Half elves fall in love chapter 64

Chapter 64: Three-way miraculous spring party [Jeanne Hilda Laila]



If you think of it, it’s pretty bad to say that Anzeros received some injuries on her wrists and ankles as she was tied up for bondage (it was quite pleasing), but Laila was deeply wounded during the holy beast battle. Those wounds were terrible as they were flesh wounds as her whole body was stabbed by the horns, but now there is no sign of it left behind anymore. If it was a human, he would be so wounded that he would be on the bridge of death. Therefore it might not be a scene where it is good to test the quality of being the master as a matter of fact by tying up Laila who is treated like an onahole, even though she hasn’t healed yet completely.

“Ho, what are you doing?”
“……After all, I can’t stop you, right? I’ll make you feel so much pain, which is even more painful for me……I’m mentally restricted”
“Every time, you are timid”

Laila smiles as she is tied up while her legs are fixed to her body like the letter M.

“If you are looking for a liking and exciting quirk, you should fuck me as hard as you can”
“But well……aren’t you worn-out so much?”
“I liked that, too. The fact that I was standing up for my master, wasn’t it a source of pride and jealousy?”
“Huhu. You often rely on me and embezzle. That’s what makes this dragon so happy. ……If you think about it in the middle of it, it’s misbehavior. I feel deeply connected with you”
“……Th, therefore, like Anzeros, abuse me as 『this pervert』”
“If it’s you, it’s hard to abuse”

Anzeros raises her eyebrows because it has no relation to the actual work and sex, but in the case of Laila, she gets mixed up. Allegiance as a dragon and sex as an individual can be mixed in with “I just love you and it’s hurting”.

“If you’re going to get hurt in a scene like that, I won’t let you fight again”
“Wh……what do you say”
“I like erotic masochists, but I hate such heavy masochists. There is no hobby of letting others hurt my women”
“……Muu. I’m sorry, I’ve been too playful”

Laila feels despondent.

“But……if I fight for you, it’s true that I feel proud even if I get hurt. And so……”
“Is it true that you love tormenting sex?”
“U, Umu”
“……Yes yes, I know”

I lightly lick Laila’s ears while gently touching Laila´s delicious-looking boobs that stick out to be squeezed.

“I don’t deny either of these. But I remember that I’m really bad I’m not good at all”
“U, Umm……”

People call it perverted or an idiot. But I am not going to become full-fledged in that direction.

“But……well, it’s certainly not as tied up as it is”
“Ho, is it right?”

I embraced Jeanne.


Jeanne and Laila do what they do at any given time.

“It’s a funny-like punishment, Laila”


“Hyau, uuu……”

Jeanne desperately bites her voice while being fucked by me. …… In the female´s hot spring. 1m behind Sarah. Inside Laila´s illusion, I and Jeanne have completely disappeared with appearances and voices. However, because Laila is bound and does not improve concentration, it is not a space-specific type with higher concealment accuracy, but an individual-specific illusion, so it is not known when we will be exposed. This is a punishment game. Laila is tied up and left alone. She also helped me to have sex with Jeanne. It is a feeling that I can put my penis inside anyone as I´m hidden properly. It might be a feast for such a mean masochist, but for me it’s fine. It is more important not to let Laila keep pace. As it is this way, it will be difficult even if she is embarrassed in a painful way to the end according to Laila´s way.

“1, 10-man captain……feeling, good……be, being exposed at such a place”
“You’re also a pervert and it’s said that if you touch it, you get naughty”

Jeanne feels ashamed of herself and feeling shy, probably because she thought that she wouldn’t have come to turn yet and she will be exposed to the outside like this. Nonetheless the more her body shrinks, the better her hole becomes as it tightens and I feel better.

“Hey look, Jeanne’s favorite womb is pushed up?”
“Ya, yahaaa……10-man captain, that’s terrible……♪”

Even though I smell like an old man, I bullied Jeanne in the worst way and Jeanne gradually raises her tone while clinging with her small legs to me firmly. She tightens up my little boy with her small narrow vagina.

“……So, Sara-chan”

Hilda, who is talking to Sara-chan in the bathtub, acknowledges our appearance and smiles.


Sara-chan is looking forward. Hilda’s beckoning me a bit in the blind spot of Sara-chan. I with Jeanne at my crotch approach Hilda-san while making a good offense to Jeanne. Hilda said by a gesture, “Sit next to me”. ……Quite aggressive. However, I thought that Hilda had an idea and while Hilda-san and Anzeros were lined up next to each other, I entered Jeanne’s cervix. Jeanne who holds her eyes closed also holds her voice from leaking out by biting on her lips.

“There are so many kinds of magic. Sensei will show you something good? Here☆”

Hilda claps into her hands. I, Jeanne and Sara-chan are surprised.


“Ah, what? ……Just a minute, ……what? Weren’t you in the dressing room?”

The illusion hiding Jeanne had been disillusioned. ……Eh, I?

“……Eh, so amazing, teleportation?”
“Nya……wh, what? Wh, What’s going on?”

Gyu, Jeanne who is confused tightens her vagina. On the other hand, as they can’t particularly see me, it seems that only I am still concealed.

“Hehe. Sensei’s magic is amazing”
“So amazing”

It seems like Hilda’s elaborate mischief.

“I forgot to introduce her, but this is Jeanne. She is the sister of elder sister Laila and she is a dwarf”
“Hanya……is it go, good?”
“Ye, Yes, good……why do you take a bath in such a strange mood?”

Jeanne is facing them with her back as she is taking the bath because she put her hand on the edge of the bathtub, so it looks like she isn’t relaxed. The posture is replaced in a hurry and Jeanne is in the back sitting position now.

“I, I´m only surprised to have been hooked by sensei´s magic a little, nyahaha”
“Huh……he, hey, do dwarves really don’t take a bath so often?”
“N, n, while being in the colony, we don’t care too much……because dwarves don’t care about the smell of sweat, but those who meet frequently with other races often take a bath…… auhh”

Hilda made an OK sign with her finger in Sara-chan’s blind spot, so I moved my waist and attacked Jeanne. I understood her Ok sign. In other words, it’s my mission to fuck Jeanne while she is talking to Sara-chan. Hilda is also pretty mean.

“Wh, what?”

As it is, I grind Jeanne’s small waist. Some of the shaking can be countered by the illusion effect that “There should be nothing in place”, but it seems that Jeanne is at a loss so that it isn’t exposed so much. ……Ah, Jeanne, you´re working hard to not let your voice leak out. There, there hold on.


……Anzeros stares at me and Hilda-san’s prank with a subtle face. Yes. I will feel great when I calm down later, but it’s super fun now and I just want to leave it a little.

“I´m telling you that it would be nice if I could learn blacksmithing from a dwarf”
“Ah, Ahaha, that’s because I’m still a little kid, so I’ll learn blacksmithing in the future……nu”
“Dwarf-san, does it mean that you can’t do it since birth”
“Well, even dwarves can’t do their best. All the good guys will do the hard work……hiu”
“You look so hilarious”
“Oh, it will fit soon.”

I will do my best.

The back of Jeanne’s young vagina, I’m rubbing on the cervix that should be too sensitive, but it is still misleading. But soon I will reach my limit. There are also unusual circumstances and the fineness of Jeanne’s tightness and the sense of immorality for the small body are as usual. And while trying to put up with it, the excitement doesn’t stop at the profile that begins to show a dazzling sexiness. And finally, I can’t stand it and push up with a sharp and detailed motion.

“Are you alright, Jeanne-chan?”
“I, I’m alright……ah, hyaa, nnnn♪”

I ejaculated inside Jeanne´s cervix while licking her trembling neck. I fill up that little hole.

“Are you al, alright? Hilda-sensei, Jeanne-chan, what”
“I, I´m alright……I, I’m feeling good……♪”
“Go, good?”
“A, Ah…… well, I have a bath, nyahaha……”

Jeanne laughs at Sara-chan while a lot of semen is poured inside her. Under the hot water, you can see how the love juice comes out of the lower abdomen.


So, when I pulled out my little son from Jeanne and was about to flee to the dressing room and thought to give Laila a reward……, Hilda-san holds my hand firmly.


(……Also here♪)

Hilda smiles. Wait a minute. She is pretty close to Sara-chan. And though I appeal, Hilda-san, who has raised her hips, pulled me towards her and sat on my waist.

“……I, Is it alright”

Hilda puts my penis inside her vagina by herself with a grinning smile while letting me hold her rich tits with my hands. And.


She moved her hips a little bit and created pleasure that let her body bounced suddenly.


When I was amazed, Hilda peeped in the water with her hands and whispered to me with a small voice.

“Hilda-sensei has more experience than anyone, right? ……Because Jeanne-chan and I have different pleasure holes. Let me seed you so Sara-chan won’t notice for a moment♪”
“Ah, emm Hilda-san?”

Hilda-san starts attacking me violently suddenly with only a slight hip movement and the tightening of her vagina with almost no upper body movement. So. Fierce. Although the movement itself is very small, the movement which seems to come up with a point where I feel it with full force was a word of stone. Her lower body is like another creature. Dozens of seconds to show off her sex skills. But Hilda-san. You forgot. ……My waist training, meaning I´m squeezed……right? Before I say the line, my mind is bleached. It is like being shut down at once by the total attack of the soft body organism. No, it is also presumptuous to express in a cheap word, the ultimate pleasure from a woman’s vagina. And, my consciousness is blown by the momentum of acceleration.

When I realized, I was in the middle of making a convulsive ejaculation in the middle of Hilda´s pussy while clinging to the back. When I raise my head, Hilda keeps smiling as she converses with Sara-chan while holding my hand on her big tits and letting me cum inside. ……I give up.

“Once more?”
“Ah, wait. This story”

Please forgive me.


Return to the dressing room with forefeet. Sure enough, Laila is rolling around just as it was. With Laila´s power, she could tear, burn or rip off the rope, but she was waiting for me with almost no movement.

“Yeah. it’s about time to finish it”

After giving a vaginal cum shot to Anzeros, Jeanne and Hilda in a row, I directly stick my dick to Laila’s nose.


Laila snarled in a squeaky manner and sucked my penis. I grab her head and reciprocate. I don’t want to ejaculate, really, I just move to wipe the dirt off with Laila’s mouth. Laila’s long tongue is entangled around my penis and it desperately assists in her wild and bland work.

“Nchuu……aah, good……that way, You have been doing the tune over there♪”

Laila smiles with enthusiasm for my violence. Yup. Honestly, I can’t deny that I played with Jeanne first in the sense of changing the mood. Laila is a pervert who loves to be treated like a tool and to serve a cock. I don’t want to deny that hobby and I also want to have sex with her as much as possible. The atmosphere was the same as before, it wouldn’t have caught fire. But now it is different.

“I will ejaculate in your womb”
“Hoho……well then, I will receive your sperm with this womb, I’ll give birth to your child, again and again, I´m a meat hole……and as long as your carnal desire continues, you should taste me again and again, with your cock to a woman who only belongs to you…… forever and ever, only you are allowed to use my hole……!!”
“Even if you don’t tell me so, I will try to fuck you until I die”
“Hohoo, honestly……I’m very happy……♪”

I push my penis into Laila´s pussy who seems happy. Hot. Tight. ……But I love it.


The hole that was wet with a large amount of body juice easily accepts my little son deep inside and then hug it in a relaxing way. While wiggling a bit, she gives a little more pleasure to my dick and desperately tries to swallow it even a little more deeply. I grasp her tits which have been squeezed mercilessly by the rope and support her estrus ass, I overrun the vagina of such a beloved pervert. And at that time, the entrance opens.


It is only a young wife of Polka who came in. Even if you say young, the lower age range is from 17, 18 to the upper age range around 50. Polka’s miraculous spring has the effect to improve the skin and proportions that are equally good. Seven or eight married women from the shopping district came in. Although Laila and I are on the floor, they start taking off their clothes one after another.

“Hoho. I’ll take care of the lower body alone while you are looking at some of the breasts and buttocks in the surrounding, okay? That’s not a bad idea”
“I, Idiot, how can we do that”

While resuming the movement of my waist, I squeeze on Laila’s cheeks.

“You have the best body I have ever tasted”
“……Idiot. If you want to see my body, you can do it anytime, anywhere. You even can touch it forever if you want?”
“I am not going to get bored with it. And all my slaves are too good that I´m not getting bored”
“Ho. You lady-killer. ……I’m in love with you more and more”
“You don’t even have to tell me that. That’s why it’s just that with perfect looks, it’s impossible to distract myself from these pervert-like breasts”
“Hohoho, sorry……if you are crazy about me, let’s do it a few rounds♪”

Laila smiles gently while being fucked by me. But.

“……Sorry, this one-shot is the limit of my physical strength today”

There is the impulse that I still want to have more sex, but now my hips can only move weirdly. My ejaculation impulse is rising, but it is subtle whether the movement has the moment of the finish. Disagreeable. I will try it. Or rather, against such a nasty Laila, I sometimes go out slowly while taking a rest. The best beauty self-introducing herself as my meat slave with the best limbs, so how can you calm down?

“Kku……u, ooo……!!”
“Nu……huuu……manly, poking there……can I cum soon?”
“Cum, Cumming……push your hips out, make me become pregnant, cumming……!!”
“N, uhh……nnnnnnnnn♪”

Laila is happy and looks at me, as she cums. Her vagina tightens up with it and encourages me to ejaculate. I pour my semen into her womb as I asked before and I lose all my strength while still being connected to Laila.

“……Seriously, I can’t lift my body……”
“Hohoo……you can stay like this if you want? After enjoying yourself”
“He, hey!”

Laila moves her vagina full of semen little by little and tries to continue to have sex somehow. I can’t move, so it’s only a bit and I’m worried about something that seems a bit frustrating. After all, I who can’t move is helped by Anzeros and the tied up Laila was helped by Jeanne.

By the way, Hilda-san’s desperate excuse for being accused by Sara-chan dressed in clothes saying “it smells strange” was a little funny.

“Th, there are such flowers, isn’t it?”
“Speaking of which……but the chestnut season is over……”
“Yo, You know very well. But there are flowers that are similar to that, yeah”

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