪”

These people gathered together as well.

“Well, my confession is next?”

That’s not good. It is not a rough lovey-dovey thing to say that it is a scrumptious delusion and to admit one’s own pervertedness, before someone is fucked and rewarded with semen.

“Well, that, if possible, hand softly”

But I can’t completely deny what Hilda-san says what I am looking forward to. I can only laugh.

“Huhu……I guess you are just showing off your little penis, Andy-kun……as you have an erection from seeing boobs and butts, I´m in estrus……you know? That man’s hot tool always make my love juice flowing out……♪ Ah, I want to suck it, I want to be thrust in the front or back, being held in the hot spring all day, looking at the beautiful mountains, the snow scene is nice to talk about and I was always thinking how happy I would be if I let you ejaculate inside me, without ever losing you”

Doesn’t she completely forget that she is a married woman?

“You will surely be pleased if you try to do such a slow sex act with your husband”
“Oh well, we can make it in time even a hundred years later☆”
“Do you feel that your husband is cheating for a hundred years and has an affair?”
“Bu. My husband has left me alone for more than 10 years”

Her husband probably left because the night was fierce. I can’t say it is bad, but that’s probably the reason.

“Alright, elves are patient. Andy-kun, I wish you would tell me the real thrill of receiving your stout penis♪”
“At the same time, you can fill in plenty of your semen. It is absolutely true if you say that it is a child of Dianne. I think that my child and Dianne´s child will be similar”
“Please don’t say it so naturally”

This person is a doctor who really keeps life.

“Huhu. I’m kidding. As for both contraception and cancellation of contraception, both can be applied by Hilda-sensei, so Andy-kun, you can ejaculate in peace with confidence”
“……Please do not leave, please do not get anxious”
“If you do not say it, for example, it’s not bad when you changed your mind about having a child?”
“I don’t change. Seriously, my first child, a child with a married woman”
“Eh……get fired up”

She is useless! ……But Hilda looks a little lonely while she embraces me naked.

“……This is a little story about my real intention”
“I won’t be able to endure for another hundred years without a child?”
“Because I always wanted a child for a long time……I learned ecchi techniques……I understand now that overdoing is not good, but I really wanted a child”
“So, so……”
“Not my husband. I am talking about a child with Andy-kun now. ……I wish I could have Andy-kun’s child. If Andy-kun’s child can be raised with everyone……well, I’m sure I will be the happiest I have ever been in the last thirty years”

While rubbing her cheeks on my chest, Hilda-san mutters while looking at the distance, with cut-down eyes. In those eyes, there was something deep that I could not step on with a slight touch.

“One hundred years, two hundred years……if you live alone for three hundred years, elves who are patient by themselves will also think that they want to leave something behind, saying how long they can live. Even though it seems to be very enviable to grow generations, to cultivate those who are very strongly connected with ourselves, it makes me obliged to make someone happy. I think that childbirth is a wonderful thing”
“……That, maybe, I don’t quite understand it”
“I want to use this stomach for that kind of thing and if a child born from a wonderful person, I can be happy every time I see that child even after being raised by me alone. ……As it is even my sisters said that, I just got bred laying in. I look at you, and the fact is so painful”
“Ne. ……Your baby, do you also empower me, please tell me, happy being a nice child?”

That is no use. I understand that it is useless, but I get excited when I think that Hilda-san would be pregnant with my child so seriously. In the end.

“……Well, won’t you force the pregnancy by magic or something like that?”
“Yeah, I love you, Andy, okay, I do not have that kind of convenience☆ If I just boost sperm, I’m already doing it”
“……That’s right”

I kiss with Hilda-san while enjoying her soft, ripe brown skin on her whole body. When I insert my tongue, Hilda-san entangles it with her tongue as if she was waiting. Both her body and vagina are originally those of others. I can taste it, it is not good to use. It is not good to lay a child. But, I am tempted by her passion and seriously want to make her pregnant. My back felt chilly due to her sense of spirit. While kissing, I stroke her hair and tease her long ears. Hilda-san sucking my tongue looks pleasant and leaves herself to me. I massage her plump breasts and butt meat as much as I want. Hilda-san completely let me handle everything and as I taste the softness of her boobs, I insert my fingers in her lewd pussy that is thirsting for my sperm that will fertilize herself.

“♪♪ ……Mou, Andy-kun, if you already are……roughly♪ Please insert your thing soon……♪”
“Is it okay to put it in?”
“24 hours a day, 24 hours a day, if it is Andy you are welcomed anytime inside me♪”
“……Then I will fuck you seriously……”
“Wa, Andy-kun is a sadist♪♪”

I open her legs playfully and insert my son deeply into her moistened hole.

“N, a……aaaa♪”

Hilda-san hugged my head into her bosom pleasantly. Her vagina is a superb vagina that combines the best of both a female elf who retains the tolerance of an experienced married woman and youthfulness. I don’t get her strange techniques, but just entering inside, let me feel the impulse of ejaculation.

“Nku, u, aa……more, more deep……dont just screw my uterine mouth, also screw the inside! You´re seriously ravishing my precious place, Andy-kun my inside and release your sperm as I want to feel it deep inside♪”
“Uo, oo!!”

The reciprocating motion of anger. Hilda-san’s boobs shake strongly, her face that looks like a shaky expression looks badly obsessive and my limit come more easily than I expected.

“Ha, aaahh!!”

I thrust the glans heedfully into the uterus that tightens and ejaculate. Pouring my semen into her abdomen as Hilda-san wants.

“F, Full……inside my stomach, Andy-kun filled me up”
“……Uu, enviable……”

Looking at Hilda-san immersed in ecstasy, Dianne lowers her ears and makes a sad face.

“……Andy, if you feel like it, you can come and pour semen inside me again anytime……?”
“Dianne, sly. We are not done yet”

Selenium protests. I grasped Selenium´s boobs from behind and hugged her.

“I understand, I understand, I will do it properly”
“E, Ehee……please♪ We are also Andy-san´s slaves……♪”

Selenium strokes my muddy dick with a happy face. Come now, I’m doing my best.


Apple and Selenium embrace each other so that they can be fucked by me.

“……Child, gaa”

Apple was looking a bit far away.


Apple seems to be a bit tricky. I want to peep into her mind.

“……N, a little, content of a happy woman which Hilda-sensei said……I thought we didn’t think so much”
“Oh really?”
“We don’t know. if our parents are going to be happy”

Smiling smiles mixed with resignation

“My mother is no longer allowed to see my father when I was born, so I couldn’t get to my hometown……I was told why they didn’t like me”
“My mother was dead before I got to know anything in the first place”

Well, they don’t have a good impression of their parents at all.

“……I wonder if we can become happy even if we have children…….”

Both of them are solemn somewhat.


I pulled the collars that are wound around the neck of those two people a little.

“You guys make me happy! I have done it for 15 years and I don’t know if I run away”
“…… Andy-san”
“I don’t have anything great, so there is nothing to worry about getting in touch with a woman because my hometown is here, it’s a healing city that refuses even elves now! The residents of this city rarely die. If children are born, let’s do everything my father wanted me to do! All of you will be protected! I’ll never give up until you guys are too happy to give up!”

I push my penis between the two crotches while saying that it’s foolish like an oral promise from a child.

“Hoho, you said, Andy. ……It’s a great subject to use the power of a dragon”
“10-man captain, too handsome to say as usual……♪”
“If you say so, I will obey. ……No, I believed that to say so”
“Sensei too, isn’t it, Andy-kun?”
“It is good……I am too happy just now, my chest is burning……I forgot about you, I wonder if I can say such a happy thing……?”
“Naturally, just hugging you, I’m so happy that my reason will vanish!”

Moving back and forth in Selenium´s vagina. No, it may be Apple. I who pierces roughly frequently passes through the two vaginae and reinserts into the holes momentarily. I was waving very hard so that I might fuck the anal holes too. Selenium and Apple pant very happily though they have wild sex.

“A, Aaa……put it in, put it in Andy-san, inside me”
“Feeling good, great, ah…… Andy-san’s penis, sperm-covered cock…… the cock that seems to get me pregnant just by putting in, great……I love it! For the rest of my life, my pussy is exclusively for Andy-san. It’s Andy-san’s ejaculation hole! ”

Jupo. Jupo. And, two beautiful and glamorous half-elves fight for my penis. Surrounded by beautiful girls who want my penis makes me happy. ……I can make them happy so much though I am made happy in this way. I return. I could not return it to my father, but I will show them the happiness I received so far.

“Uo, oooo!!”

And I ejaculate.

“Hia, aaaa……♪”
“M, Me, Me too……a, aaa♪

Ejaculating, both vaginas have convulsions and I insert my dick in and out of the two vaginae as many times as they are, drawn out, poured and dirty.

“……Pre, pregnancy……I hope I can do it……♪”
“It would be great if we gave birth together……♪”

The two half-elves girls are euphoric and dream. In their distant eyes, there is no more sadness or so.


“……U, Uu……why, why am I, like this……?”
“H, Hey, Aurora……and Sir Bonaparte! Well, why do not they all wake up?”
“Ah, I’m sorry. I thought I’d get them up, but no matter how much I rocked the customers did not get up at all.”
“…………I’m sorry”
“Hyu……ehehe, Andy-san, you can’t do that, it’s not like this……”
“Wake up!”
“Ngungu. ……『Great ice floe』, fine, another one……”
“You have been drinking for hours, Maia!”

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