Half elves fall in love chapter 5

Chapter 5: Who are you? [Dianne]



100-man commander……No, Dianne-san moved her hand to my body as soon as she leaned on me.

“……N, yatto.”
Holding me tightly with a light cheer, my body suddenly had a strange feeling. I didn’t feel like I was pushed or pulled. I was pulled out from the hot spring and floated slightly, ignoring gravity. Dianne-san rotated me sideways in the air. And 100-man commander´s long feet arrived in the washing space and I was swayed around while being hugged.

“Na, Naa.”
“It will be bad if the bath water becomes dirty and it’s also inconvenient if my nasty juice is mixed inside while trying to do it in the bath.”
“Ar, Are you really motivated!?”
“Did you think that I was joking, how sad.”
“No, normally……nguu!”
Just before the rotation settled, Dianne-san bended her knees and I felt like being thrown into the washroom. And till the end, Dianne-san took the mount in a natural way without releasing her arms from me and putting her lips on mine.

“N……h, huhu, It is sweet. Ah, it’s been a while since I’ve been throbbing to expose my skin to a man.”
“Steel yourself, Andy Smithson. You made me serious, so this is your punishment.”
“Well, what kind of logic is that?”
“Give up thinking and let’s have sex like dogs.”
“Hei! I´m being violated!”

I tried to pass it as a joke, unwilling to give up, while Dianne-san completely disregarded it and didn’t let me go.

“Good boy. You know what, I won’t lose. Leave it to me.”
I gave up and relaxed, which is seen by Dianne wh released her arms which were hugging me. She left a kiss on my cheek with a shy face and she slid down to my lower body.

“It’s energetic. ……I’m used to it, but I feel deeply grateful that this will pierce me.”
She sighs while stroking my aroused penis. And in the end, she tightly caught it in her rich chest.

“U, waa.”
I raised a surprised voice unintentionally to the sudden event. Seeing my reaction, Dianne-san had a nasty smile.

“It is a surprise for someone like you who likes breasts……didn’t you let your female slave do it?”
“……Ye, Yes I exclusively rub them.”
“Is that so. Then your titty fuck virginity is mine. I´m leading with one point.”
What. Before long, Dianne-san begins to rub my dick with her chest. Hunyu hunyu, soft and wavy breasts try to pinch my dick little by little.

“N……huhu, you don’t look really honest. How about this?”
This time, the upper body is sliding and it is made to reciprocate between her breast by a long stroke. Comfortable. Dianne-san’s body doesn’t seem to be 200 years old (though it is natural because she is an elf), it is fresh and her waist which is different from her great breasts stimulates my most vulgar organ.

“N……Hey hey, what are you enduring for.”
“Ku……ga, endurance.”
“I’m wondering a lot since a while ago. You want to release it, don’t you? You can ejaculate on my chest anytime, so don’t hold back.”
“U, U, uuu……!”
A faint sense of guilt. An overwhelming feeling of elation. That 100-man-commander Dianne-san is serving me. She is tempting me like a prostitute. My penis is releasing pre-cum only by that fact. If the actual pleasure is combined, I’m not sure if I can endure for so long.

“U, huuuu!”

Bukku! Bukku! Bukku!!
In the end, I exploded my sexual desire among Dianne-san’s breasts.

“O, Ooo……haha, is this an ejaculation……?”
“Deiaaawa, san……”
“……I saw many men who masturbate when seeing my body, but when I try to take themselves like this……huhu, they are too wasteful. You should be pleased when you take a bath with a woman.”
With a flushed face and uplifting eyes, Dianne-san murmured. From her words, something feels uncomfortable……but with my misty consciousness because of the aftereffect of the titty fuck and the bath, it wasn’t a settled doubt.

“……It is said that it will wither once you cummed. As expected from Smithson.”
And the hardness of my dick came back after a moment. Recently, I noticed that my energy is quite strong. Although I was out of strength when I ejaculated three times a day before, I now have room after having sex with Selenium day after day. The stamina of moving empties faster than the energy of my dick getting tired. I don’t think that I’m just a soldier now, because of Selenium and now Dianne-san.

“Really dependable.”
I seem to be popular.

“……Well then, shall we do the real thing now?”
“Are we really going to have sex?”
“Don’t make me say it again and again.”
Dianne-san straddles over my lap. She spreads her vagina to place it on my penis which recovered after ejaculating. The inside is a beautiful pink that impresses me and fuels my son further.

Dianne-san who stopped temporarily at the point of contact motivated herself. The sense of incompatibility earlier let me realize something. No way. No way.
“……Could it be, Dianne-san, is this your first time……?”
Dianne-san suddenly stopped.

“Is, is it bad!?”
“Bu, but, you have abruptly done a titty fuck!?”
“Sh, Shut up! If you are two hundred years old, your ears will grow!”
Dianne-san is getting red and angry. Somehow or another, I understand. I was wondering if there was such a good story.

“……Re, Really?”


I thought maybe this person was ashamed of being a virgin. I’m just a good first-time partner, I mean, a toy. I was quite disappointed. I can’t tell people. Even though I used Selenium as a toy. Dianne-san……No, I wanted to think that 100-man commander was a more pure and virtuous person.

“That, is that so?”
“……What’s the matter, Smithson?”
It seems that the 100-man commander was worried about me who got depressed like water suddenly. She doesn’t want me to have such a face. She has no qualification to do so. Despair went out of my mouth.

“If so please…… please say it.”
“What are you talking about?”
“I…… I´m just a toy for the 100-man commander, right?”
“What……what do you mean?”
“Just wanting to experience sex, if that’s what it is…..I don’t need a superb logical reason. I’m just a normal lecher. This dark elf´s temper, somehow, I don’t want you to……”
While I argued vehemently, did 100-man commander control herself not to cry?

“You think that I am such a woman.”
Her eyes were serious and were too pure. I realized that I made a terrible misunderstanding. I noticed that I have said something terrible.

“How can you believe that?”
“100-man commander.”
“Why don’t you call me Dianne? Do you believe that I´m serious about being your wife?”
“Of course, if you say I shall give birth, I will yield. If you say I only shall think about you, I will quit the military right now. How can you understand how I have been thinking for 10 years?”
Crying, she appealed in a trembling voice. But I’m a coward, a small citizen, a helpless human. I´m not someone who can believe such a thing. I cannot help doubting it. I only have to understand that fact.

“I’m just a tiny human being that is as tall as Selenium. Just because I made a sword for free, I don’t think that it’s a nice story to be liked by someone like the 100-man commander. I don’t think that’s a reason for receiving your heart and body”
“You can still convince me that I’m chosen to be a toy to let you throw away your virginity. I am such a small person. I apologize for letting you down, but I……I´m just a human.”
The 100-man commander nodded quietly. She released her hand that was holding my excellent thing, and I was raised in her arms. She started to whisper with gentle eyes.

“Wrong. Yes, you’re a human. However, you aren’t able to understand us.”
“Yes, I´m sorry.”
“No, it’s fine. ……I’m sorry too, to put all the fault on you. I was overwhelmed by the general consideration of dark elves. I’m myself. Even though the customs and the tribes were unrelated to it, I felt like I could explain them all.”
“100-man commander.”
“Let’s be honest. ……I’ve loved you ever since you came to the corps. It was only by chance, but I was glad that you were the boy who made my beloved sword. I love you. I love your weakness, kindness, honesty, and bravery. I misunderstood it with tribal customs. I’m sorry.”

A serious confession that had been changed since the pretense of the past. She was the same as the selfless Selenium, she told me her naked feelings at the risk of her life. When I heard this, I can’t misunderstand that she is a foolish woman.

“I don’t want you to be taken away by that girl. I don’t want to lose you. So please embrace me first of all, give me a chance to make an effort as your woman.”
“……I understand. Dianne-san, I, ……I want to have sex with Dianne-san.”
“Ravish me.”
And this time we embraced ardently, got entangled with each other and fell down.

I grabbed Dianne’s butt and tried to spread it with both hands. Her genital which was secretly releasing love nectar at the moment of spreading wriggled as if it desired a man which looked unlikely for a virgin.

“……I will enter.”

Listening to Dianne’s reply without any hesitation, I buried my dick inside her hot vagina.

“N……ku, uu!”
I trembled. Even though the glans had not yet entered, Dianne´s vagina that was trying to swallow greedily was outstanding. Even if I don’t push inside, when I just do this, I will ejaculate in a few minutes.

A black, supple, beast-like thing. Dianne’s virginity was penetrated by brute force gradually. She forced herself to awake her woman´s function after a long long sleep. Just for me to taste.

“Ha, a……Smithson……No, Andy……you, me……enter……enter inside!!!”
“Enter……I will break in!!”
Buuuu, I feel it. A stiff spine. Swaying breasts.

I forcibly advanced through the tense vagina.

“Ou, ch……it hurts!!!”
“……Ah, I entered…… I went deep inside!”
I finally buried myself in this light brown body that I longed for. I was too excited about that.


Byukuu!! Byu, Byuu!!

Insensible. I have shot my semen into Dianne-san´s womb though I haven’t even done a round trip. No matter how you look at it, it was too fast. To my great austerity, I lost my words.

“Ba, Bakaa……suddenly putting it out……”
“So, Sorry”
“……Were you too excited……?”
Looking at her, Dianne-san was really smiling happily.

“Haaa……I saw it in my dreams……Smithson´s, Andy´s child……♪♪”
“Is, Is that so?”
“……Yeah, that’s it. I love this feeling……♪”
I’m sure she hasn’t issued any pain yet. As evidence, Dianne-san’s vagina is completely out of power. And yet she looks like a happy woman while stroking her belly. It was such a spectacle that I was really sorry that I doubted her feelings even a little.

A few days after that, Dianne-san and I haven’t changed anything on the surface. Originally Dianne-san is busy, and I am the humble 10-man captain who is free as usual. However, from time to time, Dianne-san decides to be alone with me and commands it with a loud tone.

“Andy. ……Massage my shoulders.”
“Yes, yes”
“Hmm……there, more in front.”
“More. More in front. ……Put your love and respect for your boss in your massage.”
“However, 100-man commander.”
“Please call me by my name.”
“……Dianne-san, I think this isn’t your shoulders but your boobs.”
“Do you hate it?”
“I love it.”
“Alright. …… Hmm♪”
We can’t have sex so easily, but this is a spice for each of us. It sometimes burns when it leads to insertion.

Besides that, Selenium was also my slave and when I have time, I’m still delighted to have a sex life with her. I thought that I was living a cursed life, but since I do not see words to encourage decisions from either side I was happy. I guess it’s okay, but Selenium seemed to know somehow and keeps silent.

“That…… I, I´m your female slave. I will cry if you decrease the frequency.”
“I, I understand.”
In a sense, it is bad for the stomach. I wonder if this is really fine.

It was still too bad for Selenium to appear in the crossbow corps, so she recently started to help with the management of the corps. Dianne-san seemed to have her hands in this matter. And Selenium turned out to be a surprising talent.

“……Selenium, can you use recovery magic?”

She seemed to be good with medical treatment magic which is a kind of magic. A magic that activates the life force of the surgeon and gives it to those who are hurt. Even though the effect is not a big deal, so it is not very useful for deep injuries, but still, it is a fun thing to eliminate a slight blemish, especially for the new associate soldiers who are not accustomed in handling crossbows and treat Selenium like a goddess.

“Not interesting for a moment.”
“Are you jealous?”
“A little.”
“I’m happy♪”
“……It’s unpleasant so please do that kind of love talk when you’re alone.”
I was astonished by Anzeros.

“Yes, the next person.”
“Please take care of me.”
“Yes, please wait a moment. ……Mugumugu”
Selenium mixed medicinal herbs in front of a patient and made a salad. The herb is a kind of wild grass that grows around here and which is usually not more effective than an ordinary medicine. However, the vitality generated by such a medicinal plant seemed to be important when Selenium uses the medical treatment technique. She seems to be able to use it by converting it into the recuperative power as soon as it’s eaten.

“Yes, it healed”
Selenium held her hands. The blood on the finger of the associate soldier disappeared in seconds.

“Oh, great!”
“Ehehe, It’s useful for this half elf´s long journey.”
“Good, good.”

We flirted at the medical office. The associate soldier who received the treatment left with a slightly disappointed face.

“Eeheh. I have difficulty seeing it.”
Selenium responded to the mutter of Anzeros.

“Is this a technique that starts activating your vitality freely?”
“Yes, when you travel alone you can use that, even with a minor injury it will work.”
“I see, it looks convenient.”
“Does Anzeros-san also want to learn it? It is not difficult.”
Anzeros had a difficult face. Perhaps she was not good with magic. Well, a half-elf has a 1/3 percentage to have a magic talent.

“But if you had this kind of technique, why didn’t you use it on your friends?”
Selenium should have asked for food in Polka to save her friends. Even though it is not effective for major injuries, I think that if you can afford to travel it seems to be a little useful.

“Ah……in that case, I didn’t eat much……so even if I tried to put in energy from the outside it was difficult.”
I wonder if Selenium at that time was fasting for some reason. It was a little strange, but she is a half-elf. It is no wonder if there is something I don’t know.

Anzeros still had a difficult face and was observing Selenium.

Pashaa. Zapaa.

“What’s wrong, Anzeros-san, are not you going to take a bath?”
“No, I’d like to see the moon for a while. I will join in a while later.”

Chapun, Chapun.

Anzeros’ profile. Selenium´s nude body. Anzeros took a glance before she opened her mouth.

“……I have been worrying about it all the time recently. Can I ask you something?”
“Yes. ……I think that you´re pretty well-trained and there was once a thing that was cut with a sword.”
“Especially since I came to Celesta in my battle form. An ace knight can’t wear a helmet so much, so doing it in that style…..I’ve cut my ears off.”
“……It is painful.”
“Blunder. Well, it was the sword wound of a swordsman. ……But elf’s blood is pretty amazing. No, it should be called sarcasm. Even if you cut off your ear, it will grow like this.”
“The form is slightly different, but it has grown.”
One beat.

“The ear of an elf is a part with a high regenerative power. ……I was curious. The wound on your ear, the wound that you have for more than 15 years, is healing too slow.”
Selenium put a hand on her left ear. The ear with the cut wound from a knife.

“Why is it such a sharp wound? If you used the medical treatment technique, I think that it would have disappeared a long time ago.”
“There are still things to be worried about. According to Smithson’s story, you were traveling with friends. Saying that you were fully healed in Polka, why are you acting alone without your friends right now? Isn’t it unnatural for me to talk about the characteristics of lonely half-elves?”
“Th, That’s……”
“……You’ve been looking for Smithson for a while now. If you looked for him immediately, even if you put in the calculation of places that are forbidden to enter, it takes three years to look around Trot. In Celesta, half-elves will be able to move freely, so you can find a major city in one year.”
Anzeros paused. Confirming that Selenium has no objections, she continued,

“……You haven’t done so at once, only after 15 years have passed. Even if you moved at the time of war, it would be earlier. If you were worried, it would have worked. If you planned to wait, you should not be bothered for two or three decades as a half-elf……”
“Because I wanted to see him badly, so I couldn’t stay still and wait for him to come……”
Anzeros has a grim face directed towards Selenium. Selenium tried to make excuses but decided to give up and closed her eyes.

“……Are you trying to separate me and Andy-san?”

Her eyes were full of horrifying feelings not seen by Selenium before. No, she knew this kind of feeling. In the midst of sex, there were a few occasions where she showed an enthusiastic light at times. Without a falter, Anzeros took a dignified glance.

“I’m Smithson’s friend. I want to ask you as a friend of Smithson.”
Anzeros put her hand on the handle of her short sword.

“Who are you?”

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