Half elves fall in love chapter 60

Chapter 60: Battle against the Holy Beast



The passage from the room of the holy beast turned out to be the spout of the shockwave waterfall while watching. A wide range attack in a narrow space converges and transforms into a formidable force because there is no escape. The shock wave that the holy beast strikes is also not as easy to control now. Even Bonaparte and Anzeros, who had their own shockwaves and avoid a direct hit, were unable to suppress the ensuing shockwaves and they were knocked back and hit the wall.

“Gumee……th, this……”

Further attacks are imminent. Lord Bonaparte raised his goggles to assess the attack, and he barely rolled around, but Anzeros couldn’t do that. Shockwaves attack again and they are overwhelmed by the shock waves and they hit the wall again and again without even a breath.


Holding me who is trying to jump out constantly, Dianne jumps to Anzeros from the side and rescues her from the front firing angle of the passage. But even Dianne was caught in the shockwave while holding Anzeros and it seemed that she managed to crawl over the wall and somehow escape.

“Everyone get away the wall!”

Diel screams, holding his hand on the wall, he breaks a complex mark and casts a spell. Then, a rainbow-colored light runs on the wall and the passage closes while being absorbed by the shock wave.


Diel falls on his knees.


“……Did you really do it, human? Restructuring a labyrinth to break the nature of the labyrinth”

Almost naked figure with a thin skin that is still attached to bare skin. Diel opened his mouth, as he is taken care of by the other clan leaders and is covered in a cloak.

“With the entrance to the forest, we are also in charge of the management of the holy beast´s labyrinth, and it was my fault that I didn’t notice the strangeness of the holy beast. It should be able to get rid of the red clans”

I thought he would say that he was going to do something, but when I think about it, it was a knock off line. He is too embarrassed to have too much of a face.

“It is also self-employment of the holy beast. No one else has the responsibility of being a variant left to its immortality. And it cannot be said that even if the holy beast is put back, it doesn’t become the same thing again. This cant be said to anyone, that is, what you do may be too dangerous or mean nothing”
“I know”

I kicked off Diel’s warning backward.

“Who should be responsible or not meaningful? How about such a thing? If you are a lonely and crying child, an adult who is angry because he has a weak heart or because you consider the convenience of an adult, it isn’t a big deal”

I clench my fist.

“When I can help, I will be there when I can reach it, then I will do it. When I saw such a sad fellow, I pretended that he was wrong and the future was gone, so I gave up and decided to go home. If you might see yourself hurting, do you withdraw? I don’t mind being stupid if such a guy is wise”

That’s it. Half-elves are so oppressed and abandoned. I don’t intend to imitate it. I am a man who put a collar on Selenium, Apple and Anzeros. So it’s not good for me to abandon them.

“I´m going to do it. Again, the future. A peaceful shared future with everyone. Ah, the only beast in the future, just not open to it, what is justice. What is all things in nature, what is the spirit of light”

The happiness of us. Now is the time for us to live. That kind of feelings of someone who is older than us, such prayers have been born in piles. I believe so, I have a duty to connect it to someone else ahead. I believe that I am here for that.


Diel closed his eyes and smiled.

“In the name of the northern forest elves, red clan head Diel. Bless him with all the blessings”

Diel cuts a complex mark and blesses me.

“……The Blessing of a clan head is a promise of all permission and support under his authority”

Aurora smiles beside me and nods. Leaving Anzeros to Hilda, Dianne also stands up.

“……Was it all about the labyrinth? In other words, what should we do to make the map of this labyrinth?”

Sir Bonaparte lowers his goggles and laughs outrageously.

“Maze mapping? I did it when I was young”

Diel lays down a spare cloak and starts drawing the map there.

“We only know the top layer, the second layer, and the shortest route so far. All you have to do is look at the other parts. …….But, in the last few hundred years, even the population of organizing a labyrinth capturing corp inside the clan isn’t even and the monsters aren’t cleaned up at all”

……Ah, I see. Because Diel was sleeping all the time until now, old man Bonaparte and Dianne……he doesn’t even know the existence of Laila?

“I will go”
“It will be a good rehabilitation”

Dianne and Sir Bonaparte smile with a grin and throw away the sheath of their weapons.

“We will go too”

When Selenium stood up, Maia and Jeanne followed.

“If you are alone, it will be dangerous if you encounter a monster”
“We will help too”

And, as the last party, with Aurora as the leader, the clan heads other than Diel lined up to solidify the side.

“Dark elf. please take care of Diel”
“Hmm. ……I did not mean to spend seventy years unnecessarily”
“Don’t forget, I have a little confidence in my sword. Together with the sky blue princess”
“Yes. ……Huhu, I didn’t think it would be time to fight with the nobles of the northern forest side by side”

Dianne and Sir Bonaparte are two units each and two other units are lead by Selenium and Aurora, for a total of 4 units of labyrinth search. The baron is staying here, Anzeros, Laila and Diel rest and Hilda-san nurses them. Since I and Apple are not useful in earnest in such a scene, we stand on the side. ……I’m jealous and this is cool, but it can’t be helped.


It took half a day for everyone to explore the labyrinth. With 4 units, it is quite fast if you only know the route. Still, it seems that there were some scenes in Selenium´s units as Maia came back quite tired.

“Now……Andy-kun, here this is the problem”

Completing the mapping of a complex labyrinth with a cloak lining and read it in three dimensions. If you talk about the extreme, the goal can be achieved if the labyrinth function itself breaks down no matter where it is broken. The problem is the way to make the most damage and effectively reduce the 「Qi」 cleansing function.

“If you break it here and bypass it……”
“It just doesn’t make much sense just to add one loop?”
“Is that so……but if you 『Connect』 the main line anyway, it would be a hindrance to escape when it comes to 『Block』”
“That’s right. On the other hand……uh”

We share wisdom with Hilda and wonder how to remodel the labyrinth. Aurora also participated in the race and it is a strategy meeting.

“What about drilling holes vertically here?”
“Ah, I see……that way”
“How do you break the floor, it doesn’t even collapse even if 10m class monsters go wild?”
“That’s right……”

3 hours for the meeting. In total, more than a whole day past since we came to the labyrinth.


It was the recovered Anzeros that has broken the situation.

“A hole……a hole in the floor. ……Unlike the wall, it isn’t easy to bury it, but what do we do?”
“I found that if we open another one, we could counter it to some extent. The problem is the digging method. Laila´s dragon body cant move and Maia is just the last mean”
“I wish I had a hammer that fits me”

Jeanne roars, but it can’t be helped.

“Worst, getting out for tools once”
“……A hole”

Anzeros thinks.

“……Let’s just do it”
“Take me to that point”
“Do you dig?”
“……Dig together”

My sword that can engrave, can engrave a crest on the point. Anzeros’s idea was to change the nature of the floor with engraving. If we use the crest that softens the floor, we can temporarily dig with a sword, etc., but if we dig enough so that the crest disappears, it won’t change much in the process by re-engraving. But if I write a crest that softens the floor “in a gel-like manner” will then Anzeros´s shock wave that she learned from Sir Bonaparte be the hammer? ……If we do well, we may be able to do it at once. That’s why I finished engraving the crest and Anzeros is ready.


Anzeros’s sword that jumps up from the upper row strikes the floor. It makes an explosion sound and the next moment it explodes.


Goon!! ……The earth and sand blew up and a hole opened.


And Anzeros fell down without landing. ……I was punished by having my whole body covered in sand thanks to the powdery floor material that was crushed below.


Thus, the air of the labyrinth has changed dramatically.

“Now, the rest……is finished”
“Hoho. It’s finally time to go”

Usually, the labyrinth has a little repair function and some building material damage is gradually repaired along with the flow of qi. However, no major damage is expected so as to completely change the flow of Qi. From now on, this labyrinth will continue to shed dirty nature that it does not seem to have passed through the labyrinth unless it takes some measures. A whistle was thrown.

“Diel, open it”
“Understood. ……I’m telling you, even if we are not immortal it doesn’t mean that we can’t win”
“I know”

Diel roars and puts his hand on the wall and casts an opening spell. Laila and I are here. It is said that the holy beast attacks with a breath. ……Wait.

“……If you´re hit by such a shockwave breath, you can’t release your breath……”
“Ho, what are you saying now?”

Laila smiles unbearably and dashes at the door that begins to open.


After a moment, the shockwave storm is released. In it, Laila kicks the wall and rushes into the room.

“Leave it to me!!! This degree……guu!!!”

I heard something slamming on the wall. A shockwave hit Laila’s body.

“Elder sister Laila!”

Jeanne and Maia try to follow, but they are unable to pass through the aisle because of the shockwave storm that is released with extra power.

“Not good, if even a dragon is sealed by the inexhaustible shockwave of the holy beast……!”

Gorkus raise his voice. I tried to dive in for a trial, but I was battered away at once.

“Damn……it’s impossible to burn it out like this……”
“Didn’t you say leave it to me……”

When I noticed, Chibi Laila was riding on my shoulder.

“I am a black dragon. A black dragon who is said to be the strongest of the fire dragons, nicknamed Laila the best. ……As long as I have justice in this body, I can’t lose anyone in this world”
“But you”
“Master believe……I will go through, with dragon´s love……!!”

From the middle, Laila’s words were not for me, but for the enemy and for herself. Laila changes into her dragon form across the aisle. So we do not miss the moment when the shock wave to the passage is blocked and Bonaparte, Dianne, and Anzeros jump in. I and the rest of the fighters followed.


As soon as I jump into the room, the shockwaves come flying. Everyone around me is blown across the room and slams into the wall. It was Laila´s tail who protected me.

“Hoho……now, my……force……!!”

Laila was attacked by a shockwave storm and advanced slowly with a sparkling obsidian-like scale. It’s a life-threatening advance.

“Laila! Hey, don’t overdo it!”
“Unforgivable……not like……!!”

Laila roars.

“Is it impossible for a dragon to be righteous!? The power to do that, the life for it! I’m alive. I’m not worth anything more than a dragon! For the justice you gave me, I’ll fight even with all of this world! Only one holy beast! There is nothing a black dragon cant roast!”

Laila spreads the scales from her whole body and attaches to the meat mass. And she tries to exhale fire……but her neck is pushed away by the protruding legs and horns and she can not turn her mouth at the meat mass. Laila struggles while roaring in frustration. Shockwaves from the legs besides are released, with so much concentration that it strikes Laila´s wings and blood starts to spout from her whole body, instead of the scales.


Laila roared. From behind.

“Laila you endured well”

Dianne took advantage of the blind spots in Laila’s back and used the thin legs and horns as shields and spattered shockwaves into the mass.

“From here on, it’s our turn”

Dianne swings the sword in her hand and stretches her spine gracefully on the meat mass. The next moment, horrible things happen. Not good. To be honest, I had no idea what happened.


At the same time as Dianne roars, blood swirls and blows up. A piece of meat bursts up to the ceiling and walls. As if there was a mechanical rotary blade or something, a chunk of meat is cut from the middle, shredded and scattered.

“『Dark war god』……with a black dragon”

Bonaparte, released from the shockwave, shows his teeth and smiles like a beast.

“Old man”
“Kukukuku. Believe youngster. That’s the power of that beautiful woman who doesn’t usually even have a sword. ……Yes, there is no incarnation of a battle as pure as that. ……That’s the goddess who destroyed the Sword Saint Brigade”

What a laugh on your face. Cold sweat, fear, reverence, joy, and urge. The face of the old man was stuck with a beast-like emotion that I had never seen before. Meanwhile, the meat mass transforms into a piece of meat. The shock wave was being knocked out for some time. Looking at the front of the meat cut, a space like a round pot with a radius of several tens of meters was created, centered on Dianne.

“……Huuu. ……Laila!!”
“Ho……Dianne, you were good on your side”

Dianne jumps on Laila’s back. Chibi Laila looks at my face. I nodded.


After the cry of the holy beast, Laila emits a fire breath from her mouth. She burned out most parts of the holy beast.

The last thing remaining was one head. The head is at death’s door. Confirming that, I took Maia and Anzeros for the second labyrinth destruction.



Half a day later. Holy Beast Breakcore woke up slowly. Above the field.

“……What happened to me”

I answer to Breakcore’s voice.

“I got it”
“Why I am on the ground. Why I´m alive. ……Ah, why I can speak. Even until now, even my mouth was buried in myself”
“You were reborn”

I patted the head of the horned horse. Its body is no different from a normal horse.


The labyrinth regained its function in the second hole opening. But it doesn’t go exactly the same. The purification capacity of Qi has been halved and the direction of positive Qi ejection has changed. ……Although it is all on the calculation once. Instead of going to the base, it was bypassed and blown into the ground and the grassland in the upper part of the labyrinth became Breakcore´s viable point. Because the holy beast is familiar with pure “qi” as a base, it seems not to be able to live long when leaving there.

……And, the body of Breakcore became the size which suited the “qi” that was halved by the operation and it was reduced by half. It is no longer the same as a normal beast except that the holy beast has intelligence. It won’t be possible to live as if it is the “symbol of power” of this northern elf territory from now on. And, because the purification ability decreased, the monsters will be born in the land which is downstream from here because of the flow of “Qi” perhaps. The land of the red clan is no longer a place of pure and clean. But when I told it to Diel, he was glad.

“It’s a boat to cross”

……Ah, that was the story. If you say it.


“From now on, the elves will come to see you.”
“……Ah, I see”

Breakcore looked afar.

“I won’t be useful anymore”
“So what?”
“……I can’t help but be a horned horse that never dies”
“If you only intend not to die”

I sit next to Breakcore, looking back at the tough fight, I finally sigh.

“So be my friend. With me and a lot of elves”
“If they only know your name and pray for safety, someone will be saved somewhere. Maybe that’s the way it is”
“No, I really think so”

A half-elf girl is waiting. I thought so for 15 years. Perhaps there were many situations where I had to escape without such support.

“Maybe you are also so”

The one-horned horse answered with a slight thought and snort.

“Praying alone doesn’t solve anything”
“Let’s talk. Is it still not good”
“A friend who will remember forever will probably be very important”
“……That’s the only thing left out”
“It is much better than me”
“I am born in the town called Polka……”


After talking with the holy beast for a long time, we shake hands and it is different. When I waved my hand, the holy beast also watched this while waving his tail lightly. In turn, Diel headed towards the holy beast and touched it lightly. ……From here onwards it was my job, Diel muttered. After seeing the holy beast off, we return near the entrance of the labyrinth.

During half a day, Maia made several round trips to and from the clan as messengers and the remaining clan heads and quite a few red clan elves had gathered. Then, I saw the marks in front of us who gathered after leaving Laila who was too battered and unable to get up yet in Hilda’s care.

“What’s this?”
“It seems that the holy beast was beaten and the healing power was recognized”

Self-interested, Aurora makes her mouth sharp. But, she might be glad to have become a working which does not live up to the brethren of the southern forest of tens of thousands who still shouldered to seem to be relieved somehow.


Gast of the Silver Clan, who stood to the end, also confirmed that the mark of blessing was shriveled and Christie smiles and opens her mouth.

“Thank you very much for your information. I hope that you will apologize for your impoliteness and thank you for your continued friendship in the future. Polka Baron Duran Guto, the daughter of Purple clan´s Lunaris and the daughter of sky blue clan head Dior, Aurora”
“……Ye, Yes”
“From the beginning sky blue is the last person who sees the spirit of light. We will accept it”
“Let’s wish each other’s prosperity from the heart, let’s keep the future together with more exchanges. ………Blessing of all things to you”

『Bless all things in nature』

The elves chanted.

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