Half elves fall in love chapter 44

Chapter 44: Swordsman’s early morning training



Next morning. When I go out to the dining room while holding down my head which is slightly heavy with a hangover, everyone is supposed to be there, but only Selenium and Apple were here.

“Good morning……everyone what? Jeanne was in bed”

She was scared and came into my bed. I woke up because it was cold.

“Good morning. Everyone went to watch Anzeros how she trains with that man with the goggles”
“……I see. I want to see it too”

Even though he is almost retired, that old man is still a Sword Saint that is as strong as a current dragon and he has a very orthodox style for Anzeros as a person from Trot. How much difference is there, what is missing? It is a wonderful thing.

“Oh, then shall we go? They told me, that they will do it on a snowy field outside the town”
“Let’s go”

When I nod, Selenium and Apple hurriedly supported me by both sides……

“I can walk already”
“Th, that’s……”

I was treated like that because I couldn’t walk for a long time now.


When we walked outside for a while, I understood one thing.

“……I have a muscle ache after a long time……”
“Well, have you done anything?”

Selenium smiles bitterly to the surprised Apple. ……That’s right. When Apple awoke, I was already lame, so we only had gentle sex on my back. Didn’t she hear that I said muscle pain right away?

“It might be better to do marching training again”

I don’t think I would need marching training until coming here, but it may be necessary for nightlife. ……It’s actually just that there are many female slaves.

“Ah, but it may be that the muscles you use are different from walking, so you may rather have to practice on-site training”

Selenium says something I don’t understand somewhat by hitting her hands. What is on-site training?

“……Do you think you could just shake your hips toward the void?

I think that muscles used for sex can be trained with it, but I’m a poor person whatever you look.

“It’s not like that……that, rather than rehabilitating, use my body to cut some quota every day and have sex”
“Se, Selenium. ……Sneaky”

Is not it just a sex pickle instead of training? ……I thought it was nice for a moment, but it is bad, right?


And we go to the snowy field outside the town. The surroundings of the town are roughly meadows and in the early summer the shepherd brings a large number of sheep to the pastoral meal from the south, but otherwise, it has not been used particularly effectively, there is only just an ecological ground. There was an instant playground where snow was eliminated in a circle there.

“Ho, Andy. You came”

Laila who is standing calmly by just catching one penetrating head of the south. …… It is probably the work of heat haze to see the sunrise standing from the ground around the playground. Has she used a fireball or changed into a dragon and puffed one at a time?

“It’s just the end of the preparations, they will start practice from here”
“I don’t think it will be unreasonable, but I’m reassured that it’s okay with Polka if it isn’t instant death”

Dianne has made a spectator seat perfectly by laying out rather from where to bring it. Right, Maia was sitting on that side.

“Well then, please excuse me”

I also sit on top of it. I decided to watch the battle from there silently.

In the middle of the playground, Anzeros and Aurora had their swords ready. Sir Bonaparte has a sort of bent iron bar. The length is a bit longer than the sword of Anzeros but it is not a weapon that you see often. I wonder if it from Jackie and it is some failed work of agricultural tools.

“Do you not use the greatsword you have?”

Anzeros who frowns a little inquires, but Sir Bonaparte shrugs his shoulders.

“That is a bit heavy on the arm of this old man, a little bit, no matter how much I’m going to knock it down, I’m heading for a screwdriver”

“……Consideration, pain entered”

It was Anzeros who feels a bit unresponsive to outright troops, but I can’t imagine where this old man loses when he changes weapons.

“Well, let’s get started, you can come and attack me”

The old man set up the iron bar carelessly and said that to Anzeros and Aurora who set up their weapons quite seriously because they saw it.

“I won’t hold back”

And then. The appearance of Anzeros disappears, Aurora sticks out her long sword with a quick step. Sir Bonaparte defended against Aurora´s sword and at the same time, Anzeros who came around behind him instantly began to attack. ……It is an offensive attack like giving up all one’s thought to make a surprise attack from a blind spot. But.


The Iron bar remained on Aurora´s side, *Kakin* and the sword from behind was deflected. How Sir Bonaparte was defending against Anzeros´s sword with his fist. Anzeros isn’t using a practice sword, it is a real one and Sir Bonaparte doesn’t use a special trick either. He smashed the side of Anzeros´s sword with the back fist.


Anzeros is astonished. A fist is faster by the lighter part than a sword……it is an amateur idea. In addition to the shoulder and elbow sword accelerated by the wrist, power is faster than a fist at top speed. It is a feat not to match it with the blade, and to hit it from beside.

“Not yet!!”

However, Aurora continues to shoot a thrust. Sir Bonaparte accepts all of them. The momentary stunned Anzeros also recovers, assaults and moves her sword……and every attack has been deflected by the bare hand and the iron bar.

“You guys are good, but……you don’t get used to scratching the back”

Sir Bonaparte smiled bitterly while dealing with those two individuals in the form of spreading his arms.

“It would be better for you to study with a partner of more than the same class, swordsmanship will also be broken if your opponent’s skill is too high”

With his big body, he turns like a tornado. The iron bar equally hit the wrists of Anzeros and Aurora and instantly their swords fall down.

“It’s another dimension”
“He isn’t going to hurt them”

Dianne sighs.

“Not yet!”

While losing her sword, Anzeros makes a turn with her whole body and shoots her hands into the air. A shock wave occurs.

“Hou, shockwave!”

As expected, if you eat this from the front, you won’t still be standing Sir Bonaparte. Stan, step by step it becomes bigger, but the old man dodges. There, Anzeros fakes again to make a shockwave……and picks up her sword leaving an illusion which is attacking. It’s a repartition.

“Indeed, it is ants to use magic together……seii!”

Aurora who also picked up her sword makes a big slash with her sword to the nearby snow wall with both hands. The snow wall gouged off, and that snow……becomes incompetent sharp bullets and attacks Sir Bonaparte.

“Oh, truly an elf!”

The old man seems to be happy a little, avoiding the attacks and counter-attacks to the left and right.

“But it’s best to rely on jumps at the minimum limit!”

Sir Bonaparte knocked off the snow bullet that was skipped successively with his thin iron bar. Blowing off Aurora whose position is not in place with a shockwave from his empty hand.

“Because it is necessary to aim at jumps, it is difficult to strike without stopping the legs! Don’t use it in short range! If you use cross range or long range, you do not have to aim and are in a counterattack distance!”

He tried to blow away Anzeros in the same way, but Anzeros who did a temporal thing with a momentary illusion shoots it sparingly. Even it is child’s play to Sir Bonaparte.

“And……a shockwave is more like this!!”

The old man made a full swing with his iron bar before lifting it up. Dong!! An explosive sound and a super oversized shockwave were born and Anzeros and a nearby snow wall……involve snowfields or something like a large fountain of several tens of meters in height. It can’t be said that the range of such effects can be changed. …… It is too much deterred.


Anzeros flies high up into the blue sky. ……She is quite small. Perhaps I’m sorry if she falls.

“She will be unhappy!”

Dianne who struck her tongue out jumps up. Laila instantly turns into a dragon and flies up to the falling point of Anzeros. Just as Laila catches Dianne who caught Anzeros in the air, she became a form to catch them with arms.

“Old man, going easy on someone……”
“Hahaha, because that little girl is more sticky than I thought, power has entered involuntarily. She has a good underlay and mental power, she can become a Great Sword Saint”

It is not jeopardy. Well, for a moment, is not it caused to injure directly?

After that, technical guidance time where they exchange technical moves.

“I’d like to learn that shockwave……you did it by thrusting in a stroke”
“It’s a shockwave, it’s a matter of necessity a top speed and timing to put in a spirit……well I guess it’s going to get stuck in your swing speed. First of all, let’s try with a sword. You´re going to break the chain at one point in space”
“……That’s what it was!!”
“You concentrate more in a moment……if you use the wrist properly, preferably a twist of the lower body also adds to the speed……the swing is a little bent, it will only be delayed when it is curved”
“Ye, Yes…I understand!”

Aurora swings many times. However, a shockwave doesn’t appear at all.

“The yell isn’t enough yet”

Anzeros who is sopping wet (wrapped in snow melted by the impact in the air) says.

“Well, if you only have the speed of the tip, you can use extremely light objects, a shockwave is complete with fighting here”

Sir Bonaparte nodded.

“Ye, Yell……to, too! Haaaa!!”

Aurora who works hard puts her spirit into it. It hasn’t come out yet.

“It, it is strange……my brother wasn’t so fired up like that……”
“……Well, how did Lucas do such a shockwave?”
“Is something strange?”
“There were only two tables from 5 meters away”
“……I can imagine how he has done it, is not it a special sword with an engraved piece?”
“No, my older brother could do it with a ruler”

All of them twisted their heads. …… General Lucas is still kind of a genius. But there is no single ball.l.

“If you need to yell”

Selenium smiled a little and whispered to me.

“Is not it nice, you can try it?”

Aurora is still working hard with the sword. While watching that serious face that has a little bit of trouble. I wonder if she will get angry later. ……Whatever.

“Hey, Aurora!”
“……Ah, Andy-san, could I concentrate a little bit……?”
“Listen while swinging your sword”

I breathe in a while.

“If you succeed, I will cum five times for you!”

Aurora became bright red in a blur.

“Wh, What……!?”
“Here, show me!”

Sir Bonaparte and Anzeros. And while swinging the sword as told, it seems that Aurora´s thought was overheated while acting tremblingly. A shockwave was put out. Towards us.


We are blown away.

“I thought she’d do it”
“Ho. Maia, good job”

With agility, Maia with me, Laila with Apple and Dianne with Hilda-san is landing. Selenium lands beautifully on her own.

“I, I did it……”
“……Aurora, aren’t your disturbed feelings a little too strong?”

Amazing Anzeros. ……What you said, I agree.


Before lunch, we go to the hot spring with Anzeros who seems to catch a cold as it is. ……Of course, nobody accompanied me today, only I and the old man are in the hot water.

“What is Andy, don’t you come with Hilda-san today?”
“Return the breasts! Show the boobs!”
“Noisy people”

Johnny and Keel are booing. ……These guys seem to have come to look at Hilda-san as they heard from someone that we came in the morning always. Do your job.

“Well, wait for young people”

The baron appears while stroking his beard. Is this person also?

“Baron! I´m furiously despaired now!”
“When I thought that there were boobs, I despaired as only that old man and Andy are here!”

Listening to the two protests, the baron nods as a gesture of treating with one hand.

“Me too”

This person is useless.

“But, youngster. We men should make some effort. Now, rather than lament that there is none in front of our eyes, we should try our best to find some by using that time. So, I think”
“Truly the baron says a good thing”
“OK, follow me if you want”

The baron disappears into the changing room with a towel around his waist. Cool in vain.

“Okay, let’s go, Keel”

Keel and Johnny also disappear in the changing room. ……When I went to see what it was, the floor of the changing room was open.

“Basement room!?”
“It’s an underground passageway”

I and the old man look into each other’s face.

As we entered, the water in the hot spring was flowing inside and it was warm despite midwinter.

“Baron, this is”

The baron laughed grinning in the light of the lantern.

“I referred to as a flood control construction……flowing water of the hot spring to the river below, but one road was dug for the dreams of us men”

As we proceed we come to some stone steps. We climb it for a while and get out to the rocks.. ……There was a rocky mountain overlooking the female hot water.

“Remember on your way home, don’t use this road”


Keel and Johnny who stretch the spine only at such a timely reply like soldiers. I and the old man are probably having similar faces. ……Why are these people able to do such big construction just for peeping?


“Ooo, incredible……it’s a big catch today……”
“Wait a moment……isn’t that the wife of the baron over there?”
“Huhuhu, I guess she is still beautiful”

Bragging baron. Is it okay to have your wife be seen by young people?

“……Jessica is also there”
“Wa, Wa, don’t look, she is my wife!”

Johnny panicked. This is an ordinary reaction.

“Well then don’t look at my girls……”

『Don’t call them yours』

I was going to make a legitimate request but it was dismissed very much.

“U, Umm. But……all women in this town are wonderful, Sir Gut”
“HouHou. The appearance that Sir Bonaparte also reacts to the naked body of Polka ´s girls”
“……Umm. At this age, I’m going to wake up to a new hobby”
“Don’t wake up, don’t wake up!”

The old man who said that is surely dull as he has an erection. And moreover,

“But……well, Andy’s accompaniment is exceptional”
“Hey, Andy. How did you collect only such beauties? And what are you going to do with them?”
“Andy-san is really popular with beautiful people, Celesta must be such a good place……gulping”
“No, those people are worthy of being from Celesta”
“Bragging! Damn it, bragging!”

I´m caught by Keel. Then, the movement of the female water stopped suddenly for some reason.

“Ah, don’t panic Sir Bonaparte! This position cannot be found as long as you don’t rise up! Keel, do not make too much noise”
“Y, Yes”

Keel shrinks. I heard a laugh and a giggle from behind.

“Hohoho. You forgot that I and Dianne are here and thought 『Won’t be found out』”

Chibi Laila was sitting on the rock. Naked is a perfect image, but looking at it, the Polka people stink out unexpectedly. Lower body. That’s right. Dianne’s repertoire had sensuous enchantment magic enough to see exactly the vital point of a monster a 1 km away. Besides, Laila’s perceptual power is literally bloody.

“Bombardment, start♪”

Chibi Laila snaps with her finger. And a snowball comes flying.


Looking down, the women have snowballs while giggling, Anzeros and Aurora are swinging their hands to throw under the direction of Dianne. At the same time, the main body of Laila was also laughing with a burst of laughter.

“U, Uwa, this size is the risk!”
“Hohoho, it’s bad to peep to take sneak peek♪”

It won’t be a fatal injury because it is snow, but it is rather dangerous if you are hit because it is heavy……. I thought that the snow or ice balls flying over and hit the rock with Chibi Laila on it, but they scatter and make a disturbing sound.


……Looking at, everyone’s madness caught me, Maia was secretly throwing out an ice ball from the sky and under the crotch with both hands. Is it the same as Laila’s fireball?

“……That’s really serious, run away!”

As I say, the other four run away with a dash.


Chibi Laila riding on my shoulder laughs and an echo can be heard from the hill back of the female hot spring. ……Ah, but this peace is Polka.

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