Half elves fall in love chapter 61

Chapter 61: Triumphal return to Polka



We returned to Polka on the 13th day after the abduction by Phaser. It seems that everyone was desperate, including Dianne and old man Bonaparte, who came to rescue us after a shock. It is that the armed forces of the unseen elves were so feared. And.

“I’m indebted to you”

The Baron´s mansion was noisy because of Irina who appeared with the baron who says so proudly. The northern elves of the abducted party appeared with the abducted baron. It’s no wonder that everyone was confused about what kind of intimidation notification it was and it was an anti-war battle, so they looked at it for a while. However, the baron, Apple, and Sir Bonaparte helped to avoid that Irina is misunderstood for the time being. Well, I don’t think there are even warriors of the Sword Saint class in Polka now, so I think it wasn’t a big deal for Irina who can adventure through the labyrinth with her ability alone.

By the way, it is said that the final adjustment concerning the Baron´s & Apple´s abduction was done after the holy beast case was finished which is prior to our return. The reason is that while we were entertained in the red clan with drinks and a banquet, only the baron, Aurora and Dianne were out in the area, so we don’t know directly.

First of all, Gast and Diel retired. Gast seems to have retired in the form of resignation for Phaser´s solo act and acquiescence of bandits. Later it turned out that the Misty Palace side was buying bad anger. It seems that Misty Palace places a strong emphasis on the dragon’s covenant and if Maia admits to serving me at her own risk, it will be for her to be mixed up with outsiders. ……Well, though, it is certain that Maia acted by herself, Maia and Phaser were called back to Misty Palace. Maia is supposed to come to me after doing a ritual well.

And Diel handed over the clan head role of the red clan to tribute the partial destruction of the holy beast labyrinth and the protection of the holy beast and formed a private troupe of volunteers of the red clan to monitor the forest downstream of Qi. Including the meaning of comforting the holy beast, a village is made near the holy beast labyrinth and it is said that he will serve as the village head and the leader there.

“Yes, originally it was mine, my predecessors and the red clan´s responsibility. I survived thanks to breakcore. And it became such a sad story, that our thousand-year-old friend became like that. Therefore I have to protect it. I protect. Tell that human, thank you”

Diel says so to Aurora. ……We will be able to interact with the elves more from now on and we will meet again someday. To that prairie with Diel and Breakcore.

So the problem became clear and at least the baron was recognized as a friend of the elves and from now on as long as the Baron and Polka exist, it seems that it is promised diplomacy. From now on, we will promote active training and human resources by exchanging centering on the white, orange, red and cherry blossom clans and restore the vitality of the old forest……the policy. Well then, we’re rude at this, we tried to get out, but if I just returned to arrogance there Irina had a vague idea that the bottom of the elves would understand. And. It is said that during the clan meeting they approved a forced plan to place a temporary elf embassy in Polka and Irina is stationed in Polka as the first ambassador and deal with both issues.

“I don’t know what you´re going to do from now on, but I’m not going to give you a vacant house around here. So you will stay in my mansion for a while”
“Hmm. It is a splendid thing. What’s more, the embassy is like a consultation office, so I don’t care even if it is one room”

Irina grins at the baron’s mansion.

“You really just wanted a reason to play in the outside world”
“Hmm. You have seen through me, Dianne”

Showing a little hide, there is no doubt that everyone, including the baron, the baron´s wife, the guards and I got in the way.

Well, we went back to our house safely and after a long time, we spent leisurely time only with us.

“Ha. It won’t be troublesome for a while, so we can finally relax”
“That said, we have only eight days left for our holidays”
“……Ah, that’s right”

Anzeros said so and it is a bit vague. I wanted to spend a little more leisurely in the miraculous spring and to talk about memories with everyone in my hometown.

“……But, going back……to Celesta, right?”

Apple looks uneasy.

“That’s right, but”
“……I, what should I do”
“……A, Aah”

I totally forgot about it. ……Jeanne, Laila, Apple, and Hilda, what shall they do? And what about Maia?

“Yes. For the time being, Jeanne……will she take the military enlistment test?”
“Hmmm… I’m troubled. If I can be beside the 10-man captain and older sister Laila, I feel good……”
“Laila is……”
“Ho. Jeanne can live in Russell’s palace or Helicon. Anyway, with my wings, we can go there quickly”

Yes. Still, it’s a little too far. I want to be able to see myself in the distance…….

“What is Selenium doing?”
“I was allowed to live in Andy-san’s room while I was working as a chore taker”
“I, I……I’ll also do chores”
“Ah……that’s right, Apple´s cooking isn’t good”

Apple is super depressed.

“We, well, you should borrow a house in Basson”

Dianne’s suggestion. But there are fatal flaws.

“……Do you know the salary of a 10-man captain of migrant treatment?”

It is Dianne who runs a unit almost alone. There is no reason not to know.

“……To rent a house other than your own living expenses……you need money”
“I, I’ll give you a little if it happens”
“Yes, if it’s the role of a slave……”
“Hilda-sensei, can you earn money anywhere?”
“Hoho. What, if you want to change, you can also sell one of the treasures to Dianne’s big brother”
“Emm, how far do you want me to be a pimp?

However, it is hardly possible to live with everyone without relying on that. ……Hmm. It is a high degree of difficulty for men to be worthwhile.


Well, Anzeros and Laila do a miraculous spring recuperation. It seems that both of them still did not recover the damage during the fight with the holy beast. ……I used to take water from the silver clan´s miraculous spring several times, but the damage wasn’t low enough to be healed completely. Although Laila has healed her trauma, she hasn’t recovered her strength and she has recently been a bit nervous. Anzeros was also checked up and it was also important to note that the bones of her whole body were slightly cracked by the shockwave she received and hit too much. Hilda and Jeanne accompany them. Aurora and Dianne are having a tea party with Irina.

The only ones remaining in the inn are Selenium and Apple.

“Speaking of it, Andy-san”

Selenium comes with me who drinks tea after the meal.

“Wh, what?”

She is excited about something for a moment, even if it’s something wrong. I have no idea.

“Recently, you don’t care about the quota, right?”

……Thinking for a few seconds. Is it the quota to train ecchi in the field by any chance?

“Ah, emm, I think that you haven’t cut off the quota if it’s about the lower body”
“Is that so?”

It has been mentioned several times since then, but in the end, “I’m going to train” should have not set the quota itself.

“Let’s decide now”

I don’t think that I have to make a decision. I will do it when I do it anyway.

“Ah, Andy-san. I also want you to decide”

That’s unusual. Apple is actively involved in such topics.

“That……I, I think this would help”

Apple was relatively serious.

“In this case, I was just alone there……even the baron was fighting, while I wasn’t doing anything. I, I´m so sad”
“Yo, You can’t help it. Apple is an ordinary child and it’s not like you were involved in it”

There is nothing wrong with the fact that there isn’t a lot of Apple just because the rest is overshadowed. The baron looks like a free-skinned father, but the roots are quite solid and he is also the first knight from Polka who has won the Sword Saint test. Dianne and Laila are all out of the box and Anzeros and Aurora are no doubt one of the dozens of sword talents. It is not normal, however, to be thrown into a labyrinth and to fight without fear.

Even in a properly trained infantry troop, the labyrinth mission is strictly disciplined by one’s actions. It is “normal” that a mere citizen can only run away without being able to do anything in the labyrinth and it is beyond common sense that he can go around like that. Of course, although I am not good at cutting and fighting, Selenium is unusual in that sense. I and Apple, who could not do anything, don’t need to complain in that sense.

Apple was unreasonable enough to have been targeted and caught in a situation that could not be done by herself. From the middle, she would rather plunge in from my head and in the end compared to me who could only support everyone would be better at all. But Apple didn’t seem to think so.

“I’m not really going to do anything useful this time……I know. Even if it’s not something that only I can do, there must have been something I can do a little. But……this is me……”
“Wa, o, oii”

Apple was deafening and started crying as if she had been hurt by what I was saying, so I would turn up and hold her hand to stop Apple talking and let her stand up.

“Because it is likely to be an intrusive story, shall we go in the room”

Although it is originally a serious topic, Apple who cried out is scared that it seems to say “If it’s naughty,” in a direct way. Even if it’s just like saying “Harem” to the middle and half (It’s only about Selenium Apple and Laila who are barred to the Polka group when it’s really an erotic relationship), I’d like to avoid the seeds of strange rumors.

“Well, here. Apple”

Apple goes to the room, quietly pulled by Selenium, as it is half-way.

“But I think I can serve you in doing ecchi things. I may not be directly useful like everyone, but if Andy can satisfy everyone, then I”
“Okay okay, calm down Apple”

And nice look, I.

“I don’t think Apple is useless”
“It was a bit of a fight to help Breakcore, I thought it was getting a little bit troubled. It wasn’t really a choice, as it was when Diel said, it’s an option to withdraw as it is”


“But, 15 years after I had been waiting for Apple, I was able to work hard and believe in a happy future. I was able to do my best. So I waited for Apple and Selenium to look down on their dumb master, which is me, so I had the option to reach out to the poor ones. …….Apple, you certainly can’t fight, but what you’ve been doing is definitely connected to the result”
“Ah, already!”

Even so, I get a little irritated by Apple who wants to say “I’m useless” and Selenium who saw it smiled with an embarrassing laugh at the good grief feeling and she whispers into Apple’s ear.

“……Because you´re useless, you want to be useful at least, and Andy-san hates it. ……I want you to be more full of attention because I love you”

*Pikun* Apple’s ears bounce and turn red while looking. ……Even if we talk about a horny topic, she won’t make any blush.


When I look at Apple, I can see her eyes swim as if I was in trouble.

“……Did you hide your true feelings?”
“I, I didn’t hide it! Let’s say that I want to be useful at least because of this……that……it’s not a lie”
“It’s not a lie, right. It’s not really”
“I’m really in trouble”
“……Bu, but”
“Andy-san, because it’s better to be sweeter than not be bothered”
“……Well, say so”

I was not aware of myself, but as Selenium says, it is better to feel relieved with a fully open mind rather than a selfish sacrificing spirit.

“……Th, that’s it”

Apple looked at me with a bright red face.

“……Th, This time, I wasn’t really useful, but……I, can you give me……is that good?”
“It’s obvious. What do you have around your neck?”
“……It is a collar”
“It contains the name of the person you are sweeter with. The name is the one you always rely on. Do you understand?”
“You are mine. I am your owner. Look, I don’t want you to be so strong or so powerful. Everybody else, too. ……Because I like everyone. Believe. There is no man who dislikes a woman who likes to come near”

Apple squirmed with a pout face while lightly brushing the collar. Selenium also turns red and bitter smiles.

“N, No more. ……I also want to join”
“Of course”
“……Ah, it’s Apple’s fake, it’s yours to slay it, I’m…… too”
“I was deceived wonderfully, but I like it”
“……Hey. You, it’s Apple. …….Our ideal master”

Selenium and Apple vie for each other and when they give a bright red smile to me, they take off their clothes at the same time.

“E, Eh, you two together?”
“Of course”
“……If you like both of us, you will have sex with us together, right?”

When they untie and drop the pimp of the hempan almost at the same time, they hug each other and Selenium overlapped on Apple and lie down on the bed, turning the crotches to me.

“……I really want it♪”
“……Ye, Yeah……get ready!”

I also take off my clothes in a hurry. Well, I will do my best to make them both happy.

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