Half elves fall in love chapter 45

Chapter 45: Late confession of love – part 1 [Aurora]



It was in the evening.


I am pleased that I could move my leg and after walking about 4 rounds around the town like a dog, after returning to the inn, Anzeros and Aurora are approaching with a serious face.

“We need to talk”
“Y, Yes”

Both of them seemed to have had sword practice in the afternoon, as each of them had a sword and a slightly tired face. Old man Bonaparte was seen at the steamed bun shop or clothes shop on the way of my walk, so it was probably that only those two were practicing. So when it comes to talking to me……I guess it is that after all? Sword relationship. They want to practice more seriously, so they want me to tell a nice place. ……I think it would be better to rely on Selenium or the baron because I forget half of the geography.


Anzeros inhaled briefly.

“You seemed to have had a lot of sex with everyone yesterday, but we were the only outcasts!”
“……Ah, well that”

It didn’t matter at all.

“It is unfair! First of all, didn’t you say that you will ravish us night and day and will release a lot of your semen into us”
“No, I do not think that I said that”
“Yeah, it’s getting somewhat worse than when I heard it before”

As I and Anzeros said so calmly, Aurora got a little red and coughs.

“Cough. ……There is something confusing with the requests”


“Well, I guess that’s fine”
“About that, there’s more to it than that, Anzeros”
“……E, emmm, that’s right……no matter how much female slave you say you have it’s hard to put down the time of three meals and a bath”
“I don’t remember having done such 24-hour durable sex or such”
“……Well, if you are persistently persistent it will only be troubled by society, not that much”

It is almost unlimited.

“The talk diverted.”
“Y, Yes. The problem isn’t there. ……That’s right, it’s strange to say calmly, that we get out of that situation”
“Well, that’s why”

Aurora and Anzeros who said so, hold my shoulders from behind with both hands.

“Fairness Fairness♪ If you make an excuse, we don’t even get angry even if you do ecchi things with everyone~♪] “Hi, Hilda-san!?”
“Th, That’s not the way to say that”

From Hilda-san’s ass, I feel like I can see something like a tail. No, it is something demonic rather than a beast.

“But, yesterday was a special situation, right Dianne-chan?”
“Ye, Yes. ……It certainly was special”

Dianne nods. Since when.

“What the hell. Was everyone fucked in the assholes……”
“Yeah yeah, Aurora-chan and Anze-chan don’t run to a fast delusion! ……Emm. It was a rule that you are not having sex unless you confess how confident yourself are and how much you want to be fucked by Andy-kun♪”
“No, no, I am innocent!”

I felt it was mostly Jeanne and Laila who made it to that rule though!?

“So. If you say fairness, you must accept the same rule as everyone?”

Hilda-san laughs gruesome.


My room in the inn. I brought a chair from the outside and put it around the bed and Hilda-san is laughing with Selenium and Apple. Also Dianne and Jeanne. And Anzeros and Aurora sitting on the bed. And me.

“Yes, it’s okay. Let’s do it, let’s do it!”
“You want a scone? I baked it with the baron’s wife, during the day”
“Uu, tasty……Selenium, how to make this……”
“Yes, Yes I will teach you. Why do you look so sad, when it’s delicious?”
“I also want to do it”
“Uumu……Because it’s about my older sister, I thought that it would definitely be mixed up”
“Just mixing isn’t upheaval♪ Ah, good taste”

Uwaa. There was nothing in the atmosphere though.

“……Th, that is, why not do it in another place?”

When Anzeros asks with a smile, Hilda-san makes an x-mark with her hands.

“No. Everyone was embarrassed and confessed while being asked by other children. If you don’t want to be fair, Andy will attack us right now”
“……That, yesterday I haven’t received a vaginal cum shot, so it’s kind of tough, but may I join?”
“Hey hey, Dianne-chan halfway to be turned on, you will be confused as you don’t separate from him if you get it”
“E, Emm, Andy-san, you have promised me five ejaculations, so please do it!”
“I, if I suddenly release so much so suddenly, it won’t be good for me to do it in a row!”
“……It’s okay for me”

I´m super disappointed. I would like her to cooperate in making the atmosphere at least comfortable as possible or making the lights smaller, only a little. ……Hilda-san is playing to embarrass Anzeros on purpose.

“Oh yeah, whichever is okay. But first I confess my lust, right? ”
“…..H, How do I do it”
“Even if asked to me”
“I will do it at my own discretion. 10-man captains erection will win”
“Please do your best, Andy-san”

Everyone has a feeling of help at the last minute. Hilda-san’s unusual habit has shifted.


Two people are staring at me somehow. Although both of them are beautiful, they do not feel bad in themselves being watched, but I wonder if they will push me down, for the time being, they show me a melancholic atmosphere. I guess these guys are saying that it is okay to always do it, once the atmosphere is made or not pushed down, the mode switch that provokes with erotic words does not enter. Now that everyone interferes with making the atmosphere, are they asking me to take the lead? No, everyone is in trouble even if they do not have to watch day and night like Laila and Hilda.


Just staring at me for the time, two people try to make me move first.

“Don’t forgive them until they confess with naughty words, Andy-kun♪”
“That’s right, Fairness Fairness♪”

Spectators heckle irresponsibility. ……Uwaa, I mean, do you have to endure until the morning with very awkward silence?

“……U, U, Understood! I will accept this game!”

At last, Aurora began to see it as a fight. Is it a game against Anzeros or a game against herself? Anyway, Aurora is strong when assuming that it pulls here.

“Y, Yes”

Once Aurora got momentum, as she got bright red, she began to confess, scratching her cheeks.

“Th, that……I want to be fucked……that way, I’m getting wet”
“Hu, Huuh”

She just let it flow a little bit. Aurora has teary eyes. ……Well, please understand. Certainly now, for a moment, I forgave her and do it in a safe way and I had to think that it would be better to catch the hardness of the dick while touching the body. But if I do that, something scary comes from Hilda-san’s grin. As a penalty, the atmosphere is likely to be a new prank or put magic that cannot be ejaculated by any means to the verge.

“Hey Hey Aurora-chan continue to keep on”
“In that way, the child will not get rid of it!”

Hilda and Selenium are absolutely enjoying themselves. Chewing her own lips and bit into it with shame. Aurora fills her chest with further determination.

“I, I understand, more wistfully, I should press on vulgar”
“Yes Yes”
“I don’t know♪”

Originally Aurora is a princess. If she has sex with her partner, she can become surprisingly horny, but how much can she do alone without even that?


While shivering with a tremble, she makes a bewitching smile to the utmost, before she removes the button of her clothes and Aurora. embraces me.

“……Em, Embrace me……violate, please rape me……m, my vagina……wants to have Andy-san´s penis inevitably……Andy-san´s semen shall fill up my vagina, I want to drain……♪”

In the circle of view, Aurora who came to make air by just one person has a red face. Aurora inviting me by using the waist she twisted by herself while crying to my reactionless. Even if I say anything, it is a scene that you can see that there are still more girls than usual without the air and momentum around us. Still desperately wanting to be held by me, deceiving her own pride desperately, this princess whispers obscene words with everyone in the vicinity……I erected without a doubt. Yup. ……It’s okay, is not it?


I jump to Aurora. Pushing her down. My snort, my reaction, finally Aurora greeted me with a full smile.

“Andy, sann……♪”
“I will ravish……I will ravish you and release five times as it is, in this sluty elf girl!”
“Y, Yes……I am Andy-san’s slave and a semen toilet elven princess……full of lewdness and lust, your prisoner……♪”
“You said well, I will smash my penis into you to your heart’s content!”

I remove Aurora´s skirt and underwear as her whole body gets hot and thrust my penis inside her pussy while touching the exposed butt thoroughly. Aurora ‘s youthful, straightforward, tightening vagina delightfully touches my penis and ties down.

“A, aaaa……Andy-san is so deep inside me…….♪”
“I won’t hold back”
“Do it……you can wear out my pussy……Andy-san, I love you a lot…….drown me with your sperm! I’m a slave to your dick and I´m trained by your smell to the marrow of my soul!”
“Ah, this cock slave, meat toilet, slut hole, masturbation tool! You´re still a girl and are completely addicted to my cock! An obscene princess like you must not return in front of the fief, it won’t be good for the world if I don’t keep you only for myself for a long time, this hentai Ace Knight! You´re better suited to hold a cock than to swing a sword, with that erotic thrusting!”
“Aaa……♪ Ah, Andy-san, amazing……more than ever, cruel remarks……fantastic♪”

……Oops. My devil mode from yesterday has gone out as it is by condition reflection.

“……A, Ah, it seems that a little enlightenment is required for saying that it’s pretty good……”
“What, mou, Apple-chan, you’re addicted to it, right?”

The spectators break the atmosphere subtly. When I begin to violate her once, it gets on and Aurora starts pouring out obscene words fast while shaking her waist.

“Haa, Haa……Andy-san, train me more……please let me know the position of a cheeky aristocrat elven toilet bowl!”
“A hole of receiving my semen is this hole, your mouth, and your ass, too! As long as this collar is on you, you live only for my cock! If you beg again on your own, I will grab you by your throat and destroy your mouth!”
“Haaaaa……♪ Ah, Andy-san……I am sorry……it’s sweet just by thinking……please forgive me for being a nympho, please use me forever……♪”
“You said it yourself, you will do anything forever and you will be a hole for my penis until you die, you erotic elf!”

Aurora began to tremble with a relaxed mouth and enjoys my ejaculation. Her belly bulges, but she doesn’t care. It is a promise of five times without pulling out.

“Hi, guuu……pa, painful……♪”

The sperm is overflowing and it spurts every time that it pokes. It surely flowed into the uterus in large quantities. Still, I will continue ravishing her. Because Aurora hopes for it and is happy to be able to keep being ravished indeed because she doesn’t try to release her hands hanging around my neck with a sexy face.

“I, I, It was nice to be born as an elf……♪”
“Because……it’s Andy-san’s favorite race……Andy-san’s got to be a grandpa, I will always remain young to be lustful to you……♪ For as long as it has been for decades, in this way I will continue to be knocked down to the bottom of happiness……such a wonderful thing, absolutely♪”

Wrong. Something absolutely wrong is the happiness bottom. ……But before I tsukkomi, I also ejaculate deep inside the womb.

“Hia, aaaa……♪”

To Aurora who is crazy and stunned, probably it makes no sense. ……So I continue with my waist movement. Still three more times.

“U, Uuu……Andy……”

Somehow Anzeros had put out a voice from her nose. All right. Even yesterday I came six times. I won’t run out of bullets. Probably.


“Hoho, Are you interested Maia”
“!! La, Laila-sama”
“You don’t need to peep if you want to enter. Hilda willingly prepared a chair.”
“……I, I don’t know”
“……Wh, What, doing, that……that elf, why does she get so tired while intertwining with a human?”
“……Good grief. Don’t you know about mating? You’re a young dragon”
“I don’t know. I know I can have children when mating, but I don’t know how to do it yet”
“That, mating……is it?”
“Hohoho, this is interesting”

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